15 Expensive and Exclusive Abandoned Cars

  • Published on Mar 5, 2019
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    Owning a luxury car is a status symbol. It tells the world you have wealth and taste, and you're not afraid to show it! The world's rarest, most exclusive and most expensive cars are traded for more money than most of us pay for our homes. When you've made such an investment in a vehicle, the idea that you'd walk away and leave it behind one day seems crazy, but it happens much more often than you'd imagine. There are many reasons someone might abandon a luxury car, so let's find out the stories behind some of the most astonishing abandoned vehicles we've ever seen.
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  • Mobile Legend My world
    Mobile Legend My world 22 hours ago

    The tokyo owners they died in Sunami wave

  • ItZ me james
    ItZ me james Day ago

    MY dad found an R33 gtr in his yard

  • Chase Wondracek
    Chase Wondracek Day ago

    I want that shelby gt500

  • Melany Sandrino
    Melany Sandrino 2 days ago

    Go to phil. To see some car

  • Rico ReBorn
    Rico ReBorn 2 days ago

    Sorry but the Daytona is a KIT, not a real Ferrari.

  • JayLehman Vlogs
    JayLehman Vlogs 3 days ago

    The "F50" is NOT a Fiero. Fiero was too small for the big F50. It's a Trans Am. Still someone could have open the trunk to find a trunk and Not a V12. I do believe the Lambo is real, but why was the whole thing including windows painted blue.

  • Morgan Vlogz
    Morgan Vlogz 4 days ago

    13:50 hey its mike Finnegan!

  • Norman Rhone
    Norman Rhone 4 days ago

    Please remove this ridiculous waste of time from TheXvid.

  • Rockett Customs
    Rockett Customs 5 days ago

    Not a real F50, a real one is a million plus dollar car.

  • Pavlos Papanicolaou
    Pavlos Papanicolaou 5 days ago

    the f50 is a fake.....

  • nickthefox72
    nickthefox72 5 days ago

    Wish Americans could pronounce Jaguar correctly.... JAG-YOU-ARE not JA-GWAR

  • Jason Ritter
    Jason Ritter 5 days ago

    Im a diehard Chevy guy but Far from to late for that Ford GT to be restored. The blue is just a Pontiac Fiero I do frame off automotive restoration customization paint & body for a living.

  • Micheal Barnes
    Micheal Barnes 6 days ago

    Renault jaguar detritus ...don't even get me started on boogatti. Smh

  • Ochgottnyttar
    Ochgottnyttar 7 days ago

    It is pretty common to see luxurious abandonned cars near the airports in the Emirates. The owners are foreign people who have to leave quickly the country when they are close to bankruptcy. According to the sharia law, a guy who fails at his business go straight to jail.

  • Messenger813
    Messenger813 8 days ago

    What is the sports car in frame 7 of the introduction of this TheXvid presentation?

  • tony smithuntstienlockski


  • Indigowolf 06
    Indigowolf 06 11 days ago

    I prefer a Ferrari f40 over a f50.

  • Miles Avery
    Miles Avery 12 days ago

    I used to work at this house and it had like 4 garages. each had a few old ass cars, just rotting away. and there was a red corvette in a trailer that was in perfect condition but it was stuck in the trees.

    • George Ilagan
      George Ilagan 8 days ago

      Can someone give me any car that still working pls. Ever sincne i love a car thanks to the one who can give me one of this cars😊 im from the philippines , bauang la union.

  • John Tomoson
    John Tomoson 13 days ago

    F50 looks like a fake too me

  • pineapple the Dutch angel dragon

    Where is that Lamborghini Diablo

  • pass iton
    pass iton 15 days ago

    People with more money than sense, can't cope with their worldly goods. Everything "turns to rust an decay" in the end, even us!

  • matt eger
    matt eger 15 days ago +1

    This video left me with a lot of questions

  • DickTruth
    DickTruth 15 days ago +1

    A car video researched and narrated by people who don't know much about cars... yikes. "A" for effort, but this one needed a few more revisions.

  • gary salsman
    gary salsman 16 days ago

    6:34 fake 2 why would they have not been driven?

  • Pejti
    Pejti 18 days ago +1

    4:48 ITS NOT MCGLARIN, its fucking MCLAREN.

  • Facu corde
    Facu corde 18 days ago +1

    2:30 it´s a pontiac fiero...f50 replica!

  • Laurence Hall
    Laurence Hall 18 days ago


  • Luke Adams
    Luke Adams 20 days ago

    you were WRONG.... the cobra in the video with the ferrari beside it is from another video ive watched... while it says 427 on the side of the cobra it DOES feature a 428 engine as carol shelby had some 428's fitted to 427's in violation of fords rules... so much so that ford told carol shelby that if any customer complained about the engine fitted that he HAD to change them to the 427 that was expected to be in the car

  • oscar mulia
    oscar mulia 21 day ago +1

    i just stole that ferrari in nigeria and started restoring it

  • Adam Weston
    Adam Weston 21 day ago

    That's no F50,are you blind.also..the cobra had a 427 not a 428 as standard fitment.you obviously know nothing about cars .

    • oscar mulia
      oscar mulia 19 days ago

      There is a Ferrari F50 are you blind

  • Κωνσταντίνος Γκιλος

    Anyone in my book leaving those masterpieces lying around in chicken coops WILL BE EXCECUTED ON THE THE SPOT

  • dingus malingus
    dingus malingus 24 days ago

    nowadays its sacrilege but back then they were just worn out old cars

  • Johnnywhamo
    Johnnywhamo 24 days ago

    Gotta love when a person puts up a video on something they know jack shit about.

  • carlbentley80
    carlbentley80 25 days ago

    Most vintage Bentleys of the era mentioned are still in existence.

  • Matthew Nickels
    Matthew Nickels 25 days ago

    Can someone please tell me where the 67 shelby with the tree growing through it is...somewhere in Georgia?

  • BubbaSmurft
    BubbaSmurft 25 days ago

    The Ferrari and the Cobra weren't abandoned and it's you got the engine backwards, it's a 428 not a 427. Hagerty Barn Finder has the entire unveiling on TheXvid here.

    • Adam Weston
      Adam Weston 21 day ago +1

      I was just about to say the exact same thing.this is a joke of a video.

  • Chris Pacheco
    Chris Pacheco 26 days ago

    I was more intrested in who the past owners where and why they abandoned the vehicles none of which was explained in this video...

  • Bose de-Nage
    Bose de-Nage 26 days ago

    The Ferrari Daytona is a fake ( look at the gear shifter)

  • James Smith
    James Smith 26 days ago

    The “F50” is a fucking Pontiac... poor video content 🙃

  • Je I
    Je I 26 days ago +2

    Outdated incorrect information I’ve seen some of these cars many years ago.

  • Robert Gildea
    Robert Gildea 26 days ago

    Who would leave these vintage cars to sit and rot away to scrap iron shame on them. People if you don't want those cars sell them to Nashville auto restorations they will restore them put them back on the road. Fan of restoring old vehicles Robert Gildea

  • Alex smith
    Alex smith 27 days ago

    i wish i had that jaguar, to bad those models are illegal in America

  • Mac Daddy
    Mac Daddy 28 days ago

    Is that F50 real?

  • Davy Pig
    Davy Pig 28 days ago

    You guys that have a sweet car in your garage and rarely or never drive it are no better. Well it to someone who will enjoy it! Vehicles are meant to be driven.

  • Peter
    Peter 28 days ago

    They ask: where the owners? No one can take those cars with, passing this world away.

  • orgenoburt
    orgenoburt 29 days ago

    I think I'm going to be sick!..

  • Hyper Hektor
    Hyper Hektor Month ago

    rich people gonna -rich- waste money ;D

  • Pivke Mrzli
    Pivke Mrzli Month ago +3

    that diablo in the field with goats?
    when a farmer tries to order a lamborghini tractor, screws up the order and ends up with a super car instead! :D

  • F. D.
    F. D. Month ago

    Blah. "F50" is a poor replica...

  • Daniel Barry
    Daniel Barry Month ago

    Where is that mustang in Georgia? I’ll go try to save it

  • Derrick Head
    Derrick Head Month ago

    so did the people who found these cars get the money or owners family ?

  • bartjuhhh
    bartjuhhh Month ago

    That Shelby is savable

  • Mosiana Teu
    Mosiana Teu Month ago


  • Jeff Holden
    Jeff Holden Month ago

    I’ve personally seen the Dayvett it’s a 89 corvette butcher job the tpi removed and some kind of 4bbl installed junk!!

  • skulljer
    skulljer Month ago

    AC cobras were only made with a 289ci or 427ci side oiler-period

  • James Butterfield
    James Butterfield Month ago

    That s cool

  • Zap Rowsdower
    Zap Rowsdower Month ago

    *"mOrE tHaN yOu CaN aFfOrD pAl.. FuRaREe"*

  • 2007MXV
    2007MXV Month ago +1

    Lamborghini Diablo production from 1900 to 2001! Wow...

  • 2007MXV
    2007MXV Month ago

    Fiero not F50. No vent window; all wrong.

  • Columb_art
    Columb_art Month ago

    that f50 is totally a replica...

  • Luke Gee
    Luke Gee Month ago

    Damn i wish I had money I’d literally have all of these 😍😍

  • Chris Goffe
    Chris Goffe Month ago

    ..i found a dumped Ford Escort took it home stripped it to rebuild and found used g strings hidden behind the rear kick panel :-(

  • BelieveNoGod
    BelieveNoGod Month ago +1

    I realize the Ferrari, and AC Cobra are the most worthy of the cars, at 3:14.
    BUT, For those of us, that have a little bit of eyesight left, also saw the Triumph TR6 in front of the Ferrari, and what I believe are a MG in front of the Cobra.
    Also not worthless cars, once restored to former glory.

  • Jason Saker
    Jason Saker Month ago

    Hey that is a nice Bently

  • Hero Iniba
    Hero Iniba Month ago

    The location of Lamborghini

    • DJheineken1
      DJheineken1 Month ago

      Hope somebody took it and restored it

  • Tim Cook
    Tim Cook Month ago

    Hahaha don’t tell roadkill

  • Harrison McPherson
    Harrison McPherson Month ago


  • Kadence Higginbotham

    That is not an f50 probably a pontiac

  • Jorik Akker
    Jorik Akker Month ago +1

    I wanna know where that Mercedes is i want it

  • Chevy Buff
    Chevy Buff Month ago +2

    2:43 Ferrari / Shelby Cobra
    Was on Hagerty
    Barn Find Hunter awhile ago.

  • Craig Mack
    Craig Mack Month ago +2

    That f50 looks fake af, the proportions ate off

  • dedmanthrashin
    dedmanthrashin Month ago

    The Ferrari Daytona is fake too

  • dedmanthrashin
    dedmanthrashin Month ago

    Shelby GT500 a complete one off. You know that phrase means there is only 1 like it in the world right? There were over 2000 1967 Shelby gt 500 built. Get your facts straight when making videos. And the Mercedes SLR Mclaren was made of carbon fiber, which doesnt rust.

  • dedmanthrashin
    dedmanthrashin Month ago

    The F50 isnt even real, it looks like a replica to me

  • Vlogging With Gabe
    Vlogging With Gabe Month ago

    The only expensive car I’ve seen is a little tikes car

  • Tony Toft
    Tony Toft Month ago

    The house that the Ferrari and the cobra were in wasn't abandoned, the mechanic that took care of them died so the owner left them in storage

  • forza god
    forza god Month ago

    Is it illegal to steal something that's been abandoned for years?

  • Zakkary Hillyard
    Zakkary Hillyard Month ago +1

    The thumb nail damn near made me cry a little untill i seen the jaguar xj-220

  • TheJimborogers1
    TheJimborogers1 Month ago

    The blue Diablo is a test mule

  • TheJimborogers1
    TheJimborogers1 Month ago

    The f50 is a fake

  • All Or Nothing
    All Or Nothing Month ago

    That are no real f1 cars.

  • Kropeq PL
    Kropeq PL Month ago

    Bro that abandoned F50 is a replica. It's to short and narrow comparing to original one


    This pisses me off because as a poor sob from Louisiana I dream of some of these cars the cobra and Daytona especially and here someone is blessed enough to have one and just say f it entitlement is a real problem

  • scott allen
    scott allen Month ago

    The blu paint in the lambo is what they do to airplanes that just sit it protects the paint

  • stuclark85
    stuclark85 Month ago

    The f50 is either a body kitted Toyota mr2 or the pontiac

  • Joann Tagala
    Joann Tagala Month ago

    I found to a vintage car in London in a barn

  • Llama4000
    Llama4000 Month ago


  • dark figther
    dark figther Month ago

    Some of this guys have so many money...they forget they has this cars .....and others belong to drug dealers

  • American Survival 2

    So.. Thats where i left my Ferrari....

  • zack gaming
    zack gaming Month ago

    Why the lambo the driver just wasted his money

  • zack gaming
    zack gaming Month ago

    Rip ferari

  • Matt Kettley
    Matt Kettley Month ago

    Well I found $6334making system that is really working:(just type in g00gle)=> freepplmoney win

  • Julius Seesaw
    Julius Seesaw Month ago +2

    Neither of those paintings were by Rembrandt .

  • BIGBROTHERiswatchinU

    7:42 He said the interior looks present and correct. Maybe correct for a C4 Corvette which is what this actually is. This is a C4 with a body kit to make it look like a Ferrari Daytona.

  • drtb69
    drtb69 Month ago +2

    400,000 Bentley..... not equivalent to 100's of millions for a Rembrandt nor near as rare. 2 kit cars in the vid...finding Waldo!

  • Adrian Cutler
    Adrian Cutler 2 months ago +1

    The first car .. the Bentley ... 'found by urban explorers' .. so who sold it ?

  • CycleTech TV
    CycleTech TV 2 months ago

    Watch barn find hunters. Those two never got near a wrecking ball. Guy is clueless.

  • A F
    A F 2 months ago

    The f50 is a body kit

  • Melissa Jean
    Melissa Jean 2 months ago

    Where is this field in Georgia where the mustang is...serious inquiries. ArtimustOne@gmail.com please or the city where it lay

  • Myron All
    Myron All 2 months ago

    i don't give a shit i would be right there with a flat bed for half them cars especially for"Eleanor"......LIKE.... if you know which car im talking about