1. e4 e5: A Discussion (Eventually Middlegames) - GM Ben Finegold

  • Published on Jan 20, 2016
  • Grandmaster Ben Finegold gives an intriguing talk about the most common amateur opening, the double King pawn game. Learn to play more than the boring Giuoco Piano. Spring traps and know to avoid them. See two Ruy Lopez middlegames that Finegold played.
    C50 Blackburne shilling gambit
    Boris Kreiman vs. Benjamin Finegold, 2002: C64 Ruy Lopez, classical defence, Benelux variation
    Ferdinand Hellers vs. Finegold, 1990: C64 Ruy Lopez, classical defence, Benelux variation

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  • Luis Martinez
    Luis Martinez 6 days ago

    Me: “Hey, that’s my favorite opening!”
    Ben: “You will never see this opening in GrandMaster levels, you’ll see this often in kid matches”
    Me: Oh 🙂

  • Mithilesh
    Mithilesh 19 days ago

    You can put your hand out in your home😂😂

  • Victor Ulhôa
    Victor Ulhôa Month ago

    14:12 - 14:17 lmao "b5" I don't know why I'm laughing

  • Andrew Conneely
    Andrew Conneely Month ago

    Steve davis won 6 world championships in the 80s but still cool to hear him mentioned here

  • sg Maxell91
    sg Maxell91 2 months ago +1

    Snucker is a new sport to me

  • JimmyGr90
    JimmyGr90 2 months ago

    When I analyze this with Fatboy Slim.. Oh wait a minute

  • Mohan Lal Bhadupota
    Mohan Lal Bhadupota 4 months ago

    Sooo Boaring video

  • The jupiter
    The jupiter 5 months ago

    A great shame one is bombarded with a corny joke every three seconds which deflects ones interest in the actual lecture.

  • MohPK
    MohPK 6 months ago

    1:00 lmao

  • Yan Air
    Yan Air 6 months ago

    What or who is Mycomer, (or is it Mike Hammer?) that he often mentions

    • Ali Anıl Yaşar
      Ali Anıl Yaşar Month ago

      Mike Kummer. He is a lower rated player who gives questionable lectures to kids.

  • Joshua Hack
    Joshua Hack 7 months ago

    You talk to much

  • Pharmokan z
    Pharmokan z 7 months ago +1


  • Vasishta
    Vasishta 7 months ago +1

    "If it's not legal you can try it anyway"

  • Daniel MacDonald
    Daniel MacDonald 7 months ago +2

    I was crying from laughter by minute 22 or so. Hilarious analysis

    • Austin Clark
      Austin Clark 7 months ago

      Daniel MacDonald “hilarious analysis”, what an understatement...

  • Phizzhead
    Phizzhead 7 months ago

    but i love the bishop b5

  • G
    G 7 months ago


  • Jonty Speaks
    Jonty Speaks 7 months ago +1

    These lessons always go too fast and a barrage of co ordinates which you then have to find on the board.

  • Andrew Harper
    Andrew Harper 8 months ago +2

    Joseph Heller wrote Catch 22 if memory serves me correctly.

  • Mike McGomer
    Mike McGomer 8 months ago

    If you become an attorney you cant be a Grandmaster?

  • llorenç djalal boldu zabih

    Very funny but I still prefer Bc4 to Bb5

  • lagerbaer
    lagerbaer 8 months ago

    32:30 How does e5 not just hang the Queen?

    • lagerbaer
      lagerbaer 8 months ago

      Nvm, it gets followed with e6 to fork King and Queen

  • Francis Mizochessprince
    Francis Mizochessprince 8 months ago +1

    Too noisy

  • Sacha van Hauwaert
    Sacha van Hauwaert 9 months ago

    Hi ! Thank you for the videos ! Why did you move to Belgium in 1988 ? I am half-belgian, half-russian, and I was curious.

  • Winston Smith
    Winston Smith 9 months ago

    its snooker not "snicker"

    • Noah
      Noah 8 months ago

      yeah, thats what he said

  • Winston Smith
    Winston Smith 9 months ago

    I never knew uncle Fetzer was such a brilliant mind!!

  • Christian Collins
    Christian Collins 9 months ago

    Terrific video. Thank-you!

  • Fiolos Hubert
    Fiolos Hubert 9 months ago

    This is the only thing I needed to move past 1000 on chess.com. 70% of my opponent plays Ng5

  • AshleyBobLes
    AshleyBobLes 9 months ago

    Had to turn it off as its too disgusting listening to him guzzling down his fizzy drinks

  • thomi77
    thomi77 10 months ago

    Isn't Marseille the second largest city in France???

    • Noah
      Noah 8 months ago

      lyon is second by urban area, but by population you are correct

  • -Double Negative-
    -Double Negative- 10 months ago

    he says his Sicilians end up looking like e4e5, but my reti openings usually end up as queen's gambit declined.

    • Vasishta
      Vasishta 7 months ago

      That's because you're transposing by playing d4, c4, etc. The Reti is actually supposed to be Nf3 g3 Bg2 O-O c4 and so on. There's nothing wrong with transposing, just know that it ends up looking like QGD because you're transposing

  • Denis Flinn
    Denis Flinn 10 months ago

    3 year anniversary of this video, and a Clemson joke is funnier than ever. Finegold analyzes those joke lines like a GM.

  • ph1ll1ngood
    ph1ll1ngood 11 months ago

    35:30 “That’s why he’s a grandmaster and you’re sitting in some scary room right now.” FUCKING LOL! Love GM Finegold’s lectures. The guy’s a legend.

  • Noah Stone
    Noah Stone 11 months ago +51

    Omg why is no one laughing at these funny af jokes??

    • Terrence O'Donovan
      Terrence O'Donovan 5 months ago +5

      I'm thinking the microphone just doesn't pick them up.

    • Toxodos
      Toxodos 6 months ago +3

      dry delivery and they're often a bit obscure, especially for the kids

    JIMBOB JONES 11 months ago +7

    Ben is such an excellent speaker, huge knowledge, witty as hell, what a delight.

  • bluemoon
    bluemoon 11 months ago +24

    _"...But since I won the game, do you think I accepted the draw?"
    _"that's right, you're paying attention" lol

  • Langston Richardson
    Langston Richardson 11 months ago

    The is not a "Right" move or opening in chess

  • Langston Richardson
    Langston Richardson 11 months ago

    This is not good, this type of closed thinking and if they do this you do that is what holds the game of chess back

  • Craig Johnson
    Craig Johnson 11 months ago

    I like this just because of what you said about the legend Steve Davis

  • 3313312232135
    3313312232135 Year ago

    Luv ya, Ben! Very entertaining!

  • Wiell Nyan
    Wiell Nyan Year ago

    I play alekine because why not it is annoying.

  • Luka Calov
    Luka Calov Year ago +1

    after 20:00 the analysis is so funny it brought tears to my eyes for the next 5 mins

  • TheWorpler
    TheWorpler Year ago

    Steven Davis was often lampooned on British TV as "Steve 'Interesting' Davis"

  • Alexander Alekhine
    Alexander Alekhine Year ago +6

    No one laughs at his jokes but they’re hilarious, I think his crowd is a bit dull

  • Charles Wall
    Charles Wall Year ago

    I'm pretty sure Marseille is the second biggest city in France by a good bit.

  • Hi Cham
    Hi Cham Year ago

    36:40 did he farted?

  • Nachiket Phalnikar

    At 20:49 Lol'd for about 15 minutes

  • Wemdiculous
    Wemdiculous Year ago

    Im so much better at the endgame than the middle game, that showing me games from the tourney where endgame started at move 15 would indeed be mastering the middle game.

  • andy tenmen
    andy tenmen Year ago

    I've heard a few Americans pronounce snooker as snucker now. is this just how they pronounce it over in the states?

  • Daniel
    Daniel Year ago

    LOL I loved the last story of when he guessed the move

  • vote for no. 6
    vote for no. 6 Year ago +3

    13:55 Love how Ben likes to break the fourth wall.

  • mikecantreed
    mikecantreed Year ago +43

    "You don't have to master the middlegame you can 1500 the middlegame"

  • Locke19901
    Locke19901 Year ago +1

    "You are 2/3rds right" .... So sick.

  • SVP
    SVP Year ago

    21:24 xDDD

  • Charles Craig
    Charles Craig Year ago

    Either these people aren't great at chess or Ben just intimidates the hell out of them. Either way its pretty funny

  • pwner5012
    pwner5012 Year ago

    *des. per. ah-doe.*

  • Alpha QuickShip
    Alpha QuickShip Year ago

    His "jokes" are distracting though I do appreciate the instruction.

    • mikecantreed
      mikecantreed Year ago +2

      Alpha QuickShip Go read a chessbook instead. Ben Finegold is for the rest of us.

  • One does not simply
    One does not simply Year ago +1

    8:21 morphys choice of choice

  • jabloko992
    jabloko992 Year ago

    You with the wrong answer!

  • veres koppany
    veres koppany Year ago

    "Black Played a move i have never seen before at 20:20 " i got Chess ap on my phone and the rank 3 AI ( or 1100 ELO as it says ) as black the AI always respond with E5,D5 agains the 2 pawns on E4,D4 so maybe the kid has the same chess ap on phone :))

  • Robert Cichocki
    Robert Cichocki Year ago

    This is cool :)