Hong Kong: Student protesters ‘desperate’ in standoff with police

  • Published on Nov 19, 2019
  • 1500 tear gas canisters, more than 1000 rubber bullets have been fired - and still the siege goes on.
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    A hardcore group of protesters remains inside Hong Kong's Polytechnic - preparing, perhaps for the final police showdown. Any adults who leave the campus have been warned they will be arrested on suspicion of rioting - which carries a penalty of up to 10 years in jail.
    Those inside have described the situation as 'desperate' - short on food, water and medical supplies.
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Comments • 235

  • Roosevelt Franklin
    Roosevelt Franklin 4 days ago

    Should have tossed some fire bombs at those buses before the cops got off.

  • Baby Lon
    Baby Lon Month ago

    Not again those stupid people calling fight for freedom.Are they not tired fighting?

  • Andrew McCabe
    Andrew McCabe Month ago +1

    English speaking cop is a disgrace

  • Communist Cabbage
    Communist Cabbage Month ago

    Da hang kang potesters

  • CC Foo
    CC Foo Month ago

    Take down the mask, man...

  • Andi Cee
    Andi Cee Month ago +1

    Any British citizen who returns after spending long periods in time in Hong Kong should be stopped at the point of entry into the UK and questioned. And when these British officers are found lock the bastards up.

  • MrMigraine
    MrMigraine Month ago +1

    So many communist PROC bots here in the comments.

    • siyuan li
      siyuan li Month ago

      @Andi Cee wow CCP collapse every year lol

    • Andi Cee
      Andi Cee Month ago +1

      They are everywhere, however their mission has failed. They seem to be the lowest of low education wise. Really the CCP scraped the bottom of the barrel with this lot.

  • Barry Seth
    Barry Seth Month ago

    Yeah this is your so-called objective journalism. Screw you Channel 4.

  • Kiska SweetyBelle
    Kiska SweetyBelle Month ago +2

    I pray for them." Boy says if we die it won't be suicide." How can we watch this and sleep at night.

  • jwod
    jwod Month ago

    Pretty genuine... although no one would feel safe to be interviewed without wearing a mask as they would be forced to self censor thenselves to avoid getting beating up or doxxed by rioters.
    Let's remember a murderer and a few attempted murderers are still at large precisely because they were too many suspects wearing masks.
    It is highly unlikely that they would ever be caught, and in essence, you can say anyone who wears mask could literally get away with murder as long as there is a crowd of masked protestors.
    No wonder even some states in the US banned protestors wearing masks, and then they complained HK not allowing protestors to wear masks to be signs of human rights abuse? Talk about double standard

  • Isaac Cheng
    Isaac Cheng Month ago

    Hong Kong protesters are so lame they can't even kill any police in 5 months

  • Maria Damen
    Maria Damen Month ago +1

    Now for the real story of Hong Kong. E.g. the american and uk role in all of this.

    • S W
      S W Month ago

      Maria Damen nice fake news. Could you maybe find a new script. This one is getting old and no one ever believed it.

  • Ngiap En Hiong
    Ngiap En Hiong 2 months ago +1

    And what do you think is the right thing?. Help you destroy and ravage the city !!. Some of them were shouting 'freedom'. Freedom from what ?. Are'nt these rioters not free enough to cause so much chaos and destruction. Morons !!!

  • viboulk
    viboulk 2 months ago

    HK rioters look what they had done.
    Killing a70years oldman.
    Burning a man alive.
    Surround, harass, and hits a little girl.
    Try to kill a police.
    Torture and old man.

  • 12 kman
    12 kman 2 months ago +3

    The very reason hk is in chaos is the biased reporting like this one!

    • DanishVikings
      DanishVikings Month ago

      Well you rather wanted biased, pro china reporting? a thing like this is impossible to report unbiased, because its a diffrence of opinion not fact. + you dont get pro china support when uniformed officials are beating people who surrender.

  • Partial Bullet
    Partial Bullet 2 months ago +4

    “If you wanted to save your future, you shouldn’t have gone onto these illegal protests”

    • Partial Bullet
      Partial Bullet Month ago

      I know it is ridiculous
      I thought that was sadistic joke

    • S W
      S W Month ago

      Partial Bullet yes just let the dictatorship take over and stripe away all your basic rights as a human. Great future.

  • Lynn Sim
    Lynn Sim 2 months ago +2

    If the protesters/rioters don’t assaults, vandalised, why should the police intervene. What an illogic mentality. It is a total waste of resources to repair, rebuild Hong Kong. It started with an extradition bill which then escalated to further 5 demands from the protesters. Journalism should provide a more all rounded perspective to audiences. Hope this channel will work harder to be less biased.

    • Jab
      Jab Month ago

      They did not intervene or assault anyone but they dont want them to occupy the road. That was why one said you are not a car, go to the pavement. Provided the stay at the pavement, good.

  • Christopher Adrien
    Christopher Adrien 2 months ago

    Epstein didn't kill himself and neither will pro-Democracy protesters

  • Wilfried Schuler
    Wilfried Schuler 2 months ago +7

    If you go to a "peaceful demonstration" in Germany with a helmet, a gas mask and a molotow in your pocket, police will arrest you, after 5 min and you will be fined 5000 Euro if you are lucky. If not they will put you behind bars.

    If those riots would take place the same way in NY, at least 30 people would be dead by now.

    The reporter is nothing than a brainless propaganda parott. Shame on him.
    And good luck to HK police. They did a great job.

    • Kevein Kevin
      Kevein Kevin Month ago

      Oi you got a loicense for that molotov?

    • Wilfried Schuler
      Wilfried Schuler Month ago

      few years from now, the US will not relevant in Asia.

    • Jab
      Jab Month ago +1

      Thank you, yet the US calls the police brutal and lies against them.

  • TeslaMachines Cazares
    TeslaMachines Cazares 2 months ago

    Police are dogs on rabies

  • DoorKicker
    DoorKicker 2 months ago

    The new world order bringing in non citizens to beat and kill citizens.
    Get ready, this shits coming America.

  • Jane Tan Horton
    Jane Tan Horton 2 months ago

    香港警方并非故意逮捕或杀害人民。 如果他们处于危险之中,他们别无选择,请使用橡皮子弹或喷雾剂,甚至殴打抗议者。 因此,假记者很高兴看到这一场面制止了暴力行为。 因此,所有关注点都集中在警察上。 并告诉全世界,警察是恶霸。 这些小伙子们竭尽全力招惹警察。 甚至妨碍值班的警察。 如果roits毁了这座城市,就意味着赢得了香港的自由。 如果警察阻止了他们,他们会打电话给警察黑帮。 雄鹿将自己的灵魂卖给魔鬼。 DEVIL dont喜欢

  • Orden Hartley
    Orden Hartley 2 months ago +3

    The police are now the creepy uncle according to that one girl.

  • Howe Trinh
    Howe Trinh 2 months ago +1

    Aussie news is a mouthpiece of UK and US funded chaos 8n HongKong. The crisis is a final stage in next text the HongKong crisis is a history event showing how stupid the HongKong people were in 2019.

  • Ben Bibby
    Ben Bibby 2 months ago +2

    Rioting, yet always managing to hold an umbrella?
    Looks so staged.

    • S W
      S W Month ago

      Ben Bibby yes to block corrupt police’s aggressive use of pepper spray.

  • Ben Bibby
    Ben Bibby 2 months ago +2

    What about the riots in France?

  • hi
    hi 2 months ago

    ccp scum

  • knight night
    knight night 2 months ago

    HK has no future, that's true. HK's economic advantage has long gone. HKers had a future, and that future is in mainland China. Embrace mainland China, like Macau did(Macau's pp GDP has overtaken HK for years), with the support of 1.7 billion people's market, they still have a chance, but they closed off that door very harshly.

  • William Ho
    William Ho 2 months ago +1

    Chris pattern owes them democracy. Give them the UK passports and residency. All 700 million. UK need migrants Problem solved

  • Paul M
    Paul M 2 months ago +1

    Free world, never forget what happend 1989 Tian'anmen-Massaker!!!! That happend after the US president let china handle the protests! We all are Free men, and I am telling you, as someone who was raised in Berlin, the comunists had to build a wall to ceep the people in! Comunism is cancer.
    And only after the wall fall and Germany became united, the sickness of this system came to light!

    • Paul M
      Paul M Month ago

      I guess most of us are just worried because we know, China does not make wars but it is realy good in slaughtering his own people :\
      My people are just good in slaughtering migrants... and failing at world domination attempts x,D

    • Paul M
      Paul M Month ago

      @Maria Damen We are trying to find good use for AI without harming privacy to much, building SPaceships for Mars missions, fighting climate change, arguing for more gender equality and respect for minoritys and additional Sexes.
      Äh.. and we hate on Erdogan xD
      And fkn UK cannot decide if they stay in the EU or not xD 3 yeas xD
      And allot debate about legalising drugs like Weed and ecstacy and Mushrooms and LSD xD
      But the biggest arguments is about the airquality in cyties and the Automobil industry and becomming Vegan to save Climate

    • Maria Damen
      Maria Damen Month ago

      Oh wait,you live in a free world now? Or under the thumb of the eu and the states. Then have a look of what they are doing to your country and in several other parts of the world.

  • Lil17 EastCoast
    Lil17 EastCoast 2 months ago

    Ww3 is protest vz cops

  • ideaquest
    ideaquest 2 months ago

    Freedom is not free. You either pay it with peace or war. Choose your pick.

  • Miki Dewberry
    Miki Dewberry 2 months ago

    Britain will become an Islamic state

  • Alastair MacGregor
    Alastair MacGregor 2 months ago +2

    4:20 - "There is no evidence of police brutality behind bars" - so why does the convention of arrested protesters shouting their names exist?

  • hongxian dai
    hongxian dai 2 months ago +7


  • Jen Yuen
    Jen Yuen 2 months ago

    Too bad they're not getting their severance pay.
    Their 10M in black cash was stolen from the 2 black masks at 5pm today.

  • 黒崎 拓海
    黒崎 拓海 2 months ago

    Don't do these things in Hong Kong. pls Https://thexvid.com/video/elIxyf1GQGY/video.html

  • Daniel Dillon
    Daniel Dillon 2 months ago +5

    Wait is that police officer Irish 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • S W
      S W Month ago

      He’s from England. Mercenary. And CCP accuses the protesters of having CIA connections. Paranoid because of their own guilt. What psychos.

    • Jab
      Jab Month ago

      No HK peeps speak British English with the accent especially those who can speak English fluently or attended international KG, primary and high schools before Higher institution.

    • DoorKicker
      DoorKicker 2 months ago

      Daniel Dillon ..
      Bringing in shock troopers from around the world.

    • Chilled Sea
      Chilled Sea 2 months ago +1

      Nah it's definetly not Irish, sounds like its from south east of England.

  • numanchoi
    numanchoi 2 months ago

    Why don't you show the world how the "peaceful" protesters in the Polytechnic University throwing hundreds of petrol bombs all night long? Let's have a look another battle between the police and the "peaceful" protesters at here: thexvid.com/video/TCcEJsL9zuU/video.html

  • Bani Saho
    Bani Saho 2 months ago


  • Nasty Ameri
    Nasty Ameri 2 months ago +1

    Chanel 4, another British government propaganda to serve UK’s own political agenda. I bet you wouldn’t be happy to have this violent in london like 2011! How hypocrite!

  • Willy Wonka
    Willy Wonka 2 months ago

    Police are scum

  • Zhong Z.
    Zhong Z. 2 months ago +15

    While Beijing shouldn't comment on what is happening in HK, U.S. can pass a bill to intervene with other country's domestic affair. Interesting double standard.

    • Paul M
      Paul M Month ago

      @Maria Damen To make it short, as more time passes, and the Free world is interlinking with states that push agianst universal human rights, the more the west put it self at ever growing risks.
      Globalisation made all our industries grow together and now they actually cannot be seperated again without a worldwide economic collaps. But at the same time, western people lose trust in there governments if they cannot protect liberal standarts. For a democracy to realy work people need to have the to belive that they are more powerfull than the system itself. Any System who shows it otherwise is telling us to be very concernt.
      We all have a millenial old histrory of suppression and rule of the Elite.
      Millions died to change that.
      So the freedom of the individul to speak, to act and to live on there behalf as long as they dont damage other people is essential to our way of life.
      This is also internaly a constant struggle, because it is a ballance between Chaos or Possibility and Tyrany or Concistency

    • Paul M
      Paul M Month ago

      ​@Maria Damen Aww :3 is Beijing sad because US doesnt sell him rubberbullets and teargas anymore? aww so sad
      And btw, HK cryed out for help.

    • Maria Damen
      Maria Damen Month ago

      @Paul M again it's not about the whole world using the american morals or lack thereof. You don't interfere in the domestic policy of foreign countries.Typical double standards the us uses.

    • sarge6925
      sarge6925 2 months ago

      HK is part of China. Beijing has every right to comment but to intervene - no.

    • Paul M
      Paul M 2 months ago

      Yes, becasue the last time America / the Free World, thoght China can handle democratic student protests alone (1989 Massacre) we all saw NO THEY CANT.

  • Albert Pike
    Albert Pike 2 months ago

    3600 INJURIES
    30 LOSE EYES
    19000 ARRESTS

  • John W
    John W 2 months ago +4

    Let's get this straight, majority of Hong Kong people support the Hong Kong police. We don't support the rioters. We all want all this craziness to stop.

    • Frances Tung
      Frances Tung 2 months ago +1

      i'm sorry, they're not rioters, they're protesters, protecting freedom !

  • Shun Fung Chan
    Shun Fung Chan 2 months ago

    "Where there is oppression, there is resistance." - Mao Zedong
    I believe democracy is a basic human right,
    and we are striving for it.
    Give me liberty or give me death.

    • Nasty Ameri
      Nasty Ameri 2 months ago

      Shun Fung Chan you just be religious

  • tongrong wu
    tongrong wu 2 months ago


  • ip desperado
    ip desperado 2 months ago +7

    hong kong court has no jurisdiction on the matters of chinese constitution, nor of hong kong basic laws that was defined by the chinese congress. the old british "emergency regulations ordinance" was included in basic law since 1997. the only authority of interpreting hong kong basic law is the chinese congress.

  • fruit
    fruit 2 months ago +3

    Police are doing a good job under difficult situation

  • Allan Ang
    Allan Ang 2 months ago +5

    Hongkongers stop acting like babies.

    • Frances Tung
      Frances Tung 2 months ago +2

      honour one country two systems.

  • Rick Jiang
    Rick Jiang 2 months ago +16

    bias news,he likes to interview people with masks, the world does not want to see a powerful China, but you can not stop it, just cry more...

    • Frances Tung
      Frances Tung 2 months ago

      oh yeah, no more negotiation with the US over the trade deal then

    FHINNY FIN 2 months ago


  • Mark Tu
    Mark Tu 2 months ago +24

    Why doesn't the reporter interview a few without a face mask? You know what kind of answer to get from a masked person.

    • PopHopPysHop
      PopHopPysHop 2 months ago

      于于海兴 .you said the last bit as if they were some kind of alien from another planet.

    • 于于海兴
      于于海兴 2 months ago +1

      @rcidzMike4555 Even the mob Chinese government ignores it, and will also talk to people who speak peacefully. You are really interesting, typical double standard.

    • rcidzMike4555
      rcidzMike4555 2 months ago +5

      You know what kind of response you get from someone without a mask living in a dictatorship

    • Liong Evil
      Liong Evil 2 months ago +8

      this is western reporters, you knwo

  • -SG6000-
    -SG6000- 2 months ago +18

    This reporter low key is having the time of his life

  • John J K
    John J K 2 months ago +5

    So you didn't ask any one with different opinions, if you trust aussies listen to the guy who trapped at airport

  • Shane H
    Shane H 2 months ago +3

    Question to the interviewer/reporter: How do you think radicals who attack police stations, throw bricks at citizens trying to clean up, set people on fire who have different beliefs and attack banks and shops and organizations based solely on their country of origin would be treated by police in democracies such as Britain, Australia, and New Zealand?

    • Shane H
      Shane H 2 months ago +2

      @marchiimia whong You are ascribing an infallibility to these government systems that seem to be more based on wishful thinking than logic. Every system has a breaking point and can collapse if there are sufficient pressure inciting unrest both from within and without.

    • Nasty Ameri
      Nasty Ameri 2 months ago +1

      Shane H they are all hypocrite

    • marchiimia whong
      marchiimia whong 2 months ago +1

      Those attacks won't be happening in democracies I guess. The government who betray its citizens and police who violent arrest illegal will be facing punishment before the protest went this worse. you fail to recognize the causes and results.

  • Numl tv
    Numl tv 2 months ago

    Student protest

  • NinjaSquirrel30
    NinjaSquirrel30 2 months ago

    Another day more police brutality you signed up to protect an serve.
    You are showing the WORLD you joined the lows of USA racist cops. Shame on you shame on you! HK citizens realise who is the problem here protestors or the regime behind the police. This is your only chance

  • Shawn Yang
    Shawn Yang 2 months ago +4

    Shouting at HK police is not standing up to China, because, well, they are not Chinese... also, you don’t need HK as a catalyst to contain China. Trump is way ahead of you. So, in the end, I’m not sure what this all accomplished really. “China is a threat. Also, the pope is catholic.”

  • Truly Simple
    Truly Simple 2 months ago +2

    FxxK M&S.. Overpriced items.