The Florida Family | Full Episodes | World's Strictest Parents UK

  • Published on Jun 1, 2019
  • These are very difficult teens, nightmares for their families. All get a rather rude awakening when shipped to Florida, in a family who believes in the total control of their four children's lives, to prevent corruption from the outside world. Do you agree?
    ▶ How Strict Parents Deal With LOVE, SEX & DATING:
    ▶ Teens get their bags searched:
    ▶ Alcohol is BANNED:
    ▶ Most Shocking Moments:
    Think you've got the World's Strictest Parents? How do they stack up against these ones? From cutting logs to walking into ponds these parents have the answer to any disobedient teen. How would you survive against the World's Strictest Parents?
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  • game Broz
    game Broz Day ago

    They just kissed ? Before I -

  • smhj L
    smhj L Day ago +1

    7:59 when you ask someone to repeat what they said for the third time and you still dont get it

  • Shayla Debique
    Shayla Debique Day ago

    I’m sorry but it seemed like they didn’t know what they were doing😂🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Alice Rose 9000 Wonderland

    Modern solutions for lazy parents who don't try to nip the problem in the bud before their kids explode

  • Sarah sankey
    Sarah sankey 2 days ago

    That dad's so loveing 😆😆

  • Evan Richards
    Evan Richards 4 days ago

    The episode with the parents from Montana has to be the best one of the series. There no defined job per gender, everyone works no exceptions.

  • Kaleb Olson
    Kaleb Olson 4 days ago


  • Tom Cox
    Tom Cox 4 days ago

    I can't believe they just brainwash there kids to become mindless drones

  • RedPeper Rares
    RedPeper Rares 5 days ago

    " We sometimes show more of our bodies than we normally should " yet she has 4 kids... she showed more of her body....👌👌🤗

  • Shar Dubè
    Shar Dubè 6 days ago

    This has to be the worst worlds strictest family ! Honestly out of all the world’s strictest! I don’t agree with some of their methods 🤢

  • SimplySamples
    SimplySamples 6 days ago

    the thumbnail looks like obama

  • Chocobro
    Chocobro 6 days ago

    So, this is the famed ranch Dr. Phil sends kids to?

  • Fudge plays
    Fudge plays 6 days ago


  • Patrick Acosta
    Patrick Acosta 6 days ago

    Ok but can we tlak about the oldest son😍🤤

  • sploof
    sploof 7 days ago

    These aren’t good parents. They’re just sociopaths

  • mad_girl_ KK
    mad_girl_ KK 8 days ago

    49:24 I don’t cook or wash my own clothes that’s normal

  • Dylan Fry
    Dylan Fry 8 days ago

    Family is def way to creepy and controlling. Someone needs to get the mother and father help and not jus the kids

  • artycakes123
    artycakes123 10 days ago

    I really think that the family seemed genuinely sweet and were patient with the kids but Linsey is way too controlling over his wife and kids

  • Jake
    Jake 11 days ago +1

    This is literally brainwashing and indoctrination, those kids are going to be so confused later in life.

  • bent2 766
    bent2 766 11 days ago

    Kids growing up to be monsters

  • Reypure207 DR
    Reypure207 DR 12 days ago

    The thrift store does not raise pounds in raises dollars

  • taylah t
    taylah t 12 days ago

    This family is so nice, but the girl that went in there home is so rude !

  • The Spongebob
    The Spongebob 13 days ago

    I kept thinking the guy from the UK was the dads son, probably cos they got no hair

  • Mr.Everything Man
    Mr.Everything Man 14 days ago +1

    Kids need some freedom. If you keep them away from the world, they won’t see that not everything is how they want it to be. Bad things happen and they help kids and teens mature. If you shelter them, they won’t learn to interact well, deal with problems, and will be adult children. My parents gave me some freedom and didn’t hide me from the real world. Nobody has to parent like others but similar styles of parenting are okay.

  • Hidden _ Wøľf
    Hidden _ Wøľf 14 days ago

    They Control ur friends?

  • Dry Chips
    Dry Chips 14 days ago

    If i was there at 19- the only christian song rule would make me want to leave as soon as i can

  • Lmao._offer
    Lmao._offer 14 days ago

    liz is cute

  • Michelle Hernandez
    Michelle Hernandez 16 days ago

    she laugh for no damn reason

  • Patti Nelson
    Patti Nelson 16 days ago

    The Dad is almost creepily calm and collected. Kind of like he has people in the basement freezer.

  • Blue
    Blue 16 days ago

    so I guess blasting the misfits on full volume is out of the question

    STONE GAMING 17 days ago

    How does the camera man or driver not snitch

  • Max Ofwaih33
    Max Ofwaih33 17 days ago

    2000 Comment

  • Greenbeens
    Greenbeens 18 days ago

    Did the thumbnail even happen

  • Devon Vancuren
    Devon Vancuren 18 days ago

    Country has cursing

  • Uchiha
    Uchiha 19 days ago

    Parents seem calm and nice to be honest, there is no real point to treat them like that.

  • Tes Erin
    Tes Erin 19 days ago

    33:50 wdym u don’t do stuff as u can see

  • DialgaDiamond Gaming 20202020

    So this is common but there Christian or catholic idk about catholic but they believe in god but don’t do grace maybe it’s not something in there beliefs I won’t judge them tho

  • Dj Betz
    Dj Betz 19 days ago

    Filmed on iPhone

  • wotnot
    wotnot 20 days ago

    When does he use the punching bag

  • MaxsupremX Max
    MaxsupremX Max 20 days ago

    How is the guy bad ? I am confused

  • con west
    con west 20 days ago

    The thrift store lady tho😭😭😭

  • Jakob Gorenc
    Jakob Gorenc 20 days ago

    this is slavery

  • F. Tailor
    F. Tailor 21 day ago

    The family's kids are screwed in the real world... absolutely screwed; they are done. When they get out there they won't know what to do because they are sooo sheltered.

  • Nihal
    Nihal 22 days ago +1

    Cameraman be like "ayy fam, we doing something illegal? Aight let's go. Snitches get stitches".

  • Julia Pfeiffer
    Julia Pfeiffer 22 days ago

    When the episode started I was literally just like looking for all the emos and was wonder if they were going to end up their cigys alcohol and weed 😂

  • sim_ tastic vids
    sim_ tastic vids 22 days ago +2

    That girls voice is irrating.

  • Thezwolf
    Thezwolf 22 days ago

    Being that sheltered is gonna hurt the kids more than help them they'll get overwhelmed in the real world

  • 7 8 7 Unity
    7 8 7 Unity 23 days ago

    Stop this there trying to ruin Florida man

  • Omiae
    Omiae 23 days ago +1

    Obama in the thumbnail

    KNIFER LUIGI 23 days ago

    Is anyone gonna talk about how many times they showed the oldest son? Like fr they showed him way more than the other kids lol

  • Jydn btw
    Jydn btw 23 days ago +1

    where is Florida man?

  • homer q
    homer q 23 days ago

    animals get trained 'not children

  • The pike and perch hunters dutch

    Which year was this episode

  • hi the boss
    hi the boss 24 days ago

    Were is his list

  • Phil Heath
    Phil Heath 24 days ago

    The biggest daughter is beautiful

  • Q A
    Q A 25 days ago

    So what chores does the dad do??

  • 松井珠理奈
    松井珠理奈 25 days ago

    Girls should never show their big clevage because i am attracted to it and it may be dangerous😁😁

  • Scrollface123
    Scrollface123 25 days ago

    Are you guys still doing the show? I’d like to be on it

  • Arct1c s
    Arct1c s 25 days ago +1

    Eden doesn’t belong here

  • Kayla Gardner
    Kayla Gardner 26 days ago

    These kids honestly weren’t that bad