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King of the Academy - Carragher, Redknapp & Tubes!

  • Published on Dec 25, 2013
  • Soccer AM's Tubes takes on former Liverpool stars Jamie Carragher and Jamie Redknapp in King of the Academy!
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Comments • 49

  • LegitUser
    LegitUser 5 months ago +1

    Soccer AM was still good back then

  • Revelian1982
    Revelian1982 7 months ago

    Whenever Carragher takes part in something, I want him to come last.

  • Don
    Don Year ago

    I love the interfering flying random balls, and damn it does Carra have some proper CB-no-skills skills! Hilarious!!!

  • dogs aren't dangerous

    Carra really is a rubbish footballer!

  • Charlie Korovilas
    Charlie Korovilas Year ago +11

    It's safe to say Carra made the most out of his career with so little tekkers

  • Thomas Jones
    Thomas Jones 2 years ago +1

    I Hate Tubes,

  • Thomas Jones
    Thomas Jones 2 years ago +3

    Aye Jamie Rednapp Is In Orange 1 Of Th Colour Of Rangers, Tubes, Is In Th Smelly Fenian, Colours,

  • Dylan McKinley
    Dylan McKinley 3 years ago +3

    im pretty sure thats jordan rossiter in the background hahah

  • bencb3
    bencb3 3 years ago

    Jamie is orange not red and tubes is green not yellow

  • Mitch Hart
    Mitch Hart 3 years ago

    TUBES ! Where did that come from !

  • DctrNugget
    DctrNugget 4 years ago +2


  • Tanaka Gobere
    Tanaka Gobere 4 years ago +7

    Tubes is fucking sick

  • RoastedJambo
    RoastedJambo 4 years ago

    What's the song called

    • Revelian1982
      Revelian1982 7 months ago

      Darude - Sandstorm.

    • Tom Ebbs
      Tom Ebbs 4 years ago

      212 azelia banks. check her out son!

  • Ryan Hand
    Ryan Hand 4 years ago

    Tubes is actually pretty sick

  • Jack Baker
    Jack Baker 4 years ago +9

    Who'd have thought Tubes would outshine Redknapp and Carragher, fair play to the Soccer AM rap star lol

  • James C. Letts
    James C. Letts 4 years ago

    TUUUBES! Someone sign him up.

  • Jake
    Jake 4 years ago +1

    carragher was the most overrated full back

    • Jake
      Jake 3 years ago

      this is why i dont like to argue with people on youtube. it's fucking pointless. not going to take anymore time out of my day to argue with someone like you, no dount you're a fucking unedecated scouser

    • Jake
      Jake 3 years ago

      +Jake Almighty and yes carragher was part of the team that won the champions league a million years ago. but if i did the same thing to conpare scholes to gerrard you wouldnt be to happy

    • Jake
      Jake 3 years ago

      +Jake Almighty why are man u doing shit now? terrible defence

    • Jake
      Jake 3 years ago

      +joey 324 carragher is a fucking crudely overrated defender. he stood no chance against the modern winger. liverpool fans wonder why they didnt win anything. just look at their fucking shite defence over the years.

    • Jake
      Jake 3 years ago +1

      you have no idea how to be civil, i'm guessing you're from liverpool

    NG8 XENOMORPH 4 years ago


    LIVERNIL753 4 years ago +2

    1:50 - Rolls back the years does our Redders - notably in that famous 4-3 thriller in 96 where he misses the target narrowly and runs his hands through his hair. This guy I think is wasted and needs to be out there coaching!

    • Shafiq Ahmad
      Shafiq Ahmad 4 years ago

      Hhd!zexllkl jlipo. B. Ikoolviooob. Kim. Km. 'll. Kpppppll. Vvvvh beckon. Hmmmm. Nnllllll.

  • Gary Clifford
    Gary Clifford 5 years ago +56

    Haha I thought Tubes was going to be rubbish.

  • TheRmurphy11
    TheRmurphy11 5 years ago

    tubes is a beast

  • Mark Paul Cards
    Mark Paul Cards 5 years ago

    cr7 would smash this

    • Revelian1982
      Revelian1982 7 months ago

      It's not someone's anus, so I disagree.

    • Mark Paul Cards
      Mark Paul Cards 4 years ago

      @Conor Hill you care enough to comment on it.

    • Conor Hill
      Conor Hill 4 years ago +6

      Well he's not in it so who cares?

  • Ollie Harris
    Ollie Harris 5 years ago +58

    why is tubes so good at football?

  • IBBrundish
    IBBrundish 5 years ago +20

    As if Carragher just done keepy uppy for the whole of the flair section. Maybe that was skillful in the 60's Carra mate but not anymore

    • DOOM
      DOOM 5 years ago +2

      @yeahSketch Or a defender for that matter.

    • Jamie Kinman
      Jamie Kinman 5 years ago +28

      Why would a center back need bags of flair and skill? He's an old fashioned, tough, tactical defender and it won him the Champions League amongst other cups and has been one of England's best defenders.

    • yeahSketch
      yeahSketch 5 years ago +1

      Do you think a millionaire gives a fuck if he isn't the most skillful player on the planet?

  • lfcjay100
    lfcjay100 5 years ago +11

    there's only one tubes

  • davidoffuser
    davidoffuser 5 years ago +1

    ahahah fucking tubes

  • jess patterson
    jess patterson 5 years ago


  • Nathan Wright
    Nathan Wright 5 years ago +65

    If Tubes lost a bit of the puppy fat then he could be the answer to England's left wing dilemma!

  • Jamesr2223
    Jamesr2223 5 years ago