Scammer Sells "Ice Wall" From Game of Thrones (no spoilers)

  • Published on May 19, 2019
  • I received a call from some tech support scammers who claimed they detected a problem on my network. Figured I would waste their time Game of Thrones style and had quite a bit of fun doing it. No spoilers I promise. Watch the next call live:
    Full Call........
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  • uprrslo
    uprrslo 2 days ago

    I have some ocean front property in Arizona for sale.

  • Fatima PRITZLAFF
    Fatima PRITZLAFF 6 days ago

    There's a fire in the wallpaper πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ damn..

  • spyknife
    spyknife 11 days ago

    Foreign attackers trying to breach your asshole. Lol

  • Ammonia
    Ammonia 15 days ago

    their trying to breach your ASSHOLE!!!

  • DefaultDaveUK
    DefaultDaveUK 20 days ago

    My son is "about 12 years old".... Shouldn't you know? ;-D

  • Lord Saruman
    Lord Saruman 22 days ago

    This has to be the most technologically illiterate scammer yet.

  • Janine Marie
    Janine Marie 22 days ago

    "Hold on Windows is coming!" Hahahaha This whole video my day!! Thank you!!

  • Adam
    Adam 23 days ago

    Kit got schooled.. 😎 πŸ€“ 😳 πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

  • ECO 91
    ECO 91 23 days ago

    first of his fucking name SON!!!!

  • ECO 91
    ECO 91 23 days ago

    dude please post these numbers and feed us hungry baiters.

  • Truth Rules
    Truth Rules 24 days ago

    Scamming is a kinda legal job in India. These scammers go to work ( scam) every evening and tell their parents they work night shifts

  • B.S Knight
    B.S Knight 24 days ago

    "They are trying to breach your asshole?" ahhahahahahah

    Well... It's not improbable... :D

  • RS 7
    RS 7 25 days ago

    This does contain spoilers. I haven't watched game of thrones but now I know there's an ice wall in it.

  • Mindy Krejci
    Mindy Krejci 25 days ago

    Please like and share this Facebook page " Scam Company American Cosigners Exposed " about scammer Randi Dorante. She's still baiting me online two years later after stealing over two thousand dollars from me!

  • Nicholas Galea
    Nicholas Galea 26 days ago

    O you are from Microsoft right. LMAO.

  • R Rodrigo
    R Rodrigo 26 days ago

    I can’t listen to this one the back ground noise on her side is way to loud and distracting!!

  • Pelladinho Gaming
    Pelladinho Gaming 26 days ago

    J'ai beaucoup ri...

  • Leland Matt
    Leland Matt 26 days ago +1

    If he would have answered,"the flying window" when you asked the sigil

  • Maurizio Strazzeri
    Maurizio Strazzeri 26 days ago

    Hey i know an asshole scammer, how may i pass on the details to you? I wont lie, it would would make me happy for you to expose this guy.

  • Professor Chaos
    Professor Chaos 27 days ago

    I haven't even seen Game of Thrones and I still laughed myself silly watching this

  • Lara Fernandez
    Lara Fernandez 27 days ago

    My baby loves your intro music. Do you think you could make a full-length version? :)

  • Whocares
    Whocares 27 days ago

    lol, Indians (Hindi) are so ignorant.

  • A.D. R.M.
    A.D. R.M. 27 days ago

    How to pass the CompTIA+ Certification test:
    Firewall: A wall to prohibit the spread of fires in a house.
    Packet: A plastic container with your favorite sauce in it.
    Ping: What Jar-Jar Binks says during ****___
    Virus: A sickness you come down with when you don't sanitize.
    I guarantee to you that if you put these answers down, you'll leave with a 100%


  • God Was Bored
    God Was Bored 27 days ago

    You've dealt with her before, she swore at you. She's not a particularly nice person.

  • MusiChaela
    MusiChaela 27 days ago

    I'd love to have security guards sworn to me and fighting for me! That's an awesome idea!

  • MusiChaela
    MusiChaela 27 days ago

    Oh wow! This is great! I'm a fan, Kit :) You did GoT really well :)

  • Temeryn33
    Temeryn33 27 days ago

    Kit, I'm at work, you CANNOT make me laugh out loud like this ok! (this was hilarious) =)

    GEO CAMP 27 days ago

    Kitboga you do make me laugh. Being 65 and being able to laugh is great. There are a few of you upstanding folks I enjoy listening to. You definitely are one of them. GLC Florida. And I'm going to be honast I will tell you each and everything so don't interrupt me till I finish my part over here? Over here where? Well it's true sewer rat theiving Scammers have 2 movable parts their ass and their mouth and their both interchangeable. There I told you each and everything now you can ask me questions about your case against you that we filing against you in the state of Taxes. Man what a bunch of loosing scum!!!

  • Ellice. P.
    Ellice. P. 28 days ago

    12:53 OMG that was funny :-D

  • punker4Real
    punker4Real 28 days ago

    LOL they are trying to breach your ass hole 12:53

  • Stoshua
    Stoshua 28 days ago

    level 3 teknishun from the house of mucrosoft

  • Latoya Moore
    Latoya Moore 28 days ago

    When GoT comes on Netflix- I'll binge watch it then return to this video.

  • Insomniac Raccoon
    Insomniac Raccoon 28 days ago


  • BΓ‘lint Ary
    BΓ‘lint Ary 28 days ago

    GoToAssist - Game of Thrones 'o Assist

  • shimiku
    shimiku 28 days ago

    i would change ISP if it cost me 2k$ to get a new IP

  • Liam Stoulil
    Liam Stoulil 28 days ago

    Great work bro, these scammers are ridiculous lol

  • LeDrew
    LeDrew 28 days ago

    Why isnt Microsoft and American Government doing more about these scammers?

  • Kurt Podlipsky
    Kurt Podlipsky 28 days ago

    You need to delete their stuff like scammerRevolts does! You both know computers and scammers. Have to say though, your granny voice is hilarious! Keep up the great work!!!

  • Deafster 83
    Deafster 83 28 days ago

    12:53 they are trying to breach your ass hole πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • BabySharkie
    BabySharkie 28 days ago

    ‭+1 (877) 378-9207‬

    Everyone troll this number they’re pretending to be Comcast and they’re trying to steal people’s credit card information. Even their answering machine sounds fake

  • lagginlmao
    lagginlmao 28 days ago

    Kit what is your rsn?

  • chocoboasylum
    chocoboasylum 28 days ago

    Windows is coming
    Wow... 🀣

  • Francisco Silva
    Francisco Silva 28 days ago

    *They're trying to breach your asshole?*

  • Viral Mule
    Viral Mule 29 days ago

    Love your stuff! Brilliant :D

  • Peter Soumanis
    Peter Soumanis 29 days ago

    @Kitboga you should so call up pretending to be Bill Clinton, heard you on a different video and you nail it !

  • ChubaPapi21
    ChubaPapi21 29 days ago

    'Oh they're trying to breach your asshole?' lmaoo

  • Bon Bonjovi
    Bon Bonjovi 29 days ago

    2000$ lol! That's like 3 times more then what a average computer cost.

  • Grimmington
    Grimmington 29 days ago

    My ex wife just got a message from "the department of the social security administration" about her "suspended" social security because of "suspicious activity"

  • Bob FL
    Bob FL 29 days ago

    I have a refund at 888-254-2999 which I do not want. Maybe you do. lol!

  • Ken Weaver
    Ken Weaver 29 days ago +1

    This is the first time I've seen Kit owned by a scammer. When he asked, "They're trying to breach your a**hole?" he totally had you hahaha. You're still the best though.

  • katy pryde
    katy pryde 29 days ago

    Jon stabs deny the dragon runs away with her body , no fights after. Bran end up king ,sends jon to the castle black . Sansa ends up queen even though she was pretty useless the entire series . Aria leaves tyrion is the hand of the king bran also useless bran did not deserve to be king but whatever this season was horrible.

  • VotingInNH
    VotingInNH 29 days ago

    I'm going to use this "anybody who has to say they are a 'technician' are not a technician".

  • Th3_ UnKn0wN
    Th3_ UnKn0wN 29 days ago

    Disclaimers kill... occupations lol

  • Th3_ UnKn0wN
    Th3_ UnKn0wN 29 days ago

    I find it funny how scammers say we are stupid, and they don't even know the difference in a computer firewall and a legit wall of fire.

  • LeeRoy Brown
    LeeRoy Brown 29 days ago

    wow, she could not give here own differentiation of What is a Fire-wall since she's working for Microsoft.

  • Jeffrey Huddlestun
    Jeffrey Huddlestun 29 days ago

    Hey just took a Medicare scam from fort Lauderdale 954 654 7484 call blocked me when I called them a scammer said my name was Ernest antwhisle like to see you scam them I'm a rookie but had them for a 20 minute run

  • Stephanie Leggee
    Stephanie Leggee 29 days ago


  • Lvl 9. Microsoft Certified Technician

    *S T A R T D O W N L O A D*

  • mark Bohamed
    mark Bohamed 29 days ago

    833-883-4445 These scammers are calling saying I’m going to get my refund for my tech support. Please call them and harass them!!

  • CrossWood
    CrossWood 29 days ago


  • pepsiplunge316
    pepsiplunge316 29 days ago +1

    If you listen very, very carefully you might realize that a couple of the things in this video are game of thrones references.

    • Sarah O.
      Sarah O. 28 days ago

      Uh, doesn't take someone listening very, very carefully to catch those GOT references.

  • NightInBh
    NightInBh 29 days ago

    pls make osrs videos XD

  • isotope feeney
    isotope feeney 29 days ago

    Oh, those Foreign People ! ...Vishnu preserve us from those Foreign People !!

  • Char Sui
    Char Sui 29 days ago

    Breech your WHAT????!!!???

  • Orbital Dew*
    Orbital Dew* 29 days ago

    *they try to breach your asshole*

  • Don Johnson
    Don Johnson Month ago

    I think I mite need an ice wall

  • Momo iSHiMuro
    Momo iSHiMuro Month ago

    А ΠΎΠ½ ΠΏΠΎ русски ΠΏΠΎΠ½ΠΈΠΌΠ°Π΅Ρ‚?

    MIKEPGH Month ago +1

    It's been said before. You need an old man voice besides Edna. GREAT job though. Almost hurled a couple times laughing at their incompetence!

  • Dragonflight99
    Dragonflight99 Month ago

    Fighting off the scam walkers one by one with the power of trolling glass

  • Gregarious Gaming
    Gregarious Gaming Month ago

    only 92 range? i can hit you up with some black chins ;)

  • ǝsΔ±nΙΉΙ” Ι―oΚ‡

    I love how these guys always manage to have whiter names then I, a full blooded Anglo Saxon, have........

  • Dheeraj Sharma
    Dheeraj Sharma Month ago

    'did you try to use your computer today in the maarning?'
    'can you repeat me?'
    I seriously have no idea how these scumbags actually face themselves in the mirror knowing that they are stealing money from helpless people.
    You're doing a great job. Love from India.

  • Michael Opitz
    Michael Opitz Month ago

    the earth is a plane land goes on after the ice wall

  • davdavc
    davdavc Month ago

    you're a legend brother. absolute unit.

  • Pierce Sonnenberg
    Pierce Sonnenberg Month ago

    What is the "Ice wall"?

  • CBN
    CBN Month ago

    Much better than season 8

  • Avyboy28
    Avyboy28 Month ago

    I want to know who are the 51 ppl who disliked this !

  • Baylan Maverick Legacy

    I love haily, shes cute..

  • Sharon McCammon
    Sharon McCammon Month ago

    These are the worse scammers I've seen.

  • Fhqwhgod Morloch
    Fhqwhgod Morloch Month ago

    Still better writing than the actual series.

  • Angela Risner
    Angela Risner Month ago


  • SubatomicMacroscopicParticleExpansion

    If you unplug your internet or leave the modem off for more than 24 hours, that will change your IP from what I've heard.

  • Mario583
    Mario583 Month ago

    Will this counteract the Fire Wall that I bought?

  • John Jones
    John Jones Month ago

    Kit R. R. Boga

  • Deena King
    Deena King Month ago

    LoL what was funny? near the beginning lol ..

  • Xander Rillon
    Xander Rillon Month ago

    Bridge your asshole cracked me up

  • Catherine Morgan
    Catherine Morgan Month ago

    1:30 did you say wenuik that's my birth last name


    @14:00 - that guy wants you Dead !!! he's kinda giddy that 'they do have rockets'.

  • Nicolette O'Neil
    Nicolette O'Neil Month ago

    Lady: Sorry your being difficult and I can't answer besides "I'm sorry" let me pass you onto our supervisor! these ppl are so stupid with a script and if they don't know lets google it because we know everything lol


    Ok you educated me about Game of Thrones.. I don't watch TV.. but that was funny man. The firewall - Icewall.. was just hilarious.

  • Pedro Maia
    Pedro Maia Month ago

    I'm pretty sure you spoke with this guy, before!...

  • Sonya Smith
    Sonya Smith Month ago

    Sounds like he is trying to run more than one scam at a time. I got a new scam call the other day wanting to know if I needed a loan. I’m sure he regretted talking to me. I wasn’t having a very good day. I messed with a long time, cause I’ve now learned from the best. Lol

  • Mick Roy
    Mick Roy Month ago

    Oh breach your asshole ? πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

  • Sonya Smith
    Sonya Smith Month ago

    Lol, you have her sooooo confused!!!

  • Daniyal Hayee
    Daniyal Hayee Month ago

    big up RuneScape skill shout out. play RuneScape with me, I have no 99's either.

  • Mystic Soul
    Mystic Soul Month ago

    Needs an army to defend his computer lol

  • lucky leo
    lucky leo Month ago

    they trying to breach your arse hole.

  • CaliburMan
    CaliburMan Month ago

    12:55 ICE wall

  • StainderFin
    StainderFin Month ago

    House of the Lord Trumpy? Leader of england? wtf lool! XD

  • Pedro Patel
    Pedro Patel Month ago

    STUPIDEST one from you