i ate like MATT STONIE for a day !!!

  • Published on Apr 15, 2018
  • so i decided to eat like matt stonie for 24 hours, i recreated some of his most epic food challenges. 25 scrambled eggs for breakfast, 103 chips ahoy, 10 thousand calories chili cheese fries, 60 chicken nuggets and so much more. i hope you like it and don't forget to subscribe
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  • hufsa
    hufsa Year ago +6529

    I'm still waiting for 'I eat like Dan and Phil for a day' video

    • slush god
      slush god 11 days ago

      @M & G i saw your comment where a guy was being salty to you

    • 애정Flutters
      애정Flutters 27 days ago

      Nashra Fatima to remind himself?

    • Sayali Kolhe
      Sayali Kolhe Month ago

      He might make those crazy Halloween recipes...lol

    • Evillldabs710
      Evillldabs710 Month ago

      hufsa ur honestly a clown bc Matt is better bruh 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    • Spearton Crafter
      Spearton Crafter Month ago

      Me too

  • Alex Yang
    Alex Yang 6 hours ago +1

    He fat now

  • BananaHedgeHog Fortnite
    BananaHedgeHog Fortnite 8 hours ago +1


  • Nishika Toofanny
    Nishika Toofanny 11 hours ago +2

    2019 anyone??🤔🤔

  • potri kalmarjn lng
    potri kalmarjn lng 12 hours ago

    I want to try the fries with chili cheese and teh nuggets ugghhh 🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • Unicorn Glitters
    Unicorn Glitters 12 hours ago +1

    hey guys u.g here im going to eat DEM FRIEZ WITH NO SWEAT AND NOT STOP UNTILL ITS FINISHED (like if you want a video)

  • Jesse Quill
    Jesse Quill 23 hours ago +1

    Booooooo thats not matt stonie thats slow stonie booooooooo

  • Tanner Meade
    Tanner Meade Day ago +4


  • Golden Ninja
    Golden Ninja Day ago

    1day am GONA do the world record OF EATING 200 CHICKEN NUGGETS

  • DoTz MoeyIzMe
    DoTz MoeyIzMe Day ago +1

    zig I was him I won’t save anything specially the MacDonalds fries

  • Jovanka Syedy
    Jovanka Syedy Day ago +2

    i know its weird but...

    I dont like cookies

  • Arieyana Scott
    Arieyana Scott 2 days ago +2


  • Manuel :D
    Manuel :D 3 days ago +3

    You didn't even try to actually eat LIKE matt stonie

  • Colby Tannner
    Colby Tannner 3 days ago +2


  • Jude Campbell
    Jude Campbell 3 days ago +1


  • mustache s
    mustache s 4 days ago +4

    What’s the point of this video? He’s just eating a lot of regular unhealthy foods.

  • cloudy
    cloudy 4 days ago +3

    All you did was doing his challenges, how are you assuming he eats this not infront of the camera?

  • Trish Anne
    Trish Anne 4 days ago +1

    officially my fave youtuber now

  • Anonymous SS
    Anonymous SS 4 days ago +2

    You're not eating like Matt Stonie. You're just epdoing a bunch of his challenges. Also what with the thing you do with your hands when you always introduce your videos?

    • cloudy
      cloudy 4 days ago

      Anonymous SS yep

  • StashMoney 07
    StashMoney 07 4 days ago +4

    Are u eating slow on purpose

  • ll Bad Vibes ll
    ll Bad Vibes ll 5 days ago +4

    He really asked Siri what 14 x 4 was

  • Devin Herrera
    Devin Herrera 5 days ago

    He stold my teddybear secret stash of 🍪 cookies

  • εїз Aяι - Cнαn εїз


  • Kyle Rowe Angelique Lacay

    Oh my gosh i actually want to eat that many fries that is the right amount to eat for my love of fries😍

  • Marci o
    Marci o 7 days ago

    Wtf why is the title in Italian??

    • Marci o
      Marci o 3 days ago

      @Elite oh ok, it was the first time TheXvid translated a title in my language, so weird...

    • Elite
      Elite 3 days ago

      Marci o because that’s your language set on YAWWW tube

  • Isaac 08
    Isaac 08 7 days ago +5

    Whoever says in the comments that raphael is waisting food. HES Not WATCH THE VIDEO HE SAID HES GIVING IT TO HIS FAMILY whoever said that stuff is such a dumbass

    • Elite
      Elite 3 days ago

      Srinahanum Arshad stop talking in the mirror you have a problem

    • i only comment
      i only comment 5 days ago +2

      @Srinahanum Arshad go learn to be nice. Idiot

    • Srinahanum Arshad
      Srinahanum Arshad 7 days ago

      (He's) ... go learn your ass english before u being fucktard in this comment section....

  • Vurysee YT
    Vurysee YT 7 days ago

    he diesnt eat like that he just dies that for the video xd

  • sungsik lorenz raine Hur

    Boooo Matt is faster you are so slow

  • sungsik lorenz raine Hur

    Booooooo booooooo boooooooooo boooooooo boooooooooo boooooooo

    SPINXO DOPE 8 days ago +3



    • Ultra Toast GamingBeaver
      Ultra Toast GamingBeaver 4 days ago +2

      SPINXO DOPE he is giving the food to his family!

      SPINXO DOPE 8 days ago

      @teamducky no i thought in the first food he dosent say anything

    • teamducky
      teamducky 8 days ago +7

      Seriously, he literally said he isn’t wasting any food and his cousins/family r eating it too...

  • Rida Odho
    Rida Odho 8 days ago +7

    You ate 6 cookies

  • Gabriela Casiño
    Gabriela Casiño 9 days ago +3

    *wOuLd YoU sHuT uP iM hAvInG a MoMeNt WiTh My QuEsO*

  • De bedste venner Tala og Lina

    Why is it in danish

    • sashia franks
      sashia franks 8 days ago

      My guess is that you live in Denmark. So youtube decided to translate it for you.

  • Nexes17
    Nexes17 10 days ago


  • ToxicRBLX
    ToxicRBLX 10 days ago +2

    you made me hungry!
    Food isnt even ready

  • ToxicRBLX
    ToxicRBLX 10 days ago +1

    You need to eat fast like matt stonie not like a snail

  • karam jude zaidan
    karam jude zaidan 10 days ago +5

    Matt stonier sometimes gives up you could of gave up

  • Slayer 5x
    Slayer 5x 11 days ago +6

    You talk too much...u talk more than how u eat ....

    • NEXLUS
      NEXLUS 7 days ago +3

      @Laur Channel 😂😂😂 ya damn right! 👌

    • Laur Channel
      Laur Channel 8 days ago +3

      You put bad comments.......you put bad comments moree than good comments.....

  • Koala Nahui
    Koala Nahui 11 days ago

    Kann man noch schwuler essen?

  • Itz_da_Cookie :3
    Itz_da_Cookie :3 11 days ago +3

    Who else just ate and their stomachs sick because of the food xd

  • Sophia Poota
    Sophia Poota 12 days ago +8

    Ur suppose to eat FAST like him not just a lot.

    • Ultra Toast GamingBeaver
      Ultra Toast GamingBeaver 4 days ago

      its literly called eating like matt stonie not eating as fast as matt stonie

    • Sophia Poota
      Sophia Poota 11 days ago

      Itz_da_Cookie :3 alr Lol

    • Itz_da_Cookie :3
      Itz_da_Cookie :3 11 days ago

      @Sophia Poota Well he doesn't have to do the EXACT same as him its 'EATING AS A DAY AS MATT STONIE' so doesn't have to choke on the food while eating. lol

    • Sophia Poota
      Sophia Poota 11 days ago

      Itz_da_Cookie :3 well he said he’s eating like him so🤷‍♀️and Matt stonie doesn’t just eat a lot basically all his challenges are speed and it’s not what he’s doing.

    • Bianca Braga
      Bianca Braga 11 days ago

      Itz_da_Cookie :3 true

  • Tomi Tassik
    Tomi Tassik 12 days ago +3

    Your stupid

    DMRそ PIKÁCHU 12 days ago +3


  • Kami No Yami
    Kami No Yami 12 days ago +8

    Matt stonie cannot eat that much
    He probably put squirrels/rats/mices in his mouth to help him eat

    • Srinahanum Arshad
      Srinahanum Arshad 7 days ago +1

      No there's a black hole in his stomach ...

    • Kami No Yami
      Kami No Yami 11 days ago +1

      @it's lizelle xD

    • it's lizelle
      it's lizelle 11 days ago +2

      I guess that’s me

    • The Oof Mafia
      The Oof Mafia 11 days ago +1

      Kami No Yami he eats in tournaments that anyone can watch and he doesn’t have rodents in his mouth XD

  • • Jēkabs •
    • Jēkabs • 12 days ago +6

    why are you still commenting after a year?

  • Antreas Konstantinou
    Antreas Konstantinou 12 days ago +2

    Id prefer a million times to overdose on food instead of sweets.

  • fat retard
    fat retard 12 days ago +3

    So wasteful

    • fat retard
      fat retard 3 days ago

      @Hello I am Paul maybe that but nothing else

    • Hello I am Paul
      Hello I am Paul 3 days ago +1


    • Celestial Plays
      Celestial Plays 11 days ago

      Hes gonna prob eat the rest of it he doesnt like wasting leftovers pretty sure he said that in a couple of vids

    • Itz_da_Cookie :3
      Itz_da_Cookie :3 11 days ago

      Bro it's just food he's eating it anyway.

  • Hassan Khan - Maple Wood PS (1554)

    Who here is just looking for Matt stonie’s comment?

  • Circumstance
    Circumstance 13 days ago +7

    Matt stonie:eats 100+ cookies
    Diabetes:Am I a JoKe To YoU?

  • Hansruedi Miller
    Hansruedi Miller 13 days ago +8

    you're the biggest pu**y seen in my life .

    • Elite
      Elite 3 days ago

      Hansruedi Miller check your mom then she’s a bigger one

    • Ultra Toast GamingBeaver
      Ultra Toast GamingBeaver 4 days ago

      and your the biggest hater ive seen in my life

    • Srinahanum Arshad
      Srinahanum Arshad 7 days ago +1

      can you stop being an asshole ..if dont want to watch it just leave and stop being fucktard in this comment section.

    • Monster gaming
      Monster gaming 10 days ago

      Check ur mom

    • Itz_da_Cookie :3
      Itz_da_Cookie :3 11 days ago

      Jeez you needa chill mate.

  • Sara Denic
    Sara Denic 13 days ago +1

    two faves in one content💘

  • Sharan Shetty
    Sharan Shetty 13 days ago +5

    Why are you so freaki slow In eating and speaking

  • Cheesiepasta2812
    Cheesiepasta2812 13 days ago +2

    These foods would have been okay to eat if he had a Diet Coke. Then he wouldn’t be fat

  • Mad Dog Richards
    Mad Dog Richards 14 days ago +4

    It’s ok. Nobody is as good as Matt Stonie 🥚🧀🍟

  • Fatima Kamil
    Fatima Kamil 14 days ago

    Is it a wig .,.,...????!!im confused 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Detective Assassin
    Detective Assassin 14 days ago +3

    11:10- 11:28
    I am dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • RavenDot
    RavenDot 14 days ago +7

    I accidentally read I ate Matt Stonie for a day for some reason lol

  • CHEVYY_ILOVE William
    CHEVYY_ILOVE William 14 days ago

    New subscriber ..luv u already😘😎

  • dino dipsy
    dino dipsy 14 days ago +6

    you ate six cookies! :(

  • Japanese Sakura
    Japanese Sakura 15 days ago +3

    It's too much friken "Chicken Period" 😂😂😂

  • Syahmi Nazim
    Syahmi Nazim 15 days ago +6

    Ok so why tf is everyone so rude . Shut your mouth kid .

    • Elite
      Elite 3 days ago

      Potato Husky I’m coming for you potato no potato can run from me

    • Elite
      Elite 3 days ago

      Syahmi Nazim I like potatoes

    • Syahmi Nazim
      Syahmi Nazim 12 days ago

      @Potato Husky yes correct Potato .
      Luv your name btw

    • Julianna straight
      Julianna straight 12 days ago

      @Potato Husky ohhh

    • Potato Husky
      Potato Husky 12 days ago

      Julianna straight Complainers.

  • Akida Draws Things
    Akida Draws Things 15 days ago +4

    You are fired

    You should have chugge the drink and made the cookies dissapear

  • Sara Mei Wayne
    Sara Mei Wayne 16 days ago +7

    If he did it Realistically It would be:
    Protein shake (100 calories), cup of coffee, multivitamins
    Three Hours Later Breakfast
    Protein shake, carrots
    Protein shake, apples
    Three Hours Later Lunch
    Protein shake, handful of almonds
    Protein shake, slices of bread
    Before Bed
    Casein protein, almonds

    • Elite
      Elite 3 days ago

      Sara Mei Wayne he doesn’t eat that idiot

  • Daniel MIller
    Daniel MIller 16 days ago +7

    I aTe LikE MaTt StoNiE FoR a DaY

  • Screen Videos
    Screen Videos 17 days ago +9

    Does he know he can drink water or milk like Matt does in every video

  • kratos rana
    kratos rana 17 days ago +1

    I cab eat that all with no problem

  • dangerous guy
    dangerous guy 17 days ago +15

    Why are you people offending him? He's just doing experiment. He didn't waste those food, he gave the leftovers to his family members. Don't judge a person by seeing a single video

    • Elite
      Elite 3 days ago


    • Elite
      Elite 3 days ago

      DoubleSKillers ll gaming & vlog read all the comments before you coment

    • DoubleSKillers ll gaming & vlog
      DoubleSKillers ll gaming & vlog 15 days ago

      dangerous guy no one offends him in the comments plus he already said that in the video

  • Daryll Jose
    Daryll Jose 18 days ago +1

    Ummmmmmm???... what is that egg

  • Daryll Jose
    Daryll Jose 18 days ago +1

    Are coping matt stonie eating challenges

  • Peter Neo
    Peter Neo 18 days ago +3

    Boy how can't you even calculate 14×4

    • Peter Neo
      Peter Neo 6 days ago

      @Altar I'm not a child. I just can't understand how he can't calculate that simple term in his head.

    • Altar
      Altar 15 days ago

      Umm... it's 56. I can already tell you're a triggered child typing in a hate comment.

    • sofia abid
      sofia abid 16 days ago

      I can I swear

    • Yoloman Mecha
      Yoloman Mecha 17 days ago

      Sad but true

    • sippin hot tea
      sippin hot tea 18 days ago

      Shut up 💀

  • Ėłšië Hårper
    Ėłšië Hårper 18 days ago +4

    Stop talking and eat already :/

    • Potato Husky
      Potato Husky 12 days ago

      Why don’t you start gaining subscribers instead of comments?

    • Ilona Barlam
      Ilona Barlam 12 days ago

      Ėłšië Hårper this isn’t asmr. I recommend if you want no taking maybe sas asmr, or any other channel like that

    • Max The Random Lepurchaun
      Max The Random Lepurchaun 12 days ago

      Ėłšië Hårper matt stonie still talked

    • fresh
      fresh 15 days ago

      @Altar LOL

    • Altar
      Altar 15 days ago

      Stop talking shit and go back to your terrible Gacha edits.

  • mochi jimin
    mochi jimin 18 days ago +16

    90% saying *weak*
    10% *your wasting food*
    100% *talking shit*

  • Saifan Ali
    Saifan Ali 18 days ago +2

    Why u talking with ur mouth full

    • Potato Husky
      Potato Husky 12 days ago +1

      Saifan Ali Matt stonie does that too, but I guess you don’t watch his videos.

    • mochi jimin
      mochi jimin 18 days ago

      Why you care 💅

  • Saifan Ali
    Saifan Ali 18 days ago +2

    Fat git

    • Saifan Ali
      Saifan Ali 8 days ago

      Shut ur mouths o

    • Itz_da_Cookie :3
      Itz_da_Cookie :3 11 days ago

      Can't even spell it that's disappointing. Go back to watching sponge Bob videos instead of hating on this guy.

    • Potato Husky
      Potato Husky 12 days ago

      Saifan Ali Go back to your rainbow color videos, and cooking cereal and fortnite videos.

    • Ilona Barlam
      Ilona Barlam 12 days ago

      Why would you say that! That is so rude and disrespectful! You are adding to the problem of shaming and this should not be happening. Please delete this comment.

    • Max The Random Lepurchaun
      Max The Random Lepurchaun 12 days ago

      i know what you are but what is he?

  • leentom 64
    leentom 64 18 days ago +12

    2019 anyone

  • weebie
    weebie 18 days ago +5

    I eat like a normal obese person for a day

  • Shelby Jensen
    Shelby Jensen 18 days ago +2

    Like you r video

    JONEY JONEY POPPIN PILLS 18 days ago +1

    i feel like it is wasting food for 24 hours

    • Potato Husky
      Potato Husky 12 days ago +1

      JONEY JONEY POPPIN PILLS are you wasting your brain cells also?

    • Ilona Barlam
      Ilona Barlam 12 days ago

      He said in the start of the video that leftovers are for his cousins...

    • ayza malik
      ayza malik 16 days ago

      he gave the leftovers to his family did you even listen to him?

    • Screen Videos
      Screen Videos 17 days ago

      he gave it to his family dude

    • Musical Trash
      Musical Trash 18 days ago +2

      JONEY JONEY POPPIN PILLS watch the whole fucking video maybe? Idk. I think it’s just a smart idea before spreading hate. :)

  • Aubrey Carroll
    Aubrey Carroll 19 days ago +11

    people who say he wasted food he gave it to his cousins pay attention if u gonna hate lmao

    • Musical Trash
      Musical Trash 18 days ago +1

      Aubrey Carroll yea, it’s like people are desperately TRYING to find a flaw in all of his videos.

  • PotatoX
    PotatoX 19 days ago +2

    Literally no one:

    stomach: *aM i a jOKe tO yOu?*

  • zain gamer
    zain gamer 19 days ago +1

    U r cute but weak

  • Arijit Mukherjee
    Arijit Mukherjee 19 days ago +3

    You just wasted so much food asshole

    • Ultra Toast GamingBeaver
      Ultra Toast GamingBeaver 4 days ago

      Arijit Mukherjee he fricken gave it to his family members you slacker

    • melanie mmaakk
      melanie mmaakk 12 days ago

      Vaughan Rockwell hello strong person hating on a nice person because you have insecurities and don't know how to deal with them so you decide to throw all of your anger and jealousy on a youtube video
      wow really impressed by how to strong and powerful you are!

    • Potato Husky
      Potato Husky 12 days ago

      Vaughan Rockwell your dog’s probably very close to death cause you feed it so much.

    • Ilona Barlam
      Ilona Barlam 12 days ago

      He gave it to his cousins

    • Pinhead Larry
      Pinhead Larry 13 days ago

      Are you dumb he gave it too his family

  • Kris P. Chicken
    Kris P. Chicken 19 days ago +5

    I mean doesn't he eat this competitively

  • Yay Way
    Yay Way 20 days ago +4

    Not hating but i laughed so hard when he didn’t know what 14x4 is😂😂

  • Abdu Boutaya
    Abdu Boutaya 20 days ago

    Are you frocio?

  • Daisy Quirino
    Daisy Quirino 21 day ago +7

    I hope your not wasting any food.. caues I love your content but food wasting is a hell no

  • athena e
    athena e 21 day ago +3

    Lol u know u can drink water or milk with the cokkies? No one said u can't drink water, it's normal to be dry after 2 cokkies lol tf

  • Text Me
    Text Me 21 day ago +7

    i gained 1,000 calories by watching this video.

  • Deathslay123
    Deathslay123 21 day ago +3

    Yo if there was chicken I could help

  • Cpt Hurricane
    Cpt Hurricane 21 day ago +3

    hella weak, unseasoned, no beverages, smh

  • Theking 74
    Theking 74 21 day ago +3

    U say ur getting full after 5 bites and now your probably going to waste it and a challenge is trying what u we’re doing was complaining

    • Potato Husky
      Potato Husky 12 days ago

      Theking 74 Then feed your god damn dogs this shit.

    • Pinhead Larry
      Pinhead Larry 12 days ago

      @phoilλ yeesssss?

    • phoilλ
      phoilλ 12 days ago

      Isabella Gonzalez ?

    • Ilona Barlam
      Ilona Barlam 12 days ago

      Theking 74 All bodies are different! Stomachs are different sizes

    • Pinhead Larry
      Pinhead Larry 13 days ago

      Take your dead memes and bury yourself

  • scar face
    scar face 21 day ago +5

    He's talking to slowly 😴😴

    • Potato Husky
      Potato Husky 12 days ago

      scar face please dont comment like this with a basic ass profile.

  • Naima Boston
    Naima Boston 21 day ago +3

    U had 6 cookies

  • Babyboys Logic
    Babyboys Logic 22 days ago +4

    Your weak.......

  • Mjölbymannen
    Mjölbymannen 22 days ago +9

    6:48 cocaine

  • Mr. Squiji
    Mr. Squiji 22 days ago +14

    He put no salt on them eggs

  • polecat324 supporter
    polecat324 supporter 22 days ago +5

    Say good bye to being skinny and hello to diabetes

  • Oof said1
    Oof said1 23 days ago +3

    I feel like hes anorexic and he just eats a little so he doesn't have to workout and instead eats very little

    • Ilona Barlam
      Ilona Barlam 12 days ago +1

      piggs 1929 Stomach sizes are very different! Also, anorexia would look much different. Anorexia is being revolted by food and starving yourself. Maybe Bulimia? Hopefully not.

    • Pinhead Larry
      Pinhead Larry 13 days ago +1

      Or he has a high metabolism

  • Armando_19D
    Armando_19D 23 days ago +4

    Does he have autism?

      FLYING DICK69 Day ago

      check on your mom , maybe she have an autism

    • Jackie
      Jackie 7 days ago

      No yall are horrible ppl eng is 2nd language

    • Potato Husky
      Potato Husky 12 days ago

      Armando_19D Does Morgz have Autism too?

    • Ilona Barlam
      Ilona Barlam 12 days ago +2

      How? Why? What points this video to Autism? Are you an anti-vaxxer?

    • Pinhead Larry
      Pinhead Larry 13 days ago +2

      Do you?

  • Rocío Ara
    Rocío Ara 23 days ago +3

    5:17 🤣
    Me when I’m eating guacamole and a dog outside is barking