i ate like MATT STONIE for a day !!!

  • Published on Apr 15, 2018
  • so i decided to eat like matt stonie for 24 hours, i recreated some of his most epic food challenges. 25 scrambled eggs for breakfast, 103 chips ahoy, 10 thousand calories chili cheese fries, 60 chicken nuggets and so much more. i hope you like it and don't forget to subscribe
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  • hufsa
    hufsa Year ago +7105

    I'm still waiting for 'I eat like Dan and Phil for a day' video

    • james wilton
      james wilton 22 days ago

      Stop wasting yo momma's stripper money on wasting food for TheXvid views redcoat

    • ThaCHUBBmonster
      ThaCHUBBmonster 3 months ago

      Jesus Christ

    • MeltHeartForReal
      MeltHeartForReal 4 months ago

      Opps... u call my name "Dan"

    • slush god
      slush god 5 months ago

      @M & G i saw your comment where a guy was being salty to you

    • saila ah
      saila ah 6 months ago

      Nashra Fatima to remind himself?

  • Wilson Ly
    Wilson Ly 10 hours ago

    He is bad at eating but he’s a great cook

  • Wilson Ly
    Wilson Ly 10 hours ago

    I eat more than him why does he eat like me whyyyy

  • Don't talk to me Im useless

    I think he really likes to stay clean when eating he doesn't want to get dirty so he doesn't eat so quickly haha

  • Teshauna Johnson
    Teshauna Johnson 15 hours ago

    Rest in peace for your toilet

  • Rainy Syber
    Rainy Syber Day ago +2

    Siri didn’t reply because Siri thinks ur dumb for not knowing what is 14x4

  • Super Mario Jesse
    Super Mario Jesse 2 days ago +9


  • Chel baker
    Chel baker 2 days ago +6

    I could eat more than raphael lol he is a wimp

  • Vironix
    Vironix 3 days ago +2

    Dayum he is bad.

  • Adam Iyad
    Adam Iyad 3 days ago +6


  • Sarah Diane
    Sarah Diane 4 days ago +2

    Ur Thumbnail is everything lol. ☺️

  • Hailey
    Hailey 4 days ago +13


  • Jake Caraballo
    Jake Caraballo 4 days ago +5

    Sooooo another way of saying you copied him while trying to make content off of it?

    • Nihel Ali
      Nihel Ali 3 days ago

      Yt PhantomKills nah man hush this was a good and entertaining video.

  • LUCAS 200 gameur
    LUCAS 200 gameur 5 days ago +2

    Tes francais ta ecri comment un francais

  • christopher bascom
    christopher bascom 5 days ago +12

    No salt, or pepper, or hot sauce on the eggs, that’s a crime

  • Alan Martinez Gallegos
    Alan Martinez Gallegos 5 days ago +2

    You did not ate like Matt stonie you didn’t ate the reast

    • Kornel Troska
      Kornel Troska Day ago

      Well at least he probably knows how to spell

    • Nihel Ali
      Nihel Ali 3 days ago

      Alan Martinez Gallegos he tried

    • T M
      T M 5 days ago

      You mean *rest*
      And he did say in the beginning that he will do half the amount that Matt did in his video

  • Dj Tactics
    Dj Tactics 6 days ago +3

    For the eggs hand me the ketchup and I'll bee good

    • Bruk Laykun
      Bruk Laykun 5 days ago +1

      Yeah hot sauce all the way maybe some diced peppers while cooking it would be easy

    • christopher bascom
      christopher bascom 5 days ago

      Hot sauce what are you talking about

  • Daffer
    Daffer 6 days ago +2

    Did u even turn on the stove when u cooked the scrambled eggs?

  • Jackson Crist
    Jackson Crist 6 days ago +8

    How come there are 13,000 comments and none of them have any likes or sub comments, and there is only ONE comment that has 7,000 likes?!? I’ve noticed this on all of his videos... they all have tons of views, lots of comments, but no likes on the comments or any true conversations in the comment section 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Marika Bazaleli
    Marika Bazaleli 7 days ago +1

    afternoon snack,huh

  • Marika Bazaleli
    Marika Bazaleli 7 days ago +2

    the eggs look disgusting

    V1 MOVIES 7 days ago +2

    Fries 🍟: please forgive me
    Raphael: shut up

  • DiiGiTaL FaCe
    DiiGiTaL FaCe 7 days ago +2

    Yes cause Matt eats like this everyday........BOY!!!!!

  • Mauricio Hernandez
    Mauricio Hernandez 7 days ago +2

    Everybody eats like Matt stonie: with their mouth

  • Azriel Tooala
    Azriel Tooala 8 days ago +7

    Not a hater but basically your eating what he ate not eating like him

  • peach you better stan got7


    PZ9 THE BEST FIGHTER 9 days ago +2

    Raphael sweared

  • Gaming BROSE
    Gaming BROSE 10 days ago +7

    Matt Stony eats a lot more cause he is a 🏆

  • GJP gaming
    GJP gaming 10 days ago +6

    Matt stonie: unlocked tornado eater achievement!
    Raphael gomes: unlocked not even 1/4 eater! Turtle! achievement!

  • Nottyers YT
    Nottyers YT 10 days ago +5

    For breakfast you could of done the 100 eggos

  • honney moon
    honney moon 10 days ago +1

    imma puke

  • Shana Madjlessi
    Shana Madjlessi 11 days ago +2

    Is it just me or has anyone ever gotten good fries at McDonald’s
    Cause I’ve never had a good one

    • Ben Fraser
      Ben Fraser Day ago

      Shana Madjlessi I have cus the macdonalds near me is fancy and it has actually really good burgers and food

  • CraftyBlocks
    CraftyBlocks 11 days ago +1

    We filipino can finish a egg in a pan

  • The BossDrummer Fernandez

    The eggs........you should have put cheese on it...........sorry............

  • Z
    Z 12 days ago +6

    I watch Matt Stonie alot, have i ever tried this? No.
    Am i healthy? Yes.
    Hotel? Trivago.

  • Sir Sauce
    Sir Sauce 13 days ago +2

    This is no where near the actual

  • Naildes Andrade
    Naildes Andrade 14 days ago

    Esse povo viu, nem pra colocar uma uma legenda em baixo, pra a gente saber a tradução! Haha!

  • TheRealDeal
    TheRealDeal 15 days ago +10

    How can you call those "chili cheese fries" without chili?!

    • Ace Pilot
      Ace Pilot 10 days ago

      Your right it like having a hamburger without the patty wtf

    • Kid Flash
      Kid Flash 10 days ago

      @Nickyboii Vlogs *Ok Millennials*

    • Britt - Brawl Stars
      Britt - Brawl Stars 11 days ago

      Banana Splitz
      Hey! Nice Profile Picture

    • Nickyboii Vlogs
      Nickyboii Vlogs 12 days ago

      Kid Flash I’m 13

    • Kid Flash
      Kid Flash 12 days ago +1

      @Nickyboii Vlogs *Ok Boomer*

  • Benjamin Tsethlikai
    Benjamin Tsethlikai 16 days ago +3

    For the chicken nuggets at least have sum bbq

  • Myparrotis CUTE
    Myparrotis CUTE 16 days ago +4

    U added no chilli

  • Paul Van Nieuwenhove
    Paul Van Nieuwenhove 18 days ago +2


  • Jeenat Anowar Misty
    Jeenat Anowar Misty 18 days ago +1

    Me : That looks unhealthy.....
    Also Me : *I'll do 5 days in a row*

  • Dude GamerPlayz
    Dude GamerPlayz 18 days ago +7


    • John Carter
      John Carter 3 days ago

      @Dude GamerPlayz wow u are stupid

    • SHDW_Mystic
      SHDW_Mystic 8 days ago

      Dude GamerPlayz r/youngpeopleyoutube

    • Dude GamerPlayz
      Dude GamerPlayz 12 days ago

      @Kid Flash so is that a good thing or a bad thing, he is still rich though

    • Kid Flash
      Kid Flash 12 days ago

      @Dude GamerPlayz Obviously he isn't going to eat like a master food champion -_-

    • Sir Sauce
      Sir Sauce 13 days ago +2

      Cuz he's eating the same amount of food

  • angela baaiy
    angela baaiy 18 days ago +7

    Straight up clickbait

  • Okay Boomer
    Okay Boomer 20 days ago +3

    Diabetes:ah shit here we go again

  • Zrelia
    Zrelia 20 days ago

    I'm always afraid you're going to bite your fingers.

  • creeper guy
    creeper guy 21 day ago +1


  • B C
    B C 21 day ago +4

    u could at least attempt 2 shovel the food in ur mouth. I feel like I just watched my mother eat dinner at a dominantly mild rate!

  • Darwin Hu
    Darwin Hu 21 day ago +5

    You know matt has a normal life he just eats for his channel

    • SweetGirlyGirl
      SweetGirlyGirl 17 days ago

      Darwin Hu no he trains too so idk what you're talking about

    • creeper guy
      creeper guy 21 day ago

      When he read this oh ####

  • WOS
    WOS 21 day ago

    La copia barata de Matt stonie y justin bieber

    • EcoFul
      EcoFul 10 days ago


  • CKD
    CKD 21 day ago +3

    The way he cooked the eggs makes me want to cry

  • Aadhitya Sachdeva
    Aadhitya Sachdeva 22 days ago +2

    After watching him cook: Gordan Ramsey wants to know your location.

  • 陈忠彬
    陈忠彬 22 days ago +7

    if u think this vid is a clickbait press the lik3e button

  • mu.flìh
    mu.flìh 22 days ago +1

    In Indonesia we have tanboy kun

  • Franchette Perillo
    Franchette Perillo 23 days ago +3

    5:16, me when I am trying to study hard but the speaker in our house was so noisy

  • PoiSoN Clan
    PoiSoN Clan 23 days ago +3


  • Kimberly J
    Kimberly J 24 days ago +6

    I want cheese fries now...

  • Peppie Grroen
    Peppie Grroen 24 days ago +5

    yeahhhh, in the description it says there are 10 thousand calories chili cheese fries, even though you didn't put chili, and most importantly, there is no way that that was 10K calories lol
    also, there is literally no way that those were 60 chicken nuggets LOL (or 56 shut up)

  • Titan Raps
    Titan Raps 24 days ago +12

    “Eating like Matt Stonie” *eats like a snail.*

  • Peppie Grroen
    Peppie Grroen 25 days ago +7

    I hardly believe you could finish those fries
    probably in a whole day but it takes you like the whole day to finish it cause your skinny-ass body can't handle that much food lol