• Published on Jun 22, 2017
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Comments • 1 861

  • dbgameace
    dbgameace 2 hours ago

    why is that guy dressed like Neo from The Matrix?

  • Preetom Bhattacherjea
    Preetom Bhattacherjea 11 hours ago

    How does Keith get away with saying "a lot"? Does everyone think he just doesn't make sense in general so ignore him?

  • Evangelina Sheppard
    Evangelina Sheppard 12 hours ago

    How tf does the board work

  • Richard Saunders
    Richard Saunders 15 hours ago +1

    They all look like customizable characters

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter 21 hour ago +1

    How does what word it is works

  • Evil Wizard
    Evil Wizard Day ago

    I would have said sand for Darth vader

  • Skeptical Playz
    Skeptical Playz Day ago

    I liked the prequels for star wars

  • Brandon S
    Brandon S Day ago

    I'm from San Fran and it depends where you live where its gets expensive.

  • The KC Show
    The KC Show 2 days ago +1

    Okay I didn't get it at first? So Every person pulls a card and in a normal card the numbers on the dice rolled tell you what square you get. You get 5 and 3 when the dice is rolled, on the normal card it would say 5 and 3 is square D2 but the chameleon would not know that because his card just says you are the chameleon.

  • Lewis Wasley
    Lewis Wasley 2 days ago +1

    Who else noticed that on round two the chameleon never picked up the card to see what the others were seeing and gave it away and no one noticed

  • mahitha crystal
    mahitha crystal 2 days ago +3

    How do you get darth vadar from 6 and 8

  • Jet is cool
    Jet is cool 3 days ago

    Shayne said gods name

  • Quinn MacDonald
    Quinn MacDonald 3 days ago +2

    I’m going in to grade 11 and I finally got the boo Radley reference yay

  • Sonja Baron
    Sonja Baron 3 days ago +3

    In round 4 I thought Noah was crazy!
    But then I looked up Juxtaposition's definition.

  • Sonja Baron
    Sonja Baron 3 days ago

    13:30 Juxtawhatnow???

  • Delroy Miller
    Delroy Miller 3 days ago +1

    Godzilla is my biological son therefore courtney is my son

  • DElectrix
    DElectrix 4 days ago +1


  • Master NER D
    Master NER D 5 days ago

    I have a lot of questions , Guys!!

  • Brianna Will
    Brianna Will 6 days ago

    play clue the murder mystery game

  • RazRaz the cat
    RazRaz the cat 6 days ago

    What does rolling the dice do?

  • Avery McKinley
    Avery McKinley 7 days ago

    What’s with the flamingo

  • Kyler Brinkley
    Kyler Brinkley 9 days ago

    Y'all should play Happy Salmon. My cousin introduced me to it. It is super simple and very chaotic, but a ton of fun.

  • Caleb Wallace
    Caleb Wallace 10 days ago

    I was going to say full house for sanfransisco

  • Mauro Ferraz
    Mauro Ferraz 11 days ago

    9:03 i would've said ghirardelli

  • Polina Kostina
    Polina Kostina 12 days ago

    In round 2, keith didn't even pick up his card to see who the character was

  • Griffin
    Griffin 12 days ago

    wait boo radley? isn't that from to kill a mockingbird? lmao

  • Kevin Drysdale
    Kevin Drysdale 13 days ago


  • Avery McMonigal
    Avery McMonigal 13 days ago +1

    You guys should play the game out of the loop!

  • Pєrѕєuѕ Jαckѕσn
    Pєrѕєuѕ Jαckѕσn 13 days ago +1


    • Pєrѕєuѕ Jαckѕσn
      Pєrѕєuѕ Jαckѕσn 13 days ago

      Zalcry Oof,, autocorrect

      Well he sort of is but if you actually read his solo series
      You’ll somehow manage to sympathise with him

    • Zalcry
      Zalcry 13 days ago

      Darth* and yes he very very very veryyyyy much is. Not before or after, but definitely during being Darth Vader. Definitely.

  • faith scott
    faith scott 14 days ago +3

    Technically ask these cities are meeting pots.......

  • Mixy Studios
    Mixy Studios 15 days ago

    Someone explain this I’m so confused

  • Troy1941
    Troy1941 16 days ago

    I bet a lot of the 9 year olds have commented "Who's Boo Radley?".

  • Sara Lehman
    Sara Lehman 16 days ago

    As a high schooler, that Boo Radley joke destroyed my soul

  • NBD _ Chubzz
    NBD _ Chubzz 17 days ago

    Wtf is Keith wearing a bag

  • Teriloise Dabouse
    Teriloise Dabouse 18 days ago

    They do realize that the tortoise and the hare were made during Greek times

  • Pandahz
    Pandahz 19 days ago

    I think the point rewards should be the same across the board, like everybody gains one point at a time

  • jessica bertrand
    jessica bertrand 20 days ago +1


  • Holly Venetis
    Holly Venetis 20 days ago

    I love scooby doo he was my child hood

  • Allie Morrison
    Allie Morrison 20 days ago +2


  • MysticalHuskySpirit Lily

    Anthony left 8 days after this actually.

  • Margo Brown
    Margo Brown 22 days ago +1

    Neapolitan Hair

  • kktrammy
    kktrammy 23 days ago +3

    Sonic the hedgehog fixed the world in sonic unleashed so fixer was correct

  • john baize
    john baize 24 days ago

    What the heck is juxstaposition

    LV ANIMATIONS 26 days ago

    You learn a lesson from a fable that is where you get a Takeaway, but a fairytale is to entertain.

  • Ham Burger
    Ham Burger 27 days ago

    When they mentioned the gold rush I was freaked out because I just wrote about it.

  • Jacob Young
    Jacob Young 27 days ago

    4:30 Oh, you knew it Courtney, then why didn't you f*ckin' vote for him!?

  • Jordan Ryan
    Jordan Ryan 28 days ago +5

    When the ad came up when Keith said Death I was thinking SHAYNE BETTER SAY DADDY. I literally (not figuratively) called that

  • Viper
    Viper Month ago


  • Otaku Animate
    Otaku Animate Month ago

    Haha! I leant what juxtaposition was in English last week so I knew Noah was right!

  • C-townslayer/Blake 1D-80

    For San Francisco i said Full and Fuller House

  • Viktor Beisland Beisland Bergslaand

    i like the adjective paper clips

  • Chase Carty
    Chase Carty Month ago

    Noah is right because it’s the 49’ers

  • Cassandra Tremblay
    Cassandra Tremblay Month ago

    I don't get what the dice do

  • Sydney C
    Sydney C Month ago

    Keith always looks like he's about to head out

  • CoverTasic Nik
    CoverTasic Nik Month ago

    Shayne is legit me like it said darth Vader the first thing I think is daddy because DV is daddy

  • XxGachaJLBxX O-O
    XxGachaJLBxX O-O Month ago

    Yo Noah your thinking of the Forty-Niners from Westward expansion because during this a lot of ppl arrived in I think California at 1849

  • Dakota Thorp
    Dakota Thorp Month ago


  • Andaro Morin
    Andaro Morin Month ago

    Who still doesn’t get it

  • Slick Memes
    Slick Memes Month ago

    9:36 Look at Olivia And Courtney

  • The Person
    The Person Month ago

    Olivia just looks confused the whole time

  • RESET carbon
    RESET carbon Month ago +9

    I can’t tell if the shayne’s chameleon is a bit or not

  • Pru Soleil
    Pru Soleil Month ago

    I dont understand how the game works

  • Shir-Sure
    Shir-Sure Month ago

    Not every city is a melting pot lol

  • Jasmine O'Neill
    Jasmine O'Neill Month ago +11

    Batman: I don't have parents
    Darth Vader: I could be your daddy

  • Maybe Devii
    Maybe Devii Month ago +3

    When they think it's Noah every single time:

  • Gamerality
    Gamerality Month ago +5

    Keith: He fixes the world!
    MatPat: He runs so fast that he destroys cars and other things in his way
    Me: you sure Keith?

  • Swiftnynja
    Swiftnynja Month ago

    Noah and Keith always make the game about winning, and not having fun

  • Tre Via
    Tre Via Month ago

    Olivia that’s a noun

  • Kshitij Vanarase
    Kshitij Vanarase Month ago +1

    I was just rewatching the old smosh pit content, and now I realised I never really understood how the "word selection" from the card worked.. Like, both dice have numbers, how did they read the grid?

  • Lily Matuskova
    Lily Matuskova Month ago +18

    Everyone : adjective
    Olivia : paperclips
    Everyone : nice!
    Me : about to die laughing 😂😂😂

  • Sara Gatou
    Sara Gatou Month ago


  • MyNamesChance
    MyNamesChance Month ago

    Shayne is top 3 funniest smoshers

  • Bryce Kelly
    Bryce Kelly Month ago

    Tortoise and the hare is a fable

  • Davie Bean
    Davie Bean Month ago

    Ha nice nope

  • Sea doggo 04
    Sea doggo 04 Month ago

    I love you Shane

  • Woody
    Woody Month ago

    i like playing this game online......its better

  • Drew Sinclair
    Drew Sinclair Month ago

    How does the chameleon not k ow immediately after they shout the numbers

  • Katelyn Morley
    Katelyn Morley Month ago

    My nice thing is you're very sweet and handsome Shane! Love you! Let me know what you want for dinner!

  • rudylehane
    rudylehane Month ago

    Play uno

  • Animation Idiot
    Animation Idiot Month ago

    Kind of like a game called out of the loop

  • Kyuma Uzumaki
    Kyuma Uzumaki 2 months ago +3

    1848 was the gold rush not 1849,I had a project on it last week

    • Cayla Ann
      Cayla Ann 2 days ago

      it was 1848 through 1849

  • Silverfoxyt_ma_gachatube

    2019 anyone?

  • Effie Skiadas
    Effie Skiadas 2 months ago

    Olivia: *EXECPT FOR ATHENS* Me, A Greek: (In Greece visiting my uncle in Athens because Im from Sparta)(Me: SWEATING PREFUSLY ) : yEp, eXcEpT for Athens.

  • Bella Ata
    Bella Ata 2 months ago

    Keith reminds me of Dang Matt Smith

  • BananaShades
    BananaShades 2 months ago


  • Cleanmedusa 39
    Cleanmedusa 39 2 months ago

    Honestly when Olivia said fixer when it was sonic I was thinking wreck it Ralph because fix it Felix and sonic was in the movie

  • animalking183
    animalking183 2 months ago

    haha nice NOPE

  • Rebecca Patey Vlogs
    Rebecca Patey Vlogs 2 months ago

    Ummm paper clips and pencils aren’t adjectives!

  • Tom Anderson-Brown
    Tom Anderson-Brown 2 months ago

    Why is Keith wearing a backpack

  • Gacha Princess
    Gacha Princess 2 months ago

    Did anyone not notice Keith looks like darth vader

  • R. L. X. D.
    R. L. X. D. 2 months ago

    ive played this game so many times with my fam and it is sooooooo fun!

  • Rayisawesomeness
    Rayisawesomeness 2 months ago

    Keith and Shayne looking like Cloak and Dagger XD

  • Linkonbot5673
    Linkonbot5673 2 months ago

    Olivia seems so annoyed

  • Binary Mason
    Binary Mason 2 months ago

    Shane is awesome

  • Ciara Jade
    Ciara Jade 2 months ago +1

    omg i watched this when it came out but just read to kill a mockingbird in school so i now get who boo radley is haha

  • AyeItzMelo
    AyeItzMelo 2 months ago

    Who else totally loves these videos where they just play board games

  • myleah helwich
    myleah helwich 2 months ago

    does anyon else not understand the numbering system

  • EmandM Sweets
    EmandM Sweets 2 months ago

    Be more chill?

  • Ice universe
    Ice universe 2 months ago

    shayne you haz the big brain msucil

  • Olivia Lou Who
    Olivia Lou Who 2 months ago

    I get 1849 because of the gold rush 49ers except Noah said the wrong year