• Published on Dec 10, 2017
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    Do They Know It #97 - DO COLLEGE KIDS KNOW 70s MUSIC? (REACT: Do They Know It?)
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    REACT  Year ago +487

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    • ShadoW Saberz
      ShadoW Saberz Year ago

      REACT they should play the new game on steam vrchat its like gmod in vr

    • Sydney Allen
      Sydney Allen Year ago

      y'all should do an episode where people react to Arabic music/music videos

    • Rachel Copeland
      Rachel Copeland Year ago

      College Kids/Adults React To CoupleThing

    • Pripje
      Pripje Year ago

      Please do a react to Valensia - Gaia

    • Gamer_Shrimp 88
      Gamer_Shrimp 88 Year ago

      70's is not really my fave era as I love the 50's and 60's rock n' roll era, but I do love the Beegees and Abba xD

  • Colm Williams
    Colm Williams Year ago +4


  • Sean Van Vaerenbergh

    What about Deep Purple with Smoke on the water????

  • PForgetMeNot
    PForgetMeNot Year ago +10

    Some Led for your head! Led Zeppelin!

  • Stephanie galvan
    Stephanie galvan Year ago +3

    I feel old🙂

  • Samuel Pandiangan
    Samuel Pandiangan Year ago +1

    include snoop dog - riders on the storm pleasee >< one of my fav song

  • Searching For Myself

    Oh, I think I'm finally understanding what you mean by "Knew the Artist". You mean they were able to say the artist's name before they were told what it was, right?
    Because obviously everyone has heard of Pink Floyd.

  • Searching For Myself

    Madison reminds me of someone famous. The name escapes me at the moment.

  • Searching For Myself

    Yay, more 70's "have you heard". Please, don't stop there! Also, do a 60's if you could. Thanks.

  • Bobbynibbles
    Bobbynibbles Year ago +8

    College kids react to Pink Floyd.

  • Robert Moore
    Robert Moore Year ago +1

    How about college kids react to Soooooul Traaaaain 🚂!!!

  • Isaiah McNab
    Isaiah McNab Year ago

    I like Rocket Man but why Elton John why

    • Searching For Myself
      Searching For Myself Year ago +3

      Why not? He practically ruled the 70's, along with a number of other artists.

  • Luke C
    Luke C Year ago +1

    9:19 Freddie Mercury is b4nny confirmed

  • Alice Collins
    Alice Collins Year ago +2

    My sharona?

  • xMusicIsMyDrugxx
    xMusicIsMyDrugxx Year ago +2

    02:14 I’m so in love

  • Sumaya Alfaaz
    Sumaya Alfaaz Year ago +11

    Pink Floyd

  • Your Conscience
    Your Conscience Year ago +3

    The 60s are missing :(

  • cookieisgoodenough
    cookieisgoodenough Year ago +1

    How could y'all not add "Get Down Tonight" by KC and the Shunshine band?! :(

  • Not Me
    Not Me Year ago +5

    Please do kids react to Dream Theater!

  • Benson Tauro
    Benson Tauro Year ago +14

    Oh Eric I expected you'd know Pink Floyd :O

  • RajaReign78
    RajaReign78 Year ago +4

    I love the fact that Tom loves Pink Floyd and now I’m crushing on him even more 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Carlos Laredo
    Carlos Laredo Year ago +64

    5:05 I don't have 25 minutes to listen one of the most awesome talented band in the history
    -Most of the late generations

    • Christiano Vasconcelos
      Christiano Vasconcelos Year ago +19

      This is the "twitter" generation. The can only read one sentence without losing the attention span, can you imagine them reading a paragraph? What about music? 5 minutes is already far too long for them.

  • Carlos Laredo
    Carlos Laredo Year ago +6

    SIR Elton John, please

  • Sophie Thompson
    Sophie Thompson Year ago +8

    I'm sitting over here like "where the f**k be the Jackson 5 at?"

  • Frances Billmeier
    Frances Billmeier Year ago +5

    So good wish they'd do 60's soon!

  • Riah The Rainbow Giraffe Tree

    I want to know how more than one of them could not have ever heard Rocket Man....

  • Russell McAfee
    Russell McAfee Year ago +3

    Journey- Wheel in the sky. wuoahhh that was Journey?!

    • Wyatt Rowe
      Wyatt Rowe Year ago

      Russell McAfee One of the only good Journey songs.

  • Jack Towers
    Jack Towers Year ago

    always my response to Cher 'WHO ARE YOU!!!!'

  • Eily Bergin
    Eily Bergin Year ago +9

    Going to listen to The Wall now. Hope my neighbours like it, too. :D

  • Christopher Vanderpool

    React to Aerosmith.

  • Xodion413
    Xodion413 Year ago +15

    More Pink Floyd!

  • usinagazma
    usinagazma Year ago +14

    When he said he never heard comfortably numb i was like you have so much cool stuff to discover!!

  • Benedikt Mathes
    Benedikt Mathes Year ago +3

    I love Rocket Man and it made Californication S3 one of the best season finales ever :)

  • mike b
    mike b Year ago +5

    comfortably numb is ABSOLUTELY about heroin use. To say its not diminishes your credibility somewhat.

    • Corey Young
      Corey Young Year ago

      Also if you watch it in the wall you can see it seriously relates to his childhood

    • Corey Young
      Corey Young Year ago +1

      Comfortably numb is a lyrical and musical masterpiece, it's about a lot of things. A lot relating to Syd

    • Brendan Mather
      Brendan Mather Year ago +1

      I'm sorry, I didn't realise that you wrote it.

    • Ernest Bigot
      Ernest Bigot Year ago +2

      If you would read the lyrics you would see the lines "When I was a child I had a fever my hands felt just like two balloons."

    • MrGashi1337
      MrGashi1337 Year ago +9

      no its not

  • Parida Snapesnapesnape

    I was about to be heartbroken because they weren't recognizing Pink Floyd - bless Tom 💙

  • Brooke Shack
    Brooke Shack Year ago +3

    React to songs from grease

  • Juan Sanchez
    Juan Sanchez Year ago

    When, teens or adults react to brockhampton?

  • Sir Lancelot
    Sir Lancelot Year ago +243

    So you’re not gonna put Led Zeppelin in it? THE BAND of the 70s?

  • Nancy Huber
    Nancy Huber Year ago +5

    These kids are so cute! I don’t recall that many of us looking this attractive in college...back in the 70s, coincidentally.

    • Nancy Huber
      Nancy Huber Year ago

      airlopez21 I believe you, but are the guys wearing it, too? 🤔

    • airlopez21
      airlopez21 Year ago +2

      Cosmetics have come a long way.

  • Dylan Sadgrove
    Dylan Sadgrove Year ago +15

    Teens react to pink Floyd!!

  • Ryozuku
    Ryozuku Year ago +10

    Cher start her career 1963 - persent. that so crazy

  • Emile Zsak
    Emile Zsak Year ago +3

    React to 60s music

  • Marcos Fernandes
    Marcos Fernandes Year ago

    bem loko!!!

  • jennthe potato
    jennthe potato Year ago +63

    How can you not know Pink Floyd??

  • James Johnston
    James Johnston Year ago +1

    Have them guess which era certain Aerosmith songs come from. Since their library spans three decades, and yest all of them are Iconic.

  • Dånīå H.
    Dånīå H. Year ago +1

    1:02 HAHAHA

  • MP3-OU_18
    MP3-OU_18 Year ago +7

    I'm 13 and I knew all of the songs

    • Sabrina
      Sabrina Year ago +2

      we need more kids like you

    • Cody Morel
      Cody Morel Year ago +11

      do you want a cookie?

  • W.Roark
    W.Roark Year ago

    Elders react to meme rap

  • Lucy Cairns
    Lucy Cairns Year ago +4

    I have been raised with an excellent musical education x yesss x

  • Ben Severance
    Ben Severance Year ago

    I got all but the Cher and other lady song. I love 70’s music!!! Best era of music of all time

  • Richard Smelser
    Richard Smelser Year ago +2


  • Phil
    Phil Year ago +15

    A 70s react and there's no David Bowie in it? Come on, you're letting Ziggy and the Duke down!

  • Brianna 033
    Brianna 033 Year ago +2

    What about Jackson 5?

  • Katalina Gómez
    Katalina Gómez Year ago +4

    Brittany is goals. So pretty.

  • Simran Pachnanda
    Simran Pachnanda Year ago +3

    Loved this one! MORE 70s!

  • omar trachen
    omar trachen Year ago +16

    u guys dont now pink floyd comfortably numb????
    come on thats sad

  • Sam Ward
    Sam Ward Year ago +3

    Elders react to Madison:

  • Savannah Nicole
    Savannah Nicole Year ago +3


  • Alymart123
    Alymart123 Year ago +269

    so many people are like " this is a classic " and every one else is like " what song is this

  • Ellie Equale
    Ellie Equale Year ago +3

    react to 60s music!!