8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown S10E02 HD CC (20 January 2017)

  • Published on Jan 21, 2017
  • Host: Jimmy Carr
    Sean's Team: Russell Howard, Roisin Conaty
    Jon's Team: Phil Wang
    Dictionary Corner: SusieDent, Nick Helm
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Comments • 596

  • Scott B
    Scott B Hour ago

    So this is British humor.

  • Fawzi Asraf
    Fawzi Asraf 6 days ago

    roanoke! is that a word?!

  • zaitesushion
    zaitesushion 14 days ago

    Every time Nick Helm starts speaking I know it's a good time to check another tab


    How did nobody, not even the dictionary, get the easy 8 letter word profiles!? The letters came in in such a convenient order, I thought it was a freebie to all even before the 9th was placed!

  • Ron Childers
    Ron Childers 20 days ago

    Very disappointed that nobody said penistip.

  • Rissa
    Rissa 20 days ago

    I fucking love Nick Helm ♡ I would let him shout poetry at me all day long ♡♡♡

  • Dhruv Mittal
    Dhruv Mittal 20 days ago

    ROANOKE en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roanoke_Colony

  • Lynette W
    Lynette W 25 days ago


  • Penguin The Gentleman
    Penguin The Gentleman 25 days ago

    They missed an eight profiles

  • Luke Roux
    Luke Roux Month ago

    While Sean is very funny. This is my favourite episode (although why did Nick have to be there) Russel, Jon, Phil and Roisin have such good chemistry together.

  • Drudley
    Drudley Month ago

    I love that all the fun UK shows are fucking all learning shows, funnny and learning... seriously, that's great!

  • Excel Gaming -And more

    I don’t know the terms of the game but if names are allowed then at 44:57, “Roanoke” would be a 7 letter word

  • zahrans
    zahrans Month ago

    Russell has a cool mum.

  • Desmond Gomes
    Desmond Gomes Month ago

    that poem was seriously good

  • 1 Proud American
    1 Proud American Month ago +1


  • Frosty Teacup
    Frosty Teacup Month ago

    Nick Helm’s first poem was gorgeous! Had me smiling the entire time.

  • newfanglejr
    newfanglejr Month ago

    How come no one comments on the host's laugh? I've watched several videos and scrolled down pretty far on the comments for each one.

  • RJ Robertson-DeGraaff

    28:30 surprised no one got "profiles"

  • molly cruz
    molly cruz Month ago

    By now we've all adjusted to Jimmy's crazy laugh; but I think I've figured it out. He didn't have a very merry childhood, but when he learned to read, he saw a 'laugh' in print: Ha Ha Ha, but he had no idea how to reproduce it; he got it backwards, as in: Ah Ah Ah; and trained himself to do it, and by the time he heard a real laugh, it was too late!

  • Roderick Femm
    Roderick Femm 2 months ago

    For "titslube" I also got "buttlies" and "slutbite"

  • Allyson Gailey
    Allyson Gailey 2 months ago

    how did they not get PROFILES ... it was right there

  • Chief Brody
    Chief Brody 2 months ago

    I can't stand Nick Helms. I fast forward every time he's on. I love Russel Howard, though.

  • matilija
    matilija 2 months ago


  • Animus Miles-Militis
    Animus Miles-Militis 2 months ago

    Russell Howard is a try hard. Can't do it.

  • Mitchell Bristow
    Mitchell Bristow 2 months ago

    roanoke is a noun

  • Bear studios
    Bear studios 2 months ago

    His poems were legit beautiful though.

  • Hien KBull
    Hien KBull 2 months ago

    40:00 Anus and penis in the same round! :3

  • SuperCookieGaming
    SuperCookieGaming 2 months ago

    at 45:01 the could have done better. the could have said Roanoke

  • SJ X
    SJ X 3 months ago

    How are names of flora allowed and not regular names?

  • SJ X
    SJ X 3 months ago

    3+4=7; 9-7=2; 2*100=200; 200+10+1=211

    • 3333333pp
      3333333pp 2 months ago

      100+10=110 , 3-1=2, 2×110=220, 220-9=211

  • NewtonCountry
    NewtonCountry 3 months ago

    After studying Nick Helm's material, I think I've finally figured out his complex comedic fomula...
    1) Say something that sounds deep or sensitive
    2) Scream nonsense
    3) Say something that sounds deep or sensitive
    4) Scream nonsense
    5) If that isn't working, scream nonsense louder

  • William Winder
    William Winder 3 months ago +2

    42:42 Roanoke

  • Ex Essex
    Ex Essex 3 months ago

    This might also be an unpopular opinion: I don't want to see Howard's mother, Whitehouse's dad, Ranganathan's mum etc., etc. I especially don't want to see comedians' pets.

  • Sweaty Banana
    Sweaty Banana 3 months ago

    Profiles too!
    Roanoken!!! A resident of Roanoke

  • Paul Goodier
    Paul Goodier 4 months ago

    don't like the slob with Suzie

  • Petter Eliseussen
    Petter Eliseussen 4 months ago

    How can she use a phrase like "There you have two very intelligent people, and here you have two very blond people"
    When Rachel Riley stand right beside them.. ;)

  • Ani Ahmetaj
    Ani Ahmetaj 4 months ago

    The poem at 22:24 is awesome

  • nooboobtoob
    nooboobtoob 4 months ago


  • Palestine Exists
    Palestine Exists 5 months ago +1

    20:20 the poem, funny and gets sweet towards the end. 30:25 great joke 😂

  • GahBirdNation
    GahBirdNation 5 months ago

    This show would be tops if they'd ditch the bad comedians in dictionary corner. I skipped them every single show.

  • Laura Ann Callaway
    Laura Ann Callaway 5 months ago

    Nick Helms has serious mental problems. The first poem was lovely, but the "hammer" one... I wish they would stop asking him on, he's menacing and not at all funny.

  • Abra Matthews
    Abra Matthews 5 months ago

    What abour ROANOKE??

  • N English
    N English 5 months ago


  • N English
    N English 5 months ago

    Rachel has such a set of legs

  • Shirona Naidoo
    Shirona Naidoo 5 months ago


  • Maxence R
    Maxence R 6 months ago

    41:34 The President of the United States of America likes that!

  • wicious
    wicious 6 months ago

    Lifer? Not lifers? C'mon Jon

  • wicious
    wicious 6 months ago +1

    I love Roisin

  • Whitney Douglas
    Whitney Douglas 6 months ago

    Susie is such a good sport with all the different crazy people they sit next to her.

  • Kevin McCusker
    Kevin McCusker 6 months ago

    Nick Helm, apparently shouting angrily all the time is funny? Arsehole.

  • The Real Char Aznable
    The Real Char Aznable 6 months ago

    Susie Dent during the second poem : "I wish someone would smash my head in with a hammer, a hammer, a hammer, would take my head and... oh son of a bitch, he's got ME doing it"

  • CantStayAway
    CantStayAway 6 months ago +1

    ...Susie Dent should marry Nick for that first poem

  • John Huffman
    John Huffman 6 months ago

    How did none of them get PROFILES!?

  • Arnold Perlstein
    Arnold Perlstein 6 months ago +1

    chin chin?

  • Danny Vasquez
    Danny Vasquez 6 months ago +1

    I actually quite liked Nick's first love poem

  • infinity stump
    infinity stump 6 months ago +1

    11:50 I didn't know that..

  • BertyFromDK
    BertyFromDK 6 months ago

    I don't know if place names are accepted in the word puzzles, but if they are, RONAOKDNE contains ROANOKE, a 7-letter word

  • Dancing CumberCookie
    Dancing CumberCookie 6 months ago +1

    The stereotypes in this episode are real!!!

  • Jun San Diego
    Jun San Diego 6 months ago

    Nick helms looks like Robert Baratheon

  • Jake Leach
    Jake Leach 6 months ago

    Who else got panties on the last word game?

  • Dustoe McDust
    Dustoe McDust 6 months ago +1

    the poem was so sweet i think i threw up in my mouth a little bit

  • RtN314
    RtN314 7 months ago

    Also profiles for an 8

  • Erin Sanders
    Erin Sanders 7 months ago

    Profiles for 8 😁

  • drdassler
    drdassler 7 months ago

    Howard again? Jesus. Unfunny idiot.

  • Morgan Richardson
    Morgan Richardson 7 months ago

    Russell's mom is sooooooooooooo precious

  • JackFlash771
    JackFlash771 7 months ago

    They missed "profiles" in the 2nd word round.

  • thooomyoness
    thooomyoness 7 months ago


  • Igor
    Igor 7 months ago

    No Sean? I´m outta here

  • RedRam Ipsen
    RedRam Ipsen 7 months ago

    39:48 I see Penis and Anus...

  • A Luteijn
    A Luteijn 7 months ago +1

    Profiles!!! An eight and they didn't notice!!!

  • Carin Ann Crabtree
    Carin Ann Crabtree 7 months ago +4

    ...anyone else get a bit teary near the end of nick's first poem...?

  • Douglas Edward Hackett
    Douglas Edward Hackett 7 months ago


  • Nirmal Kirtisinghe
    Nirmal Kirtisinghe 7 months ago

    Nick Helm was born 18 days before I was, and I look a bit like him :D

  • Larissa Sharff
    Larissa Sharff 7 months ago

    How did they all miss PROFILES?

  • Isla Connolly
    Isla Connolly 7 months ago

    26:59 Florist

  • Gonzalo Sanchez
    Gonzalo Sanchez 7 months ago

    I saw an 8 letter word. Profiles at 26 minutes.

  • Sc Davis
    Sc Davis 8 months ago

    Is profilest a Word?

  • Danny Phinotelli
    Danny Phinotelli 8 months ago +5

    I like how Jon knows that he doesn’t have to try this game, so he just fucks around for every round

  • FalconCourt
    FalconCourt 8 months ago

    got it within time (9-3-4)x100+10+1=211

  • theRealRindberg
    theRealRindberg 8 months ago

    That mom O_O

  • fex144
    fex144 8 months ago

    Roanoke. seven. Roanoke.

  • CrazyLlama
    CrazyLlama 8 months ago +1

    Was it just me or when Phil was listing his nicknames, did anyone think of "Wang-ker"

  • djpheeze
    djpheeze 8 months ago

    PROFILES, c'mon people

  • webba03
    webba03 8 months ago +4

    Jon and Russell are my absolute fave comedians! wasn’t ready for Russell to be in this one when i clicked, it was such a nice surprise

  • Cameron F
    Cameron F 9 months ago


    • Brian Sammond
      Brian Sammond 3 months ago

      "Roanoake", as you wrote, is not allowed for two reasons: 1) you misspelled "Roanoke", and 2) even if it wasn't misspelled, it would be a proper noun. Proper nouns, such as place names, are not allowed.

  • Emily Hill
    Emily Hill 9 months ago

    profiles 8 WTF it was so obvious

  • James Fang
    James Fang 9 months ago

    There was profiles in there

  • iliya pezeshki
    iliya pezeshki 9 months ago +3

    I was dying to see Russel's mom without googling it! finally!

  • Chrono Ryono
    Chrono Ryono 9 months ago

    21:56 - (100 + 10 = 110), (3 - 1 = 2), (110 x 2 = 220), minus 9.

  • Harry Palmer
    Harry Palmer 9 months ago

    They need to stop having that poem guy on. I fast forward past ALL of his stuff the second he comes on. Completely unwatchable.

  • Dylan P
    Dylan P 9 months ago

    APNUPSEIT - “panties”

  • Neferi Waenre
    Neferi Waenre 9 months ago

    The dictionary corner guy is just not funny.

  • johnson manuel
    johnson manuel 9 months ago

    For episode there is .Racheal seems to have a new dress.

  • arai kreva
    arai kreva 9 months ago

    nobody gotten PROFILES?

  • chris kaprys
    chris kaprys 9 months ago

    how do you get these uploads looking so darn crispy?! wow!

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson 9 months ago

    Russell's mum saying 'Back off, fucker!' was priceless.

  • AL mo
    AL mo 9 months ago

    Jon may never get a 9 letter word. But lets admit. I is fucking good at inventing 9 letter words! XD

  • GameZedd01
    GameZedd01 10 months ago

    Phil Wang lol. I heard his Ex-gf once say that he has a Phil-fy wang. xD

  • Pokemaniac Bob
    Pokemaniac Bob 10 months ago

    How did no one get profiles? It was like, right there.

  • Calum Sanderson
    Calum Sanderson 10 months ago +1

    25:58 "Guessed what it is?"
    I've watched this episode at least five times and this is the first time I noticed him saying this
    I don't get it