Things You Didnt Know About Everyday Objects

  • Published on Jul 8, 2019
  • Things You Didnt Know About Everyday Objects! I'm SSSniperWolf and today we're looking at cool facts things you see everyday but don't know about! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications
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  • SSSniperWolf
    SSSniperWolf  13 days ago +5154

    things you didnt know about everyday objects! did you know any of these? I put a poll at the end of the video (testing it out) :D

  • Hmmm Why
    Hmmm Why 18 minutes ago

    When you're wearing AirBuds.

  • Emily McCall
    Emily McCall Hour ago

    Ive put those do not eat bags in my mouth its hard and about 3 years ago

  • Anna Tomasson
    Anna Tomasson Hour ago

    “Smash a like if ya don’t have AirPods”
    Lowkey just got AirPods and watching this video with them

  • Stephen Wu
    Stephen Wu 2 hours ago

    Hi, I think you are better to wear without glasses

  • Ciara Cairney
    Ciara Cairney 3 hours ago

    I knew it was a coaster YEARSSSSSSS ago

  • Bskull 0 8
    Bskull 0 8 3 hours ago


  • Ariel Berrien
    Ariel Berrien 3 hours ago


  • ata uerata
    ata uerata 3 hours ago

    I am Maori in nz maori mai maori atu I don't have airpods

  • Brandy Christian
    Brandy Christian 4 hours ago

    Save the turtles

  • Chloe & Anneka
    Chloe & Anneka 4 hours ago

    I am obsessed with sparkling water

  • Alex Anthony Gaming
    Alex Anthony Gaming 4 hours ago

    145K people don't have AirPods , good for the likes , bad for them

  • Daliris Viera
    Daliris Viera 4 hours ago

    I loveeee strawberry sparkling water

  • Yuto lukashenko
    Yuto lukashenko 6 hours ago

    Wait so those holes in airplane windows aren't for sticking your fingers through?

  • Eden Taylor
    Eden Taylor 7 hours ago

    hate the video

  • Joseph Haigh
    Joseph Haigh 7 hours ago +1

    I love sparkling water +orange juice as its actually just fanta

  • Sapphire Cat
    Sapphire Cat 7 hours ago

    I like sparkling water

  • Dilly Rose
    Dilly Rose 10 hours ago

    The real reason why they haveA hole in the lollipop stick is so that if children swallow the stick they can still breathe and not choke to death

  • Maeve Prendergast
    Maeve Prendergast 11 hours ago

    my brother ate silica gel

  • Billie Eilish fan
    Billie Eilish fan 13 hours ago +1

    The margin mythe is CORRECT I promise

  • sky_ bane21
    sky_ bane21 16 hours ago

    9:43 to 9:51 ENGLISH PLEASE

  • Sadie Boggs
    Sadie Boggs 19 hours ago

    The lollipop one isn't for just that reason. It also just in case you swallow the stick!!!

  • Z00_FLASH
    Z00_FLASH 21 hour ago

    Me too the wire is stil alive

  • iloafpigs 26
    iloafpigs 26 21 hour ago

    I went to McDonalds and got a mcflurry and they just shaked it

  • Salvador Cardozo
    Salvador Cardozo 22 hours ago

    The paper thing is true because i have rats and they didn't eat my work ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺ not dam true got you.

  • Nikolai Pridannikov
    Nikolai Pridannikov 23 hours ago

    I actually love sparkling water

  • belle Strayer
    belle Strayer Day ago

    yall telling me that people do not like sparkling water :/ I loooooooooove it!!!!!!

  • Shine and Shade
    Shine and Shade Day ago

    I ate silica gel beeds before

  • Pamela Loving
    Pamela Loving Day ago

    The lollipop pop was a lie it is there if you swallow the stick and the hole is there for you to breath
    Yasssss bishhhhhhhh like is you love sniper wolf

  • Abbie Lower
    Abbie Lower Day ago

    you put the gel packet in the those that meat bag that you ca get at gestation

  • carl peterson
    carl peterson Day ago

    Her: I LOVE M&Ms.
    Me: Hate chocolate

  • Sophie Walker xx

    With the coke thing I already knew that

  • funtastic !
    funtastic ! Day ago

    I have AirPods my dad bought me them today I love them

  • Khloe perez
    Khloe perez Day ago

    I have those shoes

  • XxLeahPlayzxX
    XxLeahPlayzxX Day ago

    I don't have AirPods because I don't have an IPhone :c

  • Engilina Mozeb
    Engilina Mozeb Day ago

    0:45 “eAr PoDs” it’s airpods

  • Ruby Thom
    Ruby Thom Day ago

    Thank goodness you never eat that

  • blue j reade
    blue j reade Day ago

    No the lollipop one the hole is because if u eat the stick u will still breeth

  • Z an d H
    Z an d H Day ago

    The tic tac thing I was doing it

  • imygirl
    imygirl Day ago

    Apparently the holes in the lolly pop stick is so kids to choke

  • MXRIDER legend27

    The hole on the saucepan is for hanging it up it's not for a wooden spoon.

  • Charlotte Payne
    Charlotte Payne Day ago

    I like sparkling water but I like it mixed with strawberry Fanta

  • Matthew Richardson

    It’s not for the lolly pop beacause if the stick goes in your throat you can breath

  • T E A
    T E A Day ago

    When i was little I used to get those shoe bead packets and spill them on the floor

  • High_girl_chronicles Badbxtchesthatsmoke

    There are squeezable ketchup bottles

  • Ayesha To'o Tufuga

    One time I went to Macdonalds and asked for some ice cream and they said that it was broken. Having a weird feeling I looked at the car behind us they ordered ice cream and GOT ICE CREAM!

  • Alejandro Gamer
    Alejandro Gamer Day ago

    I like sparkling water

  • Karina Casyellanos

    The stick one is not true the real thing is that if a child chokes on a stick that hole helps the child still breath

  • The Luna Wolf pack

    That’s not the reason for the hole in the lollipop stick it’s there in case a person swallows the stick so that hole allows air flow so u can still breathe

  • Alfie Meakin
    Alfie Meakin Day ago +1

    On the lollipop one that is one reason but it can also help you breathe of you choke on it.

  • David HD
    David HD Day ago

    Don't call me gross, but don't you hate it when your butt-crack sweats or you sweat under your arms

  • Alexis Catz
    Alexis Catz Day ago

    i heard that the hole in the plastic lolypop stick was for if a kid had it in their mouth and chocked on it they could still breathe but there is the other end...? unless the sucker is still there

  • _ DiamondWolf_
    _ DiamondWolf_ Day ago

    The lollipop stick one can also mean that if a child chokes, they can still breathe through it.

  • Leila Wilson hewett

    You wont die if you eat those small silica beads

  • brynn and Others

    I have airpods

  • Diana Bunnell
    Diana Bunnell Day ago

    Carbonated water is the best

  • Louis Vuitton
    Louis Vuitton Day ago

    8:24 does anybody care to tell me what these shoes are I never had them all I wore my life were Jordan’s or boots. It may sound like I’m spoiled but it’s because my dad wanted me to learn about fashion like him

  • KBCI katie b crystal i
    KBCI katie b crystal i 2 days ago +1

    I have AirPods
    Who else ?
    Like if u do

  • Autumn spring
    Autumn spring 2 days ago +1

    When I was little, I ate some of the Gel packets

  • Ashlyn Condy
    Ashlyn Condy 2 days ago

    my hamster escaped and eat the instrucsons to a bord game i made

  • PeanutButter Pug
    PeanutButter Pug 2 days ago

    I was watching this video with earplugs

  • Lps Dream tv
    Lps Dream tv 2 days ago

    My dad even thought the lollipop stick is a whistle

  • kit kat squad
    kit kat squad 2 days ago

    My feet only sweat when im cold

  • browneyed jada
    browneyed jada 2 days ago +1

    Who else still liked the video even though they had in AirPods?🙋🏽‍♀️

  • Julie Roberts
    Julie Roberts 2 days ago

    The hole on a lollipop is for if some one swallowed it they could breath

  • Ihascupquake Lover
    Ihascupquake Lover 2 days ago


  • taylor stringer
    taylor stringer 2 days ago

    i love sparkling water yummy

  • Evan
    Evan 2 days ago

    16 mil subs 15 of them are all 9 year olds

  • Natalie
    Natalie 2 days ago

    When AirPods become every day objects

  • Danika Davis
    Danika Davis 2 days ago

    8:03 it does work on WOODEN spoons

  • Danika Davis
    Danika Davis 2 days ago

    4:33 I don’t like it unless I’m on the magic pill lol

  • Darius Blackwell
    Darius Blackwell 2 days ago

    I do

  • libby D
    libby D 2 days ago

    I ate one of those gel thingies when i was little.

  • Suddensophie09
    Suddensophie09 2 days ago

    I like sparkling water

  • Cookie Queen
    Cookie Queen 2 days ago

    When I was younger the silicone beads I used to eat when I was like 3 or 4

  • Tini 122
    Tini 122 2 days ago +1

    Was I the only one who already knew about the laptop charger one? XD And my stupid ear has a cut in it so now my earbud won't stop falling out!!! It's about to be the same thing with my other ear :(

  • Gavin Jones
    Gavin Jones 2 days ago

    I love sparkling ✨ water 🚿

  • Mikaela Meller
    Mikaela Meller 2 days ago

    The silica things, I have tried before and they are hard and don’t taste good

  • Kaniya Bennett
    Kaniya Bennett 2 days ago

    I like sparkling water

  • A.j. Witt
    A.j. Witt 2 days ago

    Solo cups are not actually for measurement the company released it is just their design

  • Sofia Cozens
    Sofia Cozens 2 days ago

    5:30 it’s actually there so you know where to start writing and where to stop so your textbook doesn’t look ridiculous

  • Lucy Reilly
    Lucy Reilly 2 days ago

    I already knew about the soda straw one 😛😛😛 it works 😺😇😍😂😛😘

  • LaurenzMøvies! !
    LaurenzMøvies! ! 2 days ago

    The hole in the lollipop stuck is ALSO so if a kid swallows it, there is still room to breath.

  • Girl Drama
    Girl Drama 2 days ago

    2:51 the airplane window can get so much pressure built up that it can shatter the window

  • Abby Kvale
    Abby Kvale 2 days ago

    I love sparkling water!! But my twin hates it and and says it tastes like tv static!😂

  • blucey
    blucey 2 days ago

    i like sparkiling water

  • Sheena Strout
    Sheena Strout 3 days ago

    The hole on pot handles are to hang them up

  • Lynn the the fool
    Lynn the the fool 3 days ago

    SSSnipperwolf is funny af

  • dance moms lover
    dance moms lover 3 days ago

    i love sparkling water ❤️

  • angel_tiger20
    angel_tiger20 3 days ago

    Ya trust me those gel packets don't tast good i being the stupid three year old of the group back then tried it (since i couldn't read yet) and it tasted terible

  • Evie Royster
    Evie Royster 3 days ago +1

    Those gel silica things in everything taste bad in was like eating a rock dipped in sweat

  • ii_Sam
    ii_Sam 3 days ago

    Who else got on an add before watching this?!

  • Kimberly Jones
    Kimberly Jones 3 days ago

    Those sneaker holes are also for another way to lace the shoe to make it tighter

  • Amira Morales
    Amira Morales 3 days ago

    I all ready knew mcdonald's did that

  • Full house Jesse
    Full house Jesse 3 days ago

    Use a reusable straw

  • Cadence White
    Cadence White 3 days ago

    i love sparkling water so much

  • Keaton Vera
    Keaton Vera 3 days ago

    I love sparkling water 😊

  • Leysha Lagredelle
    Leysha Lagredelle 3 days ago

    I do sweat in my feet

  • Alexus Gonterman
    Alexus Gonterman 3 days ago

    I love sparkling water!!

  • Amanda Gatrell
    Amanda Gatrell 3 days ago

    So when she said educational no thank you it's summer.