Tee Grizzley - First Day Out (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Nov 8, 2016
  • The official music video of Tee Grizzley "First Day Out" produced & shot by Nick Margetic.
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  • Artilxrex
    Artilxrex 2 hours ago


  • Wissam Sitto
    Wissam Sitto 7 hours ago

    How is he driving German engineering while repping Detroit cars?

  • Retro Gamer
    Retro Gamer 10 hours ago

    I remember I was busted in the joint up in Lancaster, CA & heard this shxt on the radio & my ass was working out even harder. This shxt still knock. Hope everyone doing time keep they head up & get out soon. Love & unity!

  • Marco Johnson
    Marco Johnson 11 hours ago

    Joy rd bitch but my money long as 6mile 😂 damn 6mile long as fuck

  • keland !
    keland ! 14 hours ago

    Opposite of NF.

  • Xxdopeking247
    Xxdopeking247 16 hours ago +5

    R.I.P your aunt grizzly god bless you🙏 we hope your doing better

  • Register Correy
    Register Correy 18 hours ago +1

    who here after Satish

  • PoonDestruction
    PoonDestruction 19 hours ago

    driving reckless, switching lanes as the beat drops. shit slap hard.

  • j rōsa
    j rōsa 19 hours ago


  • j rōsa
    j rōsa 19 hours ago

    this my songg

  • Joekate121609
    Joekate121609 20 hours ago

    Damn this went from 50% to 130% lit

  • Because your dumb!
    Because your dumb! 22 hours ago

    Go harder then my grandma's stick.

  • Josh Cooper
    Josh Cooper Day ago +1

    This guy is hilarious, tells the story of how he robbed a jewelry store and then films himself shopping for jewelry in his video. Well done, sir.

  • Jair reimann
    Jair reimann Day ago

    This one of the hardest intros in rap history

  • LowKeyHyi
    LowKeyHyi Day ago

    Aliens after the raid:

  • jesse Toretto
    jesse Toretto Day ago


  • toxic _carlos
    toxic _carlos Day ago

    First song that doesn’t need a beat at the begging but still is fie✊🏽🔥

  • Alice Alexander
    Alice Alexander Day ago

    I'm all most 60 in November .I Love Your Rap Music

  • Bowser Jr
    Bowser Jr Day ago +1


  • Schylur Davis
    Schylur Davis Day ago

    who still listening on september 21

  • Junee B
    Junee B Day ago

    The only thing that’d make this song better is if I could hear it for the first time again. 😭

  • jamya williams
    jamya williams Day ago


  • Uriel Vazquez
    Uriel Vazquez Day ago +2

    Tee Grizzley: If you snitch imma kill you
    6ix9ine: Say sike right now

  • William Ballard
    William Ballard 2 days ago

    its my first day out cuzzz

  • DJHatch
    DJHatch 2 days ago +1

    Bobby Shmurda and T would be dope as fuck together

  • phil1753
    phil1753 2 days ago

    You ain’t who next to u nigga 💯

  • Jeremy Dolan
    Jeremy Dolan 2 days ago

    3 years and water still cant reach 400°F

  • Debbie Hipsher
    Debbie Hipsher 2 days ago

    You sound like every other rapper. Sucks

  • MobstaOG
    MobstaOG 3 days ago +1

    Tee grizzly: if u snitch ima kill you
    69: 🙂🙃

  • lele boo
    lele boo 3 days ago

    They shot that video at my school

  • Random Chicken nugget

    Who finna be listening in October 2019😝😝💯💯

  • Kali Love
    Kali Love 3 days ago

    This baby is talented. God bless this kid👌🏾💯❤️❤️

  • Joanna Saba
    Joanna Saba 4 days ago

    Who’s here bcuz of zion kuwonu’s live?

  • Brand Brand
    Brand Brand 4 days ago

    Keep the grind goin 🔥❤️

    No homo

  • pumas mota
    pumas mota 4 days ago

    This is perfect for Karaoke !!!!!

  • reaper default
    reaper default 4 days ago

    This song says my life

  • BigJetSki
    BigJetSki 4 days ago

    The transition give me goosebumps everytime

  • Zochi Why?
    Zochi Why? 4 days ago

    Bro het these lame as sixnine comments on .

  • Madd Glass
    Madd Glass 4 days ago +1

    How he felon ,2-0, and not a snitch.... the beat catchy AF, but them lyrics sound like he trying to convince everybody that he's not the reason everybody got busted...

  • Monique Kyles
    Monique Kyles 4 days ago +1

    I didn’t hear from u when I had them blues on...soon as we done fucking put your shoes on!!!

  • Ooga Booga
    Ooga Booga 4 days ago

    he got point but this in song opinion is trash hahah cant dance on this

    E-TOOL KILL 4 days ago

    Better keep this guy and tekashi69 away from each other.............u know because 69s a SNITCH.

  • TJ S
    TJ S 5 days ago +1

    fucc ho

  • marri nuggets
    marri nuggets 5 days ago

    2019 still hereee

  • Cherry Kushy
    Cherry Kushy 6 days ago +1

    This song got me through my wisdom getting yanked out lol 😂

  • Katiana Stanley
    Katiana Stanley 6 days ago +1

    Tee Grizzley go harder than the switch yo momma make u pick out after she catch u listening to this song😂

  • KingOtto
    KingOtto 6 days ago

    Sub to my channel if u think this a great song

  • Zeke Gonna Eat
    Zeke Gonna Eat 6 days ago

    I heard this song and Robbed my wife...... I gave it back though!

  • Antonio McCray
    Antonio McCray 6 days ago +1

    my daddy

  • cole klinger
    cole klinger 6 days ago

    upchurch went better

  • Stephen Johnson
    Stephen Johnson 7 days ago +5

    last time something dropped as hard as this beat we went into a war on terror

  • Insta Xavfn
    Insta Xavfn 7 days ago

    who dtill wayvhing in 2019 rn today

  • 50 000 Subscribers with 0 Videos

    This is like a perfect balance between a emotional story and agressive gangsta rap

  • Justin Mills
    Justin Mills 7 days ago

    Tee may be on probation in Kentucky but he's right about one thing, these fucking local DA's are probably more into the pills than Tyrone Biggums smokes rock.
    And the bad part is, we don't have as many street smart ppl. I got arrested, sitting in a private residence, for Public Intoxication, without a blood/urine test (field sobriety, haha, he was gonna throw me down in a field handcuffed and beat my ass).
    Now I beat that shit easy, still took Easter Sunday in jail, arraignment, two pretrial conferences and then when the state didn't answer subpoena, then my case is dismissed.
    I guarantee people have taken deals for suspended sentence and fine being completely innocent (I know one took time to risk being found guilty at trial).
    With that said, I'd offer Tee a chance to come down to SE KY anytime and wouldn't worry for a minute about him. He's no danger, we've all made mistakes, does that make us who we are? Fuck no!
    I think Tee could offer insight to me about growing up in Michigan. It'd be good if the justice system worked for all races
    And i say that because if my situation happened and I'm African American, I could very easily got 90 days for something I didn't do.
    Vote in 2020 people, we owe it to our future generations to make a change.
    You'll get off paper Grizz, you're welcome to my part of Kentucky anytime. We need to get Tee over to Commonwealth or even better Rupp Arena, that's the church for some ppl (Rupp).
    Love the lyricist in you man, incredible!

  • ytv kay
    ytv kay 7 days ago +2

    This song make me want to fight someone

  • really. dynasia
    really. dynasia 7 days ago

    These bitches prayed on my downfall , on all 10s bitch I stood tall 🆗

  • Nolandre1738
    Nolandre1738 7 days ago


  • Carl Landis
    Carl Landis 8 days ago

    He belongs in prison. No wonder he is happy.

  • Liyah DaG
    Liyah DaG 8 days ago +1

    this song hit different when u know all the lyrics lmao

  • streetdrms D
    streetdrms D 8 days ago

    0:01. Wat i do every morning with my hair.