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  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare Year ago +167

    Hey everybody!! Would you try this crazy pod? Where’s the notification squad at!!

    • Sun Shine
      Sun Shine 10 months ago

      Infrared is heat. So it's the heat that relaxes you.

    • its amber jack smith
      its amber jack smith 11 months ago

      💖💖u guys look so cute together

    • Brown Mocha
      Brown Mocha Year ago

      Michelle Khare no

    • Linda Tannock
      Linda Tannock Year ago +1

      Michelle Khare I'd definitely try this! I suffer from chronic pain, so if there's any chance it might help, I'd take it!

    • Neb Uluos
      Neb Uluos Year ago +1

      Michelle Khare yes I would very much try this and hope I can unlock my mutant power also want to retain the glow and slip into the Tron dimension at will ever after. Also... I'd like you to be the bikini..that would be the greatest day in mankind's history.

  • Kara Blanka
    Kara Blanka Month ago

    How long did that relaxed feeling last though? I would be interested for them to report back like that night or even the next day.

  • Robin Brown
    Robin Brown Month ago

    Love all these videos, but everyone that the guy in blue from the spa is in, it feels like he is quoting verbatim what he was taught in his 3day (or whatever) training session to say when talking to clients...I would love to have had her ask him some specific questions, like “ what actually is the mitochondria?” and see if he could answer. I feel like they throw out a lot of verbiage that they know will go right over a clients head, but they are too afraid to act like they don’t know wtf they are talking

  • Manu Garcia
    Manu Garcia 5 months ago

    Girl you have a great body, do you have a BF?

  • Brenna Eileen
    Brenna Eileen 6 months ago

    I’m not sure I trust anything that claims to fuck with my mitochondria .... I think they’re doing just fine by themselves

  • PayForTheCookiePlz
    PayForTheCookiePlz 6 months ago

    I have claustrophobia so I probably can’t to this

  • Miranda Summerset
    Miranda Summerset 6 months ago +1

    Red bulb tanning beds/red light therapy lowkey do help with stretch marks & acne....expensive but worth it IMO

  • Alchemist372
    Alchemist372 7 months ago

    Lol, bring on the cancer please.....

  • Elizabeth Dinmore
    Elizabeth Dinmore 8 months ago

    Does anyone else feel like he low-key had a crush on Michelle? 😏
    Just me ok.... 😂

  • KelseysWonderland11
    KelseysWonderland11 9 months ago +1

    So its just red light therapy - like the machine at Planet Fitness.
    I googled it & photobiomodulation is the same thing as red light therapy.

  • Chiro Kumar
    Chiro Kumar 10 months ago


  • Mr Dynamic
    Mr Dynamic 11 months ago

    I do 5 min of sun daily works amazing ..

  • 蒼樹Nick
    蒼樹Nick Year ago

    red light therapy...have done it several times where i live in japan. i dont feel like it does anything besides making me sweat lol.

  • Niki Altafi
    Niki Altafi Year ago

    Hey Michelle you should totally try it! Idk if u have already but it would be cool if you did!! :)

  • wonyoung stan since pd48

    "my handsome---vERY HANDSOME AND SINGLE FRIEND" when you're the friend that sets up dates....

  • Matt Plyley
    Matt Plyley Year ago

    Whoever wakes up next to her is a lucky man!

  • Sarah Sillz
    Sarah Sillz Year ago

    7:17 You have a typo.... "subsribe" :)

  • Just me
    Just me Year ago

    I love Michelle ❤️

  • INFIDEL175
    INFIDEL175 Year ago

    This camera guy such a gay, here was a chance to see Michelle whole body because she’s hot ! He focused on the torso not the whole body, gay gay cameraman.

  • Abi Lí
    Abi Lí Year ago

    I'm so scared of tanning beds

  • he llo
    he llo Year ago

    4:07 - wait what


  • ava anello
    ava anello Year ago

    With how many good stuff you do to your skin and body you should live for ever

  • Erin
    Erin Year ago

    Michelle! You're so awesome! You should try a salt water float tank!

  • Light Lounge
    Light Lounge Year ago

    Michelle & Eduardo! You guys rock... Nice job . See you in the future

  • Fuzzy AJ
    Fuzzy AJ Year ago

    Red light is safer since it doesn’t make your pupils dilate (sorry if that’s the wrong word) like white light does, which I believe is what causes you to see white dots after you look at white light. I learned this from an astronomer and I guess this information was put to good use lol

    Please don’t comet (space pun hehe) me if I got any info wrong, I’m not a scientist

  • TheFirstExpert
    TheFirstExpert Year ago

    Is it just me or do they both seem high after

  • Thomas Wilton
    Thomas Wilton Year ago

    Not gonna say it doesnt work but surely it's like 75% placebo

  • deedeeiam
    deedeeiam Year ago

    You get that feeling in tanning beds. That's why so many people like them. Never in a million years would I go unprotected with my eyes though.

  • GKJ
    GKJ Year ago +2

    *QUESTION: Why 12 minutes? Why not longer?*
    Super interesting video.

  • Tàehyùngie
    Tàehyùngie Year ago

    Is he gay

  • Brown Mocha
    Brown Mocha Year ago

    I thought u guys were supposed to wear something on ur eyes

  • Alexandria Pauline

    I ship it

  • Nianam Ramsamy
    Nianam Ramsamy Year ago


  • Jade Myers
    Jade Myers Year ago

    I go to Planet Fitness and for just $20 a month I can get something similar. They call it Total Body Enhancement. It’s a stand up machine, but it has a red light and they make some of the same claims. It also has a vibration setting that’s supposed to help your muscles.

  • Ruffdogg21
    Ruffdogg21 Year ago

    Even tho she has dude shoulders--her indian skin complexion still makes my dick flinch;)

  • Tanaya T
    Tanaya T Year ago

    I'm so confused with Michelle's super frantic crazy worried reaction to this. And how she was referencing it to something from the future. It looks EXACTLY to a T like a tanning bed. And asking if he's okay? Lol, she's done crazier things! This one looks super normal

  • Rito D
    Rito D Year ago

    This reminds me of final destination.

  • Florp
    Florp Year ago

    Her body is to die for

  • Aezy Ignacio
    Aezy Ignacio Year ago

    I thought you were with David Franco...

  • Yesenia Ramos
    Yesenia Ramos Year ago

    Have you done ancestry dna test video yet?

  • ZakAshChan
    ZakAshChan Year ago

    Yay, double-standards. Objectification. Yay. 🙄

  • ZakAshChan
    ZakAshChan Year ago


  • Full stop
    Full stop Year ago

    Is Eduardo Gay?

  • briana nicole
    briana nicole Year ago

    I just recently subscribed and i love your videos! they actually motivate me to get out of bed

  • Donna Gamble
    Donna Gamble Year ago

    would love to use this for the relaxation :)


    Michelle, u should try getting chiropracted 🤤🤤 it looks relaxing


    Michelle, u should try getting chiropracted 🤤🤤 it looks relaxing

  • kara bright
    kara bright Year ago

    Many tanning places has red light therapy

  • DScritchy
    DScritchy Year ago +1

    My chiropractor uses this technology to reduce pain and inflammation in my back and neck, but like the guy said, with a handheld device. It's definitely a real thing.

  • crocketgsxr6
    crocketgsxr6 Year ago

    It's the Transfer Transit clone pod from Dark Matter!!

  • Zazzysylvester
    Zazzysylvester Year ago

    There is more proof that sun exposure is beneficial than the opposite so dont be so quick to judge it! We are created to live under the sun and the deadliest skin cancers has no correlation to sun beds!

  • Misstina Nicole
    Misstina Nicole Year ago

    You guys should try water fasting next

  • Natasha Guzman
    Natasha Guzman Year ago

    I feel bad for participating in the fad but HOLY HELL I’d smash that (him) 😍😍😍

  • Anaya Rivera
    Anaya Rivera Year ago

    You should try the celebrity diet for a week where you basically go over your favorite celebrities diet and eat that for a week.

  • Pearl the rebel
    Pearl the rebel Year ago

    Are you still exercising and doing the diet?

  • Amelia Rose
    Amelia Rose Year ago

    I feel like I’d be miserable, because certain lights give me headaches and make me feel sick (so certain movies and video games make me sick), but it looks like a cool experience

  • Adrian Moreno
    Adrian Moreno Year ago +4

    He asked really good questions about the whole experience. I wish the video was longer so i could see his interviewing skills, for some reason I feel he’d be really good at it.
    Definitely subscribed to his channel.

  • Mr Krabs
    Mr Krabs Year ago

    Damn 3 movie references in like 2 minutes and I understood all of them aha

  • Brenda Lara
    Brenda Lara Year ago

    This reminds me of the total body pods at Planet Fitness minus the shaking.

  • Gormaline
    Gormaline Year ago +1

    You should do Tom Holland's Workout! I t's up on