Entrepreneurs With "NO EXPERIENCE" Attempt To Democratise The Art World | Dragons' Den

  • Published on Oct 7, 2019
  • Francesco, Lise, and Christian from 'Feral Horses' operate a platform for fractional ownership of artworks, enabling individuals to support their favorite artists for as little as a fiver. The three connected in 2014 at university and are looking for a £50,000 in return for 2% of their business. Breaking down the walls of a 'smoke & mirrors' industry may be applauded by Deborah but the big collectors will walk all over them...
    An international sensation, Dragon's Den features entrepreneurs pitching for investment in the Den from our Dragons, five venture capitalists willing to invest their own money in exchange for equity.
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  • lazy coconut
    lazy coconut 3 hours ago

    Jenny: and for that reason I'm out

  • HHHKingofKings58
    HHHKingofKings58 3 hours ago


  • Mike Green
    Mike Green 11 hours ago

    You can find me in the sea or the river, and for that reasom im trout.

  • The Jazz King
    The Jazz King 18 hours ago

    Jenny is out!!!

  • grassabrutta
    grassabrutta Day ago

    3 idiots ... " we probably couldn't communicate what we really do" ... for pete's sake

  • Daniel Webster
    Daniel Webster Day ago

    Buying shares in a business is ‘democratising’? Say wut now?

  • lara grove
    lara grove Day ago

    The French girl is stunning

  • MrDropthecash
    MrDropthecash Day ago

    Already been done.

  • Sam
    Sam Day ago +1

    Jenny: "You spoke and for that reason I am out"

  • R O B B I E
    R O B B I E 2 days ago

    Well said Deb's - your ace! - ;)

  • C. Amber-Wick Green
    C. Amber-Wick Green 2 days ago

    I`m here to offer Tej Lalvani a month`s salary to know what he`s thinking.

  • C. Amber-Wick Green
    C. Amber-Wick Green 2 days ago

    For two minutes from 4:55, Totally lost for words that made any sense to defend themselves.
    Nothing like : `Stop there Mr. Suleyman. You`re so wrong.`
    More a case of : `Mmm, well, OK, if you say so.`

  • Belly dancer samba dancer Sandrine

    Little nerdy tossers from university, who’ve been told one too many times that they are “really bright”!!… Get under my skin, every time. Especially the one in the middle.

  • esssea
    esssea 2 days ago

    Have the dragons fallen out or something

  • Distraction Eer
    Distraction Eer 3 days ago +5

    Why would anyone want to rent art. I am confused... the artist wants to sell his art.

  • Silver Back
    Silver Back 3 days ago

    Ha dragons you lost out big time! Pony tail is now a high end bell boy and the other two started selling crack. Big mistake. BIG MISTAKE!

  • Zedaso
    Zedaso 3 days ago

    That French girl should be a model instead, or a cam girl. She'll be rich.

  • Matt Williams
    Matt Williams 3 days ago

    No need to watch the show to see if Jenny invests, just scroll down straight on down the comments for mean Jenny comments lol

  • DarkE
    DarkE 3 days ago

    Relax...Touker has an office

  • Alexis Hadjisoteriou
    Alexis Hadjisoteriou 3 days ago +1

    I love Deborah and Tej - always offering valuable advice however ridiculous the offering may be....

  • El Astronaute
    El Astronaute 3 days ago

    Touker's objection doesn't make any sense. Does he know how art works?

  • El Astronaute
    El Astronaute 3 days ago +7

    the girl is seriously pretty...

  • Rubina Merchant
    Rubina Merchant 3 days ago

    Debs summed it up really well. I think their business could work.
    Instead of paying millions for one piece you could pay a fraction and still get dividends. They don't need to be experts in art. They could hire someone when needed!
    All investments carry a risk. The dragons (bar one) did not see their vision sadly.

    I AM IRON MAN 3 days ago +1

    Seems like they have seen a unique gap in the market and made money out of it but there's no sales or scalability strategy

  • Kyeran Taylor
    Kyeran Taylor 4 days ago

    Wow she is stunning , what a beautiful face

  • Whovian 67
    Whovian 67 4 days ago

    Harry Potter ass hipsters over here. I forgive you Jenny.

  • Richard Foran
    Richard Foran 4 days ago

    I dont know nothing about buying art but certainly the old ways of visiting and walking around art galleries are outdated and tedious. The buildings are often devoid of soul and substance the climate controlled for arts sake not human. The sounds pindrop.
    Exhausting porcess of lifts and stairs and average veiwing times of 20 seconds while walking away from frames not fully understanding its intention or appreiscating its providence fully due to crowds or uncomfortable standing positions.
    Needs an overhaul. Dont worry about buying its never going to happen with the rain men in charge. Instead lets fix our public institutions with vr head gear and segways.

  • Nikki B
    Nikki B 5 days ago

    that girl is stunning

  • mohammed qadir
    mohammed qadir 5 days ago

    nice speech from 0800-0830 from
    the hottie

  • mohammed qadir
    mohammed qadir 5 days ago +2

    I dont get out of bed for 2%

  • mohammed qadir
    mohammed qadir 5 days ago

    Im a millenial and I dont give a fack about art

  • The Architect
    The Architect 5 days ago

    20 quid paypal transfer for anyone who link this gyals insta. What a buff chick.

  • The Architect
    The Architect 5 days ago

    Who is the girl? My God have I just seen a goddess.

  • Tony Baines
    Tony Baines 5 days ago

    money for nothing and the chicks are free.

  • Heartbreak Art
    Heartbreak Art 5 days ago +10

    "A smoke and mirrors industry" a bit like this pitch

  • Idaho
    Idaho 6 days ago

    these ads are OUT OF CONTROL!! 2 before the video starts, 2 during the video and 2 at the end. Disgusting

  • Cookies H.
    Cookies H. 6 days ago

    Who would even want to work with tukaka suliman? He needs to be spoken to the same way he does to others 🤢

  • Daz Ediss
    Daz Ediss 7 days ago +20

    "is there anyone in the world currently doing this"?
    "there has been in the past but they have failed"...
    We'll bugger me, I wonder why lol

  • Argumemnon
    Argumemnon 7 days ago

    20k in a year and they value it at 2.5M. That's not inexperience. It's plain old stupidity.

  • Tuts TheCat
    Tuts TheCat 8 days ago

    Hipster looking Guy with the glasses and ugly ass stache and man bun has a punchable face

  • dave mau
    dave mau 8 days ago

    Inflation strategy normal for arts

  • qqq aaa
    qqq aaa 8 days ago

    Jenny has a face like she is drinking piss

  • qqq aaa
    qqq aaa 8 days ago +1

    I'd buy a pair of deborah's used knickers.

  • Tiz Tisdale
    Tiz Tisdale 8 days ago +9

    "Hi Dragons, my name is ---" Jenny: "I'm out."

  • Red Nova
    Red Nova 8 days ago

    Deb was spot on

    KHETTIUS 9 days ago

    That French chick is a work of Art!.

  • Gurinder Singh
    Gurinder Singh 9 days ago +1

    CEO Francesco (at the beginning) "Everyones prepared. We know what to have to say and how to say it"
    CEO (at the end) "We probably weren't able to communicate what we really do"
    So you weren't really prepared were you? Or were you?

  • Robert Taylor
    Robert Taylor 9 days ago

    I like the thinking behind this idea however I think the single biggest issue they have is what Tuker touched on and that is the possiblity of being locked in and never getting your money back (unlike the stock exchange where you can sell your shares anytime). That could put a lof of people off from investing in art. If the Head of Finance, CEO and the Marketing lady together can come up with a way where people can sell off their stake at any time, that could be a much better idea.

  • Ghebrehiwet
    Ghebrehiwet 9 days ago

    Theese kids are lost. Perfect website, perfect suit, perfect speech but no actual business.

  • Jake B
    Jake B 10 days ago

    Britain voted out 🗳 so we are all out 🇬🇧

  • Mass Debater
    Mass Debater 10 days ago

    @dragonsden the youtube channel Internet business is stealing your content I don't like snitching but that guy is a clown

  • Samantha Pavier
    Samantha Pavier 10 days ago

    I don’t normally put the subtitles on, but good god I had to with these guys because I couldn’t understand half of what they was saying, and neither could the subtitles from what words kept randomly popping into sentences!

  • ipcress ipcress
    ipcress ipcress 10 days ago

    Bloody foreigners! #Brexit 31st October 2019

  • Tomorrow We Live
    Tomorrow We Live 10 days ago +1

    Peter Jones always comes in with the killing blow

  • Misses Witch
    Misses Witch 11 days ago

    Very nice of Deborah giving great advice instead of trashing them like all the other dragons did.

  • Playbackjunkie
    Playbackjunkie 11 days ago

    Deborah looks SO UNIMPRESSED.

  • Ben Ali Alfakhri
    Ben Ali Alfakhri 11 days ago

    won't lie, I used to strongly dislike 'the grumpy lady' but she's actually proving to be one of the nicer dragons.

  • john smith
    john smith 11 days ago +1

    I'd definitely invest in that french girls Arse

  • XtremeZone
    XtremeZone 11 days ago +1

    What a hotty that French girl is... I'd definetly give her alone a deal... a deal that has absolutely nothing to do with their business.

  • guy
    guy 11 days ago

    stacey solomans dad touker. i dont get out of bed for 2 % oh weeeli lovely shut up ,