Japan Travel Guide - How to travel Japan

  • Published on Dec 14, 2018
  • Welcome to my Japan travel guide for first-timers.
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    Loved your editing 👌🏻

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  • Kevin Reyes
    Kevin Reyes 2 days ago

    do the places you suggest turn you away if you dont speak english?

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    Stephen P 4 days ago

    Great video.

  • Japan भटकंती

    nice video

  • Taxi Driver
    Taxi Driver 5 days ago

    To all the nervous. Going and staying in Japan is easier than you might think.
    1. Learn some phrases, basic japanese, it is not that hard.
    2. Book the flight and accomodation.
    3. Buy in advance your Suica card. Using underground is super easy, signs everywhere. On my first visit to Tokyo I have not get lost or went in the wrong direction even once.
    4. Buy a japanese data sim card at the Narita or Haneda airport, those friendly Japanese people will help you to install it.
    5. Wherever you go rely on Google Maps, it's a life saver, trust me.
    6. You're all set. Enjoy!

  • Antonio Grgas
    Antonio Grgas 7 days ago

    Many people already said it, but this video is top-notch among the rest in all my research. Traveling there in a few months. Keep on keeping on!

  • Alejandro Penner
    Alejandro Penner 8 days ago +4

    My wife and I are planning a trip to Japan and this does help quite a bit, I'm nervous but super excited!

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    Damian Medina-Ruiz 8 days ago

    Amazing video. I hope to go this year. Thank you.

  • Nayareth Calfulaf Barrueto

    how much did you sepend in the whole trip?

  • My pee pee is small but,

    Amazing video, i have a question tho, how much was your budget during these 2 weeks? Im planing on going summer 2020.
    Kind regards,

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    Awesome video man, thanks a lot!

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    me: I wanna move to japan by myself, live an introverts dream...

    also me: is 14, has no money and doesn’t know Japanese.

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    I will go to Japan in future ☺😊

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      meena nikam We're waiting for you!

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    I love how calm and polite you are. You just give very interesting information in a professional way. good luck. Absolutely loved your video :)

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    Good guide

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    Yuho Choi 16 days ago +1

    Thank you so much for the video, Allan! I thoroughly enjoyed watching this. I was wondering if you are able to share the approximate price breakdown of your trip. I am also hoping to go on a trip to Japan for 2 weeks very similar to yours and trying to figure out how much to budget.

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    Kathleen Elaine 16 days ago

    Loved this travel video! One of the most useful and interesting i have seen yet on Japan! Thank you

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    i love this!

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    Time to start saving up, currently have $500 bucks out of like at least 5K 💀

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    congratulation for the video ! Great work, informative (all necessary info u need) and very well done THX & Danke & Gracias

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    Thank you very informative.

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    nice info n tips

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    Very complete and well done video. Congratulations!

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    Nancy Arone 26 days ago +1

    This is a great video - very informative content, excellent editing and beautifully shot. I am planning a trip to Japan and this was very helpful. Thank you!

  • LordArioh
    LordArioh 26 days ago

    First of all if you wanna get transportation freedom and don't give af about ticket prices, especially if you're visiting cities besides Tokyo grab a JRpass. It will allow you to hop on hop off any JR train any time with no problems except Nozomi and Mizuho shinkansen. The rest is just behave properly and enjoy. Japan is the best country that I visit every year.

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    trueblueclue 28 days ago

    I never knew mochi pounding and violins went together.

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    Eve Wee 28 days ago

    We are going japan for first time. Thank u for this video and blog

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    Brilliant, arigato. ありがとうございました

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    sebastian penny Month ago +1

    Is it expensive to travel from Hiroshima to Tokyo in ten days with trains etc ??

  • Laniakea2203
    Laniakea2203 Month ago

    Doesn't look like I'd have much luck as a vegan around here

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    i am almost crying so beautiful video

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    Nils Breckoff Month ago

    Great work. I am dying to go now.

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    Sophie Dp Month ago

    Planning a two weeks trip there and I honestly can't wait !! Thanks for all the great tips it was so helpful :))

  • Rowell Agustin
    Rowell Agustin Month ago

    The KUROMON MARKET in Osaka which is less than 5 minutes walk from Dotonburi is definitely a must visit. Prices are generally cheap compared to the food stalls in Dotonburi. Food is definitely fresh and superbly delicious. Thanks Allan for sharing your video. Keep it up!

  • Eurydice Missonnier

    Thanks for this beautiful video ❤️

  • WillN2Go1
    WillN2Go1 Month ago

    Good stuff. In 2016 I spent 2 months banging around Japan . (btw The Yasukuni shrine is connected to WWII Japanese War Criminals-- I don't know anyone, including Japanese who won't go near the place.)
    You and your brother look like you had a great time. I too drank too much coffee from vending machines. One problem I had with them while on some long bike rides is everything has sugar in it. On a hot day, cycling 20-30 miles you need a lot of just plain water. I'd get a lot of cramps when I could only get the sweet stuff. Hot days? If you're leaving the cities (re: going away from 7-11 and Lawsons) bring water.
    The Japan Rail Pass is perhaps the top transport experience on the planet. For about $600 USD I got the maximum one month pass. I finally started mine (you choose when to start using your pass, only then does the clock start ticking) in Kumamoto, about three weeks into my trip. Within 30 minutes I was speeding at 180 mph in the Shinkansen--texting my friends back in the States:"If you were traveling this fast on the ground in the US, you'd either be in a NASCAR or you'd be dead in seconds". The pass is like owning the railroad. Instead of ticket lines and turnstiles, you just walk past the guard booth, they bow, you nod and you can take any train in any direction.
    Yes summer is hot! Because I was going to hike and camp a lot, I brought my synthetic layers....and started to stink. The washing machines in the hostels, hotels and most laundromats couldn't put a dent in the stink. (The only thing that really works is a good wash and then hang it in the sun for a couple of days). I was in the most fastidious country smelling like a corpse. Then I learned about wool. Now I have merino wool (aka smart wool) t-shirts, undies, pullovers, (I've always worn the socks). Expensive, but if you start to stink, hang them up over night and they're fresh in the morning. The wool kills the bacteria, synthetic is the perfect medium to grow it. If wool gets wet, it wick the water away from your skin. Sometimes the best way after you sink wash it to dry it, is to just put it on and wear it.
    Before you go to Japan, look on TheXvid for Begin Japanology videos. They're terrific for introducing you to Japan. One thing I found is that the Japanese are absolutely amazing in many many ways, but in each amazing thing they do better than anyone else --there is something absolutely odd. The biggest one is to create a friendly wonderful country and then work 70 hours a week so they never have any time to enjoy it.
    And the many visits you and your brother made to 7-11 and Lawson is not just young guys snacking-up. When I was in a city I ate most breakfasts and lunches out of a convenience store. You can get healthy food in them. (In the States if you only ate out of 7-11, you'd be dead or in the hospital in two weeks).
    For me going to the small city of Onomichi was really special. If you like Japanese movies, keep in mind many of the places in those movies no longer exist. I love Totoro, but the farm area where it takes place is now an over developed part of Tokyo. Two exceptions: Mitzuguchi's The Sisters of Gion, takes place in Gion, Kyoto-- which can still be recognized. Tokyo Story, one of my favorite movies, important scenes happen in Onomichi-- which is largely unchanged. Plus there's the Shimanami Kaido bicycle route, island hoping across the inland sea-- might be the best bike ride in the world.
    In Tokyo the Itoya and Yadobashi (mostly electronics) stores have bar none, the most amazing collection of office (school) supplies anywhere. If you're a student, or an old nerd/writer--this is a sci-fi fantasy too amazing to possibly be true...and yet it is. (My girlfriend and I are stopping off in Tokyo for a couple of days next month--mostly so I can take her to Itoya, and maybe a few temples and museums)
    Great videos.

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  • ZensCloset81
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    Hey Allan, thanks for the video. I think this my 3rd time watching! Love the list and recommendations from luxe to thrifty. I’m going back and noting all the places you mentioned! 😉

  • Donald Trumpy
    Donald Trumpy Month ago

    I want to visit Japan because Japanese are nice people and their country is safe...

  • racquesc
    racquesc Month ago

    Hi Allan, when you were visiting different cities in Japan, did you moved hotels/houses too? Or were you just in one spot going home every day? Thanks in advance!!☺️

    • racquesc
      racquesc Month ago

      Thank you btw for the reply, any suggestions on hostels?😉

    • racquesc
      racquesc Month ago

      Allan Su my family and I (4 in all) are going to visit 🇯🇵 in Aug 2020. I just wanna know as to where we can stay or should we just stay in one hotel somewhere in Tokyo or any of the cities or should we go to hostels wherever we wanna roam for that day. We will only be there for 10 days. My hubby & I are ok walking & commuting, this is gonna be a test for my 14 & 11y/o sons. We usually pack light. Amongst the 4 of us, we only take 2 small roller luggages. Your input would mean a lot.

    • Allan Su
      Allan Su  Month ago

      racquesc moving :)

  • Adam Yoo
    Adam Yoo Month ago

    do you use Mightywifi for the internet? hotspot mifi device? in japan? cheap data?

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    wow. you are so well spoken and easy to listen too. I love it.

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    I'm thinking about going to Japan for 8 days, Is that too short? I don't have longer but I don't know if I should go somewhere else. I'd really love to go to Japan.

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    Love japan!! Can’t wait to see it ourselves!! There’s literally so much to see! Great info glad you had a great time!

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    Watching this makes me feel comfortable at the prospect of visiting Japan, the dream place to visit of my beloved hype who passed away last year. We will visit the place this summer for him and live his dream through us.

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