• Published on Jun 13, 2018
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    My name is Alec Steele and I am a 20 year old blacksmith from Norfolk in the United Kingdom. I upload a vlog from my day at the workshop almost every single day. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
    What do I make? LOTS of Damascus steel, knives, swords, axes and more and of course, I always love hearing your suggestions for future projects in the comments below!

    So if you want to see lots of forging fun, blacksmithing badassery, cinematic hammering and more in my Daily Vlog (#Daily_Steele) - please subscribe here by hitting that red button!

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Comments • 875

  • gunner.357
    gunner.357 20 days ago

    A thicker leather makes sheaths so much easier to make. Id do a wraparound sheath instead of two pieces as well, its stronger and takes less stitching and uses slightly less leather.

  • Goofball Mcsullivan

    Hey Alec, i know this is a bit late, but just some advice for stitching. If you have trouble holding a needle, try wearing rubber gloves to get a better grip

  • Nayro Jinges
    Nayro Jinges Month ago +1

    Love your old/preprevious style of music and editing! much more enjoyable then the current one from america ...

  • 5dope
    5dope Month ago

    Wonderful! Alec has good attitude and loves to start things over! xD (That's how you learn)

  • ralph crosby
    ralph crosby Month ago

    Plus one on bee’s wax

  • Daniel Nunya Bidnezz
    Daniel Nunya Bidnezz 2 months ago

    Use your awl to stretch and widen the holes slightly. Makes stitching easier.

  • michael hill
    michael hill 3 months ago

    No Alec thank you and Will you are the only thing on my phone with a notification 👍

  • Matt Lacdao
    Matt Lacdao 3 months ago

    U really do have to cowboy blood in ya

  • r crews
    r crews 6 months ago

    you might try marking your hole layout then drilling them through

  • Patrick Wagenaar
    Patrick Wagenaar 7 months ago

    you should just get a small drill and drill the holes

  • ed kartog
    ed kartog 7 months ago

    Why you didn't mark the place of the holes and use the drill machine with a 1mm? Some people in brazil do it

  • When Will I Learn?
    When Will I Learn? 8 months ago

    Its funny, over the last two weeks I've watched a load of the videos about knife making, however it wasnt until watching these videos on leather, which I've worked with, that I understood how much work you are fitting into each video. There is a disconect for me with how much time and effort goes into knife making. Huge respect for your work ethic!

  • Luke David
    Luke David 9 months ago

    Pre wrangled....😂😂

  • Peter Witkop
    Peter Witkop 9 months ago

    Always scuff to hair (smooth) side of the leather when you contact cement, at least on a final glue-up. I always learned to layout and punch stitching lines on the outside of the piece so any curves in the stitch lines caused by the punch or awl deflecting are on the side facing the wearer and less obvious.

  • Talha Polat Dogan
    Talha Polat Dogan 9 months ago

    I can't find that stitch hole puncher thing in Turkey can you hele me to find one or send me one as a gift 😉

  • Masen Stephens
    Masen Stephens 9 months ago

    Hey go to a leather shop and get a auger

  • Bruce Barnes
    Bruce Barnes 10 months ago

    Can you use a drill press and a very small drill bit?

  • Mark smith
    Mark smith 10 months ago

    Can't help but notice your in a blacksmith shop and you didn't think to make your own punch that'll go through all of it lol

  • Adam Joseph
    Adam Joseph 11 months ago

    Is that a New Mexico flag I see?! Yeah buddy, represent haha

  • domonik Oldham
    domonik Oldham 11 months ago

    Rivit some jeans !

  • DocRorshack
    DocRorshack 11 months ago

    Consider putting a rivet at the top of the sheath on the blade side for the same reason you flipped the hold down strap...

  • BayChevy 510
    BayChevy 510 11 months ago

    How can't he not figure it out tho..look it up on youtube.

    • BayChevy 510
      BayChevy 510 11 months ago

      I enjoy the videos😀

    • BayChevy 510
      BayChevy 510 11 months ago

      But very nice work!

    • BayChevy 510
      BayChevy 510 11 months ago

      There's no excuse not to know how to do anything these tube has a video for everything.

  • SharktipSkandalopian
    SharktipSkandalopian 11 months ago

    Screenshake Simulator 2018: Rubber Mallet Edition

  • Casey Harris
    Casey Harris 11 months ago

    As someone who normally works with leather, the contact cement is an unorthodox method but ultimately it's the final product that matters. Great job at cheating the game!

  • The RX7 Roadie
    The RX7 Roadie 11 months ago

    Being a blacksmith why didn’t you just make a longer punch comb

  • next Gen freerunning

    Is the deadline for an application​ the 22nd??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • majskolven 007
    majskolven 007 Year ago

    I love your new glasses!

  • Johannes Hoff Krutådal

    get your self some cuting needles

  • Emilio Notsinneh
    Emilio Notsinneh Year ago

    Alec your a Blacksmith make a punch

  • Yoda Smith
    Yoda Smith Year ago

    Why start over, your in your blacksmithing shop, blacksmith somthing to fix the mistake. If anything you could create somthing that would allow you to not need stitching at all..

  • Yoda Smith
    Yoda Smith Year ago

    Why start over, your in your blacksmithing shop, blacksmith somthing to fix the mistake. If anything you could create somthing that would allow you to not need stitching at all..

  • Demon dire Wolf
    Demon dire Wolf Year ago

    Make a spear

  • Mc.Woman ForTheWin

    two and a half days is deffanatlyrzhgy a poblamstvfzwzyvjiggsx h d_

  • Mc.Woman ForTheWin

    i think black smithing is such a beautiful art a
    , i should say , and may i say that is quite a grorges blade sir , it is such a fine peac of art.

  • T Stormer
    T Stormer Year ago

    It's funny this solution he settled on was the first thing I thought of cause I'm lazy. Interesting how minds work

  • Gary Otterson
    Gary Otterson Year ago

    3x the fantastic!

  • Will Elliott
    Will Elliott Year ago

    SUPER EXCITED to be through to the second stage of this internship application, now i've just gotta find some time between GCSE's to actually do get the stuff done... making me wish i also left school at 14, but i guess these exams are still far easier than becoming a million subscriber youtube channel so i'll just shut up with my whining

  • Daria Talaski
    Daria Talaski Year ago

    That internship sounds amazing!!! I've just started watching your videos but am fascinated by how you work and what you make. If I wasn't in the US and going back to school soon I would apply without question! I can't wait to see who the lucky person is!

  • Yinon Landau
    Yinon Landau Year ago

    Hi, when is the last date to apply for the internship?

  • DJFelixChester
    DJFelixChester Year ago

    Semi-pro tip: When you are two needle sewing leather, insert your first needle 50% of the way through, then insert your second needle all the way through, pull first needle through, then tighten. You won't end up sticking your needle through the thread like that.

  • Francis McKnight
    Francis McKnight Year ago

    If you are going to do a lot of leather work can i recommend getting a speed stitcher or a sew awl

  • Matthew Su
    Matthew Su Year ago

    Nice glasses

  • Calvin Wilburn
    Calvin Wilburn Year ago

    I'm too old to start over and too far away (United States) to be a candidate, but love the internship offer you're putting out there!

  • Salitas91
    Salitas91 Year ago

    shouldve glued a fur lining on the inside to stop the blade from slipping out

  • Gary Brown Forging On

    I took a knife sheath class at Tandy Leather and the instructor brought in a small drill press. He cut the head off of a nail that is about the right diameter and chucked it in the press and after marking down the side with the 4 hole punch. He didn't go all the way through just marked it. Then we drilled through. It was tricky for really thick areas but for going through flat items it worked great. Put a flat block of wood to keep it good and straight. The nail will actually burnish the holes as it goes through.

  • JeremieBabin
    JeremieBabin Year ago

    I actually JUST recently saw a video from these Mastercraftsmen who did a sheeth for their Bowie Knife. They use one piece of leather and etch the inside of the fold to fold it and make the space for the knife. Beautifully crafted. Just wonderful!

  • Harold Lee
    Harold Lee Year ago

    What you are calling a liner is actually called a welt. It protects the stitches from being cut by the knife.

  • Mazurat
    Mazurat Year ago

    Keep the sheath you scrapped. Lop off the edge and use it for a smaller knife.

  • stumblegrit
    stumblegrit Year ago

    Alec, great show! Here’s a little tip for stitching leather, it’s not necessary to do all the stitching on one thread. Stitching in sections allows for use of a shorter length of thread at a time, much easier than dragging yards of thread through thick material. Another benefit to this method is that if a section of stitching ever comes loose, only a section is affected and the whole thing doesn’t unravel.

  • Josh of All Trades

    Is this internship open to people in the USA? Also can you provide the sponsorship required for a work visa?

  • Meetim
    Meetim Year ago

    7:28 "my brain hurts". I know that feeling! There is a particular sensation that occurs when you are outside your comfort zone and just not getting it. In my case recently, it was being familiar with AutoCAD but having to work on Microstation. It's like being dropped into a foreign country & having to communicate with your hands tied. It's like 'I really need one of those but I have no idea how to get it'.

  • QwertyTSecond
    QwertyTSecond Year ago

    You don't suffer from insanity at all, you seem to quite enjoy it.

  • MC banane
    MC banane Year ago

    Please make a video with rpm_neil from instagram😍

  • Hellstorm1190
    Hellstorm1190 Year ago

    You could've also just punch marked the holes and just drill them trough.

  • André Bravin
    André Bravin Year ago

    oh! And use latex gloves if you need to grip the needle

  • André Bravin
    André Bravin Year ago

    Go down in needle size and stitching will be a lot smother.

  • Dustin Brock
    Dustin Brock Year ago

    U forgot to put a drain for water at the tip

  • Carbide Games
    Carbide Games Year ago

    Nice glasses mate

  • Brandon Dollar
    Brandon Dollar Year ago

    You've probably heard this before, but not only do I watch your videos for the amazing blacksmith (and now leather work, it would seem! haha) content...I also watch them because your disposition inspires me in all aspects of my life.
    What I mean by that is; you never seem to let *any* setback sullen your mood or otherwise frustrate you. You simply smile and carry on. I've been imitating that approach to the things I'm trying to better myself in and I can't say for sure if it's helped me improve in terms of skill, but it certainly helps me feel more positive about the whole process overall. I've always been told that it's important to transform negatives into positives, but it never really seemed to sink in until I saw you practically apply it.
    Keep up the awesome work, and never stop smiling, ya crazy Brit. =)

  • Waytorry
    Waytorry Year ago

    Just a thought, but couldn't you just take a saw/grinder to those punches and make the fork tines a bit longer? Go all the way though both layers and not cut the leather.

  • Unstoppable Tramp

    That is the spine part of the blade. Edit the sheath to show some of the back. Alec you are nuts! You could have made that work, there is being a perfectionist and there is wasting time and money. I could have turned that into something beautiful still and you could have too!
    Just putting that weird return on the swedge caused you problems, I knew it would when it came to the sheath. Grind it off!!! Instead you have gone for a loose sheath. Alec, bring me up for a day in your workshop. You need a bit of guidance in certain areas.
    Punch holes in the face and then use that as a template for the bottom of the sheath. Just mark the bottom and then run through separately. If you do the whole thing glued then the leather is very thick and a small change of angle in the pricking iron is a big deal by the time you get to the bottom.
    You do realise you can always use a pillar drill if you really want to glue the whole thing up first?
    And one more thing, buy yourself a stitch groover. It leaves a much better finish than just scribing. My advice is free and I know you read all the comments so this is on me, again.

  • Tom Robert
    Tom Robert Year ago

    You might wet the leather as it will stitch easier.

  • Tom Robert
    Tom Robert Year ago

    Alec I always use a round wheel with spikes to mark the stitch holes then I drill witha drill just large enough to pass the needle thru twice .It is a lot easier than your way.

  • RedDawn430
    RedDawn430 Year ago

    LOVE your hair bro! Jealous!!!

  • Greg Albright
    Greg Albright Year ago

    I recognize that moment where you start procrastinating because you don't know how to proceed in myself.

  • Roset828
    Roset828 Year ago

    One missed stitch gotta start over

  • Jeremy Wall
    Jeremy Wall Year ago

    You should look at getting a stitching groover which will help your stitching sit down in the leather more and looks real clean. Also if you do glue everything together you can cut your groove for your stitches and use a stitch spacer tool and then drill through the leather on a drill press.

  • Russ Jennings
    Russ Jennings Year ago

    I've never been great at hand stitching either. Some folks make it seem easy, but for me it's always been a headache.

  • Payden Newkirk
    Payden Newkirk Year ago

    Learn to use a stitching awl please.

  • jeremy reed
    jeremy reed Year ago

    Alec, You need to introduce your newer subs to the Alec Steele Drinking Game lol.

  • Jamie Aulbach
    Jamie Aulbach Year ago

    Awesome keep killing it. You are what many young people need to aspire to be! I am about to retire from the American Air Force after 20 years and you inspire me!!!!!

  • Daniel Alvarado
    Daniel Alvarado Year ago

    I'd looooove to learn this craft, but i'm not quite ready for a mentor ^_^

  • R W
    R W Year ago

    I love the new glasses, but I cant help but note the resemblance to Lewis from meet the Robinson's.

  • adam cain
    adam cain Year ago

    Smaller needles and flat faced pliers to pull needles threw.

  • sven sven
    sven sven Year ago

    if you need any advice or a few stitching lessons , just get in touch , I'd be happy to give you some lessons , its certainly a lot easier ,

  • Gwen Patton
    Gwen Patton Year ago

    This is why Goddess made Speedy Stitchers.

  • MrDeicide1
    MrDeicide1 Year ago

    Quit being so british.
    It's painful to watch...

  • Dale Moffatt
    Dale Moffatt Year ago

    I so wish I could take advantage of that internship but hope the successful candidate super appreciates it and values it appropriately

  • Bart Mol
    Bart Mol Year ago

    Nice glasses!

  • Rakshas
    Rakshas Year ago

    You are getting fast ! Btw I like your glasses

  • Seba Gantz
    Seba Gantz Year ago

    Gluing the pieces together first and then punching the holes may be easier.
    Keep up the great work!! I would love to see it finished.

  • Elias Haddad
    Elias Haddad Year ago

    I’m in America

  • Elias Haddad
    Elias Haddad Year ago

    Where do you live

  • Niels Cremer
    Niels Cremer Year ago

    I prefer the tighter fit...

  • Davis Adventures
    Davis Adventures Year ago

    8:58 I literally had that same idea when you said your punch wouldn't go all the way through lol!

  • Tulkas The Valar
    Tulkas The Valar Year ago

    nice new frames Alec , but I think you should make your own somehow .

  • simon g
    simon g Year ago

    use pliers to grab the neadeles

  • Davis Adventures
    Davis Adventures Year ago

    You got new glasses alec

  • Sergio Filosofo
    Sergio Filosofo Year ago

    Wow Alec, what a patience you have

  • Derrick Giltner
    Derrick Giltner Year ago

    next time, mark your holes after your pieces are glued together and stick an awl in your drill press and punch your holes. works for me quite well.

  • HoutmeyersP
    HoutmeyersP Year ago

    Glue everything together, than just use the pricking iron for marking where the holes need to be......If they are marked go to a drillpress and use a sharpened(to a rounded point) and polished 2.5 mm steel nail to drill the holes trought the 3 layers ( i have done 1/2" leather like that without a problem). The nail does not remove leather , it just pushes it aside. You get 2 mm straight holes trought the 3 layers (because the holes close a bit) like that and its easy to get the sewing needles trough. After you have sewn the sheath us a rounded hammer to tap the stiches....the 2 mm holes will close up against the sowing thread. Way faster and neater than using an awl to push the holes in the leather.

  • Paul Helms
    Paul Helms Year ago

    Novel idea... since you’re a blacksmith, you should make your own punch that is long enough to go through the whole piece at once.

  • Ebel-Jan Schepers

    Next time drill the holes...

  • Chris H
    Chris H Year ago

    Why Internship?Interns polish office chairs with their arses! Apprenticeships for apprentices,two totally different skill sets.One useless,one useful.

  • socrazybmx
    socrazybmx Year ago

    The camera speed looks different - I like it! Maybe its a filter? or some forced perspectve? IDK what it is, but it looks more professional!

  • Tony Pott
    Tony Pott Year ago

    Something you might want to check on the channel rather than comment on this vid. As a late arrival to the channel, I decided to go and watch some playlists to catch up. Three playlists I tried viewing (Claymore, Gladius, straight razor) are in reverse order, and I found none that were correctly ordered. Suspecting a trend, and that I was that trend, I tried out playlists on another channel, and these were watchable from first to last (or would have been had to subject matter not been soul shrivellingly dull) . This doesn't rule out the possibility that I'm the problem, but you might want to take a quick shufti and check things work right for you.

  • Oakley Does Everything

    Hey Alec! I am excited for the internship that you are opening up! I wanted to know if you are accepting people in the states? I would love to apply and wanted to make sure that wouldn't be ab issue. Thanks!

    • Oakley Does Everything
      Oakley Does Everything Year ago

      Alec Steele Bummer! Well if you decide to accept somebody from the state's that doesn't have to get paid..... Let me know! I would love to maybe do a working vacation with you.

    • Alec Steele
      Alec Steele  Year ago


    • Alec Steele
      Alec Steele  Year ago

      Hey Oakly! Sadly I’m only accepting Uk and Eu candidates eligible to work in the UK!

  • aspire to creativity

    i forgot to mention that you are the most inspiring person in the world

  • Derek Moss
    Derek Moss Year ago

    Hey do you sell these knifes? Or possibly make them by order?

  • bob
    bob Year ago

    i want to see u make some armor!