WHO WAS BEST? '99 or '08 | HUGE DEBATE: Stephen Howson vs Webby!

  • Published on May 30, 2019
  • Adam Mckola is joined in the studio for another HUGE DEBATE.. It's Darren 'Webby' Webb vs. Stephen Howson and this one's a belter.
    Let us know your favourite Manchester United team in the comments!
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Comments • 172

  • FullTimeDEVILS
    FullTimeDEVILS  7 months ago +8

    Let us know your favourite Manchester United team in the comments!

  • ShaneVXI
    ShaneVXI 4 months ago

    im 19, i was born in 1999 but im going to pick my team with players ive seen on tv and watched. i know this will cause arguments but hopefully im wrong and people understand its a team of players ive seen. GK: Van Der Sar Def: G Neville Vidic Rio F Evra Mid: Schools Keane Pogba ( i know fans are split on him but if not him Carrick) FRW: Giggs Rooney Ronaldo

  • Newton Heath
    Newton Heath 7 months ago

    1999 team was full of experience and exuberant but it represent a breakthrough... 2008 just sheer power and pace of youth and class rather maintaining status quo... both unbelievable

  • Little Dan McNamara
    Little Dan McNamara 7 months ago +1

    My favourite, and it isn't just because it was the best year/night if my life, but it has to be 99 treble team. without taking anything away from 08 team. There was two things which define 99 to be the best and that's the squad depth, the proof is in the most important game two of your main player can't even play in the game and the replacements are good enough to win it and second proof, the two strikers that won the UCL final were our 3rd and 4th choice striker. Secondly is the fact that we get past best team in the world to win the treble across all competitions, the whole premier League, fa cup, Liverpool, Chelsea, arsenal, Newcastle, UCL, Barcelona, Bayern Munich x2, Inter Milan, Juventus. These teams were in great form this year. 08 had an easier run in UCL. Then topped off, with the fantastic moments, like Giggsys goal fa cup, David Beckhams performance all year, Schmeichels bergkamp penalty save that kept us in it, the Jaap Stam clearance off the line against juve in the second leg of the semis, the extra time goals in the UCL final. Also the amount of luck and greatness in 99, there were some games which were quite lucky.
    Not saying 08 didn't have great moments, great teams, or our team were any less great than 99. But I think if you way up everything. Nothing compares to 99.
    And I'm not being biased because 99 was the best year/night of my life

  • Batman Robin
    Batman Robin 7 months ago


  • Jake Rogers
    Jake Rogers 7 months ago +1

    The way I look at it, go through the starting 11 for both eras:
    Schmeichel beats van Der sar (1-0)
    Gnev beats Wes brown (2-0)
    Vida beats Johnsen (2-1)
    Stam beats Ferdinand (3-1)
    Evra beats Irwin (3-2)
    Ronaldo beats Beckham (3-3)
    Scholes 08 beats Scholes 99 (4-3)
    Keane beats carrick (4-4)
    Giggs 99 beats Giggs 08 (5-4)
    And then Cole and Yorke vs Rooney and Tevez is pretty much inseperable for me.
    Both unbelievable but personally I’d say 08 was a better side, but it’s too close to call

  • Olbap Rabocse
    Olbap Rabocse 7 months ago

    99 all day...08 was good but 99 had a better all rounded squad...having said all that 94 was a beast of a team.

  • doomplatoon
    doomplatoon 7 months ago

    Howson - it's who we are!
    No Howson, you are shit now

  • Geo Emmanuel
    Geo Emmanuel 7 months ago +1

    08 attack was like a Tsunami. I always believed if owen hargo didnt had the injury problems we could have gone on and won more champions leagues. What he gave tactically is still unmatched in united.

  • vishal sorout
    vishal sorout 7 months ago

    It's 99 all the way there's no debate

  • Lloyd Christmas
    Lloyd Christmas 7 months ago

    6:55 Berbatov wasnt there in the 08 season

  • Simeon Batchelor
    Simeon Batchelor 7 months ago

    living in the past ahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaahahhahahahahhaa

  • Craig N
    Craig N 7 months ago

    00:37 the reason you have to justify it is because for 2 decades you bantered Liverpool for always going on about their history and living in the past. Now that the shoe is on the other foot you have to take a step back and reevaluate where Man Utd are as a club and where your rivals are.

  • alfianmm
    alfianmm 7 months ago

    No point discussing cos we r shit in 19.

  • Ghiyãth Klink
    Ghiyãth Klink 7 months ago

    Huge DEBATE! lol you guys decided on 08 before you sat down.

  • stevie86h
    stevie86h 7 months ago

    1999 team for me, as I had grown up with the class 92 as my hero's and we had big Pete in goals, with the wall in Stam at CB, Keane controlling everything else. I feel that if that squad was here now, we could give Man City and Liverpool a run for there money and close the gap that's between us at the moment. Hopefully that's what OLE will bring back to the club, a sense of passion and pride that the 99 team had in bucket loads. GGMU for Life

  • d costo
    d costo 7 months ago

    99 was better , way better , great comeback , and great players , Great story cause of all the young players coming through , ole coming of bench and winning the thing , special time, beating juventus in semi . Seemed to be bigger deal beating the italian and spanish teams.was special cause in the 90s english teams were not in the final for a long time ,

  • Pick Me Mark!
    Pick Me Mark! 7 months ago

    •Gary Naville was apart of both teams
    •Berbetove wasn’t part of the 08 champions league team

    • Abdi Ali
      Abdi Ali 7 months ago

      yes he was loool he came in 2008 after CL final but was still part of it for a year so i guess he is

  • Ryan Kelly
    Ryan Kelly 7 months ago +1

    Let it go. We are shit currently its embarrassing how much we keep bringing uo the past

  • DZ 27
    DZ 27 7 months ago +4

    The 1999 and 2008 sides are nowhere near as good the legendary 2019 side

    • J B
      J B 7 months ago

      DZ 27 lol

  • Kamar McCarthy-Botchway

    99 was more historic and had genuine world class legends of the club. 08 was the better team overall though. Absolutely dominant that year and Ronaldo was unplayable. We were more fun to watch.

  • Flacko 7
    Flacko 7 7 months ago +1

    Old enough to see both teams. 11 vs 11 08 would beat 99 many times over

  • Nick Fox
    Nick Fox 7 months ago

    Man Utd, forever living in the PAST just like the Scousers. Manchester City 2019 would beat both of those teams

    • Debate It
      Debate It 7 months ago

      Nick Fox would they fuck you clown!

    • Toe Poke FC
      Toe Poke FC 7 months ago

      Nick Fox Liverpool just won the ucl for the 6th time

  • stevie t
    stevie t 7 months ago

    Today’s city team smokes both 99 and 08 united squads

  • Peter Kelly
    Peter Kelly 7 months ago

    2-0 down at half time to Spurs was in 09 not 08 and berbatov didn't come until after we won the ucl

  • mike solomon
    mike solomon 7 months ago +1

    for me my favourite was the 93/94 team they played fantastic fast furious football , just watch the highlights of that season on you tube...did the double in 94 and just look at the players we had Schmeichel / Parker / Irwin / Bruce / Pallister in the defence , Keane Ince Cantona in midfield Kanchelskis and Giggs on the wings and Mark Hughes centre forward . ace .

    • d costo
      d costo 7 months ago

      ya i love that period myself , cantona with the collar up , the first two leagues were the foundation for 99 , cause it showed the rest , Liverpool especially who were the ones on top . Sadly it a different story now , they need roy keane in old trafford ,

  • Ruairi O'Neill
    Ruairi O'Neill 7 months ago


  • Chukwuemeka Ogbu
    Chukwuemeka Ogbu 7 months ago

    08 had the better team by a long shot.

  • TheMakersRage
    TheMakersRage 7 months ago

    Webbie doesn't do deadlines lol

  • james fisher
    james fisher 7 months ago +3

    2 great teams, 94 was a great side aswell, real tough competitors combined with speed and flair

  • Sam Jones
    Sam Jones 7 months ago

    There really is only one answer, it's the 1999 team. The 2008 team was incredible, but I think a lot of fans were too young in 1999 to be able to properly compare the two teams. We had Peter Schmeichel the greatest goalkeeper to ever play for United, two full backs Gary Neville and Irwin who are arguably the two best full backs to play for United, Jaap Stam who would destroy any opponent and is probably the best centre back to play for United, Ronnie Johnsen his underrated CB partner, our greatest ever midfield four that really need no words of Keane, Scholes, Beckham, Giggs, and the amazing striker partnership of Yorke and Cole, with super sub Ole and Teddy adding experience to the side.

  • TheMakersRage
    TheMakersRage 7 months ago +1

    I agree with Howson's assessment but there's no way Beckham was the best player in the world in '99, a year when R9, Rivaldo, Zidane, Bergkamp, Figo, Davids, Roberto Carlos, etc. were still in their prime. There was never any talk at the time that he was the best in the world either. Great crosser of the ball and dead ball specialist, but he wasn't even the best player at UTD that year. Let's keep it real.

  • Gerard Ryan
    Gerard Ryan 7 months ago

    It's ok to appreciate our history but you have to be careful not to sound like liverpool fans

  • benito tommassi
    benito tommassi 7 months ago

    Errrm.. 99! The be all and end all is winning trophies. They won all three major trophies they were aiming for.

  • Mr Jones
    Mr Jones 7 months ago

    You can't be serious? Beckham the best player from the Class of 92!!! WTF. I'm dreaming. What an insult to Giggs and Scholes. You must be still blinded by Beckham's glorious return in the red shirt last Sunday? Beckham is as honest as the day's long, pure pro and met every challenge, but really, Scholes had more talent in his little toe, and Giggs, well do I really need to spill out the sheer list of honours, accolades, records, longevity, pace and all types of goals. Beckham with all respect was a glorious one trick pony and the very best of his type with consistent crosses and set pieces for as long as I can remember but he wasn't a better midfielder than McManaman, Ronaldo, Robben or Pirlo. I'm shocked you really think that, I wonder if Beckham has a shit game last Sunday you'd be even saying that?

  • Tim Forbes
    Tim Forbes 7 months ago

    99, just everyone performed and I’m seeing that the 08 team is more talented, have to disagree

  • Mr Jones
    Mr Jones 7 months ago

    Why not include the '68 team too? I'd argue as a one off match at all their peaks, the '68 1st team would beat the '99 and '08 1st teams.

  • krick_mufc
    krick_mufc 7 months ago

    08 edges it for me but I couldn't argue with 99 , an unbelievable period for us.

  • Stuart O
    Stuart O 7 months ago

    This could have been a hr show guys webby had more to say.

  • NASA 2020
    NASA 2020 7 months ago +1

    The 5-2 against spurs was in the 09 season. Are these utd fans lol

    • krick_mufc
      krick_mufc 7 months ago

      Yes but they are virtually the same team with the addition of berba

  • NASA 2020
    NASA 2020 7 months ago +8

    Berbatov wasn't in 08 team he arrived in the summer of 08 09 season. Plus I think the 09 team was amazing

  • Regan
    Regan 7 months ago

    2019 is my favourite

  • lew115
    lew115 7 months ago

    Van der Sar,
    G Neville,
    Stam ,
    Vidic ,
    Scholes (99),

  • D Bigga B: Utd All the Way

    Can’t believe Webby says 08 team it’s close but 99 all day for me all the young fans say 08 the ones that can’t really remember 99

  • Apollyon 1975
    Apollyon 1975 7 months ago

    Why is Howson debating this topic. He was still sucking his mothers titties in 99!

  • Danny Mann
    Danny Mann 7 months ago

    08 would smash the 99 team. Imagine a young ronaldo up against gary neville

  • Richard Stainer
    Richard Stainer 7 months ago

    Man for man '99 was better than '08. A combined 11 = schmeichel, Irwin, stam, rio, g nev, 99 giggs, Keane, 99 Scholes, Beckham, Ronaldo Rooney.

  • Ben baller did the chain
    Ben baller did the chain 7 months ago +3

    '99 team be on some anime shit, NEVER EVER gives up, teams just cant seem to beat them after Christmas period.
    the '08 team was a team where the gods blessed the team with talent that comes once every generation

  • Nadjim TZT
    Nadjim TZT 7 months ago +1

    Ask fergie

  • Abbotini
    Abbotini 7 months ago +2

    Couldn't agree more with Ste's analysis of Beckham in 99! Without a doubt my favourite united player during my lifetime and it sucks that he didn't get the recognition he deserved for his football ability over his celebrity.

  • supastar
    supastar 7 months ago +1

    2008 team was very strong but 99 easily shades it imo...the balance in that squad was phenomenal...not to mention in both cup competitions they got possibly the toughest draws throughout and dug deep to win even from losing positions...they had HEART...such drive to keep going and always ultimately believed they can win even when they're down...the 99 team were special. Not to mention that semi VS Arsenal at Villa Park is easily one of the best football matches I've ever watched...still..it literally had everything.

  • Catarino Bernardo João

    I am so proud to see giggs is both champions league final.....

  • ukbigjon
    ukbigjon 7 months ago

    Brown is not better than gary Neville. Don't get me wrong; Brown was under rated, at the time and has been ever since. But Neville was a brilliant rb. I'm sure Adam you don't really mean Brown was better??

  • Adam Doležálek
    Adam Doležálek 7 months ago

    that coin toss had me dying

  • TC 11
    TC 11 7 months ago

    08 team had flair up front

  • JFisher1989
    JFisher1989 7 months ago

    2008 for me, loved watching that team. Rooney, Ronaldo, Tevez, Park, Nani, Saha and Giggs as our attack. So much depth there and variety. A really balanced midfield and the best defence weve had definitely

  • James Waldron
    James Waldron 7 months ago +4

    Roy Keane tips it in 99's favour!

  • Ali Riaz
    Ali Riaz 7 months ago

    Structurally the 08 squad was better.

  • DaveyBoyy25
    DaveyBoyy25 7 months ago

    1968 united first english team to win european cup! 1999 united win the treble! 2008 united beat chelsea on penalties! How the fuck is liverpools win against ac milan better! Why are liverpool fans so arrogant all the time!

  • Muhammad Abdee Ridho Wicaksono

    Aghh dude,no need debate,they both were great all of them play for money and with full passion,not right now player plays only for money.