• Published on Jun 22, 2017
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Comments • 1 846

  • Camilla Raper
    Camilla Raper Hour ago

    so annoy Noah jk CHILL IT WAS JUST A JOKE CHILL

  • Gacha Videos
    Gacha Videos 7 hours ago +1

    6:21 look at shaynes arm

  • Sean-ya North
    Sean-ya North 3 days ago

    Why does keith look like the rapper hopsin

  • Cupcake Time Machine

    i thought he said Keanu Reeves because int he beginning of the first matrix Morpheus tells Neo to follow the white rabbit. rabbit. hare. tortoise and the hare.

  • Daabmaster 5026
    Daabmaster 5026 5 days ago

    Play this again pls

  • Tiia Laurila
    Tiia Laurila 5 days ago

    thats funny because there was "dark","death","daddy"...

  • Vinh Nguyen
    Vinh Nguyen 6 days ago

    Location: Sam Francisco
    Me: Fairly Athletic Quails or Fundamentally Adequate Quintessentials

    Also me: You are taking so long
    *s* A N *F r* A n s *i* S C *o*

  • Aubrie Hardy
    Aubrie Hardy 9 days ago

    15:30 it was just us black and white. oh my goodness lmao

  • Shyam Govani
    Shyam Govani 10 days ago

    Shane, you're my favorite pizza place.

  • Weeping Angel
    Weeping Angel 13 days ago

    Does this remind anyone else of spyfall?😂

  • Linzay .lynnz
    Linzay .lynnz 13 days ago

    I love Boo Radly show him some love guys make a game about are little Boo 🤣❤️

    LIL TECH SUPPORT 16 days ago

    olivia looks shady af every round

  • Leif xX
    Leif xX 16 days ago

    Noah is a chameleon,His hair is always changing colors.

  • Victoria Dougherty
    Victoria Dougherty 19 days ago

    Umm nice thing about Shane uhhhhh he looks fat and drunk

  • Mackenzie Pd
    Mackenzie Pd 19 days ago

    Lmfao all 4 rounds Courtney voted for Noah, she was watching him like a hawk and didn’t trust him cause she knows he’s good

  • Eve Barkes
    Eve Barkes 19 days ago

    Snow White = avoid the ugly 😂

  • Masi And Charlie
    Masi And Charlie 20 days ago

    I love how Noah says sorry after every joke

  • AC Fan1
    AC Fan1 22 days ago +1

    Why is Keith wearing that?! XD lol haha

  • Engbish Sir
    Engbish Sir 22 days ago

    I’ve got a strategy that might’ve helped shayne to win the game
    He just had to say something stupid to dumb then Noah would suspect him instead of Keith and shayne could guess Keith and have a chance of winning

  • Docxero 47
    Docxero 47 28 days ago

    For the second round, 6:15, I already knew it was Keith, this is because everyone else looked at their grids to see who the character was except Keith didn’t

  • PandaWamen
    PandaWamen 28 days ago

    boi sonic becomes a circle

  • Nardo studios
    Nardo studios Month ago

    Karma karma karma karma chameleon

  • Britha Arulmuni
    Britha Arulmuni Month ago

    I didn't understand the concept the whole time but I watched anyway

  • L & A
    L & A Month ago

    Keith and Noah look like fortnight players

  • Sephro Boy
    Sephro Boy Month ago

    Shane’s actually is my favourite

  • r a w r
    r a w r Month ago

    Darth Vader
    Shayne: ... *Daddy* ...

  • Maggie Crawford
    Maggie Crawford Month ago

    I got the 1949 thing!!! Lol go me.

  • Tim
    Tim Month ago

    You're playing with Chris Rock?

  • Elsa B
    Elsa B Month ago

    I think 💭 we all know who the chemilean is

  • Mr Ninja
    Mr Ninja Month ago +1

    So it’s like a “mini” spy fall...

  • Gaming with JJ Smith

    um yunno tales has a genius IQ and is a great builder and fixer so fixer works really well and also if you didnt know tales is sonics sidekick
    but good job and i love your channel

  • Anrunya Patole
    Anrunya Patole Month ago

    in the 2nd round , keith doesn't even look at his card to check the charcter thus showing he was the chameleon. how didn't anyone notice that ??

  • Aditya Mota
    Aditya Mota Month ago

    In Round 2 at 6:16, notice how after the dice was rolles Keith didnt lift his card to check what character was picked. He also turned out to be the chameleon

  • Da_Wolf _Girl
    Da_Wolf _Girl Month ago

    You guys should play the game called clue

  • Alejandro Dubon
    Alejandro Dubon Month ago

    hey ya'll can u tell me where to get that game?

  • A_Very_Angry_Gamer
    A_Very_Angry_Gamer Month ago

    shayne is a person

  • Will Nagy
    Will Nagy Month ago

    you guys should play 5 second rule

  • Awesome HaydenB
    Awesome HaydenB Month ago

    This game actually makes no sense to me

  • Noah Sauvola
    Noah Sauvola Month ago

    Shayne: everyone says an ADJECTIVE that describes the place
    Olivia: Paperclips
    Shayne: Good one!
    DO they know what and adjective is??

  • Nurwhal
    Nurwhal Month ago

    Keith looks like he's carrying a parachute and is getting ready to jump out of a plane

  • Mychyl Kime
    Mychyl Kime Month ago

    I thought Shayne was making a Matrix reference in the last one, as in "Follow the white rabbit"... but still a good reference either way.

  • Cadie Woodward
    Cadie Woodward Month ago

    I don't understand how they know what they're describing without the chameleon knowing

  • Serenity Williams
    Serenity Williams Month ago

    I love how Shayne has sunglasses and Keith is wearing a beanie

  • How Many Subs Can We Get With No Video

    This seems like balderdash

  • Snake King
    Snake King Month ago

    Why does Keith look like he is in a post apocalyptic universe

  • Caution Hazardous
    Caution Hazardous Month ago

    I love Shayne’s laugh

  • Courtney Krenn
    Courtney Krenn Month ago

    I could actually see why Keith said black and white

  • Bennett Rodgers
    Bennett Rodgers Month ago

    I live in sf

  • Bennett Rodgers
    Bennett Rodgers Month ago

    The gold rush was in 1849 not 1949

  • Pupsterpup 1
    Pupsterpup 1 Month ago

    darth vader- daddy dark death

  • Mahlet Gebreyesus
    Mahlet Gebreyesus Month ago

    Olivia is beautiful and funny

  • Lexie Bates
    Lexie Bates Month ago

    I love Courtney’s shirt

  • Dawn DeMaria
    Dawn DeMaria Month ago

    i thought shane said respect because people jump off the bridge to kill them selfs

  • Tünde Radnai
    Tünde Radnai Month ago

    This is like spyfall

  • fantastjin `
    fantastjin ` Month ago

    5:26 jesus christ-

    HAMILTON Month ago

    Daddy needs his juice

  • Super Happy Fun Timez

    Seriously does the box have shayne on it or no?

  • Katie Donoghue
    Katie Donoghue Month ago

    Omg I just finished tkam and I FINALLY understand the Boo Radley reference. Damn...

  • Johnny Alpha
    Johnny Alpha Month ago

    Adjective-papers Clips...seems legit.

  • Gacha Giraffe
    Gacha Giraffe Month ago

    When that pink thing came in at the beginning i thought it was edited in FOREAL THO!!!

  • babyem
    babyem Month ago

    How do four of them know what it is and one doesn’t

  • Will Matthams
    Will Matthams Month ago

    This is so close to spyfall

  • lemon boy
    lemon boy Month ago

    So rebranded spyfall

  • Martin Romano
    Martin Romano 2 months ago

    Um shayne you have uh nice shades? Was that nice?

  • Anderson Android
    Anderson Android 2 months ago

    13:18-13:20 so basically just avoid Keith.

    Keith if you see this i did not mean it I'm sorry

  • Johnathan Powers
    Johnathan Powers 2 months ago

    I should play guestures

  • PigGod TheDiamond
    PigGod TheDiamond 2 months ago

    you just got grossed ma

  • cjoerger
    cjoerger 2 months ago

    Here is the new quote I just learned roses are red violets are blue I have five fingers and the middle ones for you

  • The Liv and Lely Show
    The Liv and Lely Show 2 months ago

    Shane looks hotter every time I see him

  • FlakJax
    FlakJax 2 months ago

    I think Olivia was talking about tails and how he handles tools.

  • Dounnt
    Dounnt 2 months ago

    Dark death and daddy

  • zenooo
    zenooo 2 months ago

    Why does Keith look like a student?

  • V Claire
    V Claire 2 months ago

    Shayne you're my favorite pizza place.

  • Branden Johnson
    Branden Johnson 2 months ago

    Shane said the basis for a fairy tale was a lesson but that ain't true it's a folktale that's a lesson because Snow White doesn't teach you anything that's a fairy tale so Shane's wrong

  • FlatMattress
    FlatMattress 2 months ago


  • GachaManda Panda
    GachaManda Panda 2 months ago



  • Aidie Luv
    Aidie Luv 2 months ago

    1:06 I thought it said shayne is cancelled lol

  • Miranda Schmidt
    Miranda Schmidt 2 months ago

    I personally think I'm ugly so if I where to meet you-you would avoid me

  • Potato Queen
    Potato Queen 2 months ago

    Is Noah's hair supposed to be Neapolitan colored?

  • Sibylle Gibbs
    Sibylle Gibbs 2 months ago

    This whole time I was confused about the rules

  • Mysticbtww On twitch
    Mysticbtww On twitch 2 months ago


  • Bailey Smith
    Bailey Smith 2 months ago

    6:24 shanes arm flex lol

  • Bailey Smith
    Bailey Smith 2 months ago

    to think shane and keith were the only one that did good in sonic and shane was the chameleon as well as going first.

  • Astrid Udesen Rose
    Astrid Udesen Rose 2 months ago

    I think Keith is going on a jurney

  • Lizabot
    Lizabot 2 months ago

    this game confuses me lmao

  • Meme Leopard
    Meme Leopard 2 months ago

    How does the chameleon not know who the character is?

  • Karen Street
    Karen Street 2 months ago

    Sonic fixes shit in the show (problems)

  • Eli Jones
    Eli Jones 2 months ago

    Download the app

  • Samantha Jaimes
    Samantha Jaimes 2 months ago

    It’s like who the spy 🕵️‍♀️

  • BN_M1gh7y _
    BN_M1gh7y _ 2 months ago

    My aunts lives in San Francisco

  • Lord Voldemort
    Lord Voldemort 2 months ago

    I’d think it was Noah bcuz in every episode he has different hair color 😂

  • YoungRevengeAk _
    YoungRevengeAk _ 2 months ago

    I played this game with my family and learned I was the best liar in my family.😈😈😈😈

  • TheHawkRules !
    TheHawkRules ! 2 months ago

    How the fuck was the Keanu Reaves not a White Rabbit reference?

  • Just a piece of toast who wants subscribers

    Shayne is okay.

  • raxx
    raxx 2 months ago +1

    So basically SpyFall...

  • Midnight Fools
    Midnight Fools 2 months ago

    You guys should play mafia

  • #guerostogether
    #guerostogether 2 months ago

    Why does keith dress like he is a high schooler with, that backpack and headphones?

  • Jennalyn Deguzman
    Jennalyn Deguzman 2 months ago

    Keith is right I live in San Francisco and the prices are getting higher and higher

  • Rob Smith21
    Rob Smith21 2 months ago

    More please!!

  • Rob Smith21
    Rob Smith21 2 months ago