Katharine McPhee and Elyes Gabel ~ Kelyes

  • Published on Jul 23, 2015
  • My second video tribute to Scorpion's off-screen couple, Katharine McPhee and Elyes Gabel (Kelyes). As you can see they only continue to get cuter with time! Hope you enjoy this montage of some of their best moments/photos!
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  • Detech81
    Detech81 5 days ago

    Okay this is a good video. They genuinely look good together. But she's with an old man and wants kids with him.

  • Victor Manuel Rodriguez

    como me gustaria poder ver una quinta temporada de scorpion

  • Cristina Di Rocco
    Cristina Di Rocco 2 months ago

    They're perfect together....miss theme

  • Lupita Ramirez
    Lupita Ramirez 3 months ago +2

    Ahora me entristece... 😥

  • sophia-anna neubrand
    sophia-anna neubrand 3 months ago

    Sind die ein paar in echt ?

  • lhea corpuz
    lhea corpuz 4 months ago +2

    2:29 OMG!! Look at Elyes' right hand 😍😍

  • TOVI2005 !!
    TOVI2005 !! 4 months ago

    Scorpion marco mi vida por completo y lo recordaré toda mi vida

  • KyRoses
    KyRoses 4 months ago

    they was so cuuute 😍

  • KyRoses
    KyRoses 4 months ago

    they was so cuuute 😍

  • Beatrice Chirwa
    Beatrice Chirwa 4 months ago

    actuary before i knew that they are a couple, i really wished that they could be, great couple and you are my favorites. continue loving each other forever.

  • Wondo Hd
    Wondo Hd 7 months ago +2

    Sylvester is such a legend

  • phattanan pawamai
    phattanan pawamai 7 months ago

    Vote for Scorpion ss5

    • whoami
      whoami 7 months ago

      I vote yes chng.it/D29d2KkMhp

  • dirane serges
    dirane serges 7 months ago

    Best music
    Please what ist a Title????

  • Jeans Javiera Flores Marin

    Hay por dios que bonitos juntos 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • aussiefan 0504
    aussiefan 0504 8 months ago +2

    so fucking sad that they broke up

  • Felix Bums
    Felix Bums 9 months ago

    how did i get here i don’t even know these actors nether their show

  • Anna Lucia
    Anna Lucia 9 months ago

    Eu Kronos aflita tepprada scopion.

  • Liz Copp
    Liz Copp 9 months ago +2

    To bad they broke up!

  • M-dragon leonard
    M-dragon leonard 9 months ago +102

    R.I.P scorpion 😢🤧

  • Татяна Тодорова

    they had to sing together on stage ,,,,, their voices fit perfectly ............... their chemistry just gushes

  • tato
    tato 10 months ago


  • Indra Adrianto
    Indra Adrianto 11 months ago

    I knew it.... when I saw the way she looked into his eyes on the film... she must be in love with him. How can any un-genius man can't love with a woman that beautiful.
    But unfortunately they have broke up now.... I wouldn't let her go from my arms if I were him.

  • Angela Maria
    Angela Maria 11 months ago


  • nuria marcela amaro miranda

    L love you elyes gabel y katharine mcphee

  • Romina Muñoz
    Romina Muñoz Year ago


  • entaece
    entaece Year ago

    in the midst of ‘i have no rights to wish that they get back together’ and ‘dammit i hope they get back together’

  • Гулбахыт Кайржан

    This is the first series that touched me in the shower,I'm very disappointed with the ending,it made me cry a few hours,I don't know what to do after that,but this series inspired me more than the lectures of teachers,thank you very much for this series but at the same time I hate you for this ending.😭😭💔

  • Janice Murphy
    Janice Murphy Year ago +6

    Rumor has it you have an a romance with David foster however that must be in the current her and her costar from scorpion do make a good couple but obviously there's other people in their lives. However- They are both young and have a lot to experience sometimes life comes in a circle which means they may end up together again.

  • Kabby paty
    Kabby paty Year ago


  • Kabby paty
    Kabby paty Year ago

    go back go back

  • Kabby paty
    Kabby paty Year ago

    *cries* im too late

  • jonathan david
    jonathan david Year ago

    Isso é Amor de Verdade

  • jonathan david
    jonathan david Year ago


  • Kayhan Ay
    Kayhan Ay Year ago


  • Jennifer L
    Jennifer L Year ago +89

    And now she’s with an old guy

  • Midobergeron@gmail.com

    Salut scorpion c'est midori

  • Dania Sanchez
    Dania Sanchez Year ago


  • battlex3
    battlex3 Year ago +4

    The song is not "Perfect" it's "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran

  • Cedde
    Cedde Year ago

    Are they now together??? (In real life)

  • Jhulya Arruda
    Jhulya Arruda Year ago

    What is their instagram?

    • Adriana 2015
      Adriana 2015  Year ago +1

      Jhulya Arruda @katharinemcphee and @elyesgabel

  • Barb
    Barb Year ago

    how nice love is,,;) thank you..

  • Aguiar
    Aguiar Year ago +1

    Que mulher linda meu Deus!

  • Mihaela Zekić
    Mihaela Zekić Year ago

    Elyes Gabel would be perfect Count Montecristo,anyone else agree?

  • Mnemosyne
    Mnemosyne Year ago

    Are they still togheter ?

  • {•Yuki Life•}


  • Merle Peters
    Merle Peters Year ago +2

    The Song isn't Perfect its thinking out loud

  • Willy Slatet
    Willy Slatet Year ago


  • Isabella Norskov
    Isabella Norskov Year ago +45


  • Bella Edward
    Bella Edward Year ago

    J'adore ce couple dommage qu'ils ne le sont plus dans la vrai vie 😧😧

  • Caldheron Chevyt
    Caldheron Chevyt 2 years ago

    the title of this song please???

  • Khym WantsToDie
    Khym WantsToDie 2 years ago +2

    I not sure but i think they broke up
    Thats gunna be strange for season 4

  • karol Sevilla
    karol Sevilla 2 years ago

    que lindos

  • Fernanda R
    Fernanda R 2 years ago

    A linguagem corporal demonstra claramente que ele não gostava dela tanto quanto ela gostava dele.. :(

  • Cruz mad music Singh
    Cruz mad music Singh 2 years ago

    Are they dating

  • Egipher Mutinta Manengu

    1:25 is a part of the movie scorpion, but in it they never kissed, he was just looking at her coming out of the water ad she said what? and he was like nothing.

  • Rakefet
    Rakefet 2 years ago +24

    i died 😍 she has a necklace with his name engraved on it. seriously, how are they not a forever happily married couple?!?!?

  • jeffreey enrique
    jeffreey enrique 2 years ago

    soy de rep.dom y me gusta la serie que bien se ben los protagonistas en este video

  • 19alexaaaa19
    19alexaaaa19 2 years ago +1

    i'm confused. May 2017, they're together or not??

  • CrepaKun UwU
    CrepaKun UwU 2 years ago

    Eran novios? si es así siguen siendo lo?

  • Vasilena Dimanova
    Vasilena Dimanova 2 years ago +1

    So...like a minute ago i found out they were together and 30 seconds later.. Bamm... I found out they broke up and I'm here like.. watching this video and thinking how cute they look together and that I ship them so much... Please, for the sake of my aching heart..get back together again!! 🙏🙏😍😍

    • Vasilena Dimanova
      Vasilena Dimanova 2 years ago +1

      the scorpion fangirl you have no idea how freaking happy I am right now... Like I really need to go to bed now but there is no way in hell I'd fall asleep easily 😍😍😍

    • the scorpion fangirl
      the scorpion fangirl 2 years ago

      you'll be very happy to know they did get back together this past fall and have been going strong ever since. it was officially confirmed in february with pics of them kissing and being adorable. check out @kelyestagram on instagram for recent photos!