DM’ing 100 CELEBRITIES TO SEE WHO WOULD REPLY.. **it actually worked**

  • Published on May 17, 2019
    Today I sent a dm to 100 celebrities on Instagram to see how many would actually respond.. and it really worked!!
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    If you read this far down the description I love you
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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug  Month ago +9405

    I didn’t expect that many people to reply.. GO DM ME ON INSTAGRAM I’LL REPLY TO YOU

    • Deanna Martinez
      Deanna Martinez 19 hours ago

      Rlly, plz reply to me

    • Scycz
      Scycz 4 days ago

      how bout' discord

    • Kyle Cummo
      Kyle Cummo 6 days ago

      FaZe Rug Kylee Jenner is my celebrity crush

    • AiMsBtW 30
      AiMsBtW 30 7 days ago

      FaZe Rug is it ok 👌 if I friend u on fortnite I wanna 1v1 and I will subscribe to you

    • Kai Tipken
      Kai Tipken 7 days ago

      I don’t have istagram I’m not old enough 😭

  • nadine patuga
    nadine patuga 2 hours ago

    ok ryan trA-han

  • VoidDawson
    VoidDawson 3 hours ago

    31:57 yea guys whos gonna cum on his picture lmaoooo

  • Devino Vevo
    Devino Vevo 7 hours ago

    Will rug reply to me?

  • Amroha 2000
    Amroha 2000 9 hours ago


  • Ceasar Avalos
    Ceasar Avalos 10 hours ago

    Finn wolf hard also plays in it

  • Nathalys Life
    Nathalys Life 16 hours ago +1

    Do part 2 and if you do message Cole sprouse the brother or Dylan sprouse and lili reinhart please

    • Yas
      Yas 6 hours ago

      Naaa the trend is dead now

  • Gurinder Sekhon
    Gurinder Sekhon 17 hours ago +1

    My name is uday

  • Gurinder Sekhon
    Gurinder Sekhon 17 hours ago +1

    I not laing

  • Gurinder Sekhon
    Gurinder Sekhon 17 hours ago +1

    Or can I sand my number 😎

  • Gurinder Sekhon
    Gurinder Sekhon 17 hours ago +1

    Can you give me your number please 😋

  • Gurinder Sekhon
    Gurinder Sekhon 17 hours ago +1

    Hi faze I am your fan from India 😍

  • Bo Weaver
    Bo Weaver 20 hours ago

    But faze rug is kinda also a celeb

  • Ali Blal
    Ali Blal 22 hours ago

    You should ask billion eillish

  • DanielGuyz441
    DanielGuyz441 Day ago

    since jame charles still trendy lemme try
    jame charles just winked at you

    like to punch his eyes out lmao

  • Top 5 Tv
    Top 5 Tv Day ago

    I mean faze rugs already meant Kylie Jenner at the ace family baby reveal

  • Ranny Daniels
    Ranny Daniels Day ago

    When he tells Brian to either go back to school i died😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Hadden Dannenmueller

    Unsubed hate Barack

  • Jose Angulo Barraza


    Faze rugs comments: “James Charles kiss’s your dad like to undo”

  • Jasmine Vlogs
    Jasmine Vlogs Day ago +2

    Who else is waiting for him to message Billie eillish??😂🤪😍

  • Scrrr John
    Scrrr John Day ago

    James charles just kissed you ignore to undo

  • Mark Demelo
    Mark Demelo Day ago

    Brawadis looks like his brother

  • Mark Demelo
    Mark Demelo Day ago

    We could have 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 children from my wife

  • Mark Demelo
    Mark Demelo 2 days ago

    His bro looks like Mike Majlak (Logan Paul roommate)

  • Mark Demelo
    Mark Demelo 2 days ago

    I guessed it would be Kylie Jenner

  • Mark Demelo
    Mark Demelo 2 days ago

    Your brother looks like you

  • Harry Lea
    Harry Lea 2 days ago

    Why does Mike have a podcast when he can't talk

  • YT GetxRekt TTV
    YT GetxRekt TTV 2 days ago

    Jeffree star is a guy!😂🤔

  • YT GetxRekt TTV
    YT GetxRekt TTV 2 days ago

    No ads here

  • Bradydasaucegod 13
    Bradydasaucegod 13 2 days ago

    Dis nigga rugs brother too funny that shi had me 💀 🤣🤣🤣💀💀

  • Leonardo Batalla
    Leonardo Batalla 2 days ago

    I want to join FaZe as well

  • sally reed
    sally reed 2 days ago

    19:12 is hilariously weird

  • Deval_8 Roblox
    Deval_8 Roblox 2 days ago

    17:40 that's so raven *THATS ME*

  • kylin Pharr
    kylin Pharr 2 days ago

    Why is his brother so damn fine😈

  • Fafa Azzahra
    Fafa Azzahra 2 days ago


  • Fafa Azzahra
    Fafa Azzahra 2 days ago +1

    Hey i am a big fann pls sea it (sory bad tai

    MR DANGIT 3 days ago

    Lets play half court shot challenge

  • Yahya kat
    Yahya kat 3 days ago

    Why are they going to dm them in the haunted. House

    TSM DAEQUAN 3 days ago

    Tana her first insta photo I would jack off

  • Kaylee Norris
    Kaylee Norris 3 days ago +1


  • Karen Perry
    Karen Perry 3 days ago

    Katy Perry is ky aunt

  • Shea Hartman
    Shea Hartman 3 days ago +9

    90% of the comments: JaMeS ChArLeS (something something) LiKe To UnDo!!!

    NATALY MORALES 3 days ago

    jake pual is dating tana

  • Yasir Khalid
    Yasir Khalid 3 days ago

    What does Faze mean?

  • Jordan Kelleher
    Jordan Kelleher 3 days ago

    @Faza Rag I meant to say from Hannah Montana

  • Jordan Kelleher
    Jordan Kelleher 3 days ago

    @FazaRug u look like Rico from Miley Cyrus

  • Nataniel Gesior
    Nataniel Gesior 4 days ago

    Nice 👌

  • Denis Jasewicz
    Denis Jasewicz 4 days ago

    Your brother stupid

  • Plaeyre the master
    Plaeyre the master 4 days ago

    Y u don’t put a yooo counter

  • Scycz
    Scycz 4 days ago like *the ace family*

  • kiley_vlogs
    kiley_vlogs 4 days ago

    james licked your lips

    like to undo

  • kiley_vlogs
    kiley_vlogs 4 days ago +2

    cole sprouse lmao i did not expect him to know dylan but bughead shippers anyone also oml you know tyler o=

  • PVP Titaninum
    PVP Titaninum 4 days ago +1

    Wow way to say your opinion on politics

  • kai
    kai 4 days ago

    Blue face blocked me :(

  • JyShawn Jones
    JyShawn Jones 4 days ago

    It's offset

  • Derrick_ Kading
    Derrick_ Kading 5 days ago

    Devin booker is in faze 2

  • E-TinyTV
    E-TinyTV 5 days ago

    I dm you I wish you anwsered too 😂

  • Suck my peen Ninja is trash

    His brother talks too much

  • Deven Johnston a.k.a hlrbddl480

    Rugs brother looks like drake 😂😂😂

  • joradn vicarini
    joradn vicarini 5 days ago

    Shame he diddnt even DM Ariana Grande.

  • Luke Childers
    Luke Childers 5 days ago +1

    28:56 when reply’s start
    👇A like would be appreciated.

  • Ahana The Amazing
    Ahana The Amazing 5 days ago +2

    28:45 is when he announced all the people who replied

  • Alex Mercer
    Alex Mercer 5 days ago

    Hairy Leg faZe Brothers

  • sixty seven
    sixty seven 5 days ago

    ur brother was being a bit annoying in this video, you should've done it with someone else or even alone for that matter.
    Like so rug can see this!!!

    • NyanZ
      NyanZ Day ago

      sixty seven stfu

  • Andre Harrington
    Andre Harrington 5 days ago +1

    Did anyone else think the celebrities would only be girls or just me

  • Cloudy
    Cloudy 5 days ago

    Brian's so cringey lol

  • ReDwIrE 93
    ReDwIrE 93 5 days ago

    Since when are presidents supposed to be celebs lol

  • Lily Ann
    Lily Ann 6 days ago

    Tana is dating jp... Rug I love ur vids but dming Tana noooo

  • Crawford Behal
    Crawford Behal 6 days ago

    bro see the emojis that rug had

  • Jack Hunter
    Jack Hunter 6 days ago

    Bhad Bhabie gonna roast you

  • KillerRekt_YT
    KillerRekt_YT 6 days ago

    did faze kay get kicked out?

  • David Yao
    David Yao 6 days ago

    He copied this from ChristianAdamG

  • Brennen Peterson
    Brennen Peterson 6 days ago

    You stole this from Ryan Trahan

  • Carmen Negron
    Carmen Negron 6 days ago

    My friend loves Justin Bieber

  • King Nutty
    King Nutty 6 days ago

    Suns are dookie

  • Ryuken Ryuvin
    Ryuken Ryuvin 6 days ago

    15:15 MADISON BEER

  • Joey Hernandez
    Joey Hernandez 6 days ago

    Bruh Booker hahahaha

  • Ruby Cuevas
    Ruby Cuevas 6 days ago

    It going to be chris brown vs austin mcbroom why didn't you ask chris to be on his team

  • IRulz 22
    IRulz 22 6 days ago

    Yoooo bro why so many ads just want to watch the vid

  • Alonna Carrossellia
    Alonna Carrossellia 6 days ago

    how do they not try Ariana Grande

  • Andy Nguyen
    Andy Nguyen 6 days ago

    Why u copy adapt

  • Liamk Knox
    Liamk Knox 7 days ago +1

    Beyoncé 127 million followers
    0 following
    Amazingly satisfying

  • AiMsBtW 30
    AiMsBtW 30 7 days ago

    I skipped hella of the video lol

  • AiMsBtW 30
    AiMsBtW 30 7 days ago

    Wait he texted James Charles

  • Innocentfamily A
    Innocentfamily A 7 days ago

    Remember wilne

  • Jack jack
    Jack jack 7 days ago +1

    Dbook play pubg ?
    If he do play it. then what's his name on pubg?

  • Joselyn Herrera
    Joselyn Herrera 7 days ago

    21:28 "GoD dAmMiT" 😭😂😂❤️

  • Dans FRS
    Dans FRS 7 days ago

    WHERES SELENA GOMEZ? Smh the disrespect

  • viqar ahmed
    viqar ahmed 7 days ago

    U copied Adam Saleh I'm going to tell everyone not to subscribe

  • nathan luna
    nathan luna 7 days ago

    You look like Mia khalifa a lil bit

  • Susu Maya
    Susu Maya 7 days ago

    This should’ve been Brandon’s vid, he’s the one replying 😂

  • Elvin Afa Vlogs 3
    Elvin Afa Vlogs 3 8 days ago +2

    I am so glad I have TheXvid premium

  • Michael Alvarez
    Michael Alvarez 8 days ago

    @FaZe Rug you should’ve said lil pump, Banks wants you in faze you should join

  • ACsky21
    ACsky21 8 days ago

    welcome to fanboy 101

    LKG _SHAWDALE 8 days ago +1

    Leaked 3some with Brian x Molly x tana

  • abdiel
    abdiel 8 days ago +3

    At 31:10 I flinched so hard from his finger😂😂

  • MegaKiller2009 Plays
    MegaKiller2009 Plays 8 days ago +9

    Hey here is my top 5 favorite TheXvidrs
    5 Faze Rug
    4 MrBeast (6000)
    3 Geography Now( or Geography Nerd lol)
    2 TheOdd1sOut
    1 Lazarbum

  • Kamikaze Raptor
    Kamikaze Raptor 8 days ago +128

    James harden dunked on you
    Like to dunk on him

  • Kamikaze Raptor
    Kamikaze Raptor 8 days ago

    I just found out I’m a oh from faze rug

  • Drilix
    Drilix 8 days ago

    Should have DMed Giannis