Reese Witherspoon Violated An 'Oprah Rule'

  • Published on Mar 8, 2018
  • 'A Wrinkle in Time' star Reese Witherspoon didn't get the memo about Oprah's top taboo.
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Comments • 790

    SINGITBOY 23 days ago

    She said “up in these streets” lol 😂 yesssss

  • Patrick Preston
    Patrick Preston 29 days ago

    Reese is the most beautiful woman ever. Come fight me

  • Cons and Piracy Theorums

    The news media is torturing me everyday and I hate them and I hate life

  • Amazing Supergirl
    Amazing Supergirl Month ago

    Oprah is a bitch. Nobody else would tell someone “nobody chews gum around me.”

  • Petunia Masuku
    Petunia Masuku Month ago

    No Mrs whatsit. Reese Witherspoon

  • You Tuber
    You Tuber 2 months ago about entitlement!

  • juice dust
    juice dust 2 months ago

    she produced gone girl so she owns my ass forever

  • Selene Melgar
    Selene Melgar 2 months ago

    Wait what? Is Oprah really like that? Wtf

  • George Osolo
    George Osolo 2 months ago

    Reese is a sweet soul

  • Heather Flower
    Heather Flower 2 months ago

    Reese lookin' like Pennywise.

  • Dianna Gostlin
    Dianna Gostlin 2 months ago

    men will never understand how shaming sexual harassment is I personally have been forced sexual to be touched then begged for my job back in fronton other people why would I you ask well I have kids and a house payment

  • Chris Moeller
    Chris Moeller 2 months ago

    Oprah sounds like a stuck up bitch.

  • Jack Crossley
    Jack Crossley 3 months ago

    She didn't bring her spoon 🥄

  • Scott Crosby
    Scott Crosby 3 months ago

    Still Hawt

  • Miguel Marquez
    Miguel Marquez 3 months ago

    Seriously? Ick id buy extra gum. Who do you think you are? Nobody chews gum around me. Lol id be like well no self righteous, fad dieting yoyo dieting rule makers near me. Take your ugly eyes elsewhere.

  • TE S
    TE S 3 months ago

    Sounds like Oprah thinks she runs the world. I hope I can meet her and chew gum.

  • tracy scarf
    tracy scarf 4 months ago

    "Oprah likes silence in the trailer"...oh brother

  • Nellie K. Adaba
    Nellie K. Adaba 4 months ago


  • Joanie Adams
    Joanie Adams 5 months ago

    I loathe this little witch chinned Tennessee hillbilly gone oprah

  • More Books
    More Books 5 months ago

    fuck Oprah and her power trips... she's so overrated

  • More Books
    More Books 5 months ago

    You can tell where they removed the horns from her forehead.

  • Andrew Flood
    Andrew Flood 5 months ago


  • Sofia S
    Sofia S 5 months ago

    I knew Elle Woods was gettin stuff done! #timesup

  • Natasha Barriger
    Natasha Barriger 5 months ago

    for real? rules to be around someone? lol ohh gees hahaha

  • Cara Twentey
    Cara Twentey 5 months ago


  • Gard York
    Gard York 6 months ago

    After 9 years I’m still waiting for monsters vs aliens 2...

  • Scorpio Moon
    Scorpio Moon 6 months ago

    Did not know she produced “Gone Girl,” what an amazing movie

  • caramel coffee
    caramel coffee 6 months ago +1

    reese is a whirlwind. so much energy and emotion in one person. that's why she's so good at what she does. not just doing great acting but also running a production company AND organising a movement like damn...

  • Jess M
    Jess M 6 months ago

    So excited for season two of Big Little Lies. Reese, you're phenomenal!

  • Amy Turner
    Amy Turner 6 months ago

    I want to look that good in my 40s !

  • Matt D
    Matt D 7 months ago

    Try not to smile when Reese is on, it's ridiculous!

  • Hey Vern
    Hey Vern 7 months ago

    I been watching all her interviews YA'LL 😍

  • Rose Bailey
    Rose Bailey 7 months ago

    I'll chew gum in front of whomever I want to.

  • TrumpSucks Biggly
    TrumpSucks Biggly 7 months ago +1

    I would be more in awe working with Nicole than Meryl. Nicole is a fantastic actress.

  • TrumpSucks Biggly
    TrumpSucks Biggly 7 months ago +1

    Reese would drive me crazy being around her. What is the problem with her, too much coffee or what ?

  • Kavya Palepu
    Kavya Palepu 7 months ago

    i LOVE her

  • Foxy Brown
    Foxy Brown 7 months ago

    Great reaction do the gum situation, well done Reese!

  • Peggy Rená
    Peggy Rená 8 months ago

    She’s so cute! Oprah appears to have some ego issues she needs to work on.

  • LoveliAngelVibes
    LoveliAngelVibes 8 months ago

    I love Reessie

  • Nathalie Ellington
    Nathalie Ellington 8 months ago +1

    Disappointed that Oprah is overbearing...Oprah is ridiculous!

  • Sarah
    Sarah 8 months ago

    Why does Oprah walk around like she owns the place?

  • kalel san miguel
    kalel san miguel 8 months ago

    So people need to "adjust" when around Oprah??? Who does she think she is????

  • Casey Manuel
    Casey Manuel 8 months ago

    I’ve loved her since man in the moon. She’s so amazing

  • Lorraine Kaiyas
    Lorraine Kaiyas 8 months ago

    Her act princess act has caught up with her before. It will happen again!

  • Bluewren Reilly
    Bluewren Reilly 8 months ago

    She is ao annoying so showy and insincere.

  • Top Rock
    Top Rock 8 months ago

    fuck that over rated Oprah loompa.

  • Dewi Retika
    Dewi Retika 8 months ago

    It seems that Oprah lady is a lot of work, though.

  • aparna23d
    aparna23d 8 months ago

    Ummm Oprah has a lot of rules for how people need to behave around her? Is she a diva????? ;)

  • FuerstinMondes
    FuerstinMondes 8 months ago

    Oprah needs to get over herself.

  • Lázaro Murad
    Lázaro Murad 8 months ago

    "NO ONE CHEWS GUM AROUND ME" daaaayummm I wanna have that kinda power when I grow up!!

  • Saion Dutta Roy
    Saion Dutta Roy 8 months ago

    YA ALL

  • LeavingIt Blank
    LeavingIt Blank 8 months ago

    I really respect Oprah for what she's been able to accomplish, but I hate this idea that she's some sort of queen that everyone needs to bow to. I know she likes to play herself off like she's a "regular person," but this and last night clearly show she really DOES think everyone needs to bow to her! How dare she tell ANYONE that "No one chews gum in front of me!" Go get therapy, Oprah; you can afford it. And quit being such a diva.

  • Lucas Dixon
    Lucas Dixon 8 months ago

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  • Critic4ACritic
    Critic4ACritic 8 months ago

    I loved this movie though it was for kids💖

  • Will Smith
    Will Smith 8 months ago

    up in the streets 😂😂😂

  • Abby Beard
    Abby Beard 9 months ago

    Everything I’ve seen about Oprah lately is negative. I’ve never paid much attention to her and only occasionally watched her show when I was younger, but from what I gather now she’s kind of a nasty woman and always has been.

  • Surmayi -
    Surmayi - 9 months ago

    I like and respect Reese Witherspoon more and more 💕

  • quillber
    quillber 9 months ago

    All those Super Soul Sundays and Oprah still doesnt allow people play music or chew gum around her LOL

  • jessicajnsm
    jessicajnsm 9 months ago

    Reese and Oprah are so very different but I hope theyre actually really good friends

  • BTassie
    BTassie 9 months ago

    She's inspiring

  • Aniyunwiya Ageya
    Aniyunwiya Ageya 9 months ago

    People who have 'rules' like that? Fuck. Them. So, FUCK OPRAH.

  • stepfour
    stepfour 9 months ago

    It sounds like Oprah is A BITCH to work with... and most certainly for.

  • LindaYahu TrueHebrew
    LindaYahu TrueHebrew 9 months ago

    #tagtimes up is a movement? doing a moving with Meryl Streep(bringing out the big guns) Oprah acting as the High Witch. all this for her own movies. and one more clue...the name of the what show..."little lies, big lies", when will there ever be shows like little truths, big truths...lmao...

  • Project True Love
    Project True Love 9 months ago

    None is God except Allah. Muhammad is a Messenger of Allah. Best Wishes.

  • Jana Köppen
    Jana Köppen 9 months ago

    i love her.

  • Gavin Burnes
    Gavin Burnes 9 months ago

    Just coz Oprah’s a billionaire doesn’t mean she can act like that

  • A M
    A M 9 months ago

    She might have misophonia

  • iconictvmoments
    iconictvmoments 9 months ago

    I'm curious who Reese goes to for cosmetic procedures because everyone in Hollywood should use him/her, she looks amazing and doesn't have that weird look that some others do

  • Max Ettling
    Max Ettling 9 months ago

    The real question is: who gives a shit

  • sahia girl
    sahia girl 9 months ago

    Reese looks generally scared when she was told about the oprah gum issue. The way people speak about oprah lately is so odd...they talk about her like she is the queen or ..higher...smh.

  • muuri psoras
    muuri psoras 9 months ago

    Oprah is queen💝💝💝 i would stop chewing gum around her in respect to my elders

  • thehoneydeev
    thehoneydeev 9 months ago

    “We can’t take any credit for our talent, it’s how we use them that counts.” Real gems here!

  • Lisa Muirhead
    Lisa Muirhead 9 months ago

    I have a good friend who will literally puke if you chew gum around her. It's hilarious. It's really a thing y'all. She also flips shit if anyone brushes their teeth around her, even her own kids. Lmao

  • Naomi Nguyen
    Naomi Nguyen 9 months ago +2

    She is a ball of sunshine ☀️

  • Moon Child1111
    Moon Child1111 9 months ago

    Y’all need to leave Oprah alone. This is a whole different world they’re living in. Everyone in Hollywood has riders and preferences and assistants. This isn’t a new thing. Don’t bash her because of one annoying person’s scripted interview. Y’all are crazy. Reese is the same one who was arrested for a DUI and disorderly conduct. She’s as loud and obnoxious as the characters she plays.

  • YouPube
    YouPube 9 months ago +129

    She's so Elle Woods y'all.

    • TheAmandism
      TheAmandism 8 months ago +6

      Your profile pic made me think there was a hair on my screen, so I wiped and wiped till I realised what it was 😂😂

  • Nish B
    Nish B 9 months ago +4

    Oprah sounds like a douchebag lol Reese is really nice and funny and I think Oprah should be happier 😉

  • LuMnOsITi
    LuMnOsITi 9 months ago

    4:05 video starts

  • Mia Sabathy白彌兒
    Mia Sabathy白彌兒 9 months ago

    she seems so sweet!

  • quitecontrary23
    quitecontrary23 9 months ago

    Maybe it's just me, but the makeup they put on the witches or whatever they are makes them look so ugly. Why did they do that?

  • Shani Smith
    Shani Smith 9 months ago

    I think Reese and Mindy are adorable ladies but I can see how they could drive an older more "zen" personality such as Oprah's a bit "wonky." Doesn't mean they didn't luv working together, I'm pretty sure they did. I know how it is when you just need that quiet time but you surrounded by hype talkative people. They want to talk from the moment they wake up till the moment their head hits the pillow...gee wiz, Lord give me strength!

  • Elijah Mosby
    Elijah Mosby 9 months ago

    It’s a joke y’all chill out.....

  • D B
    D B 9 months ago

    Awwwwwww! Such a cute Hollywood homewrecker!

  • Lucie Jones
    Lucie Jones 9 months ago

    I didn't realise till i watched this how much i actually respect Reese Witherspoon

  • Jiwon Kim
    Jiwon Kim 9 months ago

    I adore her. She's so bright and lively, and makes people smile.

  • azschalter
    azschalter 9 months ago

    Isn’t she beautiful!? 😍😘😍

  • Alain Bruno
    Alain Bruno 9 months ago +3

    She has a sweet personality 🌻

    • gelu4in
      gelu4in 9 months ago

      She's so pretty and kind 😍😘

    • kokkil
      kokkil 9 months ago

      Reese Witherspoon is a good actress

  • zlameli
    zlameli 9 months ago

    Well aint Oprah a sparkling ray of sunshine completely freed from narcissism, y'all

  • ThatRosco458
    ThatRosco458 9 months ago

    Most I learned from this is that Oprah sounds like a jerk

  • roxycat280
    roxycat280 9 months ago

    I love how she chooses when she wants to showcase her "southern" accent.

  • KD Kelly
    KD Kelly 9 months ago

    She looks great with the red hair color...

  • Sapphire Don
    Sapphire Don 9 months ago

    Love you Steven

  • Mizanur Hussain
    Mizanur Hussain 9 months ago

    Fuck Oprah

  • Skywalker Hunter
    Skywalker Hunter 9 months ago

    although stev colbert was the president in MvA, all i see is ginormica and derek here😂

  • jessica nicholls
    jessica nicholls 9 months ago

    Not to be mean... Opra doesn’t owe the world so if she doesn’t like people chewing gum... that’s her problem! I don’t stand certain things either but it’s not that people change it because of me... just saying

  • Matt Fagan
    Matt Fagan 9 months ago

    I'd eat her ass like a turkey on thanks giving

  • neilson elesis
    neilson elesis 9 months ago

    Making Legally Blonde Real ! Imagine from film to reality!

  • karla avila
    karla avila 9 months ago

    Omg i wanna be her best friend!!

  • remmurdyknuP
    remmurdyknuP 9 months ago

    Kimmel/Colbert 2020

  • David Mulvihill
    David Mulvihill 9 months ago

    My stupid Reese Witherspoon story: While filming Wild she stayed at the hotel I work at for a few days on Mt. Hood. One morning she wanted an egg white omelette with spinach and something...something. Our chef had everything but the spinach. I searched every food cooler in two different buildings. And we had not one leaf of spinach for Ms. Witherspoon. The nearest spinach would have been a 12 mile round trip to the store. No one is going to wait that long for an omelette.