Feeding a Venus Flytrap Human Blood

  • Published on Jan 13, 2022
  • I see what happens if I feed a Venus Flytrap human blood.
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  • ॐ卐 Merchant of Varanasi 卐ॐ

    Damn, can't believe how he was successfully able to jumpscare me in the end.

  • SamAsm
    SamAsm 4 months ago +2267

    That was terrifying. I'm glad plants don't move as fast as we do.

    • garcia S
      garcia S 7 days ago

      Utricularias traps move faster than, any human that has lived. It's just, not big enough to eat a human.

    • temmie`s channel
      temmie`s channel 20 days ago

      @Hassan Mian hate

    • Hassan Mian
      Hassan Mian 21 day ago

      @temmie`s channel how will it freak me out?

    • temmie`s channel
      temmie`s channel 3 months ago +1

      but they do move. Don't look it up unless you wanna get freaked out.

  • slagman
    slagman 4 months ago +1466

    Fun Fact: VFT don’t actually “eat” things like flies and such, they still preform photosynthesis. Since most live in really bad nutrient-poor soil, they get nitrogen from digesting things like flies

    • Minecraft66
      Minecraft66 3 months ago +1

      Sounds like eating

    • swathi vuyyuru
      swathi vuyyuru 3 months ago

      Yes since these plants don't get nitrogen in soil of the place they live

    • DJMay Draws
      DJMay Draws 3 months ago +2

      Digestion implies ingestion

  • JaymeeElise
    JaymeeElise 4 months ago +953

    I’m just still confused why he wasn’t bothered by a needle going ALL THE WAY into his finger..
    ~Edit: TY GUYS FOR ALL THE LIKESS I’m not used to this lol~

    • JaymeeElise
      JaymeeElise Month ago +1

      @lunakat ohhh ok 😂 ty

    • lunakat
      lunakat Month ago +2

      Those do not hurt they are not like regular needles.

    • Philip Niere
      Philip Niere 3 months ago

      Do you even know that men dont cry

  • Johnny's Desk
    Johnny's Desk 4 months ago +6151

    The ending is how end of the world situation starts.

  • gaylord
    gaylord 4 months ago +79524

    you’ve given him a taste for human flesh. it’s all he thinks about now, all he craves is the human meat

    • RandomCuber
      RandomCuber 5 days ago

      @Karklall bruh that doesn’t save you from anything

    • Elizabeth M
      Elizabeth M 2 months ago


    • Keigo Takami
      Keigo Takami 3 months ago

      Oh no

    • Sri Dathan
      Sri Dathan 3 months ago

      @RobotBoyTRB Mobile But I feel like it would be tempting to eat some meat dipped in flesh. As in the case of many wild animals that get triggered to eat meat just by the smell of blood. They don't drink raw blood tho...

    • •ImSam°
      •ImSam° 3 months ago

      Oh, Well. I hope it doesn't turn into a giant plant monster terrorizing a town, Leaving blood everywhere, Humans in cities dead and eaten as the buildings fall and burn...

  • ItzFloris🌻💛
    ItzFloris🌻💛 4 months ago +522

    Someone: so what do you do in your free time?
    This guy: oh sometimes I do weird chemical experiments and feed my Venus flytrap human blood

    • Poke man
      Poke man 4 months ago +3

      But I disagree it's for science

    • Poke man
      Poke man 4 months ago +3

      (69th like)

  • Cherie Smith
    Cherie Smith 4 months ago +131

    I love this guy. Hes feeding his finger to a venus flytrap.

  • DistrucionGod
    DistrucionGod 3 months ago +2

    Lets just take a moment to appreciate how this man had the balls to stick a needle into his finger with ease

  • Roberto Jimenez
    Roberto Jimenez 4 months ago +48

    I can’t believe how deep they stuck that needle in!!

  • Cydney Hosey
    Cydney Hosey 4 months ago +4573

    I genuinely enjoy how much fun he has doing experiments

    • Someguyonyoutube
      Someguyonyoutube 4 months ago

      @Alike nvm

    • Michael Mayers
      Michael Mayers 4 months ago +1

      Now they crave human blood

    • Alike
      Alike 4 months ago

      And he said "Piercing your finger and bleeding doesn't SEEM like fun to me"

    • Alike
      Alike 4 months ago

      @Someguyonyoutube yea he did he's saying that doesn't look fun to him he's not even saying "it wasn't fun to me"

    • Someguyonyoutube
      Someguyonyoutube 4 months ago +2

      @Alike read the first comment , then look at him saying "it doesn't seem fun to me" like bruh

  • lego motion
    lego motion 4 months ago +234

    After pricking himself the way he said "there we go that's good" it concerns me

  • Chloe Robinson
    Chloe Robinson 4 months ago +43

    There’s literally a whole movie on why you shouldn’t do this 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • Princess Maya
      Princess Maya 3 months ago +1

      @Chloe Robinson thank you

    • BearlyGaming
      BearlyGaming 3 months ago +4

      He mentioned the movie at the beginning of the video “Remember Little Shop of Horrors?”

    • Chloe Robinson
      Chloe Robinson 3 months ago +2

      @Princess Maya it’s called little shop of horrors x

    • NostalgiaCriticAnim3
      NostalgiaCriticAnim3 3 months ago +1

      There’s actually two movies

    • ???I
      ???I 3 months ago +2

      Theres a movie about this?

  • Smell my finger
    Smell my finger 4 months ago

    Dang it! 😂 Never expected a jumpscare from you! You're great. Thank you. 😂❤️

  • bowen voowy
    bowen voowy 4 months ago +71

    the end genuinely scared the absolute shit out of me😭😭

    • ErrorTheNoob
      ErrorTheNoob 3 months ago +1

      @Maria Garcia Im going to just find another comment to comment on to forget about the comment that you did

    • salty cracker
      salty cracker 3 months ago

      Glad im not the only one T_T

  • Wallace has RETURNED!!!
    Wallace has RETURNED!!! 4 months ago +3947

    I've played so many horror games. Explain to me why the thing that has made me jump the most in a while was the venus fly trap...

  • MoriKitsune
    MoriKitsune 4 months ago +7

    That's the exact brand of microlancet I use 😄 On another note, that drop was pretty big- why not just let it drip into the plant?? lol

  • KlokSlop
    KlokSlop 4 months ago +68

    Now they are gonna evolve to eat humans..
    Venus flytrap: This edible ain't shi-

  • Mickie Minton
    Mickie Minton 4 months ago +1

    Hope the plant enjoyed it's meal and is doing ok. And yes I jump/laughed at the end.🤓

  • Cassie
    Cassie 4 months ago

    Hope the plant enjoyed it's meal and is doing ok. And yes I jump/laughed at the end.🤓

  • Philip Harmsworth
    Philip Harmsworth 4 months ago +7592

    I don't know how but that legitimately scared me at the end

    • Guess Who
      Guess Who Month ago

      Same I was like about to faint lol

    • Sanuji Nuwanga
      Sanuji Nuwanga 4 months ago

      Me too

    • thatrandomkidd
      thatrandomkidd 4 months ago

      Same bro same

    • Robert Hargrove
      Robert Hargrove 4 months ago


    • ZeroxDaKnight Z
      ZeroxDaKnight Z 4 months ago

      @Leah D Gaming because it was a ridiculous jumpscare that no one should have been worried about? I mean ofc unless you saw it coming unlike me

    D3ATHROWGAM3R 3 months ago +14

    Ahh the memories of the "Suddenly Seymour" scene being stuck in my head

  • pankeki_
    pankeki_ 4 months ago +25

    Plant: " why's it spicy?"

  • Asia Hobson
    Asia Hobson 3 months ago

    😂 This would’ve been perfect for a Halloween special 😂

  • Noah Gibbs
    Noah Gibbs 4 months ago +15

    “hey jack” jack:”yes?” “are you okay?” jack: “oh yes MY SOUL JUST LEFT MY FUCKING BODY

    • Noah Gibbs
      Noah Gibbs 4 months ago

      @SuperMaya basically my soul leaving my body😃

    • SuperMaya
      SuperMaya 4 months ago +1

      What is this a reference to

  • Withered
    Withered 4 months ago +4125

    To think that I actually jumped back at a venus flytrap when I hardly blink a eye at most horror games terrifies me lol

  • Tkayyhh
    Tkayyhh 4 months ago

    Shorts is easily the best thing TheXvid has added❤️

  • {starlight} ♈︎
    {starlight} ♈︎ 4 months ago

    It’s not a mistake ✨it’s a masterpiece✨

  • GodlyxSinner
    GodlyxSinner 4 months ago +1

    The ending was so simple yet still made me jump.. Bravo

  • Hamsta
    Hamsta 3 months ago

    He actually managed to jumpscare me with a plant, and I thought I wasn't scared of man eating plants o_0

  • Michelle Obama
    Michelle Obama 4 months ago +7843

    The little
    “It’s eating me” was cute😂
    What a nice laugh.

    • Malcolm
      Malcolm 4 months ago


    • Wolfixal Plays
      Wolfixal Plays 4 months ago

      OMG the real Michelle Obama

    • Michelle Obama
      Michelle Obama 4 months ago

      hey kiddo i don't know what that means cause i don't keep up with the trends these days but it sounds fun! :3

    • Michelle Obama
      Michelle Obama 4 months ago

      @Chargeman Ken't iv'e seen it all at this point... i'm even forcing kids across the world to eat vegetables because they're obese :3

    • Michelle Obama
      Michelle Obama 4 months ago


  • Dibyo Chatterjee
    Dibyo Chatterjee 3 months ago

    Salute to those who use their blood for discoveries and inventions

  • Grace Lynch
    Grace Lynch 4 months ago +1

    I always wanted one of these to keep as a plant pet and feed it fly’s

  • Anushka Kanodia
    Anushka Kanodia 4 months ago +14

    **Pierces his finger with a pin**
    He- Okay that's good
    Me- Ahhhhhh!! Oh the pain!! It's unbearable!!

    • Anushka Kanodia
      Anushka Kanodia 3 months ago +1

      @Takami Keigo 🤣

    • Takami Keigo
      Takami Keigo 3 months ago +2

      @Anushka Kanodia like im genuinely surprised that only a few people here in this comment section are talking about it lol, like HOW DID HE PIERCE HIS OWN FINGER SO CALMLY?!! 💀

    • Anushka Kanodia
      Anushka Kanodia 3 months ago +1

      @Takami Keigo Exactly😂🤣

    • Takami Keigo
      Takami Keigo 3 months ago +3

      I thought of that too, like bruh 💀

  • its leavyyy
    its leavyyy 3 months ago

    Let's just give him a round of applause Cuz he just hurted Himself for a TheXvid short. That's mad respect

  • Ame
    Ame 4 months ago +5481

    Holy shit that actually made me jump. Never in a million years would i expect a jumpscare from this channel lol

  • Alimations
    Alimations 3 months ago +3

    “Don’t try this at home”
    As if I’d ever let anyone stab me like that

  • miju
    miju 3 months ago

    Thats scared me so much. Respect for this man for doin' this 😳 I would never do this kind of thing. lmao

  • ☆※Zuta!!※☆
    ☆※Zuta!!※☆ 3 months ago +1

    I'm officially traumatized by the energy we made in the studio . . .

  • Pegasus
    Pegasus 3 months ago

    He really got me at the end😂

  • Krew 😍
    Krew 😍 4 months ago +1

    Can we respect him bc he did not scream when there's blood on his hand

  • Julia K
    Julia K 4 months ago

    I went into comments to talk about how much you scared me with that needle at the begging but then comments made me realize that's not the only scare I'm going to get 🙃

  • • little liØn•
    • little liØn• 3 months ago

    I knew that was coming and that still gave me a heart attack 😅

  • David Dickey
    David Dickey 4 months ago

    Apparently fly traps are really sensitive to what they can eat, they seem to die easily.

  • Nuvilix
    Nuvilix 4 months ago +2828

    this guy is invincible,he even hurt himself for science.

    • FrogsAreCool
      FrogsAreCool 4 months ago

      @Pablo Strongarm damn, it'll be alright bro

    • try again
      try again 4 months ago


    • iMati
      iMati 4 months ago

      Bruh tf that's like nothing i wound do that any day for like 10 cents

    • Nuvilix
      Nuvilix 4 months ago +1

      @Keshuel y e s

    • Nuvilix
      Nuvilix 4 months ago +1

      @Chelle P dude, it just a joke,if you don't get it just ask.

  • Keigo Takami
    Keigo Takami 2 months ago +1

    "Nobody was harmed in the making of this video"
    That was real fast

  • •°Pink_Roses°•
    •°Pink_Roses°• 2 months ago

    The "Oh it's eating me!" Cracked me up I'm sorry 😂

  • JJ lifestyle
    JJ lifestyle 4 months ago

    Wow that made me jump at the end lol. I haven't ever jumped like that in years!

  • La Kicia Hughes
    La Kicia Hughes 4 months ago

    I just bought my best friend a Venus flytrap for Christmas. I gotta try this😂😂😂

  • laylx^
    laylx^ 4 months ago +1

    The ending got me 💀

  • Someone
    Someone Month ago

    Lol I’ll bet this guy is NEVER bored XD

  • Th3_Dev1l.K1ng
    Th3_Dev1l.K1ng 4 months ago

    Holy damn the end got the hell out of me 💀😂

  • Harveygel Cimagala
    Harveygel Cimagala 22 days ago

    My soul just got burst out of my body in the ending hahaha

  • Joe Robins
    Joe Robins 4 months ago +7057

    "this was done sterily"
    Proceeds to rub finger wound all over unsterilized carnivorous plant that eats bugs.

  • Paw Prints
    Paw Prints 3 months ago

    I love how he saying don't demonstrate him then he's said it's eating me lol ps love y'all

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss 3 months ago +1

    “Don’t try this at home” As if I’d ever let anyone stab me like that

  • Bleu塔
    Bleu塔 3 months ago

    it's currently 1 o'clock and that jumpscare scared my full soul😭😭 glad i'm still alive

  • Lavender J
    Lavender J 21 day ago

    The ending definitely got me 😭🤦🏾‍♀️

  • StUntitled
    StUntitled 4 months ago +7335

    The fact that I literally jumped at the end makes it even funnier

  • doliio volay
    doliio volay 3 months ago +1

    There’s literally a whole movie on why you shouldn’t do this 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • dance world
    dance world 3 months ago

    Give me a heart attack when the plant was moving to get your finger 😂😂

  • Jake Morgan
    Jake Morgan 4 months ago

    The ending was so worth it😂

  • TaiShi GamingDhc
    TaiShi GamingDhc 3 months ago

    Holy shot, I got jumpscared and it's been a while since I felt this thing oml that was good

  • HolyCow
    HolyCow 4 months ago +4780

    *That "Ahhhhhh" in the end literally scared the soul out of me Jesus*

  • vikaziza
    vikaziza 3 months ago +1

    "I want to see what will happen if i feed a venus flytrap with human blood."
    Do you know The day of trifids?

  • Albert Ledesma
    Albert Ledesma 3 months ago

    Not gonna lie….you got me in the second half.

  • Galaxy Cat
    Galaxy Cat 4 months ago

    You scared the holy heathens out of me lol 😂

  • Lobster
    Lobster 4 months ago

    that ending scared me so bad my whole body tingled and it felt like I was getting stabbed by needles all over my body which made me feel like I was dying.

  • J Menhart
    J Menhart 4 months ago +267

    This dude is an alternate reality supervillain where he actually had loving parents and a good home.

  • spuck, spider + duck
    spuck, spider + duck 4 months ago

    What caused your heart attack?
    *"Well you see, there was this Venus fly trap and-"*

  • i hate furries
    i hate furries 3 months ago

    Imagine if there were venus fly traps on the planet venus

  • Neleh Young
    Neleh Young 3 months ago

    Lol he totally got me. I jumped 🤣

  • Felicity He
    Felicity He 4 months ago

    How did you actually scare me at the end?!

  • Are we friends? I love you;)
    Are we friends? I love you;) 4 months ago +2573

    The jumpscare in the end of the video is what I always imagined about the plant when I was a kid 🗿

  • IJ’S world
    IJ’S world 4 months ago

    I would never take a pin and put it in my finger like that 😂

  • Liliana Saxon
    Liliana Saxon 4 months ago

    Damn I can't believe the ending scared me alot 😬

  • Noob Plays
    Noob Plays 4 months ago

    Nice little dark humor at the end there, love your vids man keep it up!

  • #ImSippinTeaInYoComments

    Fun fact a Venus flytrap can only open and close it's mouth so many times.

  • I am you
    I am you 4 months ago

    I laughed instead of being jumpscared at the end 🤣😂

  • Rolex Daetona²²
    Rolex Daetona²² 4 months ago

    Damn, he got me good😂

  • T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me

    Holy shit that actually made me jump. Never in a million years would i expect a jumpscare from this channel lol

  • Mack
    Mack 4 months ago

    the end genuinely scared the absolute shit out of me😭😭

  • Isis Whitty
    Isis Whitty 4 months ago

    But...when their hairs are triggered within a certain time (like they were), the plant closes any way.... So what was the purpose of the blood? 🤔

  • Sweetcake squad
    Sweetcake squad 3 months ago +1

    The sneaky flytrap is like (•~•)

  • {¥glitch killer emo¥}


  • Katrinika
    Katrinika 3 months ago

    Tell me why I actually got frightened at the end😭

  • Puneet_P
    Puneet_P 4 months ago +3112

    Man he didn't even just touched the pin this man literally put the whole needle inside

    • Salam Garawi
      Salam Garawi 4 months ago

      I mean, that's how you do it so

    • Aroha Tata
      Aroha Tata 4 months ago


    • Wonky Wonky
      Wonky Wonky 4 months ago


    • Your Friend
      Your Friend 4 months ago

      This is what i was searching.

    • CallmeAmy!
      CallmeAmy! 4 months ago

      I think it’s like the thing doctors use to test you for COVID in an emergency how he got one I’ve got no idea but I’ve done it before and it’s just a needle in the cap of it and you press it down and a centimeter of it just pokes you but is rlly sharp.

  • Vutey Phom
    Vutey Phom 4 months ago

    I almost got a heart attack because of that and I also throw and broke it thank to you😂😂😂

  • Ali Mert Demircan
    Ali Mert Demircan 3 months ago

    Abimizin eline rahmet eyliyoruz

  • Maximilian Moeck
    Maximilian Moeck 3 months ago +2

    ".....Remember Little Shop of Horrors?"
    *80% of the viewers* - "Nope"

  • CoCorKiller
    CoCorKiller 4 months ago

    Wont seal unless u continue to move the trigger hairs for up to 10 seconds. It'll just reopen. Has to b worth the energy to seal its self. I grow these and they are amazing. Most wild plant on earth. Carnivorous plants are the best

  • LowKeyCherokee
    LowKeyCherokee 4 months ago +1426

    The “is it eating me” genuinely scared the shit out of my like nothing ever before, I watched so many of your videos I wasn’t expecting a jump scare 😂

    • DrAcula
      DrAcula 4 months ago +1

      Lmao it scared the crop out of my daughter too

    • Matěj Hazek
      Matěj Hazek 4 months ago +6

      Exactly, damn!

  • Emily An
    Emily An 4 months ago +1

    That "Ahhhhhh" in the end literally scared the soul out of me Jesus

  • Alastor The Homosexual
    Alastor The Homosexual 4 months ago


  • Katherinne Solano
    Katherinne Solano 4 months ago

    Wait I’m confused lol is it actually a plant or a ✨pet✨

  • foxo
    foxo 4 months ago

    I got jump-scared at the end lmao 🤣

  • suhas shetty
    suhas shetty 4 months ago +1504

    He is such a good man he feeds his pet plant with his own blood

    • sah
      sah 4 months ago +3

      So you also go and feed you blood to anyone you like

    • Lyrics Nation
      Lyrics Nation 4 months ago +3

      What a chad

    • suhas shetty
      suhas shetty 4 months ago +3

      @HardyHar ENT thanks 😄

    • HardyHar ENT
      HardyHar ENT 4 months ago +6

      Nice Kenpachi pfp😌

  • La Loochie
    La Loochie 4 months ago +1

    All I can hear is “feed me Seymour” 😂

  • Cole World
    Cole World 4 months ago

    Out of all the videos I’ve seen on TheXvid. The ending on this gets me. I’m a failure.

  • the cadillac
    the cadillac 3 months ago +1

    That ending had me going to the ghost McDonald's