How Hard Can FaZe Jarvis Punch?

  • Published on May 14, 2021
  • Strongest Punch Wins $1,000 with Professional Boxer at the Floyd Mayweather Gym and @FaZe Nikan @FaZe Teeqo @FaZe Kay
    ON JUNE 12TH SOCIAL GLOVES JARVIS IS KNOCKING OUT MICHAEL LE as part of the TheXvid vs. TikTok event with Austin McBroom from The Ace Family, Bryce Hall, Deji aka KSI brother, DDG, Tanner Fox, Tayler Holder, Vinnie Hacker, AnesonGibson and more!!
    Floyd Mayweather is fighting Logan Paul on June 6th.
    🕺 TikTok: @jarvis
    📸 Instagram: @fazejarvis
    🐦 Twitter: @liljarviss
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  • Eastonplayz
    Eastonplayz 11 months ago +1478

    Who’s here after Jarvis won

  • Mohammed Saad
    Mohammed Saad Year ago +1755

    I love how nikan is taller than the machine itself😂

  • omar o
    omar o 11 months ago +367

    Frazier needs to get into boxing. dude has strong hands unless he just knows how to hit the machine right 😂

  • Abdulla Eminov
    Abdulla Eminov 11 months ago +626

    Jarvis punches too fast, we gotta nerf him a bit

  • George Papoutsis
    George Papoutsis Year ago +402

    Jamal has the best description.
    “I don’t really box, But I play a lot of video games.”

  • Ryan Levesque
    Ryan Levesque 11 months ago +131

    It looks like Frazier didn’t even try to punch that hard💀✌️

    • hattchetman_
      hattchetman_ 11 months ago

      It's not how hard you swing its speed and force applied hence his hip rotation

    • Zak
      Zak 11 months ago +5

      Ik and the others punched way better and harder😩

  • Chadwick Bateman
    Chadwick Bateman 11 months ago +27

    The machine doesn't really count on you hitting the bag hard, its more or less how accurate and hard can the bag hit the pad at the back

  • Aspect Tyler
    Aspect Tyler 11 months ago +64

    These guys have been boxing longer than the kid was alive 😂😂😂

  • The 3 Amigos
    The 3 Amigos Year ago +568

    Jarvis went from being a skinny kid playing video games his whole life to making this massive improvement (we love toy Jarvy no matter who or what you are)

    • Chill x
      Chill x 10 months ago

      Hes still skinny tho

    • Lobo *
      Lobo * 11 months ago

      @NMgaming facts

    • NMgaming
      NMgaming 11 months ago +3

      You can’t cry over fortnite then become a respected boxer

    • Enrique Echeverria
      Enrique Echeverria Year ago

      He went to making good content to click baited content 🧐

    • Ruben Hernandez
      Ruben Hernandez Year ago

      @simon west they js hating that jarvis has more money than their family tree

  • Ender
    Ender 11 months ago +153

    Apparently hard enough to knock Le out COLD 🥶

    • KyroTuff
      KyroTuff 11 months ago

      @Fares Assaf •14 years ago and rug predicted the 2nd round knockout before it happened

    • wasteofspace666k
      wasteofspace666k 11 months ago +1

      @Fares Assaf •14 years ago and pretty sure he just predicted what round he was gonna win an how 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Fares Assaf •14 years ago and
      Fares Assaf •14 years ago and 11 months ago +1

      He keeps mentioning rug
      what does faze rug have to do with faze jarvis??

    • ClipsAndChips
      ClipsAndChips 11 months ago +2


    • iPunchaway
      iPunchaway 11 months ago +3

      fire asf!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jesus take the wheel
    Jesus take the wheel 11 months ago +20

    "I haven't been boxing, these guys are gonna destroy me."
    *wins in the end*

  • Aiden go crazy
    Aiden go crazy 11 months ago +54

    Who’s here after Jarvis knocked Michael Lee out

  • ☀️Shash☀️
    ☀️Shash☀️ Year ago +153

    Machine aint valid the pro boxer was clearly hitting it harder it shook the entire thing everytime

    • moeller013
      moeller013 11 months ago

      The key is hitting it straight and hard. If it's off to the side it doesnt read it as well

    • Lumi
      Lumi 11 months ago

      The pro boxer was hitting much for efficiently. Anyone can hit hard if they put their weight on it. The boxer only conserves his composure and energy per blow.

    • RyChips
      RyChips 11 months ago +1

      Same with Nikan he shook the machine with his punch but it gave him horrible points

    • Jellybean
      Jellybean 11 months ago +2

      there all so off there’s a certain way to punch them like right in the middle, hooks have way more power then jabs as well because of the more spacing and body thrust you can make

    • BoxingFan
      BoxingFan 11 months ago +28

      Ya those punching machines aren't accurate at all. Just calculate how fast the bag swings back but not the force of the punch.

  • Roblox Movies
    Roblox Movies 11 months ago +25

    Little did he know this would’ve payed off in 4 weeks.

  • Emanuel Brown
    Emanuel Brown 11 months ago +4

    that trainer is 🔥 he made jarvis look like a real competitor

  • TexasGuitarist
    TexasGuitarist 10 months ago +1

    Oh my gosh! Frazier has that natural, freaky punching power! Very impressive. You can't teach that.

  • cairo.spence_7
    cairo.spence_7 11 months ago +2

    Well done Jarvis I’ve always seen u as an idle and u have done me proud as always u show Michael who is boss and knocked him out as we all knew u would Michael should’ve stocked to his dancing

  • Just Billieve
    Just Billieve Year ago +2643

    I felt like Frazier just knew how to hit the machine right lol

    • Ilyas Gul
      Ilyas Gul Month ago

      That a bit sus

    • Lobo *
      Lobo * 11 months ago

      @Raquel Thapa it doesn't look strong lmao

    • BoyBenji
      BoyBenji 11 months ago

      No cap

    • TFN Speedy
      TFN Speedy 11 months ago

      Frazier always wins these challenges

    • kyōraku-
      kyōraku- 11 months ago


  • Jem Radio Gaming
    Jem Radio Gaming 11 months ago +1


  • Ultraz
    Ultraz 11 months ago +6

    The hit that got Michael thinking of what he should do in life.

  • Chinst
    Chinst 11 months ago +1

    were all proud of you Jarvis ya Champ easy Knockout

  • Oscar Paz
    Oscar Paz 11 months ago

    I just found out about you and you’re honestly funny af and genuine hahah keep it up bro

  • Scrumpus Doog
    Scrumpus Doog 11 months ago +3

    Well it's enough to knock him out...

  • Matthew Hill
    Matthew Hill 11 months ago +1

    Kay is insane, my man's hidden strength! Smashes arm wresting and now this? BEAST!

  • ESO
    ESO 11 months ago

    Well Michael knows how hard Jarvis can punch 😂😂

  • Trav C-137
    Trav C-137 Year ago

    I remember playing this game with 4 friends, none of us boxed but I was the small one of the group, I weighed around 130ibs or 59kgs . didn't even hit the machine the way I wanted to but I'm assuming I got a lucky angle on it. won with a low 900s score

  • Yousha Tariq
    Yousha Tariq 11 months ago +1

    TheXvid recommending after Jarvis defeated Michael Le...noice😂

  • D E M O N
    D E M O N 11 months ago

    Lmao he punched him in the face hard enough to knock him out

  • Beautiful Mind
    Beautiful Mind Year ago +27

    “ I never boxed but” we knowwwww!!! And punching doesn’t make you a boxer already , there is way more to it

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl Year ago

      All people who thinks temperrrrr is weak they put tattoos on his arm to cover his big ass arms

  • Gio0_o_luvs_u_
    Gio0_o_luvs_u_ Year ago +1

    Who else is waiting for the fight👊🥊

  • Old KSI Videos
    Old KSI Videos 11 months ago +3

    Jarvis hits harder than I thought he would

  • Zhyon Wainwright-Cook
    Zhyon Wainwright-Cook 11 months ago +2

    Aye, ya boy Kevin got the K/O. 🔥🔥🔥

  • funny google face ... booooy not girl

    " never boxed before but let me try "

  • Heman TheMighty
    Heman TheMighty 10 months ago

    "Let's see how hard Jarvis can punch" *punches the faze part of his name out by how hard he scammed people*

  • Skinny SAMMY
    Skinny SAMMY Year ago +1815

    Frazier actually surprised me 😳 let's gooo

    • Unusually Unusual
      Unusually Unusual 11 months ago

      He can be the next Joe Frazier...😳

    • Reflect
      Reflect 11 months ago

      You guys have never seen faze videos Frazier has already proven he's the strongest

    • Ixvon
      Ixvon 11 months ago

      @Brandon truck shit r/woosh

    • LIL PotHole
      LIL PotHole 11 months ago

      like wtf stop spoiling it

  • Franklin Clinton
    Franklin Clinton 11 months ago +1

    Hard enough to knock out Michel lee🤣

  • sammydodgers smart
    sammydodgers smart 11 months ago +1

    Ask Micheal lee how hard Jarvis can punch 😂

    IM A BALLER . 11 months ago +1

    I respect Jarvis so much more I think he’s the best now

    UN!CORN 11 months ago +1

    you need to take 1 step before you punch
    and keep your left hand near your chest
    and bow too

  • Matthew Mongillo
    Matthew Mongillo Year ago

    honestly jarvis is gonna do good at his fight :)

  • Wyres
    Wyres Year ago

    I like how the end is a professional boxer vs brothers😂🤣

  • JustJosh
    JustJosh 11 months ago

    Those machines usually measure in both force and speed. This is a measure of strength which in this case would be force. Force is measure by the mass and acceleration of the object, which would be the hand. So Nikan doesn't punch fast but is taller and heavier, so there's mass but no acceleration. Jarvis punches fast but has much less mass. They balance out, but the biggest advantage is definitely mass i feel.

  • Otávio
    Otávio 11 months ago +1

    Enough to knockout michael 🤣🤣🤣 lesss go jarvis

  • SkateAlert
    SkateAlert 11 months ago +1

    I'd like to see fraizer in a boxing match, like from all the videos you can tell he is a beast and with training he'd be really strong

  • Snxgz_nbg
    Snxgz_nbg 11 months ago +17

    Did Jarvis use aimbot in the match the way he was hitting all his punches

  • Squigga
    Squigga 11 months ago

    Kay and Jarvis got some crazy genes for them to have power like that 😳

    XD MAKO Year ago +4

    Jarvis is actually strong he’s gonna win

  • Skull Titan YT
    Skull Titan YT 7 months ago

    He punched the machine so hard that it ruined his career

  • Captainfootballq8
    Captainfootballq8 11 months ago +1

    Letss gooooooooooo Jarvis
    I was so happy when u won

  • Official Hood Classic Verifier

    You punch hard enough to knock him out

  • Eric🗿
    Eric🗿 11 months ago

    I like how Jarvis always wearing socks and sandals 😭

  • explosion beach
    explosion beach 11 months ago

    Fully expecting Jarvis to get like 1000😂

  • HalfCorrupted_Pico
    HalfCorrupted_Pico 11 months ago +3

    0:31 fraizer: these guys are gonna destroy me
    8:24 Fraizer wins!

  • Joined Arrow
    Joined Arrow 11 months ago

    So proud of u bro🙏👑

  • SlightWork
    SlightWork 11 months ago

    That’s how you know Teeqo a gamer
    “ I’m whiffin it man! “

  • Nhan Le
    Nhan Le 11 months ago +1

    0:29 'I've haven't been boxing,these guys will destroy me. -FaZe kay then he ends up winning!

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui Year ago +9

    Jarvis is actually strong he’s gonna win

  • Pump god yt
    Pump god yt 11 months ago +1

    Me: calm down Jamal don’t pull out the nine 9 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣😂

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt Year ago +3

    Jarvis’s jabs are fast/powerful but defo knocking out whoever he’s fighting

  • Erika Craus
    Erika Craus 11 months ago +1

    i like how teqqo hit it the best and didnt fo to the top 3

  • Aymxn
    Aymxn Year ago

    June 12:
    Jarvis is gonna beat micheal before the match even starts😂

  • Taavish Jha
    Taavish Jha Year ago

    Anyone else notice the cut?😂😂

  • NCL Physco01
    NCL Physco01 11 months ago

    That knockout thoo 🔥

  • Bammi
    Bammi Year ago +82

    1:55 mans walked in like a champ😂

    • Zltx
      Zltx Year ago

      @Sgt.Coolguy _YT so your six

    • Bammi
      Bammi Year ago

      @Jose Morales no no😂

    • Bammi
      Bammi Year ago

      @Jose Morales 💀

    • Bammi
      Bammi Year ago

      @Sgt.Coolguy _YT I smell cap😲

    • Sgt.Coolguy _YT
      Sgt.Coolguy _YT Year ago

      That was me 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻😭

  • Pavlos
    Pavlos Year ago +1

    It's rigged man. On the 2nd round he hit it for 9k+ and on the 3rd round he hit it even harder and got less than 9k.🤬😤

  • Connie Mattison
    Connie Mattison 10 months ago +1

    Jarvis keep training I have faith in you

  • corxyl
    corxyl 11 months ago

    frazier gonna use those punches on jarvis one day 😂😂

  • Bethany Lynch
    Bethany Lynch 11 months ago

    i love how faze kay said he was going to get destroyed and then he won haha

  • Matthew Scott
    Matthew Scott Year ago +53

    Jarvis was throwing a straight there is no way u can get as much power on that as a hook just saying ahaha

    • BoxingFan
      BoxingFan 11 months ago

      @Harshvardhan Singh Its more because those punching machines aren't really that accurate in calculating the force of a punch. Just calculates how fast the bag swings back.

    • Deathman 12g
      Deathman 12g 11 months ago

      @TankiChamp TO doubt it would have worked anyways even if he did run lmao

    • TankiChamp TO
      TankiChamp TO 11 months ago +1

      @MLGMO 1 True but are we talking about a boxing match or him hitting the machine ?

    • MLGMO 1
      MLGMO 1 11 months ago

      @TankiChamp TO so In a boxing match your going to run across the ring to deliver a straight punch ?

    • Dallas Hughes
      Dallas Hughes 11 months ago

      Straights are more powerful if you're throwing them correctly.

  • Ghoulze
    Ghoulze 11 months ago

    Jarvis really gonna pull out that aimbot like bruh 💀

  • Francisco
    Francisco 11 months ago +2

    Pov: you already saw the fight

  • Hasan Alsuraifi
    Hasan Alsuraifi 11 months ago

    3:58 man really said he gonna use his left foot lol

  • Mahri
    Mahri Year ago

    Getting banned from fn might’ve arguably been the best thing that happened to Jarvis like this new content is getting more 🔥 everyday

  • FN Dryfty
    FN Dryfty Year ago +47

    *”AND THAT’S a world RECORD!”* that had me dyin 💀

  • ARL Timeless
    ARL Timeless Year ago +1

    jarvis punch really fast bro u dont even see it coming bye the time u do ur on the ground already

  • Zachary Owens
    Zachary Owens 11 months ago +1

    Well I guess that punch did knock him out

  • shakil hussain
    shakil hussain 11 months ago

    Jarvis got decent explosive power, I think and hope he gna get the KO

  • Wyatt pog
    Wyatt pog 11 months ago

    Now we know how much damage he hit to his face during the fight

  • RTGChris
    RTGChris Year ago +27

    I never knew Jarvis could punch so hard and fast, his opponent gonna get knocked out

    • RTGChris
      RTGChris 11 months ago

      @0zy_Xion pogggg

    • RTGChris
      RTGChris 11 months ago

      @Beniamin Franklino lesssss gooo

    • 0zy_Xion
      0zy_Xion 11 months ago +1

      You guessed it 2nd round knockout

    • Beniamin Franklino
      Beniamin Franklino 11 months ago +1

      You guessed it 😂

    • idk
      idk 11 months ago


  • Bongos
    Bongos Year ago

    They needed Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

  • Benicio Pina
    Benicio Pina 10 months ago +1

    michael le had to learn this the hard way

  • dog gaming
    dog gaming 11 months ago +2

    A punch that ended micheals entire life

  • Mansqueeky
    Mansqueeky Year ago +1

    It seems like Frazier is barely trying 😂

  • Rafael Virrueta
    Rafael Virrueta 11 months ago

    Gotta admit, jarvis has some good speed

  • demit
    demit 11 months ago

    damn, he really punched him hard in the face, on june twelveth

  • Jose z
    Jose z 11 months ago +1

    He shouldve done an updated one like after all his training.

  • Mike C
    Mike C 11 months ago

    Jarvis learned how to throw I’ll tel you that.

  • frox
    frox Year ago +136

    No cap kay strong asf he always be winning the strength challenges

  • Rafael Luz Cunha
    Rafael Luz Cunha 11 months ago +1

    Hard enough to knock that le dude out

  • Ashtee2011
    Ashtee2011 11 months ago

    We already know he won the fight!

  • Jamie Press
    Jamie Press 2 months ago

    Then saying there all professional boxers
    Most of the People: i have never boxed but hopefully I do good

  • Danman 2012
    Danman 2012 6 months ago +1

    I think jarvis was picturing it as epic games (#freejarvis)

  • Ultraz
    Ultraz 11 months ago +1


  • XD savage aka leader
    XD savage aka leader 2 months ago

    I love how it is 7 instead of 6

  • CloutFarmer11
    CloutFarmer11 Year ago

    I think Jarvis Was thinking of Micheal (JustMaiko) as the machine lol 😂😂🤣

  • Jakethesnake
    Jakethesnake 11 months ago +1

    Hard enough to knock someone out.

  • Timona Tuiletoa
    Timona Tuiletoa Year ago

    Bro this crazy asffff TheXvidrs punching harder than actual boxers.💀 Imagine Frazier being a pro boxer🤔

    XKCRIX7 11 months ago

    Jarvis knocked the sh** out of Michael le

  • Relja Marković
    Relja Marković 11 months ago +7

    They should make another vid like this after jarvis’s fight

    • Relja Marković
      Relja Marković 10 months ago

      @Watching TheXvid honestly i think bc he trained before that

    • Watching YouTube
      Watching YouTube 10 months ago

      You act like the fight made him stronger

  • icegod973
    icegod973 11 months ago

    I feel like for my age I’ll do really good