Germany 7-1 Brazil 2014 FWC Semi Finals All goals & Highlights FHD/1080P

  • Published on Mar 4, 2019
  • Germany 7-1 Brazil 2014 FWC Semi Finals All goals & Highlights FHD/1080P
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  • Fizzy Pop
    Fizzy Pop 25 seconds ago

    The greatest battering in World Cup History.

  • Abdi daljir
    Abdi daljir 3 minutes ago

    It's all about *manuel neuer*

  • Ahsan K
    Ahsan K 13 minutes ago

    This is me playing the fifa game on ps4 and just destroying the other team on easy mode

  • una persona random en internet

    Olvidaba que chiqui marco fue arbitro de este partido xd

    KOT ByHTAX 25 minutes ago

    that was a german xxx film for Brazil )

  • Jay patel
    Jay patel 27 minutes ago

    I remeber watching it live in my gujarati class

  • Ktowers
    Ktowers 27 minutes ago

    Shoutout to the Brazilian government that bowed down to fifas demands and still had the money to support the summer Olympics how are those stadiums doing but hey at least they got gold in soccer lmao

  • Nobody Knows
    Nobody Knows 36 minutes ago +1

    3:38 Ah shit here we go again

  • Kim Jong Un
    Kim Jong Un 40 minutes ago

    They needed Neymar badly

  • x I Wolfy x
    x I Wolfy x 46 minutes ago

    I hate watching the world cups, everyone plays so dumb and everyone becomes a try hard 😂

  • h31212
    h31212 Hour ago

    2:51 lol that guy looks like he injured himself trying to tackle the goaler

  • Vinnie Jones
    Vinnie Jones Hour ago

    5,5 thousand brasil fans disiked this video

  • Maira Espinosa
    Maira Espinosa Hour ago

    Por rratas le paso eso por robar a colombia

  • jheremy ZG
    jheremy ZG Hour ago

    Alemania golea a Brasil 7-1 y a toda sudamérica le duele
    Chile goleó 7-0 a México y toda Concacaf lo celebra, esa es la diferencia entre un falso campeón y buen equipo.

  • Tyler Hansen
    Tyler Hansen Hour ago +1

    5-0 in 30 minutes?! dis shits depressing bro

  • Zinjx
    Zinjx Hour ago

    Edit by Edward Scissorhands

  • Dogfrog Extreme
    Dogfrog Extreme Hour ago

    If you ever feel worthless, just watch this

  • Didier Giraldo
    Didier Giraldo Hour ago

    Karma... Brazil Cheated against Colombia.

  • tubilar111
    tubilar111 2 hours ago

    ... "Absolute humiliation!"

  • PAt imetro
    PAt imetro 2 hours ago

    brasilero pete ez pz macaco

  • Nhím Bamboo
    Nhím Bamboo 2 hours ago

    2019 and i still see. :)))

  • RaizeN
    RaizeN 2 hours ago

    I didn’t know that TheXvid allow rape videos

  • Sarah 62728
    Sarah 62728 2 hours ago

    O melhor é ver os Americanos falando do Brasil mas continuamos sendo melhores que eles KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  • Spark Middy
    Spark Middy 2 hours ago +1

    Brazil lost because they couldn’t put in the net and because they would always kick the ball wide or sky high

  • حمودي العراقي

    أّګوِ عٌربِ بِلَطّيِّأّرهِ

    AMZ ALHM 2 hours ago

    German technology

  • A M
    A M 2 hours ago +1

    The best gangbang of WC history

  • Das Faultier
    Das Faultier 2 hours ago

    I bet the Germans didnt want to make more Goals ahahahahaha

    LEAN VELOSO 2 hours ago


  • MadPotty01
    MadPotty01 3 hours ago

    To be fair, Brazil had a bunch of good chances in the second half. If they had scored 3 goals by the 50th minute, maybe it would have been a different match with more pressure on Germany to defend? That was a damn good German team.

  • Father Michael
    Father Michael 3 hours ago

    They deserved the defeat just for the disgusting diving. Brazil is a disgrace to all football fans.

  • Andy aus St.Georg
    Andy aus St.Georg 3 hours ago

    Wenn ich scheiß Laune habe, kuck ich das hier, dann gehts mir wieder mega gut! !😂😂😂😂

  • Lamont Coleman
    Lamont Coleman 3 hours ago

    In an alternate reality Germany were more ruthless after 5-0 and chased the double digits, and just as their tenth goal goes in the pitch is invaded, riots ensue and the whole tournament abandoned as Brazil becomes a savage wasteland

  • Tom 4444
    Tom 4444 3 hours ago

    When willian was on the pitch the result was 1-1. He’s the goat

  • Paola Coan
    Paola Coan 3 hours ago +1

    David Luis pobre como lloro con esta derrota!!

  • Blitz Schnell
    Blitz Schnell 3 hours ago +5

    Dieses Grotten schlechte Brazil Team hätten unsere Fußball Damen ebenfalls geschlagen. PS. "Eine Neymar Ohne"- Wein Krampf Truppe !

    • Kampfpuffi
      Kampfpuffi Hour ago

      Blitz Schnell Sogar gegen die hätten die Frauen verloren. Wer gegen Regionalligisten verliert.

  • Rafael Breno
    Rafael Breno 3 hours ago

    This is the brazilian 9/11, but instead of a remarkable day in the national history, with hundreds of dead people and a huge national commotions of all lost, in here it's just a inside joke HU3HU3BRBR

  • Paola Coan
    Paola Coan 3 hours ago +1

    Mi selección Alemana la mejor del mundo!!

    • Paola Coan
      Paola Coan 3 hours ago

      Toda la vida contigo Alemania!!

  • Ron Schneider
    Ron Schneider 3 hours ago +1

    Darum ist neuer der beste Torwart der welt

  • Martin Leung
    Martin Leung 3 hours ago


  • Marcus Bauer Llanas
    Marcus Bauer Llanas 3 hours ago +1

    easy, wer kommt auch aus deutschland🇩🇪🇩🇪

  • crypto luca
    crypto luca 3 hours ago

    0:32 no wonder they won that high if they can move so fast

  • StraightHugo
    StraightHugo 3 hours ago +1

    Love of my life left me. I am here to calm myself and forget the humiliation. 😋

    • Pranjal Dutta
      Pranjal Dutta 54 minutes ago +1

      don't worry that person who humiliated you will also be humiliated just like Germany in 2018😁😁😁

  • Guodlca
    Guodlca 3 hours ago

    I'm angry they let them score once. Would've loved to see 7-0.

  • unisex quanvaao
    unisex quanvaao 3 hours ago

    ;) neyma haha

  • Crown Of Blood Official

    Only Germans can do this !!!

  • Ev 's
    Ev 's 4 hours ago

    Looking back at it now, that Brazil team just isn’t semi final worthy, except for maybe Julio Cesar and Fernandinho

  • Yasmin Carla
    Yasmin Carla 4 hours ago +1

    Alguem *BR* aqui lembrando essa vergonha em 2019?
    \ ●

  • AnAcondA
    AnAcondA 4 hours ago

    This match was so funny to watch

  • cant touch
    cant touch 4 hours ago

    mlk diatiti to mouni ti manas s0u

  • Uwe Scharnhorst
    Uwe Scharnhorst 4 hours ago

    Gut gemacht Deutschland

  • Ankush Joglekar
    Ankush Joglekar 4 hours ago

    Never gets old 🤣🤣

  • Whitney Starr
    Whitney Starr 4 hours ago

    Ich sehe das, um glücklich zu sein😂😂

  • G Sync
    G Sync 4 hours ago +1

    Thanos: snapping half of those players into oblivion puts a smile on my face.

  • Fuzeleyϟ
    Fuzeleyϟ 4 hours ago

    Wtf das video wurde am 3.3.19 veröffentlicht und 10mio. Views

  • Kurt Zerpimmel
    Kurt Zerpimmel 4 hours ago

    That was a live on tv rape

  • iZnoGouD
    iZnoGouD 4 hours ago


  • HDJoogan
    HDJoogan 4 hours ago

    Ja Ehre genommen

  • Julius Orji
    Julius Orji 4 hours ago

    I was traveling to France on that day

  • JW
    JW 5 hours ago

    Could’ve been about 5-4 by 55 minutes

  • Bala yes
    Bala yes 5 hours ago

    What the hell was that.

  • robb Stark
    robb Stark 5 hours ago

    5:21 ahahah unforgettable

  • svfutbol20
    svfutbol20 5 hours ago

    Pretty sure these highlights are still on pornhub lmao

  • Fuck
    Fuck 5 hours ago

    Brazil only made it worse for them with the embarrassing dive attempts. Even when they were 3/5-0 down, they were throwing themselves at the floor. This meant that the neutral fan had no sympathy for the players, only the every day people of Brazil who were disgraced by their insipid footballing side. No heart, no grit, no drive. Germany truly killed that team.

  • Geoffrey Brockmeier
    Geoffrey Brockmeier 5 hours ago

    I had never watched a soccer game in my life. A friend of mine said, “Want to watch the World Cup?” I said, “sure, I guess.” This was the game.

  • Aditya Raj
    Aditya Raj 5 hours ago +8

    Netherlands 5-1Spain
    Germany 7-1Brazil
    2 humiliations in one world cup

    • Kampfpuffi
      Kampfpuffi Hour ago

      Aditya Raj Germany 4:0 Portugal.

    FINLEYDUDE 13 5 hours ago

    This feels like a 9 year old game

  • Christopher Gomez
    Christopher Gomez 5 hours ago +1

    This video should be called no Neymar no victory Germany 7-1 Brazil

  • M. job
    M. job 5 hours ago

    Glorious day this was hmmm.

  • Matei Pletea
    Matei Pletea 5 hours ago

    Die aus Deutschland sind sehr stolz : ) P.S. ich bin aus Deutschland

  • So Many Replies So Little Time

    The day Germany stole candy from a baby.

  • Anindya Mitra
    Anindya Mitra 5 hours ago

    This is Shawshank Redemption but the main character gets shot while trying to bust out of the prison! 👮😷👮🚓

    GAMING ONLY 5 hours ago

    Game is for entertainment what a stupid people buy expensive tickets and crying even if Brazil have won those spectator will get nada haha 😂

  • xxlilfirexx :D
    xxlilfirexx :D 5 hours ago

    When you put fifa on legendary difficulty

  • christian t.a.
    christian t.a. 5 hours ago

    5:21 sad moment :( rip

  • christian t.a.
    christian t.a. 5 hours ago

    vamos peru , ustedes ganaron a alemania :v , a golear a brasil asi

  • Augustine Brind
    Augustine Brind 5 hours ago

    Funny cause I was there

  • Augustine Brind
    Augustine Brind 5 hours ago

    Funny cause I was there

  • XAVI9R 969
    XAVI9R 969 5 hours ago

    After this, Brazil was never the same

  • V
    V 5 hours ago

    this defending was the absolute worst like look at the first goal? he was standing completely free not even 1 person behind him?

  • 김진영
    김진영 6 hours ago +1

    But Germany in Russia.....

  • Otto Von Bismarck
    Otto Von Bismarck 6 hours ago

    Julio Cesar is incorporeal. That’s why Brazil lost.

  • Taha Akbari
    Taha Akbari 6 hours ago

    Not Brazilian... But I felt really bad...

  • Algopchang Dwaeji
    Algopchang Dwaeji 6 hours ago

    Like=20🇧🇷🇩🇪 vs comment=🇩🇪🇰🇷19

  • Ike Evans
    Ike Evans 6 hours ago

    It will be a century before Brazil can forget this game.

  • Cartilho TV TUBE
    Cartilho TV TUBE 6 hours ago +1

    I Love my Brazil and fuck germany

  • Claudio Ramos
    Claudio Ramos 6 hours ago

    Estos son los partidos arregladoz por la fifa :;la fifa la puta del mejor deporte del mundo que pena

  • VeqaZ
    VeqaZ 6 hours ago

    In Germany we call this Vergewaltigung

  • Haamish McGarry
    Haamish McGarry 7 hours ago

    lol 😂

  • guccis orestis
    guccis orestis 7 hours ago

    It's so nice watching Europe fuck America for one more time

  • Valentina Morales
    Valentina Morales 7 hours ago

    Brazil jjajaa esos les pasa por hijos de perra por tramposos

  • Adolfo Macri
    Adolfo Macri 7 hours ago

    Germany R.I.P 2014-2018.

  • Martin Castro
    Martin Castro 7 hours ago +1

    It was a brutal game to watch.

  • Rock Avenger
    Rock Avenger 7 hours ago

    rape rape rape rape

  • Danie Lekoutey
    Danie Lekoutey 7 hours ago

    The German National Team are murder

  • winner yeahmate
    winner yeahmate 7 hours ago

    RIP Brazil

  • Mohammad Theo
    Mohammad Theo 7 hours ago

    report all afk players.

  • Prashant Aggarwal
    Prashant Aggarwal 7 hours ago

    Seeing the highlights it looked as if Germany was playing with 11 person and Brasil with 8..poor coaching..see if u are 2 nill down..u should immediately apply plan B..should be super defensive..then hope for fault from other team..

  • Positive Mentality
    Positive Mentality 7 hours ago

    Flopping won't win you games.

  • Pratik Gautam
    Pratik Gautam 8 hours ago

    They must've argued- who scores next?