Is Meat Really that Bad?

  • Published on Nov 29, 2021
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    Food is arguably the best thing about being alive. No other bodily pleasure is enjoyed multiple times every day and never gets old. It is an expression of culture, our parents' love and a means of celebration or comfort. That’s why it hits a special nerve when we are told we should change what and how we eat to fight rapid climate change. One of the most delicious foods, meat, gets the worst press. It doesn’t help that the topic is really hard to properly research yourself and debates get emotional quickly. But clearly science can give us an answer!

    The reality is, well, it’s complicated. Let’s take a look at three climate arguments against meat that are used a lot and see what happens.

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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

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    • Cosmic 79
      Cosmic 79 5 days ago


    • Anon ymous
      Anon ymous 10 days ago

      How about you disclose the fact your organization receives $500,000 from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. It just so happens that your view on meat production coincides exactly with that organizations political views.... Who am I kidding, never bite the hand that feeds you ;-).

    • Maestro Kimpembe
      Maestro Kimpembe 11 days ago


    • Christopher Cianciulli
      Christopher Cianciulli 13 days ago


    • Christopher Cianciulli
      Christopher Cianciulli 13 days ago

      What are your units on the bar graph for CO2

  • Vian Abdullah
    Vian Abdullah Month ago +47661

    Not having dislikes means I can't really tell how well-received this video is. Which sucks because this is such a heated topic.

    • Plutonium Mapping
      Plutonium Mapping 14 hours ago

      14k dislikes, not bad. actually way better than I expected

    • Fred Royal
      Fred Royal 3 days ago

      as of jan 15th 345K like to 14K dislike for a 96% ratio

    • WoodPileDenmark
      WoodPileDenmark 6 days ago

      @Creeping Thyme You are a very sad "person"

    • Doge topia /Doge plays
      Doge topia /Doge plays 6 days ago

      Wow, never thought of it like that

    • Gorem
      Gorem 7 days ago

      @guiguanyu Even if we got it back, people are just not disliking anymore - as on the surface it looks like it does nothing. Its essentially a useless button now that is on the webpage that doesn't work. So it doesn't matter if you can see the dislikes, it will always be less then it should be.

  • Goose Bandicoot
    Goose Bandicoot Month ago +1571

    I initially read this as “Is Meth Really that Bad?” and for a moment was very concerned for Kurzgesagt

    • Doge topia /Doge plays
      Doge topia /Doge plays 6 days ago

      I’d feel more concerned if he said “Is That Vegan Teacher Really That Bad?”

    • Milenier
      Milenier 19 days ago

      well. wouldn't that be nice. finally a fixed version for "addiction"

    • Sean Williams
      Sean Williams 20 days ago +2

      I use meth on the weekends with the buds after we’re done getting busy at the local brothel. Never have any problems. Demonization and criminalization of drug use has led to fear-mongering among the public as a result of an unfortunate Puritan upbringing. Thankfully, the work of Dr. Carl Hart is quickly changing the public’s perception of illegal drugs and those who use them.

    • The survival kids
      The survival kids 23 days ago

      What the hell

    • Tord Lindgren
      Tord Lindgren 24 days ago

      first. i'd watch that. second. that's probably one of the drugs that is actually that bad.

  • Janet Dixon
    Janet Dixon Month ago +612

    I was surprised that the environmental repercussions of eating fish wasn’t discussed also. I’m genuinely curious!

    • Janie Swanson
      Janie Swanson 49 minutes ago

      @t bishop Two replies? Unable to keep your thoughts together?

      "yeah no. Glass is made with silica. Not silicon."
      You're right and wrong at the same time.
      The sand commonly used to make glass is comprised of small grains of quartz crystals, made up of molecules of *silicon dioxide,* which is also known as silica.
      Thanks for proving you make things up when you don't know.

      "And petroleum plastics absolutely do not use animal fat."
      Depending on the plastic type, it is made with a number of different things.
      Plastic bags that you could find at a store for example use stearic acid (one of the most common long-chain fatty acids, found in combined form in natural animal fats).
      You're making things up again.

      "You've never made glass or plastics."
      You're making things up and lying again.
      I used to work at Corning Glass in 2000.

      Thanks for proving you can't refute me and instead decide to make things up.
      I accept your concession.

    • t bishop
      t bishop Hour ago

      @Janie Swanson the difference between you and I, is that I've actually made glass and plastics. You've made.. comments on TheXvid 🤣

    • t bishop
      t bishop Hour ago

      @Janie Swanson yeah no. Glass is made with silica. Not silicon. And petroleum plastics absolutely do not use animal fat. You've never made glass or plastics. Thanks for playing 🤦‍♂️🤣

    • Janie Swanson
      Janie Swanson 8 hours ago

      @t bishop "You didn't address glass or plastic at all though"
      Glass is made with silicon which is also purified with activated charcoal (bones).
      Plastic uses stearic acid (fat) to reduce how brittle it is.

      "but out of sheer necessity,"
      So you think lying on youtube is a sheer necessity?
      Tell me, how do people exist who don't use youtube?
      There are multiple tribes and Amish etc.. that don't use youtube at all and live a long life...
      I guess it being a sheer necessity is objectively not true.

      "As it happens, animals tend to die on their own as well"
      And? That isn't relevant to my comments.

      Still can't refute me....
      Thanks for the win and your ongoing concession.

    • Plutonium Mapping
      Plutonium Mapping 14 hours ago

      Farmed Fish= better than land meat, worse than crops
      Fished Fish= bad

  • Sam Spencer
    Sam Spencer Month ago +262

    You need to do a video on artificial sugars. It’s so hard to find information and have any confidence that it’s not been tainted by sugar lobbies promoting their sugar free products

    • Eksa Stelmere
      Eksa Stelmere 7 days ago +1

      Just don't touch zero calorie sweeteners. They're all worse for you than normal sugar.

    • geting new
      geting new 10 days ago

      @Toshi J ah, interesting, liquid stevia. thank you for your thoughts. I am really afraid of everything strange, and that's why I try to eat zero sugar, only once in the cake, one a day? I also eat chocolate with 90% cocoa .. don't you think this way is the best?
      But ok, you already described your position to me. So all the best for you and your decicions and considerations

    • Toshi J
      Toshi J 10 days ago

      ​@geting new Sorry for the late reply.

      That's some good info, thanks!

      Personally I don't have any problem with the fact that it's not "natural" (though everything is a chemical, even H2O), as long as it's proven to not cause any harm. There's no white sugar in nature either, you still have to process it first. I guess there's honey though.

      I was pretty scared to try stevia back in 2013 when I learned about it. At the time there was very little research on the effects.
      Now that there's plenty of that, I'm very comfortable with it so I got my first one about month ago. In fact, according to the sources that I read before pulling the trigger, stevia helps with prevention of certain types of cancer, helps with keeping blood sugar low, has positive effects on cholesterol, helps you feel satieted. Not to mention it's an awesome way to make a boring glass of milk or tea into a treat.

      Do be careful of the brands and the ingrediends though. I read somewhere that some brands would mix it with other not-so-good sweeteners.I did my research and found that stevia in liquid form was the best choice.

      It's very cheap, and it does have a liquorice-like taste. I think I paid around idk, couple euro for a 270ml bottle that I need around 2 months to finish even though I use quite a lot every day. In that sense it's cheaper than sugar.

      Btw I combine it with cinnamon and vanilla to make plain yogurt and milk taste awesome. You can give it a try

    • geting new
      geting new 13 days ago

      @Toshi J ok.. and in the next paragraph they say, they - the 'consumer advice' - , fruit syrup is good .. and dried fruit. But fructose is borderline for the liver. Not fresh fruit, i think, but glucose-fructose syrup is 100% badly.
      you always have to decide for yourself.

    • geting new
      geting new 13 days ago

      @Toshi J "Stevia" - high sweetness, but not a natural "Stevia"

      The sugar substitutes with product names such as "stevia" or "stevia sweetener" consist mainly of erythritol or the multiple sugar maltodextrin. In contrast to the manufacturer's illustration of leaves of the stevia plant and the product names suggest, they do not contain any "stevia" in natural form. So far, only the isolated sweet ingredients of the leaves (steviol glycosides) have been permitted in the EU as additive E 960 since 2011.

      The steviol glycosides are extracted from the stevia leaves with organic solvents. However, there are only small amounts of it in the corresponding sugar substitutes, because compared to sugar they have about 300 times the sweetness and also have a liquorice-like taste of their own.

      Steviol glycosides have no effect on blood sugar levels and do not cause caries. They are almost calorie-free and, in powdered sweeteners based on erythritol, which also has no calories, are of interest to people with weight problems or diabetics.

      However, stevia leaves do not come from the region or Europe. The transport of raw materials therefore unnecessarily pollutes the environment and the climate.

      More about stevia

      The images of green leaves on stevia sweeteners create the impression that the sweetness from the stevia plant is more natural than that of other sweeteners. Even if manufacturers like to put it this way - steviol glycosides are not natural sweeteners, as they are extracted from the dried stevia leaves in a very complex chemical and physical process, then cleaned, isolated and concentrated and then processed into powder.

      The fillers, erythritol and maltodextrin, are also obtained industrially.

      Healthier Than Sugar?

      It is not known to affect blood sugar levels and stevia does not cause caries. Since they are almost calorie-free, the products are of interest to people with weight problems or diabetics.

      That's what we mean

      Replacing sugar with sugar substitute products containing stevio glycosides can be an option for the above-mentioned groups of people. However, completely replacing sugar in the kitchen with this is difficult. The price of stevia sweeteners depends on whether the base is maltodextrin or erythritol. The stevia sweeteners with maltodextrin are around four to five times as expensive, those with erythritol up to around 40 times as expensive as the amount of household sugar that is comparable for the sweetening power. "

      - maybe this is only valid for europe
      - what do you think about the arguments here

  • Mevin Jimmy
    Mevin Jimmy Month ago +856

    “They don’t spend spare energy on things like walking.” Thats a sentence I never thought I’d hear.

    • Yusuf Hoque
      Yusuf Hoque 19 days ago

      i wish humans were like this :)

    • Topi Heimola
      Topi Heimola 22 days ago

      @Quisquiliarum Oh yeah totally, I wouldn't walk either because I'd be hanging from the ceiling with a rope around my neck if I lived in Amercia

    • Mevin Jimmy
      Mevin Jimmy 27 days ago +1

      @arr sea I'm not white. I'm Asian

    • BerryLasagna✿
      BerryLasagna✿ 28 days ago

      That's like how i live

    • Quisquiliarum
      Quisquiliarum 29 days ago +4

      @Topi Heimola blame the city planners not the average citizen
      people in america would walk a lot more if walking actually got them anywhere and wasn't extremely dangerous

  • James Gurney
    James Gurney Month ago +4425

    I noticed you changed your thumbnail image from “Meat Love” to “Meat Hate.” What was reason for the change and what did your analytics tell you about the difference in response between the two approaches?

    • frazebean
      frazebean 22 days ago

      @jxq12 they definitely are closer to corporate with the fact that they have a team and make profit. There's nothing wrong with it.

    • Duncan Thorpe
      Duncan Thorpe Month ago

      @netunof They got you, didn't they?

    • Duncan Thorpe
      Duncan Thorpe Month ago +1

      @St Louis IX How is this 'leftist'?

    • Duncan Thorpe
      Duncan Thorpe Month ago

      @Rumo Notna Which aspects are "progressive globalist" and what do you mean by that?

    • wenweru1
      wenweru1 Month ago

      Love ur videos bro (Unrelated, I know).

  • L
    L 16 days ago +59

    “The reality… well… it’s complicated”
    Even out of context, this is true

    • L
      L 4 days ago

      Wtf is this reply section

    • geting new
      geting new 11 days ago +1

      @VolTer maybe for you..

    • VolTer
      VolTer 11 days ago +1

      @geting new This does nothing to discredit the video.

    • geting new
      geting new 11 days ago +1

      @VolTer 't was easier for me to fiind it out.. that about bill, cause i am german.. there are online article about Philipp Dettmer and kurzgesagt , Philipp Dettmer is the CEO of Kurzgesagt, that's how I came across the stipendiate from Bill's Foundation.. and so on..

    • geting new
      geting new 11 days ago

      @VolTer look here, a handful of arguments..
      we have to offset the following.
      Cows, animals, humans or the metabolism of all of us is carbon neutral..ok a new term, carbon neutral, but true...
      And we, humans, cannot utilize plants. We send them, for example, undigested to the sewage treatment plant and methanogenesis begins on the way.
      Ruminants are just awesome, they can upcycle weed for us. So look at the packaging and buy more upcycled weed.
      Allan Savory, killed 40.000 elefants, once.. to save africa from methane and from desertification.. now he made up a better theorie. you can listen to him, on TEDtalk. allan is still working on.

  • Logan
    Logan Month ago +340

    I’m interested to see a video discussing the impact on climate for the production and operation of electric vehicles (mining lithium, precious metals, batteries, energy cost, etc) compared to the operation of gas powered vehicles

    • Eksa Stelmere
      Eksa Stelmere 7 days ago +1

      I'm a geophysicist, not someone in that field, but let me make an educated guess: marginally better. The issue with the electric car movement is most electricity still runs on coal (which produces WAY, WAY more CO2 than gasoline). Now, in theory, you could run a full "electric society" with current coal supplies (which are going down because of politicians not knowing where their electricity is coming from) just fine, but the power grid sometimes can't handle civilization in some places. Don't live in the US or live in a big city? The future of electric powered cars is, uh, brownouts. Forever.

      Solar power (as it is now) and wind power cannot keep up with coal and so you're just gonna see regions of the planet that can't use electricity. Cue in hot summers and cold winters and you're looking at a visibly marked-up loss of human and pet life. You're "saving the world" in the solar/wind power grid scenario, but unless politicians actually start taking the science necessary to make it a more smooth transition, it's going to fall flat on its face and we'll just end up with pockets of civilization that essentially steal ALL the power from less-important areas. California already does this with water, with state officials straight up siphoning water from rural areas to keep the city running smoothly (please don't laugh at the idea of a Californian city running smoothly, it's only marginally the land cows graze on).

    • Neorej G
      Neorej G 19 days ago

      Not gonna happen in the next 10 Years... as-long as there is money to be made , They just gonna rape earth more atm the production of those cars is just as or more polluting as me driving a old diesel 30+ years .. also all that plastic used in those cars all made off oil, everyone deluted that oil only be used for fuel while it makes up for about everything we use daily is made with or has oil in it ..

    • Ha Su
      Ha Su 23 days ago +1

      @Vlad and how the industry is supporting this for profit and making devices hard to repair on purpose.

    • Vlad
      Vlad 23 days ago

      Or one about consumerism and people unnecessarily changing their cars, clothes, devices because they just have to have the newest shiny object with a bunch of new features they will never need or use.

    • Ha Su
      Ha Su 24 days ago

      @Sharpcastle33 Thanks for the explenation. I knew there was a catch but wasn't sure anymore what it was.
      I think the biggest advantage point was, that if we find a way to generate hydrogen efficiently, the car's by product would be just water.

  • mwilsonUT
    mwilsonUT Month ago +93

    A video on water usage in farming and agriculture would be great, too.

    • D R E A M I N G
      D R E A M I N G 7 days ago

      @the purple cheescake zebra I put myself through school working 2 jobs simultaneously, barely afford rent.
      I would buy soup, rice, and beans and make big batches for larger meals that would last longer.
      I didn't buy a car to save money at the time, I didn't travel, I barely bought clothes. Hun.

    • D R E A M I N G
      D R E A M I N G 7 days ago +1

      @Dizzle_Dog haha homie I'm 27. I finished school like 5 years ago. I'm a full Stack dev and I develop web apps with NLP backend.

      Factory farming is subsidized, its an expensive process in energy, veterinary, antibiotics, equipment, land use.

      Factory Farms are the leading cause of rainforest deforestation, run-off is one of the leading causes of water pollution, ocean dead zones, soil degradation.

      Bro u drank the Kool aid.
      Plant based diet uses so much less water so much less land. Can be carbon negative, and many plant based proteins are cheaper like lentils, beans, chickpeas.
      The condescending tone you got is pretty toxic dawgie.

    • the purple cheescake zebra
      the purple cheescake zebra 7 days ago

      in the uk water comes from the rain. also the same amount of water would be used to create the same amount of food that would be needed to eat on a vegan diet. yes 1000 liters to a kilo (or whatever the stat is) but comparing that to the per kilo of rice or other crops is irrelevant when 1 kilo of beef has more nutrients and calories than rice. im not saying it discredits it but when you misrepresent statistics it makes your argument seem just as invalid as if you didn't make it. listen to the farmers they know best. also there is no 1 size fits all for the environment. land has different uses in different countries. most plant based products cannot be grown in allot of climates so we rely on abusing human farmers and exploiting 3rd world countries.

      plus the majority of the emmissions and waste from beef farming comes from under develloped parts of the world where they don't have the efficiency that uk farmers have in making as little of the product go to waste as possible.

      the crops we grow for cattle are the parts of the plant we cant eat. they take the heigh we get the grain. they take the rotten veg and stems we get the good part and same with fruit. its symbiotic and both plant and meat industries rely on eachother.

      plus the methane from cows comes from the grass which goes half back into it as poop and half into the atmosphere that is then reabsorbed by the grass (no animal is producing more co2 than it can restore to the earth in what it eats aside humans). without the cow we would have a building there or crops that cant absorb methane and all the methane would be released from the grass into the atmosphere when we cull all the cows to make way for the tofu factory.

      our biggest impact is food waste and that is mostly plant based foods. and we can reduce plant based food waste by feeding it to animals.

    • the purple cheescake zebra
      the purple cheescake zebra 7 days ago

      @D R E A M I N G you ever heard of poverty hun?

    • Kovenmx
      Kovenmx Month ago +2

      They don't want to talk about it because it will discredit this video

  • Kerma
    Kerma Month ago +296

    A lot of people hear information like this and think "oh man I don't think I can go vegetarian/vegan that sounds expensive/difficult/etc." But people don't have to go completely vegetarian/vegan to make an impact! Imagine if more people just cut out meat for one day of the week. Or even just occasionally picking a vegetarian option at a restaurant. Small decisions like that could make a big difference.

    • Kerma
      Kerma 3 days ago

      @Adrian but if thousands of people donated 5 cents, wouldnt it be better than them not donating it?

    • Fireheart
      Fireheart 6 days ago

      @D R E A M I N G thanks!

    • D R E A M I N G
      D R E A M I N G 6 days ago

      @Fireheart cliché, ignorant, apathetic. Aren't you just a gem. What a beast, fueled on steak and burgers. 😱🙄🥩💀

    • Fireheart
      Fireheart 6 days ago

      Yeah but i like steak and burgers so 25% of the co2 is gonna have to stay there and we are just gonna need to plant more trees.

    • D R E A M I N G
      D R E A M I N G 7 days ago

      @the purple cheescake zebra so you failed a vegan diet and now you think you know it all Hun.
      You probably lack the B12 and zinc.
      Literally you can get B12 from algae supplements.
      Zinc from nuts and seeds.
      A 2kg bag of lentils is like 5 dollars.
      Rice is cheap but varies on brand.
      Boom complete protein.

  • fudgesauce
    fudgesauce Month ago +8717

    One thing to keep in mind: you don't have to go 100% vegan or vegetarian ... it isn't all or nothing. If you replace beef with pork or chicken, great. If you eat meat less often or have smaller portions, great. That all helps. I have changed to a mostly vegetarian diet but when I get Thai food (a couple times a month) I opt for chicken. If I'm eating with others and we are sharing food, I'll have what they're having, no fuss about insisting on vegetarian options.

    • Daniel Reynolds
      Daniel Reynolds 23 days ago

      @J I don't understand.... You are being a hypocrite right?

      Do you understand what a hypocrite is?

      I don't understand what gets I to people heads about them abusing animals that makes them think that "it's just a little bit of murder" is okay..

      I'm just going to have to assume you is trollin'

    • Angela Burress
      Angela Burress Month ago

      Y’all do know that the earth replenishes it’s self right🤔🤔🤔🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️?????

    • Phogged
      Phogged Month ago

      @Althea Osborn it’s only morally wrong if you personify animals. No, they don’t know what you’re saying, they just learn cause and effect in their behavior for survival. It’s weird how vegans think we should cater to animal instincts but surprises our own. Most animals were created to be eaten, no other purpose. A dairy cow can’t even survive in the wild.

    • Epico Chafausen
      Epico Chafausen Month ago

      @Arthas Menethil because they were poor. Nobles and kings ate meat all day

    • RNFY Reaper
      RNFY Reaper Month ago

      Facts right there.

  • Luiz Eduardo Alves de Souza Brito

    Painful to see Brazil being portrayed in such a bad way. Not a lie though, our government gives 0 sh*t about the enviroment and our situation is horrible

    • SamZedd
      SamZedd 5 hours ago

      Who cares bro.... have more Beef, It will do your sex life extra good.

    • BojaBoom
      BojaBoom 15 days ago

      Long name there buddy

    • João Carlos Guimarães Iacobucci
      João Carlos Guimarães Iacobucci 15 days ago

      Be aware of the information you recieve and how you interpret it. Brazil is definately living an environmental crisis, however, its local cattle stock production is evolving a lot during the last years in terms of productivity. So, we are slowly producing beef with a smaller footprint.

    • Rafael Wen
      Rafael Wen 19 days ago

      defecou pela boca.

    • andreqf
      andreqf 20 days ago

      can you please name one gov that actually gives a shit?

  • Xapheus
    Xapheus 9 days ago +6

    I continue to be impressed with how clearly and relatively objectively your channel communicates even contentious issues.

    We're learning good ideas from you for any similar work:
    Like systematically going through points, figures putting various factors in context, opinions of all sides, impact to us in the short and long term, giving a summary at the end.

    Your clear presentation style will continue to be helpful to other communicators (e.g., educators, news, writers).

    • geting new
      geting new 9 days ago +1

      ok.. thats your opinion.. mine is different
      billgates donated to this channel. is this ok, or not? is it bills agenda here? take a look at his new book, or a look to his channel called gates - notes, or something like this.

  • Finn Miller-New
    Finn Miller-New Month ago +44

    I would love to see Kurzgesagt and What I've Learned have a discussion on this topic. I feel like they're coming at the topic from different places but are tackling broadly the same issues. It would be a very interesting discussion

    • geting new
      geting new Day ago

      @Ryu Martínez did you heard about Allan Savory. take a look at him and his theorie.
      (am german, maybe some errors)

    • geting new
      geting new Day ago

      @Ryu Martínez ok
      but you forgot the human methane, in the sewage, humans are carbon neutral, too.
      methanogenesis starts, because of endless undigested plants that didn't even give us energy, wasteless.
      There is almost no carbon left in meat (there is carbon in the fat).

      But plants are dry matter, 50% carbon.

      On meadows, the cows are upcycling the soil. but artificial fertilizers exhaust the humus..
      Bad soil = Plants lack micronutrients, as do animals and humans as a result.
      Poor soil does not produce healthy plants, they then need more chemicals, insecticides, herbicides, pesticides. People who eat these plants get sick faster.

      It is a circle. We have to use more animal dung and compost, instead of artificial fertilizers.
      So grassfinished meat is the best.
      Good for humans, good for soil, good for insects, birds, mice, foxes..
      circle closed

    • Ryu Martínez
      Ryu Martínez 2 days ago

      @geting new Livestock is exactly the same as crude oil, you are taking the carbon from plants and converting it in methane at a insane fast rate. A plant can live years without decomposing and producing methane. A cow can produce the same methane in seconds.

      I still agree with the most part of what you said tho, our sewage system and crude oil are both a problem too.

    • geting new
      geting new 2 days ago

      @Ryu Martínez you didnt read my presentation ? carbon neutral is not the same as CO2 neutral.
      i am the first person who use the term carbon neutral.

      Crued oil is biological also carbon neural - this carbon is from sea animals + plankton + plants -
      Unfortunately, we release the carbon from crude oil within a very short time. that's why greenhouse gases add up so quickly. Crude oil, natural gas, fracking, coal, fertilizer, transportation using these fuels, industry using these fuels. All added carbon.

      Metabolism is carbonneutral. Every metabolism causes CO2 and methane.
      Every plant causes CO2 and methane.
      The undigested plants, remains from us humans, causes already on their way to the sewage treatment plant methane and CO2.
      Just think new.. 👍😉

    • Ryu Martínez
      Ryu Martínez 3 days ago

      @geting new Livestock is not carbon neutral, the methane it produces is converted to co2+h2o and then a part of that co2 its absorbed by the ocean making it more acidic and kills the plankton that purifies the atmosphere.

  • Emma
    Emma 29 days ago +76

    Thank you for always presenting information so objectively! (Subconscious) insecurity around meat eating leads to a lot of conflict so it's great to see the pure facts without pride getting in the way.

    • geting new
      geting new Day ago

      @Alien Dog billgates

    • Alien Dog
      Alien Dog Day ago

      @geting new who tf is bill

    • geting new
      geting new 8 days ago

      and this is a simple counter argument.. maybe to simple to believe in. metabolism is carbon neutral.

    • geting new
      geting new 10 days ago

      but bill donated to kurzgesagt.

  • NoobMister
    NoobMister Month ago +3321

    I'd personally be interested in hearing more about this new grown meat scientists have come up with. Not so much how it's done, but if it's actually better overall

    • Eksa Stelmere
      Eksa Stelmere 7 days ago

      Wall meat, let's go. Just slap it on the wall, then boom. Meat.

    • the purple cheescake zebra
      the purple cheescake zebra 7 days ago

      pave over the methane absorbing grass and put up a fake cow factory.

    • Dashonte Lamarcus
      Dashonte Lamarcus 14 days ago

      @tim lee you are right

    • Yonadav Kenyon
      Yonadav Kenyon 18 days ago

      Guessing that the prospect of lab grown meat will lose its appeal to most enthusiasts once the disconnect between their abhorrence for use of hormones in care and feeding of livestock and their enthusiasm for hormone stew that lab meat is grown in becomes apparent.

    • Jess Rogue
      Jess Rogue 29 days ago

      @tim lee I never said I was baptized at a "satantic church". Why assume bad faith (literally here)? And while I'm not the most religious person, yes, I'm saying precisely that. You are pretty far gone my man.

  • Sera Proto
    Sera Proto Month ago +16

    It's pretty hard to find this information on your own, both sides have obvious biases and both are guilty of supressing information for their own reasons. So it's good to have the facts but I already cut beef out of my diet long ago (except for special occassions or if it's about to be thrown out by the store, better that I eat it than the trashcan).

  • Matt
    Matt Month ago +74

    God I’m dying to know what the dislike bar would’ve looked like on this one.

    • VolTer
      VolTer 13 days ago +2

      @Moh Khoshahang btw they... fixed that? I thought it was impossible to edit youtube videos but they did it.
      Besides, I think you're being extremely dramatic. It's definitely well-researched, rigorous, and unbiased, and it fits into Kurzgesagt's proud works. I don't think any of your other points make sense.
      (I'd even add that the yearly representation you wanted is less useful because wild lands take a while to set up, and we're aiming to reduce emissions in the next few decades)

    • Moh Khoshahang
      Moh Khoshahang 15 days ago

      @Wopple I thought the same, but here it is. I remember this video by using two different scales for co2 comparison (a lot of people in the comments had the same objection) and it is different now! Or maybe I mistook two different sections of the video.

    • Wopple
      Wopple 16 days ago

      @Moh Khoshahang you cannot update the contents of a TheXvid video (to my knowledge)

    • Moh Khoshahang
      Moh Khoshahang 16 days ago

      @Wopple I didn't know that you could update the video content on youtube, because of you are comment I double checked the video and they significantly improved some section especially the soy production part (the data for specifically animal/human soy consumption and a few other data were missing. the scale for the comparison of co2 was different, in the first version they peresnted the first one in one hundered year scale and the second one in one year (800 vs 50), now it is similar (8 s 50)).
      I didn't check the other parts, they are probabely improved. That means they read feedbacks and applied them as much as they can and that is great. It changed my dislike to a like.
      (The biassed selection of the facts or having a specific perspectives are unavoidable. I look at this topic from a different prespective yet but they improved what they could.)

    • Wopple
      Wopple 16 days ago +1

      @Moh Khoshahang No it is actually just true stuff. They used percentages where it makes sense, as they have in all videos. Soy is not an argument against a vegan diet since the vast majority of soy is for animal feed - how is that misleading?

  • Annietje01
    Annietje01 13 days ago +3

    This is such an amazing objective neutral learning channel! Amazing how you present so well the facts about subjects! Keep up the great work!

    • Björn Amala
      Björn Amala 4 days ago

      I am not disagreeing with the video, as I don't have enough information to do so. But on such topics there are no neutral or objective information. Such things are always seen from a certain political view. If people learned about how science works, they d know

    • geting new
      geting new 11 days ago

      @VolTer just speak english with me, then ill answer, tons of words.. 😁

    • VolTer
      VolTer 11 days ago +1

      @geting new stop spamming this on every comment, people care about the facts and you're doing nothing to argue them.

    • geting new
      geting new 12 days ago

      bill donated to kurzgesagt

  • Zach Rabun
    Zach Rabun Month ago +16

    Great video, but I do have a question about the crops that are grown to feed livestock. My understanding is that much of the plant that we can't eat, such as stalks and husks, are edible by livestock; meaning they can turn the parts of plants that we can't consume into highly energy dense food. How much of the crops used to feed livestock is also edible by humans, and how much of it is parts of the crop we couldn't consume anyway?

    • AdanHendrix Video
      AdanHendrix Video 15 days ago

      they actually said it in the video

    • RT Bear
      RT Bear 21 day ago

      @Amey PT though probably the animals been eating the beans, which you probably won't pick up in the supermarket, because it doesn't look as nice as the other beans beside it. What they eat probably look even far worse than the worst thing you can ever find in the supermarket. The one that restaurant probably got sued for serving those to you.

    • SomeGuyOnTheNet
      SomeGuyOnTheNet Month ago +5

      I feel like a lot of people (not you necessarily) who go along this trail of thought have a bit of a warped view on how nutrient cycling works in nature. Many seem to think that the only option for non-digestible (for humans at least) plant matter is to feed it to animals, which is a very recent human construct.

      On a global scale, the biomass of plants dwarfs that of animals by over 1000:1, as does the biomass of bacteria, viruses, fungi and protists. In truth there simply aren’t enough animals on earth to regulate nutrient cycling in plants whatsoever. That’s why I’m real world terms the bulk of cellulose digestion on earth is carried out by bacteria and fungi, and most of the animal-derived breakdown performed by invertebrates such as worms, beetle larvae and Isopoda.

      This isn’t at all absent in agriculture either - it’s how we have produced compost ever since agriculture has existed, and the only thing stopping us from doing it more is infrastructure. We’ve set up a system where we process plant matter quickly and inefficiently in pure nutrient terms, via animal digestion - as opposed to the slow breakdown that has characterised earths ecology for hundreds of millions of years.

    • Kitnal
      Kitnal Month ago +9

      The issue of the stuff we don't use in the crops we grow don't actually have much energy attached to them anyway- in plants most of the energy is stored in the fruit or main body. This is also the edible stuff we use. For example, if you eat a strawberry the calories and energy will be in the berry itself, the rest of the plant can be fed to livestock, sure, but it won't actually provide them with much nutrition. It is the reason why Soy production is such a hot topic right now, it is the vegetable that as far as we know gives the highest amount of energy for the smallest amount of space used, this is why it is used for vegetarian options but also for livestock. As the video explained, however, this still means the land used for soy production can't be used for human farming- and it is a large percentage.

    • Amey PT
      Amey PT Month ago +6

      according to the video, animals eat soy cake which is made from the bean, which we can eat

  • Alaric Guy
    Alaric Guy Month ago +6409

    Video suggestion: Can you guys show us the current status of lab grown meat and vertical farming technology? Love your work!

      MIKE HAWK Month ago

      @Daniken you are going to make me puke. did you know you can convert yourself into liquid compost in 3 US states?

    • Will Parry
      Will Parry Month ago

      @Daniken Not sure why you threw this wall of text at me. Ow, that hurts, too much weight, I'm not a superhero! XD

    • Daniken
      Daniken Month ago

      @Nate Over You couldn't be more wrong, lab grown meat (Cultured Beef) is created by painlessly harvesting muscle cells from a living cow. Scientists then feed and nurture the cells so they multiply to create muscle tissue, which is the main component of the meat we eat. 20,000 of these small strands of meat are then combined to create one normal sized hamburger.

    • Daniken
      Daniken Month ago

      @Will Parry To increase the amount of vitamin B12 in your diet, eat more of foods that contain it, such as:

      Beef, liver, and chicken.

      Fish and shellfish such as trout, salmon, tuna fish, and clams.

      Fortified breakfast cereal.

      Low-fat milk, yogurt, and cheese.


      Symptoms of vitamin B12 or folate deficiency

      extreme tiredness.

      a lack of energy.

      pins and needles (paraesthesia)

      a sore and red tongue.

      mouth ulcers.

      muscle weakness.

      disturbed vision.

      psychological problems, which may include depression and confusion.

    • Daniken
      Daniken Month ago

      @MIKE HAWK "What Is It Made Of? Lab-grown meat is made from the cell lines of their original animals - lab-grown beef comes from a line of cow cells, lab-grown chicken comes from a line of chicken cells, etc - all without the slaughter."

  • Uros Durdevic
    Uros Durdevic 23 days ago +2

    Thank you so much for going through the numbers like this. The amount of effort and time is insane.

    Also, thank you for even being a voice of reason for the people with doubts and trying to explain in a "human" way.

    Shortly said, you represent a true human in todays society.

    You should be really proud of that.

    Thanks for existing ✨

    • geting new
      geting new 22 days ago

      oh no, it is just bill, they are close friends. he donated to kurzgesagt in 2015, ask google.

  • Adam Heisig
    Adam Heisig 19 days ago +1

    Great video with plenty of balanced perspectives and real data! Love this

    • geting new
      geting new 11 days ago

      @VolTer truth is never spam, and yours?

    • VolTer
      VolTer 11 days ago

      @geting new stop spamming this on every comment, people care about the facts and you're doing nothing to argue them.

    • geting new
      geting new 18 days ago +1

      is made with bills support.. really kind.

  • Jack Glynn
    Jack Glynn Month ago +3

    Great Channel, awesome videos as always, education making it fun compact and simple to understand with a balanced view 👍

  • Øyvind Marvik
    Øyvind Marvik Month ago +17

    Theres different ways of converting methane to co2 equivalents. The old one was way worse than the one science now recommends. Not sure which one is used for this video.

    A constant number of cattle in the world will have a constant methane concentration in the atmosphere. A change in population of cattle will have a rather large impact in the short term.

  • Diego F.
    Diego F. Month ago +3407

    I want to see a part two of this with more information about food that comes from the ocean, rivers and lakes.

    • Kenos
      Kenos Month ago

      doomer moment @082 Jeev Narayan Prasad

    • Karma Kuro
      Karma Kuro Month ago

      60 percent of our ocean life is dead. Overfishing is destroying our oceans and polluting it with plastic as a good portion of the plastic in the oceans are fishing equipment like nets, buoys etc.

    • 082 Jeev Narayan Prasad
      082 Jeev Narayan Prasad Month ago

      Yeah mate we've overfished entire ecosystems to extinction.

    • Azkiin
      Azkiin Month ago +1

      @Nukepositive The thing with labgrown meat is you will still need fetal bovin albumin as a medium to grow the cells on. This resource has not yet been replaced and is essential. Currently fetal cows are harvested on quite a big scale to be able to supply this demand in medical research.

    • Trevor H
      Trevor H Month ago

      @Diego F. Care to open your mind?
      Firstly, climate is caused by the sun and its electrical/magnetic connection with the earth. There is no climate problem in the first place.
      Secondly, with a personal farmstead you can control your own inputs and outputs, to reduce waste, and consumption.
      Thirdly, you can go low tech, utilizing animal labor to do the majority of your growing chores, and home crafts for the majority of your growing needs, which reduces your reliance of fossil fuels and factory manufacturing.
      Fourth, you can establish a perennial food forest instead of relying on annual monocultures, which builds carbon and soil health instead of stripping it away, all while reducing overall the input costs of long term food production.
      Fifth, you have the freedom to choose what you use and don't, what you will eat and not, and are no longer dependant upon a fragile supply chain filled with waste and pollution in order to exist and live on this beautiful world.
      Sixth, you have full freedom to be as artistic and efficient as possible, thereby being able to live in a beautiful environment free from pollution, trash, waste, and toxic social problems.
      Seventh, your example will drive others towards the same solution, effecting society wide changes with more genuine integrity and effectiveness than virtue signaling on social media.

  • Gordon Seal
    Gordon Seal 14 days ago +2

    Good video (343K likes and only 14K dislikes). I wish you would have included the risk of viral pandemics, like birdflu, where mass animal farming is a perfect breeding ground for viral infections.

    I also wish you would have included lab grown meat at the end, to show an alternative which allows people to eat meat & animal products without abusing animals and damaging the climate & environment.

    Isreal and Singapore for example are already selling them publicly in select restaurants and they will replace "traditional" animal industry soon, simply because we cannot any longer afford an animal industry.

    But all in all a good, well researched video, thank you for that !

    • tarun1982
      tarun1982 12 days ago

      cant change the future.. people are going to go vegan anyways

    • geting new
      geting new 13 days ago

      and.. how do you think viruses are prevented in the production of cell mass, which grows daily? in cells with zero point zero immune system ..?
      with antibiotics ...? 👍🙄

    • geting new
      geting new 13 days ago +1

      but this vid aims to cleanmeat.. didnt you recognized, yes... without mentioned it, of course.

  • Mauro Bergalli
    Mauro Bergalli Month ago +3

    This videos are great, the animations really puts you on the place.

  • Yoan Bourgoin
    Yoan Bourgoin 17 days ago +5

    Overall, the video presents the real facts about the environment and climate. It is clear that the production and consumption of meat is extremely harmful for the environment and the climate. It is also very important to talk about animal welfare, as this topic must be at the forefront of our food decisions in the 21st century.

    In short, to reduce our ecological footprint and to stop participating in the current animal genocide, we must abandon animal products and adopt a diet that is much richer in plants.

    • Janie Swanson
      Janie Swanson 14 days ago

      @james byrne Why do you use animal products cut from the same dead animals everyone else uses for entertainment while pretending to be against it?

      I know you won't answer this question directly and truthfully, I just want anyone reading to see your moral hypocrisy.

      I predict you will ignore the question, go into denial, ask me which animal products proving you don't do your own research, and/or use a doctrine as justification for using animal products needlessly for entertainment.

    • m square
      m square 15 days ago

      Fits that stereotype to a T. Or rather a V.

    • m square
      m square 15 days ago +1

      How do you know someone's vegan? Trick question, they'll tell you soon enough lol

    • geting new
      geting new 16 days ago

      and you should know, that bill support this channel, they walk togehter in mind

    • geting new
      geting new 16 days ago +1

      i think you should listen to King, he show you the vegan way to.. hell.
      and I could suggest further steps.. on this path, for lemmings.

  • Robbie cope
    Robbie cope Month ago +13

    food waste is a massive issue too in creating CO2 emissions. why isn't this being talked about? its something which can be worked on on top of this to reduce the burden of global warming.

    • Edam L
      Edam L 2 days ago +1

      @Mark O'Brien If we used every last bit of food we produced we could dramatically scale back food production, since currently we produce enough to feed about 11 billion people.

    • Dylan
      Dylan 25 days ago +1

      Because the are bigger contributors than food, such as producing useless plastic shit and shipping it all over the world. Produce locally and this is no issue.

    • Mark O'Brien
      Mark O'Brien 27 days ago +2

      30-40% of food is wasted in the United States. Everyone’s talking about reducing meat consumption for co2 which is great, but imagine if we used every last bit of food we produced. It would be just as impactful in reducing emissions

    • vang-tou Lee
      vang-tou Lee Month ago

      we make enough food to cure world hunger. but that will never happen.

  • Atakan Mercan
    Atakan Mercan Month ago +3383

    I like that you guys actually did not hide the fact that factory meat production is actually better than locally. I'm still against harsh conditions in factory meat production but it is actually pretty nice that you actually showed us the truth

    • JOJOMaster
      JOJOMaster Month ago

      @তোমার বড় দাদা Imagine replying to a 253 comment long thread. Go do something productive instead.
      And I'm not the one spreading false info.

    • তোমার বড় দাদা
      তোমার বড় দাদা Month ago

      @JOJOMaster you're making random stuff up at this point 😂 stop spreading false information

    • szpaqus
      szpaqus Month ago

      @Jamie Seeing that you still din't provide me details let me clarify something.

      1. googling gave me no answers to what substance you meant and taking that there are hundreds of different ones on the market - can't be that one in every existing supplement.
      2. very little vegan food is fortified with b12. it usually is vegan milks but not all of them. are you also avoiding baby food and cereal? they are usually fortified with vitamins.
      4. to supplement you can actually get a b12 shot so you don't need supplement.

      so whatever you have - not an excuse. but whatever keeps you sleeping at night, right? ;)

    • szpaqus
      szpaqus Month ago

      @Jamie which additive? Please give me the name of the substance.

    • Jamie
      Jamie Month ago

      @szpaqus That additive used to mimic B12 in vegan food is known to cause seizures in those with neurological disorders.

      You can kill someone (like me) with vegan food. Hi, nice to meet you. Stop copying and pasting.

  • Joaquín Sardá
    Joaquín Sardá Month ago +90

    There's something pretty interesting and important to mention: new tecnologies are emerging to reduce the total of methane emitted by cows. For example: food supplements, vaccines agains the archaeas that produces methane, better diets, etc. Not to mention the incredible investments in research for meat made in labs. Science neat!

    • Marc rchz
      Marc rchz Month ago

      Science meat would be more of a "future", manipulating animals would not...

    • Relo
      Relo Month ago

      @?? Depends on what subject discussed here. But if it's aimed at the OP, it's rather simple. New tech and ways of farming make the farming of animals expel less NOx and Methane.

    • ??
      ?? Month ago

      Can somebody explain this argument to me; what is everybody even trying to communicate? If so I'd like to give my two cents...

    • Relo
      Relo Month ago +3

      @Andi That is the green lobby. Without them those laws wouldn't have been passed to begin with nor would all the marbles be bet on underdeveloped tech that in the long run creates even more waste, but that is in line with the existing green lobby political ideals so they get pushed.(nuclear and hydrogen vs wind, solar and batteries)
      Or keep insisting on using very limited data sets while more complete sets are out there. (the whole meat eating debate)

      I agree climate change need to be tackled be at this point we have at least 20 years of failed green lobby idea's that are either more harmful than their fossil counterparts, hasn't even remotely effective while blocking known effective solutions and/or otherwise ignore modern data. And on top of that the constant doom and gloom screaming (while proposing failing "solutions") has only created more and more sceptics to boot.

      To proclaim them as "common sense" is a failure of intelligence or blind dogma. It's akin to proclaiming that hammering a nail in with your fist is common sense as opposed to a hammer, it's pure idiocy.

    • Andi
      Andi Month ago

      @Relo It's not the "green lobby" that pushes that agenda but common sense. Climate change needs to be tackled and therefore those laws were passed.

  • Fuzzy Gecko
    Fuzzy Gecko Month ago

    Id love to hear your thoughts on permaculture food raising. You use the same bit of land to raise tree and shrub produce as well as annual crops beneath those and use animals to graze that down and keep limbs high on trees. That keeps disease down in the plants and the grazing helps fertilize the soil. By rotating the animals (beef or otherwise) you keep over grazing down and using multiple kinds of animals helps to keep grazing even so no one kind of plant gets over eaten. This method stops tilling, which keeps erosion down. All the trees (if mixed and not in monoculture rows) helps boost diversity and encourages insect and wildlife. This means almost no need for fertilizing or pesticides. That means no toxic run off and the soil grows dark and healthy as it catchs lots of carbon.

    • geting new
      geting new 26 days ago

      @S King you didnt received my answer here ?

    • geting new
      geting new 27 days ago

      @S King or...?

    • geting new
      geting new 28 days ago

      @S King yes, thank you for your answer.
      but if vegans are against savory, they should actually be in favor of shooting the elephants. So there is a bit of a dilemma, but of course they can talk that into death. nevertheless there is this dilemma ... for a brief moment, at least. 👍

    • S King
      S King 29 days ago

      @geting new - “[Elephants] produce methane gas - LOTS AND LOTS OF GAS. Properly equipped, a car could travel 20 miles on the amount of methane produced by one elephant in a single day.”

      Environmentalists loved Savory, but vegans (and PETA) hated him !

      Personally, I like his ideas about grazing cattle. Those cattle can also provide a valuable food source for regions that far too often suffer from poor nutrition.

    • geting new
      geting new Month ago +1

      @Fuzzy Gecko Yes, many thoughts together. did you heard about the african 'prophet' allan savory.. good ideas from him. he killed former many tousands elefants to save africa, then he stopped and turned around 180 degrees, now he's trying to revive desert areas with cattle and it seems to be working. I'm not a disciple of his, but he has some ideas. you can watch him e.g. on TED talk.. if you want, to add some thoughts from him. the more we know, the better the considerations network and become more coherent, i think.

  • Sam Gill
    Sam Gill 26 days ago +2

    I love the work you guys do but I couldn't help but notice the graphic at 9:35 is a little misleading with CO2 removed showing tonnes removed in 100 years being compared to the CO2 emitted in just 1 year. I know why the amount removed has to be considered over a century as it is wildlife restoration and that CO2 emitted cannot be reasonably projected for the next century assuming this were to happen but displaying them on the same scale makes it seem like a lot more CO2 would be removed per year. Where as if they were both on a per year scale emissions would be over 6 times greater.

    • geting new
      geting new 22 days ago

      in 2015 billgates donated to kurzgesagt, bill and kurzgesagt are friends. bill loves cleanmeat, ok, he is a nice guy, but he never talk about fracking, hasn't he heard about.

    • geting new
      geting new 22 days ago

      is nationalgeographic a trustworthy source for US Americans?

      Fracking boom tied to methane spike in Earth’s atmosphere
      The chemical signature of methane released from fracking is found in the atmosphere, pointing to shale gas operations as the culprit.BYSTEPHEN LEAHY
      PUBLISHED AUGUST 15, 2019
      6 MIN READ

      iam german.

    • geting new
      geting new 22 days ago

      but cows are within the carbon cycle, the dont add carbon to the air, because they get it from the air, it is zero sum circle.

      adding goes just by crude oil.

      ok, cows made carbon to methane, but thats what plants do too, and humans do the third.
      crude oil is the adding.
      and fracking

    • Griffin
      Griffin 22 days ago +1

      It showing CO2 removed in 1 year 🙄

    • geting new
      geting new 26 days ago

      bill donated to kurzgesagt

  • Theodore Bradley
    Theodore Bradley 16 days ago

    I love your work on every subject except emissions and climate change. It is so cursory and fundamentally flawed. I would love for you to dive in deep and see how many BTU’s are actually created as a thermal increase of the climate by 1Ton of CO2. I promise you will be surprised and it is truly he only measure of ‘how bad’ meat or CO2 even is. Because an entirely absurd and abstract measure of ‘emissions’ only serves to confuse and fear-monger to different industries that have cleverly disguised their emissions but not necessarily their impact on the climate when measured less abstractly.

    Having watched for years I know you’re up for a challenge, I look forward to see what you find.

    • Theodore Bradley
      Theodore Bradley 14 days ago

      @m square You missed the point, a thermal unit of choice will highlight this nonsense. Unless your point was to quibble about a personal preference and not dispute my point. If so, we’ll done, the Stone Age bit is amusing.

    • m square
      m square 15 days ago

      Hey look at me, I'm from the US and I use BTUs like the Matrix.

    • m square
      m square 15 days ago

      BTUs? Seriously do we live in the stone age? Try metric kWs on for size, everyone else is doing it. BTUs, what a joke.

    • geting new
      geting new 15 days ago

      but cows are carbon neutral

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    “Food is arguably the best thing about being alive”

    Everyone who loves food: “I felt that”

    • mushmush
      mushmush Month ago

      It's like you're not even trying

    • rexmexzilla
      rexmexzilla Month ago

      I would give up the need for food for a battery. Giving up organic body for a robotic one. We need to become skynet in a way. So we don't consume anything and become a hive mind

    • Meekors
      Meekors Month ago

      Kill for your life :3

    • Tim 563
      Tim 563 Month ago

      That fact that you grew a little community for yourself and I see you in all comments sections just chilling is honestly impressive. Well done👍

    • Hans Patat.
      Hans Patat. Month ago


  • AngusLowrieSkates
    AngusLowrieSkates Month ago +2

    I was under the impression that co2 was a driving factor in creating o3 (ozone) can someone please clarify this for me?

    • 420 Steps From Hell
      420 Steps From Hell Month ago

      Not that I know of (I did a UK A-level in Chemistry so there's my qualifications). UV light from the sun collides with oxygen in the upper atmosphere, which imparts enough energy to split the molecule into two singular oxygen atoms. These 'free radicals' then collide with other O2 molecules and react to make ozone.

  • John Hanks
    John Hanks Month ago +7

    One interesting thing in this vein of thought is lab-grown/synthetic meats. If successful, it might blow away the heavy-land-using animal competition.

    • Dylan
      Dylan 25 days ago

      It won't be the same, no matter how much people try to push it. No need for it if we had a normal society.

    • John Hanks
      John Hanks Month ago

      @Theon Zaphiri Leon
      I think you would only need an animal specimen one time, at least how I've seen it explained.

      And on side effects, there may be some bad ones, you're right. But like how the led light bulbs blew away the incandescent light bulbs in every way, it is possible to create new products which are vastly superior in every way possible. It's worthwhile to try, but yes caution should be taken.

    • Theon Zaphiri Leon
      Theon Zaphiri Leon Month ago

      Still needs the cells of the animals and induces carbon in the body and also by cooking, increasing tumours and/or carcenogens?

  • Malkav 0
    Malkav 0 Month ago +2

    It's a shame to have omitted 2 points:
    -what meat brings into diet and can hardly be found elsewhere ; this would give an interesting estimate of the proportion of consommation that is a need and what is a luxury
    -quantification of agricultural byproducts/waste that can be consumed by cattle and of no use to humans ; this would slightly modify the carbon (and water) cost estimate

    • Malkav 0
      Malkav 0 Month ago +1

      @james byrne no. Thank you for trying.

    • james byrne
      james byrne Month ago +1

      @Malkav 0 Because you don't have the wherewithal to check if what you're asking about is relevant or not?
      What you're bringing up has been put to bed a long time ago, the conversation has moved on. Keep up.

    • Malkav 0
      Malkav 0 Month ago +1

      @james byrne why do you think I mention it ? Seriously...

    • james byrne
      james byrne Month ago +1

      Or they checked to see if those were factors and found that they were not.
      Perhaps you should check.

  • Jeppe Toftdahl
    Jeppe Toftdahl Month ago +7

    Would be nice with some focus on how much greater output we could get from ''building'' farm land in storages(waterponics i think its called) and in addition how much space we could save up for those forest and wildlands your are mentioning. I think the numbers would favor going plantbased or veggie even more :)

  • サンゴ礁
    サンゴ礁 Month ago +2188

    For all those asking why they didn't cover artificially produced meat - it's because it doesn't exist on a commercial scale yet. Nobody has managed to scale artificial meat production (as opposed to meat substitutes) to a scale where it's capable of being part of the solution. If it turns out to be possible to produce artificial meat cheaply en-masse then that would be great, but you can't rely on a technology that nobody has yet proved works (and is economically viable) on a large scale, and nobody is capable of predicting whether technology that doesn't currently exist might exist in the future. It's the same reason why nobody is going to suggest humanity will depend on nuclear fusion in a video on future energy - it'd be great if it became feasible, but nobody knows whether it ever will.

    • Jake Hildebrand
      Jake Hildebrand Month ago

      @Huh7 Nah, I don't think I will.

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      @Reinbeers facts

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      @Aaron Long cope

    • IcedCat
      IcedCat Month ago

      @Maximiliano Pena legumes and grains are dirt cheap. do poor argentinians eat steak every day? i really doubt that.

  • Pedro Thomas
    Pedro Thomas Month ago +2

    being informed before making a desicion is a good thing, reducing our own carbon footprint is great for the planet, but as long as 1 country is there being the biggest polluter of the world there is really little one can do.

    • Jak
      Jak Month ago

      Yeah. Good thing all those jobs got shipped to China. Otherwise all that smog would be here in the midwest.

  • SaltyPpancakes
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    This vid is so informative and condensed, I'm so glad it exists🔥🔥

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    Now remembering why I love this channel so much.

  • merk Galifinakis
    merk Galifinakis Month ago +5

    Is it disingenuous to compare removing 800 Billion tonnes of Co2/ 100 years
    With the human production of ~50 Billion tonnes/ year?
    Why not compare year-to-year or 100yrs/100yrs ?

  •  ShortHax
     ShortHax Month ago +2703

    This is all too complicated, I’ll just stop eating

    • Rhysman30
      Rhysman30 6 days ago

      That would actually really help the environment, sadly.

    • B
      B 26 days ago

      Photosynthesis time

    • Mira ❩
      Mira ❩ Month ago

      @SVURulez "i know what i have to do, but i dont know if i have the strength to do it"

    • ISucc Newton
      ISucc Newton Month ago

      no humans = no human made climate change
      *loads shotgun with righteous intent*

    • Toby Webb
      Toby Webb Month ago

      Haha 😂

  • Alishan Khan
    Alishan Khan Month ago +4

    There are several question which needs to be answer here:

    1) What will happen to green water (as this one the largest source of water which directly cannot be consume)

    2) How much of fresh water will be require in plant only diet for irrigations, around the globe and how we are going to replenish it.

    3) How much do food wastage count for carbon and methane emmission.

    4) What is most efficient way to despose agriculture waste.

  • Jonny Roadhouse
    Jonny Roadhouse 17 days ago +1

    I raise a small beef herd and agree with pretty much all of this. We've left over 40% of our property as forested land and kept all the grass and forage native instead of planting invasives as an attempt to compensate. As time moves forward I want an electric skidsteer, tractor, utv, and four wheeler. We're working on powering the whole farmstead on solar panels within the next three years as well. I understand that we'll never be as carbon friendly as veggies, however if more beef operations did what we are doing vs whats going on now it would be a non-argument. It's crazy how even mentioning electric equipment will get me cussed out vs diesel engines. It's technology, it's not supposed to be political, it's supposed to be a solution. I think as genetics improve and more understanding of the rumen (adding things like seaweed to diets to reduce methane) will assist in making beef a viable good source for awhile, or at least I hope so. Great video!

    • geting new
      geting new 17 days ago

      rumens are perfekt, B12 by microbes, phytase by microbes..
      and meat is carbon neutral. fossils could never be carbon neutral.
      carboncycle is the right keyword.

  • andrew drewdrew
    andrew drewdrew Month ago

    As an orthodox Christian, we have fasting days every week (wednesday and friday) and 4 larger fasting periods (before Christmas, easter etc). I just realised a few months ago that by doing this, I'm basically vegan for more than half of the year. Guess Christians kinda had it right this time

  • Vaibhav Maurya
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    I started watching this channel back in 2017. Now it has grown a lot 🔥

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    This content so good I don't know how its free

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    Blake22022 Month ago

    I clicked on this video thinking it would talk about the health implications. You should make one! Nutrition is difficult

  • Luckstern
    Luckstern Month ago +7

    With new plant-based meat alternatives, like the Impossible Burger, getting better, it’s possible that a lot of people might switch over. But, there’s still going to be that large portion of people that feel like plant-based just isn’t the same. So even with the plant-based alternatives having a huge reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, it’s still going to be hard to convert to something like this.

    • S King
      S King 5 days ago

      @Juan Naym - Don’t tell it to me, explain it to Harvard Med ...

    • Juan Naym
      Juan Naym 5 days ago

      @S King that has been disproven over and over again. Look up some newer studies. Some cultures have eaten soy regularly since hundreds of years and they were perfectly fine

    • S King
      S King 5 days ago

      @Juan Naym - Soy is healthy ?

      “One caveat: some soy products contain estrogen-like chemicals that could have adverse effects. So, stay away from soy isoflavone supplements and foods made with textured vegetable protein and soy protein isolate, found in many protein powders and nutrition bars.” - Harvard Health Publishing

    • Juan Naym
      Juan Naym 6 days ago

      @y s here in central Europe, it costs pretty much as much as good quality meat and prices drop every year. It was pretty expensive when it was first introduced, but I think it will be soon even cheaper than real meat

    • Juan Naym
      Juan Naym 6 days ago

      @S King soy is actually pretty healthy

  • Isulf
    Isulf 20 days ago +9

    I've been working in a fastfood for a month some years ago

    the ratio of thrown away meat to the selling one is roughly 60:1

    • geting new
      geting new 16 days ago +1

      @Oderic N.
      you can't stand it to watch it

    • Oderic N.
      Oderic N. 16 days ago +1

      Used to work in fastfood as well, we probably ended up throwing out around 40-70% of our meat, depending on how many customers there were that day

    • geting new
      geting new 19 days ago +2

      😳 Your estimate?

  • Victor Carneiro
    Victor Carneiro Month ago +4

    Whenever you make a new video on this topic, would you consider the quality of the protein? Because even 50g of protein doesn't mean the same, in face of absorption and amino acid composition.

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    The fact that free content that is as gorgeous and jaw dropping as this exists makes me hardly doubt the amount of effort and passion that goes into these videos. Truly inspiring and incredible.

    • George Washington
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      how much are you paid to write this

    • Farm Time
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      Yea, don't forget the amount of lies they spread freely..

    • Innercynic
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      @Pancake In which way do my comments suggest that even slightly? Was simply pointing out the ignorance of the original comment.

    • Pancake
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      @Innercynic you're making ad revenue sound like the demon lmaoo

    • Innercynic
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      @Phil Surtees What's more, if you are using an ad blocker, one could argue that you are, in fact, stealing your viewing of this video.

      Stealing something free seems like a bit of an oxy moron to me 😉

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    Watching this while fried is like watching a documentary on life and real problems everything this guy says is real I can tell easily

  • samuel rodriguez
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    I feel that maybe if Beef Cows were given the same feed as Dairy Cows it may lower the Carbon footprint. But I feel that Free Range is necessary for the animal's sake.

  • Bloodwar 500
    Bloodwar 500 Month ago +30

    This....THIS, is a well made video! And the first one I've stumbled upon from this channel. I know the topic of carbon emissions is a big argument for the vegan side, but this video accurately presents not only the cons, but also the pros to eating meat, how cows are raised, and how food is brought to the market, and compares it to the other foods that have carbon emissions as well as how much carbon emissions is produced overall. It never sounds forced, it never sounds biased, and the end of the video sums it up perfectly: it's up to YOU what to do with this information.

    Great video, you've earned my subscription.

    • barkingnoise
      barkingnoise 28 days ago +1

      @Aaron Whitter No, "we" dont "already do that".
      You're talking about separation. There's a whole process going from separation to making the byproducts into actual products.
      A lot of the time, you dont do the whole process.

    • Aaron Whitter
      Aaron Whitter Month ago

      @barkingnoise (We already do that) You're missing the point. We already do it, so it should have been factored in.

    • barkingnoise
      barkingnoise Month ago +1

      @Aaron Whitter You're missing half the point - you still have to gather it up and package it into a "separate product".

    • Aaron Whitter
      Aaron Whitter Month ago

      @NaJk93 I should rephrase it simpler:

      We already do it.

    • Aaron Whitter
      Aaron Whitter Month ago

      @NaJk93 You separate wheat from stalks and chaff by default processing it...
      Your factory argument doesn't hold up because these by products are already sold and used.

  • Tyler L. Davis
    Tyler L. Davis 4 days ago +2

    Seems like we just need to science some stuff out, honestly. But that's probably with everything.

  • Lightning Hashira
    Lightning Hashira Month ago +3038

    "Food is arguably the best thing about being alive."

    Love him or hate him, he is spittin facts to us.

    • Yaki
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      @RozayMalikOG you must be fun at parties

    • Kishan R
      Kishan R Month ago +1

      @YourMajesty143 I hope you realise our past as humans survived hunting animals. That explains why we still have a hint of canine teeth left. We have gradually become omnivorous.

    • Shlwop
      Shlwop Month ago

      @YourMajesty143 because that sh*t is good

    • YourMajesty143
      YourMajesty143 Month ago

      @Ken Reynolds - I'm not vegan though. And I never said we weren't omnivores, but that we're biologically more aligned to herbivores than carnivores. Secondly, we aren't "designed" to do anything, we are evolved as we are. This classification system is something we've only recently begun to challenge in small scientific circles, because the classifications for herbivores and carnivores are mostly based on taxonomy, whereas omnivores are mostly based in opportunistic behavior. So I have no issue agreeing that behaviorally we are in fact omnivores, but biologically we haven't evolved to properly assimilate meat as readily as other omnivores. In fact, like herbivores who eat meat in the wild, we too develop heart disease and cancer in response. Carnivores and animal omnivores do not get diseases from eating this way. In any case, science is ever-changing and itself is not absolute, so should evidence arise that places its current phylogeny or cladistics into question, then it's best to re-evaluate the way we're classifying things. Now while animals don't eat the feather or the fur either, they most certainly don't go through the same degrees of preparation that we do. They will typically eat their prey raw immediately after a hunt. They certainly don't drain the blood or tenderize their kill's meat before eating, let alone season and cook them. And that's just one of many reasons why our classification as omnivores comes into question. There's nothing wrong with challenging that idea, especially when my skepticism of it stemmed from conversations with a few of my medical colleagues many years back. I had to chuckle at your assumption about me. It's fine. If vegans wanna try to take credit for this oppositional stance that is already brewing in certain scientific & anthropological circles, more power to them, but that has nothing to do with me. I still enjoy animal by-products and eat the occasional raw seafood, not that it's any of your business. One thing we can agree on is that yes, meat should be reduced. For me, it's bc I personally believe we haven't yet fully evolved to really eat meat as we'd like to think and bc I'm averse to dead flesh as a food. We can blame my hours working on cadavers in a lab.

    • kuldeep singh naruka
      kuldeep singh naruka Month ago

      @ROYALdoes human worth more than animals

  • Hayley
    Hayley 23 days ago +2

    I just feel like none of this actually applies to me, living in a country where it's common to keep chickens, rabbits and pigs in your yard and those animals essentially live off of leftovers lol

  • 2ninety3
    2ninety3 Month ago +4

    The fact that they changed the thumbnail from meat love to meat hate just ties this whole video together.

    • Oddness
      Oddness Month ago +2

      I didn't even notice (This is my second time watching, since it happened to pop up).
      I bet they were inundated with triggered vegans. Their next video is 'We Lie', explaining how they simplify the material in their videos
      for easier consumption. Just a guess that they made that to appease the aforementioned haters.

    • Selim Yıldız
      Selim Yıldız  Month ago

      So whats your point

  • C InfDef
    C InfDef Month ago +2

    9:35 So you're telling me that if we even just let idk 500 million hectares we'd be able to cover our entire carbon footprint minus the methane?

    • zach sxizzor
      zach sxizzor Month ago +1

      no because the video compares the effect of the land over 100 years to our production over 1 year for some reason

  • Davi Ghidetti
    Davi Ghidetti Month ago

    It's actually funny to watch this in the pandemic with ridiculous inflation and meat prices sky-rocketing every week. People are not even buying beef in my country.

  • Tom Küffer
    Tom Küffer Month ago +4

    Again, an absolutely great video, thank you very much!

    • VolTer
      VolTer 11 days ago

      @geting new stop spamming this on every comment, people care about the facts and you're doing nothing to argue them.

    • geting new
      geting new Month ago

      so follow bill. he loves you, too.

  • bubbleboy
    bubbleboy Month ago +25

    9:23 here you compare the carbon cleaning capabilities of 3 billion hectares of land over 100 years compared to the amount of CO2 produced in one year. Not an equal comparison, this is lying with statistics. If we annualized both, the 3 billion hectares would only clean 8 billion tons of CO2 a year, about 16% of the CO2 produced in a year. So if everyone in the world went vegan and if we used the 3 billion hectacres solely for carbon cleaning, we'd still barely make a dent.

    We need to focus on taxing carbon emissions instead of pressuring individuals to change their eating habits. The majority of carbon emissions are from big corporations, let's fix that first since it will have the most impact. They're the reason, they are the problem, going after them is the solution.

    • Juan VP
      Juan VP 9 days ago


    • ??
      ?? Month ago +3

      16% is very significant. That is around 1/6th of the entire world's CO2 emissions. At that point, it is more of a rupture than a dent.

      I do agree that we need to hold our governments accountable. Especially in America. For instance, 80% of US dollars were printed in the last year. THIS MEANS THAT THE GOVERNMENT HAS EFFECTIVELY STOLEN 80% OF YOUR MONEY (because your money only has 20% of its original purchasing power). And your life has not noticeably improved. This is why since 1971, when the USD was no longer linked to gold, the middle and lower classes have been increasingly oppressed. I got this information from a video by "Jake Tran" - he made a good video definitely check it out and consider converting your USD for something more stable if you are able.

      Unfortunately, our species is currently approaching carrying capacity (about 11 billion??). This is VERY BAD - it is the point where the living conditions of the average human are such that they are INCAPABLE OF THRIVING AND THUS MULTIPLYING. Basically, this is the point where life is just good enough to keep you from dying before having an equivalent amount of children. Not a world you want to live in, trust me... In order to escape this fate, we must reduce and maintain a lower population so that each human can live comfortably (unless you want to go full "the weak will fear the strong"). AAAAAND this is unlikely to occur as we are hardwired to breed as often as possible. So, at least until we can collectively evolve to crab, we need to do things (like not eating meat) to increase the planet's carrying capacity, effectively delaying the inevitable and giving us manageable quality of life. Our children will despise us but hey, I don't have the ability to change human nature.

      Wow that was really doom and gloom. Sorry... If it makes you feel any better, genetic manipulation and effective affordable education may allow us to escape the process of natural selection(?) Have hope that we will soon be able to upgrade our brains to avoid the circle of life. If we all advocate for it enough, hey, it might happen! And if you become a neurobiological engineer you could help! A LOT! Never too late!

    • Arvid Norinder
      Arvid Norinder Month ago +2

      Okay so, 1. If we regrow that land the emissions from livestock dissapears. Thats a large dent. 2. If we regrow that land we capture as you say circus 16 % of emissions today.

      Conclusion, thats a big dent

  • pranjal Pandya
    pranjal Pandya 4 days ago +5

    After watching this video I felt very proud of being vegetarian.

    • geting new
      geting new Day ago

      @Juan Tamad ok?

    • geting new
      geting new Day ago

      @Juan Tamad 😅 dairy cows give no methane? + CO2?
      they need more nutrients than beef cattle, dairy products are worse.
      better you don't eat anything at all, then you can be proud.

      cows are carbon neutral, dont you know? dairy cows too, but they eat really our food.

      and this vid? just bill, spreading his agenda. 🤷🏼

    • Juan Tamad
      Juan Tamad 2 days ago

      @geting new lower emissions

    • geting new
      geting new 2 days ago


  • Ṩŧεåɱ Ƥøϣεʀεɗ Ɲåᵾġɧŧƴℓᵾṩ

    1:02 "Zero-carbon tractors, refrigerators, and cookers running on renewable energy, and electric trucks"

    This was probably on purpose, but I'd just like to underline the wrong, short-sighted, frame of thinking that all these techno-solutions seem to stem from.

    Let's take electric trucks. We *already* have a more carbon-efficient solution for freight transport on land over long distances: Trains. (Even non-electric ones.)

    We have to stop thinking in terms of "How could we make X 0-carbon?", and start thinking in terms of "How can we structure society differently to reduce carbon emissions *right now*?".

    This is what I mean by "short-sighted". Paradoxically, by trying to invent new and shiny solutions that rely on technological advances, we fail to see the bigger picture, and we close our eyes to the real, concrete solutions that are *already* available and that can *already* have a meaningful impact. All because - I think - they usually mean compromising our comfort in some way or an other.

    Like reducing our meat consumption for example... Or our consumption of anything, really. Or, even more radical, trying to gradually reduce the global population. Because if we fail to do so, there will be a point when it *will* reduce. And it won't be gradual.

    So thank you, Kurzgesagt, for educating people. The work that you're doing here is essential.

    • S King
      S King 25 days ago +1

      Having fewer children is not radical, and is by no means a new idea. The “hippies” and European activists were screaming for ZPG (zero population growth) back in the 60’s, but the world wouldn’t listen.

      The hippies were right !

  • Jh5578
    Jh5578 Month ago +1559

    Good job with an honest take on the issue. Even cop26 left out the huge issue with food

    • Reinbeers
      Reinbeers Month ago +1

      COP26: We're all going to one place, in our dozens of private jets, with our small fleet of vehicles, to talk about the environment.

    • Reinbeers
      Reinbeers Month ago

      @Bunsenn Where did you get the volcano emissions stat? Honestly curious.

    • Albert Einstein
      Albert Einstein Month ago +1

      @Bunsenn 97%? Did you pull that figure from your ass?

    • Ryan
      Ryan Month ago

      @Bunsenn please do a bit of research my dude, volcanoes contribute a tiny amount of CO2. You are right, however, that humans produce a small fraction of CO2 compared to naturally released CO2. The problem is the naturally occuring process is in equilibrium - the same amount is released as is absorbed. Our man made emmissions have tipped the ballance meaning an excess of CO2 is being released and building up in the atmosphere

    • Radosveta Kinova
      Radosveta Kinova Month ago +1

      @Alexandre Olival most of the participants were reps from oil and coal and gas companies

  • sheuphorica
    sheuphorica Month ago

    This is such a great video, thank you!

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    Will you give this video Spanish subtitles in the near future? I would love to share it with my friends and family.

  • Ogba O
    Ogba O 20 days ago

    Great Video as always but is it fair to discuss nutritional values without discussing quality?. I.e presence of essential amino acids

    • geting new
      geting new 20 days ago

      but bill donated to kurzgesagt..

  • purpleicicles
    purpleicicles 26 days ago

    I'd be interested to hear where in the CO2 game burgers made from cloned meat lie, and how that may change in the future - I'm trying to reduce my meat intake, but at the same time there are some vitamins and nutrients that are most easily gotten from meat that I would sure miss if we had to go full veggie!

    • geting new
      geting new 26 days ago

      @purpleicicles 👍

    • geting new
      geting new 26 days ago

      cholesterol cannot be made from plants. abbott cannot do that either.

      who knows, maybe they'll manage one day, just as they isolate the plant hemoglobin from soy root nodules to make the impossible burger. solent green, for the world.

    • geting new
      geting new 26 days ago +1

      @purpleicicles this will lacking in vegan diet too.
      ✔ With vegan vitamin D3
      ✔ Vitamin K2 in a highly bioavailable MK-7 All-Trans form
      ✔ Iron, zinc and calcium in a highly bioavailable bisglycinate compound
      ✔ Vitamin B12 as an MHA formula
      ✔ Iodine and selenium for a healthy thyroid
      ✔ Including the Often neglected nutrients Vitamin A & B2
      ✔ Choline 100% as pure CDP-Choline (Citicoline)
      and lysine, and dha and and above all something that otherwise only people are missing who are really starving, in war and on the run:
      the life sustaining cholesterol.

      - i c a n n o t c h a n g e i t , animals are admirable - they are sinless, god has created this world, it is his will. not ours.

    • geting new
      geting new 26 days ago

      but A. N. D. is payed by abbott. abbott, laboratories. they love vegans, so what.

    • DragonEd
      DragonEd 26 days ago +1

      @geting new
      _”It is the position of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics that appropriately planned vegetarian, including vegan, diets are healthful, nutritionally adequate, and may provide health benefits for the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. These diets are appropriate for all stages of the life cycle, including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, adolescence, older adulthood, and for athletes. Plant-based diets are more environmentally sustainable than diets rich in animal products because they use fewer natural resources and are associated with much less environmental damage. Vegetarians and vegans are at reduced risk of certain health conditions, including ischemic heart disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, certain types of cancer, and obesity. Low intake of saturated fat and high intakes of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, soy products, nuts, and seeds (all rich in fiber and phytochemicals) are characteristics of vegetarian and vegan diets that produce lower total and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels and better serum glucose control. These factors contribute to reduction of chronic disease. Vegans need reliable sources of vitamin B-12, such as fortified foods or supplements.”_

      I do hope you’ll be open to considering new information and not just shut your ears as to not hear what you don’t want to hear.

  • APG19912009
    APG19912009 Month ago +1428

    “Well…it’s complicated.”

    That should be Kurzgesagt’s motto lol 😆

    • APG19912009
      APG19912009 Month ago +1

      @Oddness indeed, i wish we lived in a world where every situation was black and white. Would be so much simpler

    • Oddness
      Oddness Month ago +1

      That's because it *is* complicated. Things are usually only "obvious" to morons. You'd think that it would be the other way around...

    • Kenos
      Kenos Month ago +1

      they said my city would be flooded in 2025 @Outer Fun
      There are some floods since there always have been, but Im not underwater yet so yeah
      It seems like people always take the worst case scenario as the most accurate one honestly. I’m not denying it, it’s a serious issue, just that mainstream media does not do good at covering it

    • Zedrick Jaramillo (Zed Corps)
      Zedrick Jaramillo (Zed Corps) Month ago

      @Swole Pepe you're mistaken, tall people wouldn't be the cattle, it would the shorter, tall people have way more intellect on average compared to average height and short person; have you even listen the speech and thought pattern of the average and shorter height compared to much taller people, I find shorter people far more irritating and unintelligent compared to taller people like myself I interact with.

      How did you come to that conclusion for this possible future?

      It will be the one's who don't and can't think for themselves nor can defend themselves, i.e. the average height person and shorter.

    • Brandon Schreiber
      Brandon Schreiber Month ago

      It's a prerequisite for life in general.

  • ちげのイラスト倉庫

    I’m actually interested for marine farming as well!!!

  • KrimsonStorm
    KrimsonStorm 17 days ago +3

    Very interesting information on production and methane. With this information we as consumers can think more critically about it.

    That being said, I wont stop eating meat, nor will I change my diet for any reason other than personal health concerns. My fitness trainer said I need to eat 50% more meat, so that's what I will be doing.

    Humans are great, we can adapt the environment to suit our needs. I do not understand why we're trying to force mother nature to solve the climate crisis. Build CO2 capture towers, methane scrubbers, or other systems to offset our desires makes far more sense. There's tons of ways to solve this that don't rely on humans kneecapping themselves.

    • KrimsonStorm
      KrimsonStorm 12 days ago

      @Toshi J yeah, we have a huge problem in the world with large swaths of people so hyperfocused on one single issue they forget it's all about tradeoffs and balancing different issues

    • Toshi J
      Toshi J 16 days ago +1

      True that. I wish they discussed the health benefits of meat and how nutritious it is, especially for those trying to build or retain muscle.
      I'm trying to solve my problems first, not to save the world.

  • james byrne
    james byrne 21 day ago +3

    @Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell

    Could you guys do a video in the near future about logical fallacies, specifically regarding the arguments that people have made against this video?
    In this comment section there are a tone of examples of Appeals to futility, Appeals to nature, Appeals to majority, Appeals to tradition, Ad hominem fallacies etc. I think it'd be productive to go through them for your audience.

    • james byrne
      james byrne 17 days ago

      @Misery's Company Appeal to authority is another great example.

    • Misery's Company
      Misery's Company 18 days ago

      Appeal to authority. Just joking, liked your comment.

  • Hola Adios
    Hola Adios 25 days ago +1

    I´d love to see a followup video on a comparisson between all protein sources, such as beef, birds, fish, and insects.

    • Father Poochie
      Father Poochie 21 day ago

      @geting new You've lost me

    • geting new
      geting new 23 days ago

      @Father Poochie sag mir was du von bill hältst.. tell me what do you think about billytheking, will you follow him?

    • geting new
      geting new 23 days ago

      @Father Poochie keywords billfoundation + kurzgesagt + stipendiate
      or something like this 😁

    • Father Poochie
      Father Poochie 24 days ago

      @geting new Lame, whatever happened to the more interesting conspiracy theories?

    • geting new
      geting new 24 days ago

      @Hola Adios bill loves cleanmeat, the other types of meat are basically irrelevant to him, i think.

  • Karl Lavender
    Karl Lavender Month ago +1993

    Kurzgesagt: Food is, arguably, the best thing about being alive.

    Zuckerberg: *adds to 'How to act alive' list*

    • snakyjake9
      snakyjake9 Month ago

      "GRILLED MEATS" - Mark Zuckerberg

    • William Smith
      William Smith Month ago

      The Bad Lip Reading of Zucker in court is hilarious, like I can't even handle any more alien zuckerberg memes at this point

    • Vash The Stampede
      Vash The Stampede Month ago

      I read that as Zoidberg at first and I was so confused

    • Battered_Shlunga
      Battered_Shlunga Month ago

      @Luke R ahahahahaha

    • Lucas Harvey
      Lucas Harvey Month ago

      IDK man, the dude refused to get in his car until his butler opened the door for him. Only dead people can be THAT above everything around them.

  • Aaron Joseph
    Aaron Joseph 4 days ago

    I think my disagreement with this video assumes 100% lack of self sustainability (homesteading, more or less) which means I'm not shipping anything for my sustainance. I feed animals from what we grow, they feed me. I think the video has sound logic, but only applies on this magnitude to folks who live in urban areas and rely 100% on others to provide their food.

  • Philippe Malacher
    Philippe Malacher Month ago +1

    An important argument has been omitted, red meat increases cancer risks, this has been identified by several studies now.

  • 73Stargazer
    73Stargazer 29 days ago

    My husband and i have beef maybe a couple of times a month. The rest of our "meat" is fish, sometimes pork, poultry and pea protein substitutes (the latter two making up the majority.) It's pretty easy to avoid meat if you love to cook

    • S King
      S King 29 days ago

      At least you’re not feeding your poor husband those nasty soy burgers ...

  • Ol Shi
    Ol Shi 17 days ago

    I would like to see a video breaking down the nutrition values of vegan vs regular (omnivore) diet

    • geting new
      geting new 16 days ago

      no vids about..ok, here my opinion, vegan is bad for humans in every way. vegetarian is ok, nobody is perfekt, little lack of iron, no problem. but vegetarians let the other eat the odd cows. no solution.
      omnivorus is normal..for hominids and so.

      did you heard about Weston Price ? Thats our way, all ancient and long-lived cultures: omnivorous

  • Kuking
    Kuking Month ago +1296

    "No other bodily function is enjoyed multiple times and never gets old"... Well, this is going places.

    • Billy the druglord
      Billy the druglord 20 days ago


    • SpamzD
      SpamzD 20 days ago

      That was so intentional

    • David Mitchell
      David Mitchell 21 day ago

      Not really

    • 7ofSpades
      7ofSpades 27 days ago

      @J N Do you? If not, how can you say it doesn't get old? I'll leave it at that.

    • J N
      J N 27 days ago

      @7ofSpades people do it even 4-5 times js

  • Rajesh Kumar
    Rajesh Kumar Month ago +4

    Just in case you are wondering, as of 18-Dec-2021, this video has 331k likes and 13k dislikes (dislikes retrieved using return youtube dislikes add-on in chrome).

  • Shannon LeClerc
    Shannon LeClerc 28 days ago

    Honestly, one of the biggest environmental changes can be made by regulating how much food (meat and produce) commercial farms make. They produce much more than we consume, therefore creating a lot of food waste and larger carbon footprint.

    However we're still trying to change people's eating habits which would not make that much of an environmental change, as it is the production and distribution of goods that causes the most pollution.

    • AngyCucumber
      AngyCucumber 26 days ago

      @Gregory Everson Not all vegans eat fake meat patty lol.

    • Gregory Everson
      Gregory Everson 28 days ago +1

      plants are horrible, your fake meat patty goes thru the same process as a meat patty, same ingredients, without cow shit, you have only chemical based plant food

    • geting new
      geting new 28 days ago

      in meat is no carbon, no sugar, no fiber. if you eat meat, no methanogenesis will follow.
      plants are worse.

  • R. Artiles Uriarte
    R. Artiles Uriarte Month ago +11

    If we're asking the viewers to decide for themselves what to do with the provided information, for the sake of honesty and potentially even their health, we should perhaps also say that NOT ALL PROTEINS ARE CREATED EQUAL.

    "In general, animal proteins have higher protein digestibility and a better essential amino acid profile relative to dietary requirements. These measures of protein quality indicate that animal proteins can more readily provide the daily requirement of essential amino acids than plant protein. [...] Overall, animal-based protein food sources elicited greater anabolic responses than plant-based protein food sources. The improvement in whole-body net protein balance was due to an increase in protein synthesis with all the animal protein sources."

    • R. Artiles Uriarte
      R. Artiles Uriarte 15 days ago

      @m square you'll find a link to the article in my second comment answering to Eugene.

    • m square
      m square 15 days ago

      Source? K was nice enough to put their ones up, where's yours? No credibility till that happens.

    • Arnav Vaid
      Arnav Vaid Month ago +1

      One thing Ive heard is that plant protein digestibility studies were done with pigs consuming uncooked beans and legumes. Surprisingly not much research has been done with humans, and only recently have findings shown that plant protein digestibility is comparable to meat as long as its cooked. Dont take my word for it though

    • Eugene's Youtube Page
      Eugene's Youtube Page Month ago +2

      "In general' that's likely true but not all plant proteins are created equal. Legumes, especially peanuts & soy, have much more essential amino acids than grasses or apples... So you should be comparing meat vs. legumes - and professional science-based organizations like the American Dietetic Association state that properly done vegan diets provide adequate protein needs. You can easily find info online on how to eat a nutritious vegan diet, check out vegan bodybuilders, etc..

  • A. H
    A. H Month ago

    I really love that they dont state their opinion or hold a position their neutral and are just stating facts for us to understand about the topic

  • C J
    C J Month ago +1967

    I know this is far from their point, but man, what I would give to play an RTS or strategy game with the art style of Kurzgesagt. Been watching these videos for years now and the graphics always look clean, fresh, and new. One of the best art teams on the planet, hands down.

    • Doop da Coop
      Doop da Coop Month ago

      @Elias Reinhard it must be great then, I’ll do more research on the game and consider getting it

    • Leon 430
      Leon 430 Month ago

      @Ivan Kuzmin I said the characteristics of one tipe of RTS and other tipe, a RTS of soldiers and a colony RTS

    • Elias Reinhard
      Elias Reinhard Month ago

      @Doop da Coop After mentioning that I ended up just finishing up a 5 hour session of that game. Been a few months since I played and it totally sucks me in every time

    • dIsGusTeD
      dIsGusTeD Month ago

      They made a video game-esque styled video once and I really hope it could become an actual game.

    • Lumina Spargo
      Lumina Spargo Month ago +1

      They could do an NFT game to back up science... So much money... I would pay to play.

  • Olof Håkansson
    Olof Håkansson Month ago +2


    You should strongly consider mention how much less significant switching to pigs and such is airpolution and wastewise.

    As well as switching to fish would cause many other problems.

    • Jamie
      Jamie Month ago +1

      oh god switching to fish please kill me now
      the plastic waste and irresponsibility...

      Every time I hear a vegan say this, as one state that supplies nearly as much seafood as California (there's a few of us little guys and we're proud to go head to head) I just... I want to die. because it's filthy, messy, and like the Wild West.

      Plus the mass devastation for all that aquatic life.

      I simply want to punch a vegan when I hear it because you know, as much as dolphins are little jerks who will go fight moose up in Canada and Alaska? I don't want them to suffocate in nets anymore. THEY STILL. DO.

    • Cold Chemical
      Cold Chemical Month ago +1

      Even better: switch to vegetables-only!

  • Ravi
    Ravi Month ago

    To think, that if an ancient and populous (even then) civilization had realized this and acted upon it before it was cool

  • HaLimel Lon
    HaLimel Lon Month ago +1

    Me: *watches this while eating beef*
    Also me: I see.

  • Autumn Bruno
    Autumn Bruno 16 days ago +6

    After all the research I’ve done, this video just adds to the truth. 👏🏽 well done, I hope to see more on veganism and bettering ourselves and the planet.

    • Xoniye
      Xoniye 15 days ago

      @S King What tf are on about? eating too much meat is too much meat..

    • S King
      S King 15 days ago

      @Xoniye - There’s no such thing as ‘too much meat’ ...

    • Xoniye
      Xoniye 15 days ago +1

      Too bad we will continue eating some meat. Only too much meat is bad for you yall making it souind like we all gonna die from eating meat

    • geting new
      geting new 15 days ago

      i found no single truth, ah wrong, the words in the beginning,... it is complicated.. yes, thats it.

    • S King
      S King 16 days ago +1

      Actually, keto-ism is outpacing veganism because of the health benefits ...

  • Jeff Young
    Jeff Young Month ago +1998

    I worked in the beef industry for several years and heavily researched the carbon impact of beef. I largely agree with the conclusion of this video. The biggest problem with beef production is a matter of scale. Scaling up production is "efficient" in terms of dollars and profit, but comes at the cost of slash and burn land clearing, intensive monocrop animal feed agriculture, extreme water use and water pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions. Beef absolutely can be raised in an environmentally friendly and low emissions way, but the maximum amount that can be produced without serious negative externalities is less than 20% of current beef consumption. Worldwide, there is not much land that has the correct soil and climate to be good at raising beef, but in a way that does not negatively affect the biodiversity of the environment. Basically only semi-arid grasslands that have historically supported large populations of bison or other migratory grass eating animals.

    • Rommel the Desert Fox
      Rommel the Desert Fox  Month ago

      I’ll never give up eating g steak

    • Boyce Crownover
      Boyce Crownover Month ago

      Thanks @Dragon Enthusiast, but I don't agree that it is far from the point of the vid. Nor do I credit myself with having the same research and educational capabilities as Kurzgesagt, though I thank you for the compliment.

    • Sean Wade-McCue
      Sean Wade-McCue Month ago

      @Jeff Young yeah that's a challenge haha

    • Jeff Young
      Jeff Young Month ago +2

      @Sean Wade-McCue there's not enough water in a lot of australian grassland to support most cattle operations

    • Vilerviette
      Vilerviette Month ago

      you'd have people hunting for deer or similiar animals more :)

  • Admiral D
    Admiral D Month ago

    Superb - well done kurzgesadgt! 👏

    • geting new
      geting new Month ago

      but it is just bills will, nothing else.

  • Gerard Guitarist
    Gerard Guitarist 19 days ago +4

    The amount of meat that is processed and then ends up in the bin is ridiculous. Meat does not have a very long shelf life. What isn't purchased gets thrown out. Do the math on a world wide level each year. Insanity.

    • MegaAdeny
      MegaAdeny 10 days ago +1

      And then they'll point to food waste as the "real" problem and use it as a reason to dismiss veganism. Yeah, buying raw meat that lasts 10 days at best after slaughter is an excellent way to waste less food, right? Incredible.

    • Cool K8
      Cool K8 19 days ago +4

      It's bad enough that animals suffer and are violently slaughtered to begin with... It's even worse that so many go through hell just to become garbage.

  • Producing It
    Producing It Month ago

    Can you guys please do a video on the education system, preferably in the U.S. if not globally?

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml 28 days ago

    I'd personally be interested in hearing more about this new grown meat scientists have come up with. Not so much how it's done, but if it's actually better overall

    • Gregory Everson
      Gregory Everson 28 days ago

      lab grown meat will cost MORE money to make

    • S King
      S King 28 days ago

      Crisco is best ... or at least that’s what they said back in 1911! :

      “Proctor and Gamble's brilliant marketing campaign for the original Crisco, an alternative to lard that went on sale in 1911. "It's all vegetable! It's digestible!," it proclaimed.”

      “Crisco, you may recall, was made from partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, a process that turned cottonseed oil (and later, soybean oil) from a liquid into a solid, like lard, that was perfect for baking and frying. Unfortunately, these wonderful qualities depended on "trans fats" that have since been implicated in heart disease.”

      Moral of the story? Don’t trust this fake crap !