What's The Brightest Thing In the Universe?

  • Published on Feb 3, 2014
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    SixtySymbols video on new black hole theory: thexvid.com/video/RXTGInIbD_Q/video.html
    "How Hot Can it Get?" Vsauce video: thexvid.com/video/4fuHzC9aTik/video.html
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  • TomatRadion
    TomatRadion 7 hours ago

    this is 11 minutes and 55 seconds of awesomeness.

  • Pyjamalama
    Pyjamalama 9 hours ago

    Is it just me, or is one of those roman shields at 0:32 the radiation symbol?

  • RetroVGN
    RetroVGN 19 hours ago

    The plot of Smash Ultimate in a nutshell.

  • Brook Davidson
    Brook Davidson 21 hour ago

    Vsauce, please turn down your ambient music. It's not supposed to noticeable (and especially not disruptive) when watching.

  • Luke West
    Luke West Day ago

    3:03 looks like a giant terrifying fish

  • youridolisdumb 2889

    i love you michael vsauce

  • Bente Marit Ekker
    Bente Marit Ekker 2 days ago

    No what about Sirius A

  • Robbie Stone
    Robbie Stone 2 days ago

    you definetly were not lying when you said it was scary, i shivered more than 3 quarters through

  • Dario B
    Dario B 2 days ago

    No one really knows what the brightest thing in the Universe is

  • Tarzaan
    Tarzaan 2 days ago

    The brightest thing in the universe is the light in the bathroom when you have to pee at 2 am.

  • _
    _ 2 days ago

    That must be a lot of lumens.

  • Asangbam Kishan
    Asangbam Kishan 3 days ago

    Just put a black hole near the super/hyper nova when it explodes.

  • Skill SoniaMb*
    Skill SoniaMb* 4 days ago +1

    "What's The Brightest Thing In the Universe?"

    My physics teacher. Thank you for making me _in love_ with physics and bringing me here. 😂

  • Astronomy Talk
    Astronomy Talk 4 days ago +1

    Vsauce: What's the brightest thing in the universe?
    Me: The screen light of my phone when I wake up in the night to check on it

  • Lazer
    Lazer 5 days ago

    How much money does this person have???

  • stevee5
    stevee5 5 days ago

    Anyone here in 2019 miss regular vsauce updates ,

  • Blood Scust
    Blood Scust 5 days ago

    The sun's a pussy. My lightbalb is brighter than the sun. Take that science.

  • Cameron Bleecker
    Cameron Bleecker 5 days ago +1

    the real answer: my caucasian ass thighs in the winter

  • rene martinez
    rene martinez 5 days ago

    The hidden taigitu/ying yang is you wearing the black shirt and the white background

  • Christian Unthank
    Christian Unthank 6 days ago

    The brightest known object on the whole universe is my IQ after participating in a lone viewing session of Richard and Mortimer.

  • Zezo Fleck
    Zezo Fleck 7 days ago

    the brightest thing in the universe is Rick's brain.

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 7 days ago +1

    What about UY Scuti or Quasi Star?

  • Goldkatze
    Goldkatze 7 days ago

    My DICK old moms

  • Prestige Gaming
    Prestige Gaming 7 days ago +1

    8:33 Why does this look like Yoda wearing a gold chain lol.

  • Crazy gamer Shalin
    Crazy gamer Shalin 7 days ago +1

    3:39 and 5:14 look like Yin-Yangs

  • -Rast4man-
    -Rast4man- 7 days ago

    cara que video maravilhoso

  • DragonFlame AFK
    DragonFlame AFK 8 days ago

    The end gave me chills

  • Jack Foxtrot - EDM Music

    When was VY Canis Majoris discovered? Because that’s the biggest star we know so far.

  • adamdecoder1
    adamdecoder1 8 days ago

    I always forget there are more than just the six stars you can see in the Los Angeles sky

  • Aagnik Raj
    Aagnik Raj 8 days ago

    8:06 stop asking and be happy -.-

  • ye boi
    ye boi 8 days ago

    The brightest thing in the universe is King Neptune's head.

  • bitter krisz
    bitter krisz 9 days ago

    Ok now that is awsome XD

  • Peter Swarts
    Peter Swarts 9 days ago

    Why do you have to pop up from underneath the screen every time 🤔😕

  • Mr. Average
    Mr. Average 9 days ago

    *Los Angeles goes out*
    Californian Ni🅱️🅱️🅰️s: bRuH wTf iS tHaT

  • HardcoreHammy
    HardcoreHammy 9 days ago +1

    man that ending was dope. had me
    almost tearing up

  • Nikos Plugachev
    Nikos Plugachev 10 days ago

    11:34 Woah

  • Civilized Zombie
    Civilized Zombie 10 days ago

    Where’s Petscop 2

  • Ryan Stedman
    Ryan Stedman 10 days ago

    I would have thought a quasar would be the brightest thing in the universe

  • Ennrax
    Ennrax 10 days ago

    discord light theme

  • Jakob Froberg
    Jakob Froberg 10 days ago

    I hate google drive because its soooo white, I downloaded a black theme to cope with it.

  • Hatter Dabber
    Hatter Dabber 11 days ago

    What if the gamma burst already happened.

  • Memepool 22
    Memepool 22 11 days ago

    That thing about Quasars being dead already is both crazy and sad.

  • Nikolai Chernov
    Nikolai Chernov 11 days ago

    it's why Pyongyang and other cities in North Korea are some of the healthiest places in the world )))

  • Caroll Lafontaine
    Caroll Lafontaine 11 days ago


  • Funnynin
    Funnynin 11 days ago

    Thank you Michael, Very Cool!

  • Josh
    Josh 11 days ago

    It’s big chungus

  • Vivian James
    Vivian James 12 days ago

    Title should be brightest thing in the KNOWN universe. Because of red shifting, there's a possibility of things so bright yet we might never know they even exist.

  • Normal Human
    Normal Human 12 days ago

    "The symbol was a great idea... BUT WHATS THE HOTTEST THING IN THE UNIVERSE?"
    Fucking hell that escalated quickly

  • Enfinate
    Enfinate 12 days ago

    Michelle: who came up with the yin and yang symbol? Was it an ancient greek? Or Chinese?
    *2 sec later*
    What's the brightest object in the universe

  • Random Canuck
    Random Canuck 12 days ago

    hey micheal, 2019 canadain here steven hawking has been dead for a while so that joke is dank and dark

  • Aryanne Lombres
    Aryanne Lombres 12 days ago

    Spoiler alert guys... It's your smile.

  • Bifocal Gaming
    Bifocal Gaming 12 days ago +1

    The least brightest thing in the universe is my future

  • XpertGamer
    XpertGamer 13 days ago +3

    One day of no light pollution would be beautiful

  • Ballistic
    Ballistic 13 days ago

    My grandmas forehead

  • Sanskaar Sharma
    Sanskaar Sharma 13 days ago

    The only thing I could see in the night sky is Moon and Sirius and sometimes Venus.

  • Sovereign Warrior
    Sovereign Warrior 13 days ago +1

    The greatest presence of brilliance in our myriad reality is the very thing which has an absolute lack thereof.

  • Fatal Factor
    Fatal Factor 13 days ago

    Dont leave us alone Micheal ❤️

  • What about the Server?

    "No one knows more about the brightest thing in the universe than me. I also eat more of my own shit than levels anyone can believe."
    - Donald J Trump

  • möth
    möth 14 days ago

    Thank you

  • justgaminglolgic 100
    justgaminglolgic 100 14 days ago

    Vsauce is the brighgtest thing ever.

  • Turanic Unity
    Turanic Unity 14 days ago

    Michael: Today I ate a banana and it was yellow.... But was it? *VSauce music plays*

  • Breach
    Breach 14 days ago

    Petition to have one night every year where we turn off all lights everywhere!!!

  • dooper -Roblox
    dooper -Roblox 14 days ago

    so dark is bright and bright is bright but dark is mostly dark

  • Mr. Jy
    Mr. Jy 14 days ago

    2:30 wrong!! UY Scuti is the biggest star ever found

  • AlexBirdieBronze
    AlexBirdieBronze 14 days ago

    I reeeaaallly want to see our galaxy at night with no lights. But like you said, 5 years ago, it's very rare.

  • Tobi TT
    Tobi TT 14 days ago

    at the end, he simply drew a circle but it blew my freaking mind

  • Arch Angel
    Arch Angel 14 days ago

    Wait isn't VY Canis Majoris the biggest star ever found?

  • SlySean44
    SlySean44 14 days ago

    Actually the biggest star is UY scuti but this video was made 5 years ago.

  • Dernilsinger
    Dernilsinger 15 days ago +1

    5:56 gave me goosebumps

  • khandwa style
    khandwa style 15 days ago +1

    Which object is at 0 in absolute scale?

  • Ryan Adhikary
    Ryan Adhikary 15 days ago

    In hole.io I do the same things black holes do. Wait, what if we are in such a video game? OMG I'm panicking.

  • Olivergamming !
    Olivergamming ! 15 days ago

    The more I learn about space the more confusing space gets

  • BenjiMV
    BenjiMV 15 days ago

    I love learning about things like this.

  • Vizual Edit0r
    Vizual Edit0r 16 days ago

    An off-topic Vsauce video is a pleonasm.

  • Insurrective
    Insurrective 16 days ago

    This taught me more than any of my science classes.
    Seriously, Vsauce needs to have its own school or university.

  • Boboto 3
    Boboto 3 16 days ago

    Discord's light mode

  • Osix RL
    Osix RL 16 days ago

    how much will a black hole increase if hitted by a gamma ray burst?

  • Vexxeer232
    Vexxeer232 16 days ago

    0:49 michael is etika?

    JCUDOS 16 days ago

    5:10 "arcipluvian cosmic gallows known as accretion disks" Good thing I already knew what accretion disks are because "arcipluvian cosmic gallows" isn't a particularly helpful description...

  • Zaid Moazzam
    Zaid Moazzam 16 days ago

    Your lines/script is remarkable.... Love it

  • Ballistic Crimson
    Ballistic Crimson 16 days ago

    This video made me think so hard that my brain collapsed and turned into a black hole. Sorry for the mass extinction in advance.

  • Border Jumper
    Border Jumper 16 days ago

    my peenid

  • Nice Booty YT
    Nice Booty YT 16 days ago


  • Shanboss
    Shanboss 17 days ago

    why did you sell your soul to youtube

  • Lil KeryVevo
    Lil KeryVevo 17 days ago

    So is gamma ray burst brighter than quasar?

  • Trenton Lapetina
    Trenton Lapetina 17 days ago

    We should have an international black out once a year

  • rockbandinthusiast
    rockbandinthusiast 17 days ago

    I want to go to the Restaurant at the End of the Universe

  • Brent Broadbent
    Brent Broadbent 17 days ago

    At what point does the black hole have enough... and what is it at that point

  • Daveato
    Daveato 17 days ago

    generic but serious question: whats the song at the end? it sounds gooood

  • Alberto A.G.
    Alberto A.G. 17 days ago

    whats the song at 6:08

  • Xirtie Senjo
    Xirtie Senjo 18 days ago

    The transition from yin yang to the topic was so freakin' epic.

  • Amoxyl
    Amoxyl 19 days ago

    11:21 deep

  • Trolle Gaming
    Trolle Gaming 19 days ago

    Whats The thing in The mitle of lur universe?

  • jacksrandomadventures
    jacksrandomadventures 19 days ago

    ever been shined in the face by a police flashlight?

  • Doge Gamez
    Doge Gamez 19 days ago +1

    I love this channel because I will learn 100 more facts while listening to the “what’s the brightest thing”

  • josh melgar
    josh melgar 19 days ago

    The brightest thing in the universe is light bouncing off of Kevin's head and back to your eyes.

  • The Protean bro
    The Protean bro 19 days ago

    The brightest thing in the universe? That's easy.

  • Smoothie
    Smoothie 20 days ago

    Seeing him in the video, talking about things that are times brighter than the light made by our big milky way and showing x-times bigger galaxies in comparison to that quasar in addition with this weird music in the background makes me feel very lonely and small

  • atreyu2productions
    atreyu2productions 20 days ago

    the absolute magnitude of this lad