Mura Masa - Deal Wiv It with slowthai (Official Video)

  • Published on Nov 7, 2019
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    Music video by Mura Masa performing Deal Wiv It. © 2019 Anchor Point Records, under exclusive licence to Universal Music Operations Limited
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Comments • 1 152

  • Carl Woods
    Carl Woods 11 hours ago

    Love it

  • Alen Vitasovic
    Alen Vitasovic 12 hours ago

    Nice, Stojadin in music video. Im impressed

  • Asdf4321 420
    Asdf4321 420 13 hours ago

    what the fuck is this shit?

  • Bexxybex
    Bexxybex 14 hours ago

    'streets' vibes....

  • Stevan Stamatovic
    Stevan Stamatovic 16 hours ago

    Welcome to Belgrade, Serbia

  • Xhilda Shazivari
    Xhilda Shazivari 16 hours ago

    This reminds me of the movie 'Trainspotting' .

  • Caitflyn
    Caitflyn 16 hours ago

    me: replay a thousand times while doing assighment

  • dalfen
    dalfen 16 hours ago +1

    thanks euro truck simulator for the songs.

  • Z
    Z 17 hours ago

    biting the streets a bit, but thats okay.

  • Ron Dawwg
    Ron Dawwg 17 hours ago

    He’s changed. He kept his track suit bottoms on.....

  • max max
    max max 17 hours ago

    Not interesting.

  • Crnobrad
    Crnobrad 18 hours ago

    British song and I see Serbian cars and Beograd plates... please explain

  • OZAN hmzdy
    OZAN hmzdy 18 hours ago

    Ezhel sandım geldim mk

  • kyuhan lee
    kyuhan lee 19 hours ago

    Seems like one of a fifa21 ost

  • Mad_solar
    Mad_solar 19 hours ago


  • Luis Ángel Pantoja Arredondo

    I’m getting so obsessed with this song, it gets deep in me, the lyrics says everything about the fucking modern society around the world, I hate that everyone says “Deal With It” to any trouble you have, so fuck off everyone

  • Ognjen Rankovic
    Ognjen Rankovic 20 hours ago

    from Belgrade to London. Lovely neighborhood.

  • shhdjdkdkdk
    shhdjdkdkdk 21 hour ago

    That’s going to end up on the next FIFA

  • dank dave
    dank dave 22 hours ago

    official: it’s impossible for mura masa and slowthai to make a bad song

  • Tori Ko
    Tori Ko 23 hours ago


  • picklez
    picklez 23 hours ago

    reminds me so much when i grew up in the essex

  • Christopher Logemann
    Christopher Logemann 23 hours ago

    The streets, Blur vibe

  • hipopotomusman
    hipopotomusman Day ago

    a very very good pair always

  • mr cain
    mr cain Day ago

    So good at cfg

  • pihvi pilvi
    pihvi pilvi Day ago

    Sanoisko jopa ettå tosi hyvä kuitenki

  • karla garcci
    karla garcci Day ago

    If kian lawley was a rapper he'd be slowthai.

  • Josh Leather
    Josh Leather Day ago

    This best be on Fifa 21

  • HOME
    HOME Day ago

    The goat is back

  • Kish
    Kish Day ago

    so funny that this is such an English song, but it wasn't shot in England?

  • Reese Keniston
    Reese Keniston Day ago

    feels like a new age park life

  • lorenzo cavicchioli

    Sembra un video raffinato di Speranza

  • Daniel Muttock
    Daniel Muttock Day ago

    The fucking streets vibes

  • Lauren Ludlow
    Lauren Ludlow Day ago

    Reminds me of the streets but I'm vibing this!!

  • 666 Kate
    666 Kate Day ago

    whens the cover by slaves coming out

  • ivana
    ivana Day ago

    another video shot in belgrade ayy

  • Francis Brennan
    Francis Brennan Day ago

    It's like a LCD Soundsystem b-side on crack. Love it.

  • Civile NelCuore
    Civile NelCuore Day ago

    Slowthai guiderà una rivolta violenta verso una nuova forma di socialismo mai vista

  • J Gone
    J Gone Day ago +1

    Makes you get through, those shit moment in life, with a smile !

  • Mladen Spasić
    Mladen Spasić Day ago

    hahahha moj brat snimao kod nas spot

  • Herick Lima
    Herick Lima Day ago

    No goal

  • Relja Gajić
    Relja Gajić Day ago


  • Erick Delgado
    Erick Delgado Day ago

    🔥🔥🔥🔥Like si eres de América Latina o de habla hispana y te gustó el tema 💥💥💥💥

  • MusicCharts TV
    MusicCharts TV Day ago

    🔥 Mura Masa feat. Slowthai - Deal Wiv It [2019]
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  • Ben P
    Ben P Day ago

    Can’t be just me who hears the streets/mike skinner in this

  • Dale Martirez
    Dale Martirez Day ago

    where can i get these slowthai underwear

  • Keinen Coffey
    Keinen Coffey Day ago

    Mike Skinner x Slow Thai

  • RichRich Society

    deal w/ it 🤷‍♀️

    DJ GARBS Day ago


  • reboost
    reboost Day ago +1

    This song is definitely going to be in FIFA or PES

  • Khalifa K
    Khalifa K Day ago +1

    The most British song I've heard in a long time 🇬🇧😂

  • Calun Walsh
    Calun Walsh Day ago

    Gorilaz feel/vibe to this.

  • Vukasin Todorovic

    Fuck yea this is in Belgrade !!!!!

  • ササクレクト/SASAKRECT


  • Љубиша Ристић

    Kao stanovnik Bloka 28 zeleo bi da nam je parking tako prazan kao i na spotu 😊 inace, pesma je TOP...

  • Lawrence Pettifer
    Lawrence Pettifer Day ago +3

    Can hear the IDLES influence in his delivery, beautiful thing to see.

  • Kiojake
    Kiojake Day ago +1


  • Formatique
    Formatique Day ago

    this is the new 'Parklife'

  • Mateo Pierre Avit Ferrero


  • Ssquare
    Ssquare Day ago

    1:20 that missed from so close hit me so hard agh XD

  • Kobitinho
    Kobitinho Day ago

    Fucking Genius right here.