How Much Does It ACTUALLY Cost To Make Money

  • Published on Sep 21, 2019
  • How much money does it cost to print a $100 dollar bill? Would you believe it costs more to make a penny than pennies are actually worth? In today's educational video we are looking at how the Treasury Department prints money and how counterfeiters try and keep up.
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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  Month ago +25

    Do you prefer to use cash or cards in your everyday life?

    • game0wl
      game0wl Month ago

      I like using paper and plastic!!!

    • LFG
      LFG Month ago

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    • Frank Hughes
      Frank Hughes Month ago


    • 1994Farmer
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    • Heggo T
      Heggo T Month ago

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  • ʊ p r e d a t o r ʊ
    ʊ p r e d a t o r ʊ 18 days ago

    Htf two dolars cost 5.5 cents and nickel cost6.60 cents

  • Baggy Trousers
    Baggy Trousers 20 days ago

    Polymer money comes from a bubble. Don't believe me? Look up the process.

  • harol perez
    harol perez 28 days ago +16

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  • clockwork freddbear

    Other people: Pennies cost $69 million dollars? What the heck!
    Me an intellectual: nice

    HYPER & MMO Month ago

    how much costs money: 1 dollar is 1 dollar...

  • KingreX32
    KingreX32 Month ago

    I thought this was going to be a much different video

  • QLCL Corporate
    QLCL Corporate Month ago

    I don't like the idea of a cashless society. As
    1. It wlll litterally take out our privacy (I don't trust my government that much)
    2. Credit cards make people overspent
    3. If you do something they don't like they can just throw you off the system.

  • Ashi Syed
    Ashi Syed Month ago

    I though this video was going to teach me how much money is required to make MORE money

  • MrFresh3991
    MrFresh3991 Month ago

    We pay for making money because we all slaves.

  • Nba. Trey
    Nba. Trey Month ago

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  • Fat Russian
    Fat Russian Month ago

    *Laughs in Bitcoin*

  • Marlboro Red
    Marlboro Red Month ago

    The path the wealth is sacrifice

  • Carlos Oliva
    Carlos Oliva Month ago

    Now that I think about it would even help the economy by going cashless because we have like 10,000 people of payday going to cash there check and that makes a lot of traffic and big lines

  • Dragonbreak
    Dragonbreak Month ago

    No, we shouldn't switch to electronic currency... Yes it's easier for us to work with, but also makes it easier to spy on us, sell our 100% accurate and compleate data, AND easier steal by hackers, as it happened many times in the past...

  • Mr. Meese
    Mr. Meese Month ago

    Absolutely not, switching to an all electronic currency would result in millions of hackers getting too much money from hacking into digital cash accounts.

  • Tokin
    Tokin Month ago

    The us one dollar bill is the most counterfeited.

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  • abbtech
    abbtech Month ago

    Only stacks of 10. That seems like a small stack to cut into bills.

  • A_ 21
    A_ 21 Month ago +1

    Ok but how do I make it?

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  • devonzf
    devonzf Month ago

    electronic currency? f*** off !!!

  • Garry Mcgrath
    Garry Mcgrath Month ago +1

    Now there's no gold standard how are notes value made ?

  • Ocieleo BMGO
    Ocieleo BMGO Month ago

    *Ah yes the money cost money*

  • Computer Dimension
    Computer Dimension Month ago +1

    hey that's not a picture of indian rupees. it's a picture Sri Lankan 100rupees.

  • Flying Gilbert
    Flying Gilbert Month ago

    The US needs to get rid of their penny just like how it is in Canada no point of making it if you are losing too much money to make it

  • tucker12435
    tucker12435 Month ago

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  • Ninjakitty505
    Ninjakitty505 Month ago

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  • Samuel Klein
    Samuel Klein Month ago

    All Chinese switching to alipay and wechat pay. Yet the new version of yuan still coming out

  • Rahul p m
    Rahul p m Month ago

    The Indian Rupee you showed isn't even used in india

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  • EVan Game
    EVan Game Month ago +1

    “I used the money to make the money”

  • Jamey M
    Jamey M Month ago +1

    Just pay for facility taxes by printing it

  • Austin Lebert
    Austin Lebert Month ago

    If you think deeply, Money is only Money because there isn’t enough things in the world for everyone and without anything to work for in life then people would go insane and there would be nothing getting done since everyone would wanna sit around

  • -•Łïttłe Bėår•-

    I've thought about this before.

  • Panda Spike
    Panda Spike Month ago +1

    I use the money to make the money

  • CHAD DeCky
    CHAD DeCky Month ago

    You should of talked about the Australia dollar, it’s very advanced.

  • Camaran Payne
    Camaran Payne Month ago

    Electronic currency? Don't we have people who can hack into government websites? Why have them hack others money online as well?

  • SooK_ DeadShot
    SooK_ DeadShot Month ago +1

    7:15 Nice

  • Decklan Hobbins
    Decklan Hobbins Month ago

    If we switch to online currency entirely we lose our freedom. It’s as simple as that.

  • Matīss Klavins
    Matīss Klavins Month ago

    Wait a minute 2 penny's for a 1 penny coin? Buy as many penny's as you can, then melt them down and sell them for metal value, without any loss you double your money!!

  • Chicken Leg
    Chicken Leg Month ago

    Come back Bitcoin!

  • Sam Marshall
    Sam Marshall Month ago

    Cut down on the adds or i unsub

  • Kvng Swift
    Kvng Swift Month ago +1

    Canada got rid of pennies because they cost more to make then they were worth

  • Zool
    Zool Month ago

    Stop minting money cost money to print ship also its even not necessary no more I never use cash if I can help normally only use it for buying from street vendors that only take cash. They would soon get a card reader

  • Aurobindo Ghosh
    Aurobindo Ghosh Month ago +1

    to make dollar bill is more expensive than the value of the bill itself

  • Randy Flores
    Randy Flores Month ago

    As a fan of history and a interest in money, this is so satisfying to watch.

  • Pittsburgh Dad TEXAS

    Electric Currency is forgeable also...

  • clash gaming
    clash gaming Month ago

    As thanos would say

    *I am using the stonks to create the stonks*