David E. Talbert's: A Fool and His Money: FED UP - CLIP


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  • Marsha Cecil
    Marsha Cecil 4 years ago

    Oops I typed Talbert but my auto correct changed it to tablet, now that's funny.

  • Marsha Cecil
    Marsha Cecil 4 years ago

    David E. Tablet is an awesome talent and it's wonderful that he gives people the opportunities to achieve their dreams. Thanks David and congrats on the blessing that is your family.🙏

  • WhoIsNeek
    WhoIsNeek 4 years ago +4

    Cindy Sang!

  • BloodyMaori
    BloodyMaori 6 years ago +1

    Cindy is uber talented.

  • Payton Blanks
    Payton Blanks 6 years ago

    My mom worked on this play she did everybodys hair and watching it on dvd now lol

  • betcamus
    betcamus 6 years ago +2

    One of my all-time favorite sopranos. SANG CINDY!!

  • Ryan Clemons
    Ryan Clemons 6 years ago +2

    gooooooooo Cindy she blew the hell out of that song