Detroit Become Human Impressions - Kinda Funny Gamescast Ep. 167

  • Published on Apr 23, 2018
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    Andy got to play Detroit Become Human and Greg interviewed the guys behind Friday the 13th and Where the Water Tastes Like Wine! (Released first to Supporters on 04.20.18)
    Time Codes -
    00:04:03 - Andy's Detroit Become Human Impressions.
    00:34:49 - Johnnemann Nordhagen of Where The Water Tastes Like Wine Interview.
    01:09:32 - Ronnie Hobbs of Friday The 13th Game Interview.
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Comments • 127

  • David Chavez
    David Chavez Year ago +55

    God I love Andy he’s great!

  • It'sAlexForShort
    It'sAlexForShort Year ago

    I dont have ad block because I like supporting creators I like. But I'm counting 19 ad placements in this video. Why Kinda Funny....Why?

  • Greg Dawe
    Greg Dawe Year ago

    Worldbuilding worldbuilding worldbuilding worldbuilding

  • Steve Henderson Jr

    All the interviews here were awesome but as a fan of the genre, the movies, and the game the Friday the 13th interview was my favorite.
    Play the game all the time! It’s great!

  • Greg Eid
    Greg Eid Year ago

    The inability of you guys to be critical IN ANY WAY of Sony games is becoming insufferable. I know what I’m getting by watching Greg but it feels forced at this point.

  • Sasha Partan
    Sasha Partan Year ago

    Wow, Colin looks so different nowadays!

  • bill clay
    bill clay Year ago

    the interviews. more of this please.

  • Rick Hynes
    Rick Hynes Year ago

    Tim and Greg are getting fat on this Kindafunny HOG :P It happens!

  • Cedric Buretta
    Cedric Buretta Year ago +1

    the interviews in this gamecast were top notch. I don't even have a real interest either of the games they made, but it was a fascinating listen. I expected to checkout after detriot, but i stayed for the whole thing. Thanks for making this.

  • William Mo
    William Mo Year ago

    Really looking forward to Detroit Become Human

  • Yokainoko
    Yokainoko Year ago

    Washington Post, the gamers go to publication for the hottest titles!

  • Sordel
    Sordel Year ago

    I was curious about Detroit until they said “it's all QTEs”.

  • Max Jahner
    Max Jahner Year ago

    I... Hm. I purchased Where The Water Tastes Like Wine the day it came out. I'd dug the vibes of the trailer and the art I had seen and was in the mood to try something new. According to Steam I played it for 19 minutes before just... Losing interest.
    I don't want this to come off as mean. I wish the best for that game. But the 3D map you travel around is... Rough. Real rough. Especially considering how neat all the 2D art is. I know that if it had been better or even been a simple 2D point and click map I would have played more. When picking up a game based solely on style, having what looks like an early prototype map in the final version really hurt my enthusiasm for it. I didn't refund it or leave a negative review, but it is hidden in my Steam library. I just moved on.

  • Mr. Penguin
    Mr. Penguin Year ago

    it'll be interesting how long the game is considering how in depth it is. clearly it's a multiple playthrough kind of game, but i would like to see 1 playthrough be fulfilling to an extent.

  • Kevin Gallagher
    Kevin Gallagher Year ago +4

    just played the demo im completely in

  • Michal
    Michal Year ago

    this was the best gamescast in a while, you're fucking killing it

  • DarkestInstinct
    DarkestInstinct Year ago

    I'm buying where the water tastes like wine the day it hits switch, sounds awesome and it would be great to have stories told to me while I sit at the bar and have a drink after work like all the other indie switch games I have been playing.

  • Garrett Becker
    Garrett Becker Year ago

    Andy is just the homie.

  • Bruno Silva
    Bruno Silva Year ago

    maybe this time david cage makes a good game, even if its terrible which i am expecting it will be fun

  • Erick Solis
    Erick Solis Year ago

    I’m I the only that feels like these shows are too long. I like the old format where they were like 30 minutes or so

  • Christopher Cline

    Loved Heavy Rain, beat it multiple times. Liked Beyond but the story was a bit confusing and it didn't know if it wanted to be Sci Fi game or a 3rd Person military shooter. I am extremely hyped for this. I already know I'm gonna love it.

  • MurrayNJ08
    MurrayNJ08 Year ago

    As far as not playing Beyond because of what people said, that’s a bandwagon mentality. That game for what it was, was fantastic and one of my favorite of that year. Play it, it’s great. Not liking it was for whatever reason, the “cool thing to do”. Ellen Page killed it.


    Maybe Where the Water didnt sell because industry hippies overhyped and overrated his previous lesbian walking simulator, and the public was fooled into buying a 30 minute game. The industry cunts tried the same thing and the public wasnt fooled a second time. You can push a slant left wing nut agenda, but you cant force game sales, especially when its not much of a game.

  • Steve Walker
    Steve Walker Year ago


  • Charlie Milroy
    Charlie Milroy Year ago

    I think we are going through a period of indie fatigue. I know that I'm not excited for indie games at the moment. It's probably because there have been way too many games that are mediocre. Right now we have so many great AAA games, that there isn't such a large gap for indies. Right now an indie has to be really special to grab my attention.
    Generally in games coverage there has been way too much focus on indies. Gamers are not as in to indies as games commentators are.

  • bobbyw223
    bobbyw223 Year ago

    Is their channel growing?

  • Jarryd Howard
    Jarryd Howard Year ago

    Have wanted Detroit ever since they annouced it, I love quantic dreams, and 25th of May can't come quick enough

  • matt bell
    matt bell Year ago

    Andy how could you.
    🍒 Coke zero is the worst

    • Dane Fox
      Dane Fox Year ago

      But have you had it with kraken rum?? HAVE YOU?!!!!😁

    • matt bell
      matt bell Year ago

      Kinda Funny Games it might just be the Aussie version that sucks

    • Kinda Funny Games
      Kinda Funny Games  Year ago

      NO WAY! it rules.

  • Misko 1023
    Misko 1023 Year ago +11

    Hate to break it to ya Greg.. but you ARE a multiplayer guy.

  • Outlaw Q
    Outlaw Q Year ago +7

    Android Sex 10/10 IGN - "it feels real"

    • Mr. Penguin
      Mr. Penguin Year ago

      no no its: not enough shooting or exploding 1/10 IGN "horrible FPS"

  • Misko 1023
    Misko 1023 Year ago +2

    I like to think I follow the industry pretty closlely and have never heard of this water taste like wine game until now. It’s gotta be a PC only I assume.....?
    And that’s probably part of the problem... steam is a galaxy of shit. Even console digital stores are overloaded nowadays.

  • Misko 1023
    Misko 1023 Year ago

    Don’t know if ya recall Greg but heavy rain switched between 4 characters....
    So.... I think it’s probably a lot like that.

  • JIPunisherIL
    JIPunisherIL Year ago +1

    Great interview with Ronnie, love F13 and honestly feel for Gun and Illfonic when there's a constant barrage of hate towards them.

  • Effin Casual's
    Effin Casual's Year ago +1

    So the demo was the demo we have already seen 2 yrs ago? Lol

  • Rakibul Haque
    Rakibul Haque Year ago

    Andy is awesome😂

  • Chuka Okonkwo
    Chuka Okonkwo Year ago

    Tim looking a bit Fat

  • jlindsa
    jlindsa Year ago +5

    "Where the water taste like wine" looks like a super niche game, even more-so than Gone Home. I don't know what sort of sales this guy expected but I wouldn't expect the Switch to 180 the sales.

    • Charlie Milroy
      Charlie Milroy Year ago +2

      jlindsa the fact that it's only on PC that literally has thousands of games competing for eyes, and just that the art style doesn't look appealing to me means In would never play that game.
      Developers have to careful that they don't make their game too niche. Art style can be really attractive like in the case of cuphead and night in the woods, but could be unique and artfully executed and still not attractive enough to anyone but a small niche.

  • For Recreational Use Only

    from the man responsible for omikron comes detroit

  • Koopa Trooper79
    Koopa Trooper79 Year ago

    Says he's been doing these since he was 12 yet sounds like he's never been before in his life. Do we really need to hear what fruit he ate? Christ sake!

  • Mathew Smith
    Mathew Smith Year ago +2

    20:46 There's a story about an "Android Quarterback" in the game 2064 Read Only Memories as well.

  • Daniel Flores
    Daniel Flores Year ago +2

    Damn, first we got Shadow of the colosus, then we got Yakuza 6, then God of fucking war, now we get Detroit: Become human and then we actually get Spiderman and later on Red dead redemption 2?
    Jesus, Sony is killing it with exclusives this year. Cant wait for e3

  • Jacob Cunningham
    Jacob Cunningham Year ago +1

    I'm actually giving you a like this time Andy Cortez....first time ever......I don't know how I feel about this......good job seriously

  • doggthompson
    doggthompson Year ago +1

    Awesome interviews!

  • GunslingerPlays
    GunslingerPlays Year ago

    About Friday the 13th, I have a love-hate relationship with this game: it's a great concept sure, but it is a glitchy mess technically (standard PS4 version). Stability should be improved at all cost, the game isnt responsive either, much imput lag and interactions with the environments often don't trigger when they should.

    • GunslingerPlays
      GunslingerPlays Year ago

      I pretty much respect the dedication and care towards the franchise that was put into this, the interiors in the game are really great but the execution could be miles better.

  • C V
    C V Year ago +19

    Kratos killed it.
    Detroit burned it.
    Spiderman spread its ashes.
    RIP XB1. This is coming from a 360 fan.

    • Deftones Dsm
      Deftones Dsm Year ago

      Agreed, i hate sony, from early days of propritary memory cards to the hack they didnt release info on for 2weeksm BUT these AAA titles frlm sony are AMAZING

    • Sordel
      Sordel Year ago

      I was a 360 fan (& OG Xbox fan as well) but Sony's so far ahead on exclusives now that the console war's over and all that's left is to clear the rubble, rebuild the sewage system and install a puppet government at Microsoft.

    • Outlaw Q
      Outlaw Q Year ago

      Nah, Kratos killed it through burning
      Detroit contains the ashes in their Urn
      Spiderman blows up the Urn

    • Misko 1023
      Misko 1023 Year ago

      Carlos Vega haha yes!!!

  • jackyboy777666
    jackyboy777666 Year ago

    Forget God Of Bore....This is a game I am willing to spend money on!

    • jackyboy777666
      jackyboy777666 Year ago

      God of War hasn't engaged me at all. Don't get me wrong though....still a good game just not for me.

  • guip1408
    guip1408 Year ago +4

    Andy needs to be the most permanent chair in the show

  • thunderwood
    thunderwood Year ago +2

    Andy is the best. I wish he was on more shows.

  • Jamie Baxter
    Jamie Baxter Year ago

    Why do you talk about eating fruit ??

  • Marcus Brown
    Marcus Brown Year ago

    Excited for F13 DLC!!!

  • Marcus Brown
    Marcus Brown Year ago

    I will never forget day one of Friday the 13th and it's servers man it sucked but I wanted to play so bad in would wait 30 minutes for one round lol

  • MrBrockarock
    MrBrockarock Year ago +3

    Sorry to tell you but you launched a very niche based game on one of the most heavily populated platforms that exists. Of course it's not going to do well, would have been much more successful on switch or maybe even mobile. Getting exposure on steam is one of the hardest things about the gaming industry. Also, if you have a stellar voice cast with unique people like Sting, you advertise the shit out of it based on that.

  • grizzlysparks
    grizzlysparks Year ago

    Now that’s what I call games journalism. You get an opportunity to speak to a developer about an upcoming game after just trying their product, and “no, I’m good” I love Andy. But come on?

    • Kinda Funny Games
      Kinda Funny Games  Year ago +1

      in all seriousness, he had 3 people waiting to talk to him before me and I had to get back to the airport to finish editing Party Mode

    • DarkEnigma91
      DarkEnigma91 Year ago +1

      Wouldn't call it journalism aside from the running joke. I'm fine with Andy letting the game talk for itself.

  • Michael Fairley
    Michael Fairley Year ago +1

    great episode

  • Alex James
    Alex James Year ago

    What's with all the add teases at the start of shows lately? "Brough to you by Audible. But we'll get to that later".
    Do they get more add revenue or something?

    • xXCeraiceXx
      xXCeraiceXx Year ago +1

      Alex James yeah some sponsorship deals request that, possibly cause people skip the ad reads.

  • Jason Draper
    Jason Draper Year ago

    Really great interview and conversation but the game did poorly beacuse it's not very good..

  • FreonTheFrozen
    FreonTheFrozen Year ago +43

    Sony is just killing it these exclusives. They're about quality.

  • Baytuh
    Baytuh Year ago +15

    Just a heads up, there's gonna be a demo of Detroit tomorrow.

  • kingfac
    kingfac Year ago +1

    Heard point and click and its all qte's. Not for me.

    • kingfac
      kingfac Year ago

      Michael Miller Yeah, totally understand people like that sort of experience. Just not for me.

    • Michael Miller
      Michael Miller Year ago +2

      kingfac yeah, if you didn’t know what kind of game this was till now, I doubt you were too interested in it to begin with lol. It’s not point & click though. You have full control of your character if you’re not doing a QTe.

    JAY WAYY TOO FRESH Year ago +12

    I love Quantic Dreams games can't wait for Detroit Become Human