10 SCARY Fishing Videos Caught On Camera

  • Published on Jul 8, 2018
  • The Top 10 Most Shocking and Scary Fishing Moments Caught On Tape!
    Some of the insane, creepy, and amazing videos caught on camera and GoPro while fishing. Everything from the sudden appearance of giant anaconda, dangerous great white shark, and Orca to a kamikaze barracuda trying to take out two fisherman.
    And see what happens when piranha vs. fish in a stream in the Amazon. Another lists look and analysis of some of the Top 10 best fishing videos around! No gore, all family friendly. And I did mention there are sharks, right? Check it out and be careful on your next bass fishing trip!
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  • Matthew's World
    Matthew's World Day ago

    1:24 A Whale? Come On! That’s not Scary! But I do love ❤️ Whales! 🐋🐋

  • Stefanie Austin
    Stefanie Austin Day ago

    I laughed to hard when he Petted the shark I was laughed so hardly I was crying oh it was the first one

  • Bjart Murat
    Bjart Murat Day ago

    I don't like China they even are human abusing around 2,000,000 Uigurs!

  • Lee Roy
    Lee Roy 2 days ago +1


  • Hyper YOLO
    Hyper YOLO 2 days ago

    Killer whales is the most fascinating animal on earth while otters is just some low tier player in the meta

  • sponge head
    sponge head 2 days ago

    Just breaks my heart hearing the otter cry for her baby! I'll be so happy when Jesus returns and there will be no more death and killing!

  • Cheyenne Broughton
    Cheyenne Broughton 3 days ago +1

    I really hope more people like the ones who don't know shit about sea life and wildlife get ate so sick of watching them not die

  • Unknown Demon
    Unknown Demon 3 days ago +2

    The lesson here is.. never go swimming/fishing

  • eren's vlogogo
    eren's vlogogo 3 days ago

    These people is beyond stupid hahaha

  • jannis.michalke jtmusic

    What do you expect if you're hand feeding a shark 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • ghalya alnaser
    ghalya alnaser 3 days ago

    this shows how stupid humans are

  • Sonia Thompson
    Sonia Thompson 3 days ago +1

    i could feel that otters pain with every shreech

  • Lyrik M
    Lyrik M 3 days ago +2

    Nurse sharks actually aren't that bad, you can pet their back
    But the girl had her hand near it's mouth, well of course it'll bite

  • Killing Roses
    Killing Roses 4 days ago

    Nuke why would you do that to us bro? We're all here for a good time watching stupid people get Karma-punched... now we're bawling in the corner and praying for the momma Otter to have a safe baby next time she breeds!

  • Shmaddywuwu 14
    Shmaddywuwu 14 4 days ago +3

    The fact that he was just sitting there watching her get yanked by the shark has me dead 🤣🤣🤣

  • Wing Ding
    Wing Ding 5 days ago

    The idiots taking the video while people are falling into the ice is very disturbing

  • Wing Ding
    Wing Ding 5 days ago

    I don’t think the helped the girl because if he would have got onto the platform he may have knocked buddy into the water.

  • Dorraine Saillor
    Dorraine Saillor 5 days ago

    Heartbreaking ending!

  • Mark Geoffrey Gustilo

    The otter was poor

    SAMED DZ 6 days ago +1

    Nuke's : It will make me happy if I make people cry at the end of the video by sad music (special effects)

  • Vili Muratovic
    Vili Muratovic 6 days ago

    4:58 all idiots!

  • Led Zeppelin Fan01
    Led Zeppelin Fan01 6 days ago +1

    That alligator/crockadile love day ass

  • JonAnthony[]BamP {}
    JonAnthony[]BamP {} 6 days ago

    I have a massive lump in my throat..

  • Soul Soda
    Soul Soda 7 days ago

    Finding nemo by like: 10:34

  • Terry Leung
    Terry Leung 8 days ago

    3:11 best reaction

  • Kayla Clark
    Kayla Clark 8 days ago

    I’m a new mommy and the otter one broke me 😭😭😭

  • swipe monster Rio recklezz

    I'm not watching th ev las TB one

  • • cutie blue bear •

    The o
    Otter one broke my heart I started to cry!! 😢

  • Sam I am...annoyed
    Sam I am...annoyed 10 days ago

    I know a girl whos upper thigh was mangled by a barracuda in the keys when it was apparently attracted by her dangly shiney bikini bottom ties... Agressive is an understatement!!

  • damaris glenn
    damaris glenn 11 days ago

    Thanks Nuke for the Not Tos about sharks. Fortunately, those of us with enough common sense know the rules.

  • Donnie Kramer
    Donnie Kramer 13 days ago

    Awesome video!

  • Duo Camera Kids
    Duo Camera Kids 14 days ago

    Can we just take a minute to appreciate nuke for making comforting jokes to lighten up the mood

  • Daddy's Little Princess 666

    Mama I know how you feel we lost our babies 2 poor girl wht did u have to put that 1 in 😭

  • Meggie Mera
    Meggie Mera 15 days ago +1

    I'm actually crying, that poor mama

  • GraveLord 5510
    GraveLord 5510 18 days ago

    Is it wrong that i laughed a tiny bit at the end

  • Tony McCabe
    Tony McCabe 19 days ago

    So i like sharks so much that I buy shark toy’s

  • Tony McCabe
    Tony McCabe 19 days ago

    Why do people have to eat sea food that is not wet?

  • frankwhite1ne
    frankwhite1ne 19 days ago

    That otter broke my heart

  • Sassygirl 6473
    Sassygirl 6473 20 days ago

    When she starts looking for her baby. Oh that was so sad! 😢

  • Jason Sandt
    Jason Sandt 22 days ago +1


  • Mary Fiaola
    Mary Fiaola 23 days ago

    lots of caring people commenting about the otter . poor mama otter.

  • Cele 4859
    Cele 4859 23 days ago

    Well, I'm sad af now...
    They say it's a part of nature yet I'm a 15yr old dude crying my ass off💔
    Poor otter man

  • cal the ripper
    cal the ripper 23 days ago

    Anaconda? More like titanaboa!

  • Trickette Loki
    Trickette Loki 23 days ago

    This should be called top 9 assholes that bother innocent animals except for the last one that helped Mama otter they were the only good people in this vid.

  • Yogi Alexander
    Yogi Alexander 24 days ago

    9:45 Stupid people..

  • LittleMull3
    LittleMull3 25 days ago

    4:42 he didnt know she was bitten

  • Yhen Faro
    Yhen Faro 25 days ago +4

    The last one brokes my heart:(

  • Callum Doyle
    Callum Doyle 26 days ago

    Fun fact about whales is that although they have big mouths they have small throats, so if you’re unlucky enough to end up in ones mouth they’d probably just spit you out.

  • Banter Board
    Banter Board 26 days ago +1

    OMG, that anaconda looked like the Loch Ness Fucking Monster!!

  • GUO LI
    GUO LI 27 days ago +1

    I'm sorry for your lost, Mama Otter.

  • Wild Wolf117
    Wild Wolf117 27 days ago

    He could have saved to pup if he drove the boat around to scare the killer whale because his boat was bigger so they would Retreat

    GLING 28 days ago +3

    That poor mother Otter losing her pup like that! 😞😢💔


    Oh man the otter part was very saddening 😢

  • VSN_RyAn
    VSN_RyAn Month ago +1

    The last one really got me😭😭😭

  • Luke the Shark
    Luke the Shark Month ago

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact that the guy at 8:09 is naked?

  • EazyRun
    EazyRun Month ago

    I wished the whales would've taken momma otter, too. Jesus, it's fair, it's nature, but being left alone is the cruelest and most intimidating feeling of them all.

  • sarika takalkar
    sarika takalkar Month ago

    I am feel that pain wat hapend to mama otter

  • Sexy Dragon
    Sexy Dragon Month ago

    I keep laughing at the guys scream at 6:54 to cheer me up from the sad otter clip at the end

  • Darth Zannah
    Darth Zannah Month ago

    Oh lord! That last clip!

  • Mariella Nina
    Mariella Nina Month ago

    If i was there i would have got bothe the otters to safety 😞🥺 but i mean. The killer whale. Baby otter got eaten😭😭😭😭🥺🥺 this is worst than finding nemo