Gutfeld on world leaders gossiping about Trump

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
  • President Trump rips Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over hot mic remarks. #TheFive #FoxNews
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Comments • 3 462

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  • Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor


  • Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor


  • Jamie Rueffer
    Jamie Rueffer 21 day ago

    I'm Canadian and a large majority of us understand and like Trump. Believe me the common people that are paying attention like Trump.

  • Julia Branca
    Julia Branca 24 days ago

    Can wait till Traudeu..gets his Karma!!(he used to be Obama crush!!remember??

  • D D
    D D 26 days ago

    CANDA has SH... For Military.

  • D D
    D D 26 days ago

    Our U S A brave soldiers would defend Canada in a second. The PUNK Prime Minister... What a punk.

  • Sailing Channel Marinus

    Crap face talking.

  • Big Country
    Big Country 27 days ago

    Interesting they all hate Borris Johnson but he's hanging out with them

  • Marvin Montgomery
    Marvin Montgomery 29 days ago

    Look at France and how the little pervert Globalist macron has destroyed it

  • Ron Kek
    Ron Kek Month ago

    MorJUAN is a moron

  • M C
    M C Month ago

    They weren’t laughing at him it’s just edited footage

  • Martin Mactaggart
    Martin Mactaggart Month ago

    Justin said "Yeah, I was 40 minutes late because Trump gave a press conference to announce moving our next summit to Camp David, and even his staff was surprised by that."
    How is that wrong? How is that catastrophically disrespectful?

    The insult is imaginary.

  • Joe Biden
    Joe Biden Month ago

    O€ o.o/*
    Big FREAKIN deal. WAIT!
    Can we impeach?

  • MelH
    MelH Month ago +1


  • MelH
    MelH Month ago +1

    The entire WORLD is laughing at our immature "leader". And you morons refuse to see trump for the reprehensible person that he is. Its like the dumb leading the blind (trumpers).

  • El Guaco
    El Guaco Month ago

    πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£ thus guy I just hurt Trump got laughed at by every sensible politician on Earth

  • Bartosz Kuklinski
    Bartosz Kuklinski Month ago

    soyboys xD

  • Seymour Kuntz
    Seymour Kuntz Month ago

    Get rid of that Juan clown, why would you stoop to his level Fox ??? The guy is obviously a biased subversive plant.

  • Norma C
    Norma C Month ago

    Dont worry about Tredeau he is just like Obama


    The "Mean Girls" Club... Laughing while their home countries burn and riot.

  • Sorrel555
    Sorrel555 Month ago +2

    Well, he's a clown. That's why NATO is always laughing at him. USA laughs at him too... what else would you do at a weak clown?

  • Graca Braga
    Graca Braga Month ago

    The world understands and loves Trump, so Juan stop hating on him, you so dumb you can't even understand that.πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦

  • Brenda
    Brenda Month ago

    They're showing child like behaviors. I also believe they would not have done that if our MSM hadn't been trashing Trump and family for 3 years, about everything, even Melania's shoes.

  • Tad Andrew Cabigon
    Tad Andrew Cabigon Month ago

    Trump can make the idiot trudeau all he wants and theres nothing two face can do about it! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • x
    x Month ago

    Whate that guys name, the one that looks like ryan Reynolds

  • Jill Gonzalez
    Jill Gonzalez Month ago

    Trustees suUx!!

  • Rob H
    Rob H Month ago

    I bet Trudeau likes seeing men's jaws open. He wants to out his little pecker in it I bet.

  • dfctomm
    dfctomm Month ago

    NATO is passed it's prime, but like any other bureaucratic institution it lives on long after it's accomplished it's goal.

  • mozac s
    mozac s Month ago +1

    This is why his getting impeached because of this stupid ideas

  • Michael Taddia
    Michael Taddia Month ago

    Fire Juan

  • Shirley Stone
    Shirley Stone Month ago


    CODE NAME SUNDAY Month ago

    Juan is so full of crap! Trump is loved and well understood world wide. Only those still feeding from the fake news trough are confused.

  • Lee Gee
    Lee Gee Month ago

    Obama is a netwet hes no good

  • Toni Rae
    Toni Rae Month ago

    Juan.....what is he thinking?? Or does he?

  • Greg Johnson
    Greg Johnson Month ago

    Pack of loser clowns!

  • Christie Harper
    Christie Harper Month ago

    I wish I could have debates with Democrats and not get cursed out. Juan is a great example for people. He totally disagrees with everything but obviously remains friends with his colleagues and is always respectful to them. I think I like you Juan!

  • Jeff Killingsworth
    Jeff Killingsworth Month ago

    You know you have some small berries when you sit like JUSTINA does. President Trumps CLANG when he walks,,, look at how he sits!!!!! FUCK-N-A KAG 2020!!!!

  • Jeff Killingsworth
    Jeff Killingsworth Month ago

    I am very PROUD of MY PRESIDENT and the ENERGY he has to hold a 40 minute press conference!! CAN YOU DO THAT TRUDEAU??? Didn't think so!!

  • Jenifer Stedman
    Jenifer Stedman Month ago

    Shut up Juan!! Juan Williams is the worst. Get rid of this guy.

  • Numinous20111
    Numinous20111 Month ago

    Speaking as a European (I'm Irish), do you expect us to take Trump seriously? He demonstrates he doesn't understand issues during press conferences. He's shockingly ignorant and resorts to lies, bluster and disconnected arguments. He doesn't read briefing papers, doesn't listen to his staff. As bad as our politicians are...Trump is completely out of his depth.

  • Salty Sag
    Salty Sag Month ago

    To whomever this brilliant host is that sounds like a frat boy: comparing Trump to being a boss and those leaders his employees, we don’t want foreign leaders making a joke of our president, it’s nowhere near the same thing. Believe it or not diplomacy is needed with our allies.

  • Salty Sag
    Salty Sag Month ago

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Trump is making fun of everyone and now his orange feathers are ruffled when someone makes a joke about him? Joke of a president and this video is a joke too.

  • Brenda Mountaingirl

    Juan get your teeth whitened 😬

  • Kevin Owen
    Kevin Owen Month ago

    Yet another republican snowflake who's butthurt.
    Trump...the boss!!! Are you high??
    He's the world leaders clown entertainment.
    He left early idiots...his ego got the better of him.

  • rhuttrho88
    rhuttrho88 Month ago

    WILL SOMEONE PLEASE STICK SOMETHING IN JUAN'S MOUTH! Man he's an embarrassment to all men everywhere. He sounds like a spiteful woman. No one lets a bunch of dudes gossip about them. He clearly doesn't know the meaning if SNOWFLAKE. He just demonstrated he is one again. Grow a pair! We don't have to take lip from the peanut gallery. Everyone doesn't get a participation trophy Jaun! πŸ€¦πŸΏβ€β™‚οΈ

  • Wintermute vs Neuromancer

    haha - everybody is laughing ... trump is so stupid...

  • rhuttrho88
    rhuttrho88 Month ago

    That's what girls do, big wup!πŸ€·πŸΏβ€β™‚οΈ

  • Ejembi Moses
    Ejembi Moses Month ago

    I'm a black man from Africa and I really disliked Obama so much. I disliked Bush too but he dodged that shoe like a pro

  • Bobby Deery
    Bobby Deery Month ago


  • PM Beaham
    PM Beaham Month ago

    People Gossip about those they admire or feel threatened...

  • Shadow 2
    Shadow 2 Month ago

    That's what I like about TheXvid. I can fast forward through Juan's dribble!

  • Brad Tharpe
    Brad Tharpe Month ago

    Shut up Juan! Sound stupid

  • TheKrazysinner
    TheKrazysinner Month ago

    look at the USA economy then look at all of theirs..... ENOUGH SAID!

  • chairil siregar
    chairil siregar Month ago

    Shut up juan.. annoying liberals talking points

  • Sean Wu
    Sean Wu Month ago

    Wow, fox knows how to SPIN! This is about world leaders making fun of him because Trump is a joke.

  • a man has no name
    a man has no name Month ago

    Omg Gutfeld is wearing VELCRO SHOES hahaha 3:41

  • Betty Corriher
    Betty Corriher Month ago

    Hahaha TRUMPS always THE MAN in the room full of little tyrant boys at these little sarees. William's is so racist and such a trump hater its pathetic.

  • Won Kyung Paik
    Won Kyung Paik Month ago

    You have to love Donald Trump.. he just says whatever he thinks or feels.. just shoots from the hip.. a great orator like Obama he is not, but I'll take a results leader over a diplomat any day..

  • Lourdes Schultz
    Lourdes Schultz Month ago +1

    Everytime Juan Williams opens his mouth, manure comes out.