Skepta: Fatherhood and Life Outside of Music | Beats 1 | Apple Music

  • Published on Jun 6, 2019
  • Skepta gets real about family, death, love and relationships with his sister and Apple Music host Julie Adenuga. Watch the King of Grime discuss 'Ignorance is Bliss,' streaming now on Apple Music:
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    Skepta: Fatherhood and Life Outside of Music | Beats 1 | Apple Music
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Comments • 631

  • Gloria Timothy
    Gloria Timothy 3 days ago

    Happy Birthday Skepta, my birthday mate. Wishing us a very long, happy and Healthy returns. We September 19 babies rock 🎂🥂🍷
    Great interview with your sister.

  • Zen Bidwell
    Zen Bidwell 12 days ago +1

    Literally just found out that Julie,Skepta and jme are siblings 😂😅

  • Omarr Koroma
    Omarr Koroma 13 days ago


  • Diane Dee
    Diane Dee 19 days ago

    I liked this. Caught some good lessons

  • dizzyblud
    dizzyblud 28 days ago

    gassed for skep mad love my g

  • Blayk W Mills
    Blayk W Mills 28 days ago

    I agree with what he said about single people glow. Big up single people who have love for themselves 💕

  • Callum Kent
    Callum Kent 28 days ago

    i hope he has a son and his son's an even greater grime artist than he is:]]

  • M Julie Kaur
    M Julie Kaur Month ago

    Very interesting guy. For someone who protects his energy it’s strange he hasn’t allowed the best form of energy that is love and peace. I completely get protecting it but you should be able to feel vibrations and let that be around you. Great interview and he’s def a man of mystery that’s for sure.

  • SM01 M16
    SM01 M16 Month ago

    not enough people talk about how good looking he is, he is fiiiineeeee

  • LifeHacks4TheWorkingClass

    Single people look sick!

  • Samson Shofoluwe
    Samson Shofoluwe Month ago

    Who's Jason??

  • Patrick
    Patrick Month ago

    "Single people just look sick" l,maoooo

  • XNYX
    XNYX Month ago

    lol they should’ve made it clear that they were brother and sister 😂 i found out at the end lol

  • Anton Zigando
    Anton Zigando Month ago

    she looks like his little brother

  • zadazz 2
    zadazz 2 Month ago

    Anyone got an ID on his creps

    KING•NJIES FTG Month ago


    TEEJAY JONES Month ago

    Women jme

  • anything goes
    anything goes Month ago

    The English language has gone

  • Kayla S
    Kayla S Month ago

    how comes they act like they know eachother so well?

  • alyawm w
    alyawm w Month ago

    If I didn't know I would never guess they were family, what is this dynamic? Why is Julie so sychophantic/scared towards her own brother?!

  • Brad Skeels
    Brad Skeels Month ago

    Great interview

  • Unitedqueendom1 Aden
    Unitedqueendom1 Aden Month ago +1

    They look so alike and both look gorgeous, pretty features 👀🖤

  • Jessica Osabuhoien
    Jessica Osabuhoien Month ago

    ugh such an amazing video! love Skepta man

  • Austen Lenihan
    Austen Lenihan Month ago


    • Austen Lenihan
      Austen Lenihan Month ago

      @check out I just started finding it a bit boring that's all

    • check out
      check out Month ago

      Austen Lenihan WASTEMAN

  • irony
    irony Month ago

    The floor tho

  • Nowitis_Nez
    Nowitis_Nez 2 months ago

    Big up

  • Alex Richie
    Alex Richie 2 months ago +1

    Poor thing says love is a lie, nah love is the truth; only love can create harmony, peace and unity In this world. It's just a shame perceptions such as these are whats killing the last piece of hope for humanity. Ahh well.

  • Quick Boy Air *
    Quick Boy Air * 2 months ago +2

    i love your talks, skepta defo needed a longer time though i was really fukin with what he was saying, wanted to hear more of what he had to say

  • Dezrina Ford-mcleod
    Dezrina Ford-mcleod 2 months ago

    Love is real!!!! Hun

  • J L
    J L 2 months ago

    their parents did a good job

  • Undergroundkid
    Undergroundkid 2 months ago

    I actually juss watched this two days back and i didn't hear her aayin Mom and Dad i only have watched this second time and i realise that She is skeptas sis and Slepta is her bro danm im dumb

  • Asharami Twenty Five
    Asharami Twenty Five 2 months ago +3

    Am just noticing Julie Adenuga for the first time on Beat 1 and she's amazing,Knowledgeable, so smart.. Good one Fam 🤞🏆

  • محمود يحي
    محمود يحي 2 months ago

    love is impspol in life they are never love in the w

  • Sharkey H
    Sharkey H 2 months ago

    A true inspiration, one of my role models ❤

  • Trevy Nwawuike
    Trevy Nwawuike 2 months ago +2

    “When your yute’s passed away that song’s still gonna be rinsin” 👏🏾 can def see bad energy doing that

  • B.M.J. Records
    B.M.J. Records 2 months ago

    R e s p e c t
    T h e
    G r o w t h

  • Temi Ajibola
    Temi Ajibola 2 months ago

    it's so cute that they both have the same smile

  • jeyda ramis
    jeyda ramis 2 months ago

    i love julie's laugh so much

  • Mitro T
    Mitro T 2 months ago +1


  • Joe Cater
    Joe Cater 2 months ago

    man knows hes bmt

  • Manchester Reds
    Manchester Reds 2 months ago

    Really enjoyed that interview wish there was more. Big up skeps.

  • Brian Life
    Brian Life 2 months ago

    WWS.WORD_WIDE_SKEP.calm ✌🏼

    The WREDFOX 2 months ago

    Can I get a respawn into Skeppy's baby mumma and call this man Dad 🙌🏿

  • Yusuf Katagum
    Yusuf Katagum 2 months ago

    skep too deep fam

  • wrld wndr
    wrld wndr 2 months ago +1

    what shoes he got on

  • Kisses LilMaad
    Kisses LilMaad 2 months ago +1

    That's Africa uno...You make it then you own the whole family

  • MegaJuned123
    MegaJuned123 2 months ago

    Wanna see the whole Adenuga family on here or wanna see Julie and Jamie 🙏🏾

  • Jake Clare
    Jake Clare 2 months ago +1

    Is Skep wearing Vapormaxes?

  • Mal Maris
    Mal Maris 2 months ago

    My daughter thinks she from toys R us and she knows a still got the receipt if she ain't behaving

  • Box Fresh
    Box Fresh 2 months ago +12

    Skepta is the black sheep of the family.. school drop out, smokes weed, criminal record, tattooed up, random baby mum.. diffrent Naija boy

  • Aaliyah Kassim
    Aaliyah Kassim 2 months ago

    Why can't he hold eye contact ?

  • Morris
    Morris 2 months ago

    anyone know what skep's creps are in this?

  • TrenosUK
    TrenosUK 2 months ago

    I always thought Skepta was either disinterested or acting cool in his interviews. Seeing him talking to his sister I really understand his personality and I like him a whole lot better for it.

  • kay dar
    kay dar 2 months ago

    Womens wear do you like it .. in his faggoty little voice

  • Kojo
    Kojo 2 months ago


  • Nisa
    Nisa 2 months ago

    so much energy and motivation

  • Paddy McLoughlin
    Paddy McLoughlin 2 months ago

    Severe PTSD sufferer

  • Lilah
    Lilah 2 months ago

    Love this so much :) What Inspires you to create?

  • Stop The Hate!
    Stop The Hate! 2 months ago


  • Spencer WG
    Spencer WG 3 months ago

    Julie does the Giggs laugh 😂