• Published on Nov 24, 2017
  • The RC Cars return to dodge more ridiculous items and it's as funnier than ever! #44Club
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Comments • 15 795

  • _daniil_ _2000_
    _daniil_ _2000_ Year ago +5589

    Drop a mannequin wearing merch, lit on fire, filled with golf balls, and anvils tied to its legs.

  • TiTan PanDa
    TiTan PanDa 2 hours ago

    Drop ur kids

  • Maryadi Btrack
    Maryadi Btrack 16 hours ago

    Iam from indonesia

  • LMG plane guy
    LMG plane guy 17 hours ago

    I want to see you drop a fridge on a rc car

  • Alex Mckinney
    Alex Mckinney Day ago

    Giant dart

  • micheil anderson

    Real Car

  • TARDIS man15
    TARDIS man15 Day ago

    Another rc car

  • Rival Master
    Rival Master Day ago

    Giant dartt

  • Maryadi Btrack
    Maryadi Btrack Day ago

    I down know

  • James Price
    James Price Day ago

    Toilet or Washer or dryer

  • Joshtheamasing
    Joshtheamasing Day ago

    A phone

  • Wubulubadubdubs
    Wubulubadubdubs 2 days ago

    Drop zebra

  • Julio Podadera Castillo

    your videos are funny :-)

  • Hailey & Dominac
    Hailey & Dominac 2 days ago

    The giant dart

  • Skateb0y77
    Skateb0y77 3 days ago

    Imagine if they could get a car up there 😂😂🤨🤔

  • Emily Cherrington
    Emily Cherrington 3 days ago

    You should drop another rc car

  • Madison Fornash
    Madison Fornash 3 days ago +1

    A bowling ball dipped in gasoline lit on fire with some spikes and a gold paint

  • Michael Busche
    Michael Busche 3 days ago

    Drop a refrigerator

  • Terry Davis
    Terry Davis 3 days ago

    You should drop old heavy box tv's , that would be real cool.

  • Nathan Alexopoulos
    Nathan Alexopoulos 4 days ago

    Lazy boy

  • Holl E. H.
    Holl E. H. 4 days ago +1

    Drop items you've demolished in previous videos and use some as an obstacle course for the RCs!

  • Alex Vazquez
    Alex Vazquez 4 days ago

    Glass vs glass or giant target put 4 melons,ballons in each ring cimetrically separated and 1of each dead center. The melons are worth the most points so i leave it to you to decide how much they are worth but if you manage to make it explode when hitting the melon hitting other rings? Than that counts as points for each ring it hit buuut! If the melon destroys a ballon? Then if you hit your color you loose that many points if its an oposing team color you gain a multiplier.. balloons must be 4 of each oposing team. If you managed to hit an oposing team ballon? You get a multiplier x2 if you hit your own ballon? You loose twice as much. Take turns and chose how many rounds you guys want to play. Giant dart and let the game begin. Who ever looses? Gets splashed by watter with the color of the winner or wear a sticker on the forhead representing the one who won for a week.

  • Noe Evans
    Noe Evans 4 days ago

    Trampoline Net! Bet you wont drop that

  • Gage Shaw
    Gage Shaw 4 days ago +2

    Drop house appliances on RC cars (tables, lamps, FRIDGES, ect)

  • Ryan Tyler
    Ryan Tyler 4 days ago

    Ya car

  • Asriel Meemur
    Asriel Meemur 4 days ago

    you should have dropped the zebra

  • Adrian Luttrell
    Adrian Luttrell 4 days ago

    Drop a large safe

  • Tyler Tapp
    Tyler Tapp 5 days ago

    American park games: Bachi balls, lawn darts, horseshoes, etc.

  • Xxlunar_playzxX fox furry

    Drop a katana or something really sharp

    VINCENT VONGSY 5 days ago

    You guys should drop ice hockey pucks

  • big Will
    big Will 5 days ago

    Roast chicken

  • David Peppard
    David Peppard 5 days ago

    A rub

  • C&J Outdoors
    C&J Outdoors 5 days ago

    balloons full of oobleck

  • Nathan Lamberson
    Nathan Lamberson 6 days ago

    i think you should lift a car with a crane and drop it on the rc cars but have it be able to be dropped by pulling a rope

  • K C
    K C 6 days ago

    Game 3: Aggregate Wins To Date::: Derek-1; Brett-2; Scott-0

  • Oscar Craig
    Oscar Craig 6 days ago +1

    I'm watching in 2019 but I would like to see a fridge falling from the tower

    • Holl E. H.
      Holl E. H. 4 days ago

      I think they did that in a Bocce game.

  • tigerraven And co
    tigerraven And co 6 days ago

    I wanna see a sword get droped

  • Dakota Deming
    Dakota Deming 7 days ago

    You should drop a fridge next time

  • Alex Grao
    Alex Grao 9 days ago

    drop a water heater full of water

  • Austin Miller
    Austin Miller 9 days ago

    You should drop a refrigerator

  • austin nauert
    austin nauert 9 days ago +1

    you should drop katanas from the tower

  • home run
    home run 9 days ago

    drop a big chunges

  • captain soap mactavish

    Drop a safe from highest point from the tower on to a glass table

  • Aaron Arthur
    Aaron Arthur 9 days ago

    shoot them with fireworks

  • Alyssa Tiemeyer
    Alyssa Tiemeyer 9 days ago

    Pineapples would be fun I think

    ARCHIE LIVERSEDGE 10 days ago

    The big dart of Deth

  • JetTinygaming [Gaming]

    u should drop a couch and merch all over

  • Valery Godoy
    Valery Godoy 10 days ago

    I’d play a video game like this for hours

  • Leeland Murphy
    Leeland Murphy 10 days ago

    A tractor tire

  • James Blonde
    James Blonde 10 days ago +2

    I didnt see the “from 45 meters....” and so on, do I just saw “dodging heavy stuff” and my heart skipped a beat

  • Brian Butterfield
    Brian Butterfield 10 days ago

    Giant dart vs fire integrations

  • Amber Juanes
    Amber Juanes 10 days ago


  • Hussain Al asadi
    Hussain Al asadi 10 days ago +2

    Wow we are literally throwing everything even though you are not dropping babies you should do it,it is fun.

  • Campbell McPhail
    Campbell McPhail 10 days ago


  • Lord Feish
    Lord Feish 10 days ago

    drop a big molotov

  • Lydia Gordon
    Lydia Gordon 11 days ago

    1000 degree knife

  • Cooly281 22
    Cooly281 22 11 days ago


  • Charlie Thrippleton
    Charlie Thrippleton 11 days ago

    Life sized dummy

  • Cheyenne Wallace
    Cheyenne Wallace 11 days ago +2

    Get a fire extinguisher and drop heavy things on it lmao

  • Franco Coetzee
    Franco Coetzee 11 days ago

    an elephant

  • SLS Apollo
    SLS Apollo 11 days ago

    A fridge With lit dynamite and anvils and kerosene in it and On fire

  • Carter Rasmussen
    Carter Rasmussen 11 days ago

    Th DART

  • Malik Dunn
    Malik Dunn 12 days ago

    Drop heaps of merch inside a fridge on top or ten watermelons and spray paint cans

  • Alex Soriano
    Alex Soriano 12 days ago

    Mm crazy boy

  •  12 days ago

    Drop a fridge squere on the car

  • Two Tailed Warrior
    Two Tailed Warrior 13 days ago

    The lack of aiming...

  • Unknown_assassin 200
    Unknown_assassin 200 13 days ago

    Shaving cream, or wip cream in cans

  • Shane Patti
    Shane Patti 14 days ago


  • Stacy Dsiley
    Stacy Dsiley 14 days ago


  • HarpaulTech
    HarpaulTech 14 days ago

    drop a mettle bar

  • Joey O'Hara
    Joey O'Hara 14 days ago

    Drop a ps4

  • Kennedi Kuykendall
    Kennedi Kuykendall 15 days ago

    Lmao it looked straight out of a cartoon on Scott’s first round. Stuff kept dropping around it but nothing hit the car.

  • Dillen Wilson
    Dillen Wilson 15 days ago

    Drop the giant dart

  • Luke Lamb
    Luke Lamb 15 days ago


  • Colton Crainshaw
    Colton Crainshaw 15 days ago

    shoot a bullet

  • Karl Marx
    Karl Marx 15 days ago

    A pallet of pudding

  • Gold Osburn
    Gold Osburn 15 days ago +1

    You know you guys should team up with The slow Mo guys from rooster teeth I think you guys could do some really cool stuff

  • Brayden Richard
    Brayden Richard 15 days ago

    bricks or a knife

  • Daniel Dvorak
    Daniel Dvorak 15 days ago

    I think you should drop some chainsaw motors or push mower engines

  • Thomas McGinnis
    Thomas McGinnis 15 days ago

    This was Glorious!

  • matt hoult
    matt hoult 16 days ago

    Drop a motorbike

  • Kata 0925
    Kata 0925 16 days ago

    A Mini fridge

  • Raay Gamez
    Raay Gamez 16 days ago

    Drop a grenade
    So boom happens

  • Asa Nyysti
    Asa Nyysti 16 days ago

    U should drop the giant dart

  • Ben Estrada
    Ben Estrada 16 days ago

    Drop a grenade next time pls

  • Ky Veech
    Ky Veech 17 days ago

    Drop the fridge

  • ṖauḶee ḂlueṢtreet

    _"Gary Busey, Donnie Osmond and Jim Carrey"_ .......okay.

  • climb or die
    climb or die 17 days ago

    Drop a poster and make the herron or guanson hit it with darts

  • Bailey Simon
    Bailey Simon 17 days ago

    Atlas stone

  • rocknroll506
    rocknroll506 18 days ago

    Frozen turd
    My ex girl
    A tire
    Nokia 3310

  • Tomas Mello
    Tomas Mello 18 days ago

    Drop a RC car on RC cars

  • JJ Flower
    JJ Flower 18 days ago +1

    You need to drop a car

  • Luke Silventino
    Luke Silventino 18 days ago

    It's scary to think that Gaunuerz has a drivers licence IRL

  • Cameron Crist
    Cameron Crist 19 days ago

    Man I love Gaunson he’s my favorite but man is he awful when it comes to driving the RC cars

  • Chur Bro
    Chur Bro 19 days ago


  • 1867charlesb Beasley
    1867charlesb Beasley 20 days ago

    You should send me those RC cars

  • GW Norris
    GW Norris 21 day ago

    drop a mini fridge

  • david boots
    david boots 21 day ago

    a fridge

  • Redfrog
    Redfrog 22 days ago

    shoot a paint ball gun

  • Jolteon 5456
    Jolteon 5456 22 days ago

    Another video please! xD These videos are just the most funniest!