THIS WAS ABSOLUTELY INSANE!!! w/ Colby Brock, 80Fitz & Corey Scherer

  • Published on Feb 26, 2017
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    THIS WAS ABSOLUTELY INSANE!!! w/ Colby Brock, 80Fitz & Corey Scherer
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 2 858

    ARMANDA KING 5 days ago

    The rafters dude THE FREAKING RAFTERS.

  • Rhiannon Boutin
    Rhiannon Boutin 8 days ago

    “I wanna break my back” you don’t. I have rods in my back 16 screws etc. it’s not fun. I didn’t break my back but I had scoliosis. The pain that comes with getting rods is unimaginable. I was bed ridden all summer. Trust me that isn’t fun.

  • That Dude
    That Dude 15 days ago

    Fitz is awesome

  • Rachel Weaver
    Rachel Weaver 17 days ago

    That's my favorite part

  • Elena Gutierrez
    Elena Gutierrez 20 days ago +1

    432 I was laughing hard

  • Mony 000
    Mony 000 28 days ago

    I'm binge watching so hard right now :D which also makes me realize how crazy it is that Corbin is able to jump from the fucking CEILING to a (I'm not sure) 2x3 mat without any type of gear but is scared to bungee jump :D

  • Jessica Golan
    Jessica Golan 28 days ago

    Corey at 12:14 😂

  • Love yourself
    Love yourself 28 days ago +1

    At 11:44 when Elton said “will Colby ever have children again”. Elton said “again”. Well by me studying for years, study’s show that Elton exposed Colby of being a dad. But with who? Brennen or Sam? Back to study for 5 more years.

  • Naelyn CRUZ
    Naelyn CRUZ 29 days ago

    You should be colby brock

  • Holly Crow
    Holly Crow Month ago

    Corey: “no, Elton Ijustwantedtobeinthevideoyousaidifiknewhowtoflipyouwouldntletmecome”

  • Erik Ojeda
    Erik Ojeda Month ago

    Elton is annoying and ugly and bad when he try's to show off 🤢🤮

  • Elisia_Girl
    Elisia_Girl Month ago

    what video is 8:00 at?? what video

  • Sarah Steed
    Sarah Steed Month ago

    Will Colby ever have kids, AGAIN! UMMMMMM Colby???????????

  • Simran Uppal
    Simran Uppal Month ago

    this has been one of my fav tfil vids ever

  • Kayla Lerma
    Kayla Lerma Month ago +1

    Me in school

  • Emma Dondarrion
    Emma Dondarrion Month ago

    You guys are so funny lol

    KIANA BROWN Month ago

    Corbin is emortal

  • Cristy Cojas Gelviro
    Cristy Cojas Gelviro Month ago +1

    When Colban jumped of the ceiling it reminded me about assassin creed

    # assassin’screed

  • gacha girl
    gacha girl Month ago

    Wut hapened to Sam?

  • Spill The Tea
    Spill The Tea Month ago

    im watching this video again lol and i just noticed IS NO BODY GONNA TALK ABOUT COLBYS FLIPS !!! like damnnn where you been hiding those skills ahaha

  • Jenna Morrison
    Jenna Morrison Month ago

    Corey and Colby are proud soccer moms

  • Jenna Morrison
    Jenna Morrison Month ago

    See Colby used to be a ninja

    • coockie 533278
      coockie 533278 Month ago +1

      his dream when he was a kid to be a ninja so he started practicing flips and that's how he is that good?

      If that makes sense

  • Jenna Morrison
    Jenna Morrison Month ago

    *Corey falls to the ground*
    Corey- I dont want to be here anymore
    Me- Relatable

  • Jenna Morrison
    Jenna Morrison Month ago

    Where is Sam?

  • Izabella Tamez
    Izabella Tamez Month ago

    Who thinks Corbin should be in the Olympics

  • Supreme Alexis
    Supreme Alexis Month ago

    Can we take a moment to look how fast Corbin was running 4:57

  • Gothgirl 2121
    Gothgirl 2121 Month ago

    Elton: Colby were you a cheerleader?
    Colby: Being a sissy sassy southern belle with seductive eyes 😏

  • Noel time!
    Noel time! Month ago

    Colby's without Sam 😱

  • Trever Rac
    Trever Rac Month ago +1

    I SWEAR to god that Elton has to be Bi or something. That boy can NOT be straight.

  • Saphire Jess
    Saphire Jess Month ago

    This is my fave mix of TFIL extras. They're the most fun coz you're all willing to do more than us watching r 😂😂😂 and u all challenge each other and push the limits

  • Reapers Rose
    Reapers Rose Month ago

    When he jumped from the rafters it looked like assassin creed

  • Jessica Devenish
    Jessica Devenish Month ago

    Me see’s how flexible they are.... then you see me

  • hello darkness my old friend

    if i did everything they do ever bone in my body would break lol also 15:05 best hide en seek spot ever

  • Smokey Eventing
    Smokey Eventing Month ago +1

    COREY YOU ARE THE CUTEST TheXvidR EVER 😍😗😙😚😍😗😙😚😶😶😶

  • ‹Skylar MidnightStone Studios›

    Corey: Colby, Colby I have to tell you something...
    Colby: Yeah what?
    Corey: I, I dont wanna be here anymore
    Me: I thought that was guna turn into a gay moment jeez XD Still, cute corey ^^

  • hi it me refrence
    hi it me refrence Month ago

    take a pic of elton at 16:14

  • Br0kenElement Cosplay

    Falls from rafters yeah no big deal.

  • Giselle Merrill
    Giselle Merrill Month ago

    Elton: will Colby ever have children again.
    Me: again

  • Lauralye Renee
    Lauralye Renee Month ago +1

    Are we 100% surr corbyn wasn't raised by monkeys

  • Exryn Tailor
    Exryn Tailor Month ago

    Alternate title for this video: 17 minutes of everyone being gay for Corbin

  • jillian baumia
    jillian baumia Month ago

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Not a single soul:
    Corey: I dOnT wAnT tO bE hErE aNyMoRe 😂😂😂

  • Mochi Xiu
    Mochi Xiu Month ago

    Um- if there were another opening for Spider-Man I’d be disappointed if it wasn’t corvan. This guy is so agile omh I’m jealous bro. Teach me your ways

  • All Watching
    All Watching Month ago

    ... Bro Sam and Colby break into places. But they don't know how to do Parkour. And that's how they get chased.

  • CrystalCats LoveRoblox

    Where is Sam?

  • ava
    ava Month ago +1

    14:28 - 14:36 is me when i'm talking behind my mum's back and i'm too scared to actually say it to her lmao

  • Lisa Newburn
    Lisa Newburn Month ago +4

    Colby: tells Sam “bro you should watch this vid”
    Sam: (watches)
    Colby: what you think bro?
    Sam: (comments on vid: I wish I would have came now :( )
    Colby: *see’s comment* ya you should of came😂

    edit: MY COMMENT IM DEAD😂😂

  • HannahRose Holland
    HannahRose Holland Month ago

    Corbyn is so cute

  • Hunter Varejcka
    Hunter Varejcka Month ago

    Elton has a guy crush so cute

  • CantChooseAbais. org

    That dude that jumped from the rafters obliviously had to have Assassins Creed on his mind It looks so much like the leap of faith.

  • Vanessa Smalls
    Vanessa Smalls Month ago

    wow .. that's freaking dope. i'm about to shit my pants .. hahah

  • coockie 533278
    coockie 533278 Month ago +1

    6:23 let's take a moment to appreciate that smooth flip with the landing

  • coockie 533278
    coockie 533278 Month ago +1

    4:12 god I am so mad how did miss the trick colby did wth

  • Taylor Tran
    Taylor Tran Month ago

    3:09 was how I fell yesterday but like a pencil

  • Cozysquire
    Cozysquire Month ago

    Eltons laugh... Priceless

  • Chan Lian
    Chan Lian Month ago

    Elton what is ur celebration when u do something specials?

  • lowkey_baby_bubba
    lowkey_baby_bubba Month ago +1

    when corey said “sup baby” all the fans went 🤰🏽

  • Shasta Diggs
    Shasta Diggs 2 months ago +1


  • dirty _lamma
    dirty _lamma 2 months ago

    on my brothers acc btw i wish i was 20 :l bc all this boys are cute

  • Tanaya McCormick
    Tanaya McCormick 2 months ago

    Corbens got guts