The Champions: Season 3, Episode 6

  • A meteor has hit the Champions mansion. It's every man for himself.
    Thank you for watching another season of The Champions. See you in 2020!

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  • No Name
    No Name 2 hours ago

    These are the comsequences oft corona 😂😂

  • Odair Santos
    Odair Santos 4 hours ago

    3 is the best

  • HrvojeCasual Play
    HrvojeCasual Play 6 hours ago


  • Mostrobeast
    Mostrobeast 9 hours ago +1

    This did not aged well if you know what I mean

  • Queenie Yuet
    Queenie Yuet 9 hours ago

    Did they predicted of coronavirus? Man city is still the last premier league champion.

  • Samuel Natividad

    Jurgen predicted it 🤣1:13

  • IcyInferno11
    IcyInferno11 Day ago

    VARteor FC

  • RnD_Guy
    RnD_Guy 2 days ago

    like they predicted the corona crisis... unlike there is no var to reverse it

    and it was to be the year of liverpool

  • Jordan Mngadi
    Jordan Mngadi 2 days ago

    These guys knew Corona was coming

  • Raikkoe Manese
    Raikkoe Manese 2 days ago

    The end of football?......this aged well.

  • yanal . Alabadi
    yanal . Alabadi 2 days ago

    it is end of the World 😂😂😂 right now

  • Ethan Elkins
    Ethan Elkins 3 days ago

    listen to the music at the end in .25x its so beautiful😭

  • D M
    D M 3 days ago

    Coronavirus references.

  • Soumya Jena
    Soumya Jena 3 days ago

    The Apocalypse we expected :
    The apocalypse we got:- shortage of toilet paper

  • LilTatis
    LilTatis 3 days ago +1

    I'm guessing that's the coronavirus impact

  • Joash Singh
    Joash Singh 4 days ago +1

    Whose here after Corona ??? Lmao

  • Ahmad Mohamad
    Ahmad Mohamad 4 days ago

    Just like the situation with Corona virus right now

  • Mödéçåî Mkhabela

    Basically to think about this: the guys who made this series knew the "Coronavirus" was coming, which in context was the meteor. Now everyone has to save themselves referring to the "quarantine".
    Think about this.
    Even Jurgen Klopp knew it was supposed to be his year but now the PL is closed until further notice... 😮®💆

  • asal dhaladda hargeisa

    Neuer:so Should we head back?.
    allison: no we cant get back we blew it.we'll be a bunch of loris kariuses down there 😂😂😂😂

  • Guillermo Miranda Ulibarri

    1:18 its true, coronavirus

  • anugerah perdana
    anugerah perdana 6 days ago

    Its related now

  • Sam Abramson
    Sam Abramson 6 days ago

    Damn this video hits different now

  • Raisa Grech
    Raisa Grech 6 days ago


  • Anjdeep Lad
    Anjdeep Lad 8 days ago +1

    It happened for real

  • André Cassanelli
    André Cassanelli 8 days ago +2

    Turns out it was not a meteor, but Coronavirus instead.

  • le00metalero
    le00metalero 8 days ago +2

    Can we agree that Guardiola could be celebrating this COVID-19?

  • Arya Shah
    Arya Shah 8 days ago +1

    1:14 Lol it is not your year

  • Aayush Chandra
    Aayush Chandra 8 days ago +3

    1:12 I guess they predicted it correctly, The Meteor is CoronaVirus and Klopp is crying after UCL exit and Title race in danger . Also, 1:22 Pep celebrating 🤣🤣🤣

  • D Vader
    D Vader 9 days ago +1

    And now all football is actually cancelled holy shit

  • Orthodox
    Orthodox 9 days ago


  • Tal Ben Hur
    Tal Ben Hur 9 days ago +1

    Who’s here after Coronavirus started and there is no Champions League? 😢

  • PES 2020
    PES 2020 10 days ago

    i like it

  • Karmic Junior
    Karmic Junior 11 days ago +1

    1:14 🙃

  • Opal
    Opal 11 days ago

    3:24 Everyone gets crazier while Pulisic start cleaning the pipe. So cute! Lmaoo

  • Frederic Bußmann-Wöhle
    Frederic Bußmann-Wöhle 11 days ago +3

    The asteroid is coronavirus

  • Maxence Markic
    Maxence Markic 12 days ago +1

    Great prediction mate!!!! How the idea of this kind of episode came up to you?

  • rozsa akos
    rozsa akos 12 days ago +7

    This predicted what's happening right now in world football.

  • Jonathan Hanson
    Jonathan Hanson 12 days ago +1

    It looks like corona might be the meteor and the season could be null and void leaving Liverpool 30+ years and counting since they won the League.

  • The PlymothianBusSpecialist

    *galactic goal disallowed*
    Pep: Stupid galactic VAR!!!
    *coronavirus starts*
    Pep: Yes! It was a miracle after all!

  • Aakriti Chandra
    Aakriti Chandra 13 days ago +1

    1:17 something similar is happening to them right now as well!

  • Elias Ayala
    Elias Ayala 13 days ago +2

    Funny how the coronavirus fits this, Liverpool are about to win premier league and then a virus suspends it 😂😂😂

  • Joaquín Fernando Pirateque Castellanos

    None meteorit: COVID 19 led to that chaos

  • Kurtl Pretsch
    Kurtl Pretsch 13 days ago

    Guardiolas Team is now the last champion of the Premier League

  • Sador Rangel
    Sador Rangel 14 days ago +20

    1:14 "This was supposed to be our year, now the world is ending"
    The most accurate Champions prediction ever😷

    • ifeanyi udeji
      ifeanyi udeji 19 hours ago

      Why is everybody not watching this video

  • Azhad Shaffie
    Azhad Shaffie 14 days ago

    I dont know but this episode is kinda happening for real!!!

  • Arden Konzo
    Arden Konzo 14 days ago

    who else relates this to the Corona virus

  • Phạm Lộc
    Phạm Lộc 14 days ago +1

    Gosh you're right about the Liverpool they gonna lose their cup this season by the corona virus :))))))))

  • ArcangeloSports NOS
    ArcangeloSports NOS 14 days ago

    They predicted the coronavirus

  • FighterCK
    FighterCK 14 days ago +1

    COVID19 post-apocalypse prediction by BR Football...

  • AF Soccer & Stuff
    AF Soccer & Stuff 14 days ago +4

    Klopp: This was suppose to be our year. Now the world is ending.
    Me as Man City: NOBODY CARES

  • Flor Malin
    Flor Malin 14 days ago

    Earth after coronavirus

  • Sai Yeshwanth
    Sai Yeshwanth 14 days ago +1

    It's the Corona virus not a meteor shot

  • Asyraf Aldah
    Asyraf Aldah 14 days ago +1

    And now, most of the league are either suspended, or postponed due to the covid-19 (known as the meteor in this video)

    KONDII 15 days ago +1

    1:10 Prediction of coronavirus in football 😅

  • Ray Jay
    Ray Jay 15 days ago +9

    Is it weird that they predicted the football season being ended by the apocalypse 3 months ago?

  • Fatih Aksu
    Fatih Aksu 15 days ago +3

    Who is here after EPL suspended

  • Karam Khalil111
    Karam Khalil111 15 days ago

    How did they survive rjyecdrjcrycduvdutfkduycydukcrdsyxjdcuykdckyucddtckrcdtri

  • Morgan
    Morgan 15 days ago +2

    1:13 OMG its not just the Simpsons predicting the future

  • Reza Ramzi
    Reza Ramzi 15 days ago +4

    Well this episode aged well

  • Zachary Roush
    Zachary Roush 15 days ago +4

    Klopp in this video: This was supposed to be our year, now the world is ending.
    God (An Everton fan): Good idea

  • gabriel juarez p
    gabriel juarez p 15 days ago +4

    1:10 Wow this video predicted everything what is happening now whit the coronavirus.

  • Hatim Ghadhban Abood
    Hatim Ghadhban Abood 15 days ago +2

    It could happen. The premier league had stopped

  • Arão Bongue
    Arão Bongue 15 days ago +8

    It wasn't a meteor but coronavirus, please Disease VAR, check it again

  • Blessledge Machanja
    Blessledge Machanja 15 days ago +1

    BR had predicted that a tragedy (corona virus) would halt the season. Klopp would be angry, his premier league campaign would be disturbed and Pep would be happy with the

  • metraking192
    metraking192 15 days ago +1

    The funny thing is 1:14 may actually happen because of Coronavirus

  • RJA964
    RJA964 15 days ago

    Premier League cancelled till april. Pep must be happy lol

  • Hector Barreto
    Hector Barreto 16 days ago +26

    Pep: “Manchester city would be the last team to ever win the premier league”. Coronavirus: got you mate

  • Elijah Rushizha
    Elijah Rushizha 16 days ago +2

    They tried to predict the corona virus predicament perfectly!

  • CASE:The Artst
    CASE:The Artst 16 days ago +2

    This perfectly predicted Coronavirus

  • kunbi dia
    kunbi dia 16 days ago +1

    Predicting corona virus?

  • Ronny Garcia
    Ronny Garcia 16 days ago +10

    This is how the world is going to be when the corona virus takes over...


    1:16 Klopp after lose against Atletico and Premier League canceled soon for COVID-19

  • Kris Gordon
    Kris Gordon 16 days ago

    Man City will be the last team to win the Premier League. Even if they are banned it won't matter.

  • Kris Gordon
    Kris Gordon 16 days ago

    They got this right, but its Coronavirus not a metero. ITS HAPPENING!!!!

  • Billy Li
    Billy Li 16 days ago +2

    Klopp after premier league cancelled for coronavirus:
    This was supposed to be our year!

  • 许翔云
    许翔云 16 days ago

    Anticipates the coronavirus?

  • Richard Pilhofer
    Richard Pilhofer 16 days ago

    "I don't park the bus, I GUN it!" 😂😂

  • Jordi Veselo
    Jordi Veselo 17 days ago

    You predicted that ManCity are the last PremChampions
    and that Juve Players are locked in quarantine

  • Jaskaran Uppal
    Jaskaran Uppal 17 days ago +4

    this is turning into real life...

  • Lewis Jones
    Lewis Jones 17 days ago

    Who will win in a fight ramos or costa