MAN UTD 1-0 INTER MILAN | Adam Mckola & Stephen Howson Review

  • Published on Jul 20, 2019
  • Adam Mckola is at the Singapore National Stadium bringing you fan cams following Man United’s 1-0 win over Inter Milan, continuing the unbeaten pre-season tour and clean sheet record. 3 from 3 baby! How good was Greenwood?!
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Comments • 321

  • ws01
    ws01 28 days ago

    Yes be patient fat Russell Crowe's son

  • Alpha male Pedro
    Alpha male Pedro 28 days ago

    God this is a shit channel

  • Andrew Wood
    Andrew Wood 29 days ago

    Howsen Hardly a football expert so I doubt Dan James will take any notice of your critism which is uncalled for anyway. The young lad has done well

  • Alex Spotila
    Alex Spotila Month ago

    Anyone gunna comment on Adam and his technicolor dream coat? Just me ok. Can’t wait for Chelsea at OT.

  • Joseph Keogh
    Joseph Keogh Month ago

    I thought Man U play Leeds ah why cannot ah

  • Joseph Keogh
    Joseph Keogh Month ago

    This is Man U home love Man U

  • WhyTheFace-_-.
    WhyTheFace-_-. Month ago

    See you in Shanghai tomorrow!!!!! My first live United game ever..... Man I am excited

  • Matt Thorpe
    Matt Thorpe Month ago

    Ste talked alot of sense here, not bad for a fat lad that can't play football lol props dude

  • BENEDICT Adedeji
    BENEDICT Adedeji Month ago

    Now Nobody is talking about our Attacking frontline that still looks not convincing enough

  • BENEDICT Adedeji
    BENEDICT Adedeji Month ago

    How come Transfer look easy for Madrid Man city and United struggles to sign all we keep seeing is rumors till the season kicks off and United finish 6th and we talk about rebuilding again

  • Toby sefa
    Toby sefa Month ago

    I've never seen someone so delusional about daniel james

  • Bassam Hakami
    Bassam Hakami Month ago

    That thumbnail thought its a trailer for a new home alone movie

  • Bassam Hakami
    Bassam Hakami Month ago

    That thumbnail thought its a trailer for a new home alone movie

  • folly four
    folly four Month ago +1

    Lingard Rashford and Martial wasteful today ? They were wasteful all season and you slate a new signing . Fuck off .

  • Paul malecki
    Paul malecki Month ago

    'Its our year' lmaooooooooooooooo

  • UTDHawls08
    UTDHawls08 Month ago

    Seems like you are trying to make the narrative fit your comments before we signed DJ.... He's done okay so far, yet he has 1 bad half and all of a sudden you were right hes not good enough!!.... not having it!...... give the lad a chance, you see what happened with all the negative Ashley Young comments... Fans booing their own player for coming on the pitch.... Disgraceful... you have a responsibility when you are influencing others, ask yourself are my comments about a player a benefit to the team/club? By all means criticise, but in general rather than single out individuals.

  • george kimathi
    george kimathi Month ago

    Idiots never talked about that midfield..bla bla bla..if Lindelof or Bailly go down, if rashford, Martial, go down...nobody talks about pogba going dooooown!!!! who can even pass that ball!

    MISBAHUL IMAM Month ago

    Stephen is on point about Fan James.. He has got the pace but his passing isn't great and his finishing isn't great either..... But he is still very young so hopefully he can improve......

  • Lowry TV
    Lowry TV Month ago

    Stephen used to be a man about patience with players. Now he just wants instant success.

  • Sau s
    Sau s Month ago

    James has played better than Martial and Lingard this preseason.

  • Derrick Zalo
    Derrick Zalo Month ago

    Could've have liked the video but I won't because of Howson..

  • King jaffe
    King jaffe Month ago

    Get over the diamond formation Ste, please

  • Steve Collinson
    Steve Collinson Month ago

    Your content is quality lads , your not like that other channel that just chases views by abusing the team , it's genuine honest analysis

  • Sho
    Sho Month ago

    Dan James literally just came in, relax howson. It’s only pre- season the season hasn’t even started

  • Eugene Grace
    Eugene Grace Month ago

    Would say a bit harsh on James. Watched all games so far and in the Inter game especially his pressing and hassling was excellent. That attitude is contagious. I would also say he is not even close to being the finished article and his work on the ball certainly needs a lot of improvement... but give it time this is a huge step up for him and he needs encouragement.

  • 호우
    호우 Month ago

    no this is not enough. i just watched spurs vs juventus.... and i am shocked because even their youth players can actually dribble pass through juventus. look at who we played against.

  • Yaw Osei Tutu
    Yaw Osei Tutu Month ago

    Leave James alone. You ain't the perfect article either Mr Howson. It's a big step up for this bloke and he needs all the time to develop. If you don't love him, we the true united fans adore him. Gtfo

  • Sam aughton
    Sam aughton Month ago

    Weird opinion on a 21 year old who has played 3 games for us...2 mint games then you jump on him for having an off day

  • The Bizness
    The Bizness Month ago

    James will improve but I don't think he will be any better than Rashford. Both have low football IQ but great athletes. For £15mill I'm not expecting him to set the world a light but I expect him to make an impact from the bench.

  • Dayle Anderson
    Dayle Anderson Month ago +2

    Give James some time. Too early to judge him.

  • Josh Cox
    Josh Cox Month ago

    I like the 4231 it suits us better imagine Bruno as CAM behind rashford legthal team

  • ScottSingers1992
    ScottSingers1992 Month ago

    Howson isn’t convinced at a 19 year old. Boy ruins Full Time Devils just a negative twat 24/7

  • alexEi4o
    alexEi4o Month ago

    I for one agree with Howson on Dan James

  • ghaithalhashimy
    ghaithalhashimy Month ago

    Howson be harsh on the lad after giving him a year and he keeps giving a zero % of improvement ( during the season ) and not from a summer tour game

  • Paul K
    Paul K Month ago

    mate hes just come from totally another level of football his just played inter Milan give james a chance bruno Fernandes will find it difficult first couple games bit unfair there mate

    FILTHY RiCH Month ago

    Howsons drunk

  • Adil Lambat
    Adil Lambat Month ago

    The Best Bailly> The Best Maguire

  • Adil Lambat
    Adil Lambat Month ago

    Bailly was mint.

  • matt oneill
    matt oneill Month ago

    I think that was the worst of dan James last night but I think we will see him grow a lot over the season he definitely has a better chance to at united and it’s a big step from the championship so just got to back him I feel if he works on his job in the final 3rd give it 2 or 3 years and you’ll have a great winger

  • Ashutosh Rogye
    Ashutosh Rogye Month ago

    i dont know what Hownson is smoking these days... claiming that lingard was quality against inter.. its okay to criticize james but he surely had a better game than lingard i suppose. Literally disrespecting J.S. Park there, by comparing lingy to him !!!

  • Joe Beresford
    Joe Beresford Month ago

    Agree on Dan James. Not much quality on the end product.

    To those criticising Rashford, fuck off you fucking plastics.

  • Reedwaan Williams
    Reedwaan Williams Month ago

    AWB LINDELOF *MAGUIRE* SHAW... Much better than last season... Let's get it over the line

  • Richard Ryan
    Richard Ryan Month ago

    Is it just me or does Luke shaw slow our play down he takes an age on the ball.

  • Yash Kene
    Yash Kene Month ago

    howson are you nuts? didn't expect your comments on james..!!! look at his work rate he runs from one box to another in such a quick time for counter attack yesss he needs to improve but not fair to have this comment just by seeing is 2 games..!!!

  • Nick 87
    Nick 87 Month ago +4

    Howson thinks he’s pep Guardiola!

  • gowtham p
    gowtham p Month ago

    Martial, rashford and lingard are all shit. I've lost patience with these lot. Idk why Ole likes them, but let's be honest they have been shit for a long time

  • Foncham Rogers
    Foncham Rogers Month ago

    Axel is learning pretty fast let’s not make the mistake of Sending him out on loan

  • ya14 hool
    ya14 hool Month ago

    You lot are not understanding Howsie..He is just stating facts..Dan James natural ability is his speed...By no mean Ronaldo..Utd is a Step up and is on another level as a club..He has to improve on his decision making but it will take time..

  • bryan newsome
    bryan newsome Month ago

    Howson your a bit too critical on James. Give the guy time bruh

  • D.B. Cooper
    D.B. Cooper Month ago

    This team could really use maguire man. Inter sucked and still managed to make every set piece dangerous. Maguire would put an end to that bullshit. Lindelof looks like a future star but his strength isn’t in the air.

  • Zerosky777
    Zerosky777 Month ago

    I disagree that lingard should be our no.10, he runs around like a lost kid and doesn't create chances like juan mata. In the final third, he almost doesn't finish most of the time..

  • Hamza Omar
    Hamza Omar Month ago


    K4SHMIRI BLADE Month ago

    Howson didn't even mention Chong's good displays because he's already written him off.

  • Hasanul Choudhury
    Hasanul Choudhury Month ago

    Let’s not get carried away it’s still pre-season but boys great analysis 👌🏾

  • Jose Bolado
    Jose Bolado Month ago

    Daniel James didn’t come to solve our problems immediately he just came here to be a development player like he was worth 15 mil and cane from the championship like we need to give the kid time I just get really annoyed when people critique James

  • mx r
    mx r Month ago

    Howson going after dani James because he is threat to his mate j lingz

  • Lucky starr
    Lucky starr Month ago

    James is not good enough for United. Just another deadwood added to the squad. He might improve but not this season. He need at least 4 years to improve.

    • Sau s
      Sau s Month ago

      He's not deadwood, he's got potential. He's been here 5 minutes at least give the guy a chance before u write him off.

  • Matthew Mwale
    Matthew Mwale Month ago

    I’m waiting for Tottenham preseason game!!

  • Shamus Chan
    Shamus Chan Month ago

    Was at the game. First live Man U match for me..Loved the atmosphere, appreciated the attacking football, went crazy over Wan Bissaka, but disappointed with our star strikers. Rashford and Martial weren't wasteful, they just outright choked so many times without even pulling the trigger

  • Anthony Woodhouse
    Anthony Woodhouse Month ago

    Actually Dan was great and stood out in a championship Swansea team but I
    Do worry about him becoming the next Nick Powell

  • Red Man
    Red Man Month ago

    I don't know what game Steve watched. They took the ball when they wanted.

  • WOOOPdoctorFROGhere

    Ashley young gets a lot of criticism, but three beauts of long balls over the top. Why can't he just be used as a back up left winger rather than a full back. Chong was also very good, inter were shit scared when he ran at them and just resorted to fouling him. Pretty embarrassing for these experienced players being unable to tackle a kid

  • mozamz
    mozamz Month ago

    wtf who r you

  • James
    James Month ago

    a bit harsh on daniel james there, i thought he was pretty good. ok made some wayward passes but i think he presses fine, he'll come good i reckon...

  • BiGZ 7
    BiGZ 7 Month ago

    From the past 3 games we have learnt
    Tuanzebe is an absolute monster
    Awb can tackle thin air
    Lindelof has found his partnership
    Pogba looks like he actually wants to play
    Rashford still thinks hes ronaldo
    Martial is starting to actually play and not be lazy
    Gomes chong and greenwood showed people why they need to be in the first team

  • BiGZ 7
    BiGZ 7 Month ago

    United are the same every year
    Every season we start we play the ball from back to front quick
    We just can't put the ball in the back of the net
    Lads need to practice their finishing eg.. Dan James, lingard, martial(sometimes always takes that extra touch when he should just shoot)

  • dogcatdogable
    dogcatdogable Month ago +1

    I don't rate him like everyone else but seeing Young embrace Greenwood when he scored touched me for some reason. I'm fine with him in the father figure role for the young uns as long as he's not teaching them to cross.

  • travis 177
    travis 177 Month ago

    James is doing great Steve take it easy bro

  • kevin clsyton
    kevin clsyton Month ago +5

    Bro Dan James is a kid never was ment for the first team.strait away..give him 1 years to get the man utd way ffs lol

  • Gunslinger Oy
    Gunslinger Oy Month ago

    Tainting the blessed name of Ji-sung park with jesse fucking Lingard is absolute blasphemy. BuT hIs MoVeMeNtZ! He's a dog chasing after the ball in a park. No comparison.

  • David Hales
    David Hales Month ago

    It's ok having footballing centre halves but your midfielders have to want the ball i.e. McTominay not Matic. Greenwood has been a revelation 🙌🙌 James is w.i.p wan bassaka unbelievable. So far Ole must be very proud and now looking forward to the new season come on you reds

  • Zenthoriam VII
    Zenthoriam VII Month ago +3

    So a kid has just signed for one of the biggest clubs in the world, from a championship side, his dad has not long passed away, 3 games in to pre season and you're not convinced already 🙈. What type of BS is that.

  • Dynamo duck
    Dynamo duck Month ago +1

    Let us not forget Ronaldo (totally different player I know) didn't have much of an end product for at least his 1st 6months to a year. Give the lad a break. Even if he doesn't improve on it sooner rather later I think his enthusiasm could be vital if he brough on in game when other players heads have drop, it can be infections and lift them,
    or imagine bringing himself and lingard into a game late when the other team is getting tired and injecting that energy.

  • j dee
    j dee Month ago


  • Rowan R
    Rowan R Month ago +2

    Ole just came out and said he won’t be too upset if he doesn’t get his transfer targets because deals are difficult to do these days. Obviously he is saying the company line, but these are ominous signs.