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  • Branden Johnson
    Branden Johnson 5 hours ago

    Shane said the basis for a fairy tale was a lesson but that ain't true it's a folktale that's a lesson because Snow White doesn't teach you anything that's a fairy tale so Shane's wrong

  • FlatMattress
    FlatMattress 7 hours ago


  • GachaManda Panda
    GachaManda Panda 10 hours ago



  • Aidie Luv
    Aidie Luv 12 hours ago

    1:06 I thought it said shayne is cancelled lol

  • Miranda Schmidt
    Miranda Schmidt 12 hours ago

    I personally think I'm ugly so if I where to meet you-you would avoid me

  • Potato Fluff
    Potato Fluff Day ago

    Is Noah's hair supposed to be Neapolitan colored?

  • Sibylle Gibbs
    Sibylle Gibbs 4 days ago

    This whole time I was confused about the rules

  • Parrot dude ŁØŁ
    Parrot dude ŁØŁ 5 days ago


  • Bailey Smith
    Bailey Smith 5 days ago

    6:24 shanes arm flex lol

  • Bailey Smith
    Bailey Smith 5 days ago

    to think shane and keith were the only one that did good in sonic and shane was the chameleon as well as going first.

  • Astrid Udesen Rose
    Astrid Udesen Rose 5 days ago

    I think Keith is going on a jurney

  • BroadwayAlto
    BroadwayAlto 5 days ago

    this game confuses me lmao

  • Meme Leopard
    Meme Leopard 5 days ago

    How does the chameleon not know who the character is?

  • Nathan Jobson
    Nathan Jobson 5 days ago

    Sonic fixes shit in the show (problems)

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  • Samantha Jaimes
    Samantha Jaimes 6 days ago

    It’s like who the spy 🕵️‍♀️

  • BN_M1gh7y _
    BN_M1gh7y _ 6 days ago

    My aunts lives in San Francisco

  • Lord Voldemort
    Lord Voldemort 8 days ago

    I’d think it was Noah bcuz in every episode he has different hair color 😂

  • YoungRevengeAk _
    YoungRevengeAk _ 8 days ago

    I played this game with my family and learned I was the best liar in my family.😈😈😈😈

  • TheHawkRules !
    TheHawkRules ! 8 days ago

    How the fuck was the Keanu Reaves not a White Rabbit reference?

  • raxx
    raxx 9 days ago +1

    So basically SpyFall...

  • Gore and Nice
    Gore and Nice 9 days ago

    You guys should play mafia

  • #guerostogether
    #guerostogether 9 days ago

    Why does keith dress like he is a high schooler with, that backpack and headphones?

  • Jennalyn De Guzman
    Jennalyn De Guzman 10 days ago

    Keith is right I live in San Francisco and the prices are getting higher and higher

  • robert smith
    robert smith 11 days ago

    More please!!

  • robert smith
    robert smith 11 days ago


  • Beboo Urie
    Beboo Urie 11 days ago

    Don’t lie unless your a smart*ssy nerd you google juxtaposition

  • Alexander Croy
    Alexander Croy 11 days ago

    Lol 1849

  • Stanley Potato
    Stanley Potato 12 days ago +2

    0:18 check it out in theaters June 21st
    Posted on June 22nd

  • Elisha Caitlin
    Elisha Caitlin 12 days ago

    San Francisco Forty Niners

  • cooper brown
    cooper brown 12 days ago

    One word Michael bay

  • Rukiye Vlogs
    Rukiye Vlogs 12 days ago

    What is kieth waering

  • Khiona
    Khiona 13 days ago

    Tortoise and the Hare is a fable lmao

  • Little Jones088
    Little Jones088 13 days ago

    I was expecting Noah to be the chameleon the whole time....maybe because he looks like a chameleon 😂

  • lēâh
    lēâh 14 days ago

    I'm really confused about this game.

  • Lia’sFbiAgent
    Lia’sFbiAgent 14 days ago

    I don’t understand the game

  • Sydney Gannon
    Sydney Gannon 14 days ago

    Shane. You are amazing, funny, and I love your frog leg arms. ❤

  • Ella Meg
    Ella Meg 14 days ago

    You should play rainbow rush

  • neverbyrne
    neverbyrne 15 days ago +1

    I actually love this video so much that i watched 7 times

  • MysticXL3gend
    MysticXL3gend 15 days ago

    I dont get how this game works?
    One person rolls, they pick a categorie, and then they look at the card and see which one they are talking about, but what confuses me is, cant the chameleon look at the card too? How does this work? I even listened to intro again and again to figure it out? IM SO CONFUZZLED!!

    • MysticXL3gend
      MysticXL3gend 15 days ago

      So I re-watched it, and I kinda get it... so they all know what it is.. the chameleon just has to hope that their answer fits the categorie...

  • Katherine Poole
    Katherine Poole 15 days ago

    Noah’s hair is the chameleon.

  • * CMSigerts *
    * CMSigerts * 15 days ago

    Does the box actually say “Shane’s Chameleon”?

  • Foxy 4164
    Foxy 4164 16 days ago

    OMG,I just realized that I'm holding the same kind of enderman as the one in the background of your video!

  • Shaylah Darby
    Shaylah Darby 16 days ago

    can you please give me a shotut

  • MadiGamer
    MadiGamer 16 days ago

    Literally yesterday I was going to watch a TV show with my mom but then I started yelling “SHAYNE! SHAYNE!” Cuz I saw him in there XD

  • Brady Sommer
    Brady Sommer 16 days ago

    0:34. Look at Keiths face it is HILARIOUS!!!

  • Mia.silverrisnotaweebiswear

    You smell GREAT

    *ultimate sniff *

  • savannah dezoeten
    savannah dezoeten 16 days ago

    How it should have gone...

    Noah: Avoid the ugly
    Courtney: so avoid you?
    Everyone: OHHHHH😮😮😮😯😯😯😲😲😲

  • Eilie Boylan
    Eilie Boylan 16 days ago

    can i just say i love shayne's laugh!

  • Sleeping Repurr
    Sleeping Repurr 17 days ago

    at 6:20 when shayne is tapping his fingers you can SEE his muscle move its weird

  • Samantha Pantoja
    Samantha Pantoja 17 days ago

    How do they get the name of the card

  • Reegan Shultz
    Reegan Shultz 17 days ago

    Keth was wearing black and Shane was wearing white. They were the only chameleons that went two times. is that why he picked black and white?

  • Kyra Hyatt
    Kyra Hyatt 18 days ago

    Dark Vader literally means dark father

  • Gianna Manganiello
    Gianna Manganiello 19 days ago

    shayne at the gym" hey wanna feel my bycepts im that guy yeah"

  • Ash Louise
    Ash Louise 19 days ago +1

    How about no

  • Maddie-lynn Hatter
    Maddie-lynn Hatter 22 days ago


  • NateDaGreat 23
    NateDaGreat 23 24 days ago +1


  • lily buchheit
    lily buchheit 24 days ago

    Nice stuff about Shayne
    •he is cute\sexy
    •he is funny
    •he makes awful tweets. He is the perfect guy to date and marry.

  • Abbi Pettit
    Abbi Pettit 25 days ago

    i think shane is the next jack tripper from 3 copany 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you guys soo much!

  • Kiriana Williams
    Kiriana Williams 26 days ago

    Wait. How tf does this game work

  • lyrical soundss
    lyrical soundss 26 days ago

    6:15 i could immediately tell it was keith cause he didnt look at his card whereas everyone else did

  • Madalyn Maree
    Madalyn Maree 26 days ago

    everyone in this video is so obnoxious and loud except for the brunette girl. seriously you guys dont need to yell all the time, the microphone can pick you up just fine.

  • Allieballie
    Allieballie 27 days ago

    Should've been Kim Namjoon xD (I'm obsessed with KPOP ;w; D-Don't JUDGE!)

  • Gabrielle Rollins
    Gabrielle Rollins 28 days ago +1

    Black and white .

  • Xander Chin
    Xander Chin 28 days ago

    when you think that shayne was talking about the matrix

  • SaturnPB
    SaturnPB 29 days ago

    Shayne is like a Brendan Frasier + Leonardo Dicaprio + Arnold Schwarzenegger love child

  • cuddle panda
    cuddle panda Month ago

    Did anybody else think at 5:25 Shayne looked demonic🤔🤨😑😐😶

  • Maxwell Julius
    Maxwell Julius Month ago

    For San Francisco I would've said earthquake because of the San Francisco Earthquake

  • Kara Metzger
    Kara Metzger Month ago

    Does it actually say Shayne’s chameleon?

  • Tye Stone
    Tye Stone Month ago +1

    'Snow White is avoid the ugly' Noah 2017

  • Angelina Tsao
    Angelina Tsao Month ago

    Ha nice. Nope.

  • Kate Hoang
    Kate Hoang Month ago

    It’s like who is the spy

  • Lauren Benham
    Lauren Benham Month ago

    I have no clue ho this game works anyone else

    • Qui P
      Qui P Month ago

      Lauren Benham took me a while but I got it. They roll the dice and get 2 numbers (like 47 or something). Then they look at the cards they have in their hands (like the one Courtney held up during the rules) Then they go to the 4th column on top of the card and then go down 7 places and end up at D4. Then they look at the card on the table and see what D4 is. That’s how they get the word without the chameleon knowing it.

  • Gacha Kat
    Gacha Kat Month ago

    Noah: Uh Snow White is to teach you to stay away from the ugly
    Me: I better get away from you then

  • Turtle-Shell
    Turtle-Shell Month ago +1

    “Just nice stuff about me”
    Your welcome Shayne :)

  • Hufflepuffreader
    Hufflepuffreader Month ago +2

    I don’t understand how this game works but it was entertaining

  • Jazlynj Syfert
    Jazlynj Syfert Month ago +1

    For san frinsisco i would have said charmed the tv show because the is where it was

  • Izzy Moyer
    Izzy Moyer Month ago +1

    “Comment down below just nice stuff about me” lol your hot

  • Blongots Berries
    Blongots Berries Month ago

    Smosh subscribe to PEWDIEPIEEEEEEEEEEE

  • Horror films Unexplainable


  • Philip Farson
    Philip Farson Month ago +1

    Noah's hair in this video reminds me of the choclate vanilla and strawberry icecream lmao

  • bagel boys
    bagel boys Month ago +4

    they roll the dice to see what character it is and say the number out loud, so when the chameleon guesses who it is couldn’t they just look at the numbers??

    • Ameera Lol
      Ameera Lol 10 days ago

      bagel boys I think there are two different types of cards and one is in the center that everyone can see and It is is mixed up. Then everyone who isn’t the chameleon has identical cards that have numbers indicating the object. Sorry if that made no sense

    • Harmony C
      Harmony C 13 days ago

      bagel boys yea, the game sounds a little weird

  • Karma Starlight
    Karma Starlight Month ago +2

    Do you guys know the original story of sleeping beauty? Well in my opinion, the morale is don’t do it with your daughter while she’s asleep for 100 years. Especially since she was in the middle of labor once she woke up. That story is so damn twisted.

  • Jaeda mowery
    Jaeda mowery Month ago +4

    Darth Vader = dark evil death daddy

  • Dust Bunny500
    Dust Bunny500 Month ago +2

    So basically it’s spyfall but a little different

  • Be Happy
    Be Happy Month ago +1

    A B C D 1 2 3..............4

  • Darth Llama the Sith

    Y'all should play Zero. The point of the game is the one who gets the most points loses.

  • jealofe erk
    jealofe erk Month ago

    I LOVE THIS GAMEi also love keith, he is sk funny lol

  • Mel Puppy
    Mel Puppy Month ago

    Noah actually could say 1949 because I think there was like the biggest fire in San Francisco in 1949 or the like earthquake idk

  • The Yellow Hokage
    The Yellow Hokage Month ago

    Noah he has handled tools but he always use those tools to break shit

  • GracieFox34
    GracieFox34 Month ago

    Shayne: Says you have to use adjectives.
    Olivia: PaPErcLIps
    Keith: PenCIlS

  • Coco De cat
    Coco De cat Month ago +1

    11:47 he should have just said ‘big’ 😂😂😂😂

  • Madi
    Madi Month ago

    tag yourself playing this game I’m shayne (my family hates me when we play this)

  • Veronica Orona
    Veronica Orona Month ago

    For San Francisco someone should of said al Capone on Alcatraz island

  • Savannah Gardner
    Savannah Gardner Month ago

    Where can I get that boardgame?

  • Avelyn Dickerson
    Avelyn Dickerson Month ago

    Darth Vader and German means dark father

  • Marty Guttenberg
    Marty Guttenberg Month ago +1

    It was 1849

  • Livvy Wilson
    Livvy Wilson Month ago

    i just watched 15 minutes of this game and still have no idea how the game works!!

  • Emily Knight
    Emily Knight Month ago

    Keith doesn't get enough love