• Published on Oct 28, 2018
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  • Johnny Carey
    Johnny Carey  Year ago +2202

    Make sure you go follow me & Olivia on Instagram! - johnnycarey_7 & oliviakeeble

    • zeshan ali
      zeshan ali 19 days ago

      @Eddiemtk there was a footballer called Johnny Carey who played for Manchester City and United

    • Abby B
      Abby B Month ago

      Johnny Carey are you British!?

    • Roblox user: TTVLucasReal
      Roblox user: TTVLucasReal Month ago

      Johnny Carey My friends mom lets me stay up till 12:00-12:30

    • Alex Holmes
      Alex Holmes Month ago

      Ring ring Johnny boy hehehe

    • Alex Holmes
      Alex Holmes Month ago

      Johnny Carey your fucking Hilarious. Mad guy

  • Bex
    Bex Day ago

    My mom would beat my ass if I talked to her like that😐😐

  • Grapes
    Grapes 4 days ago +1


  • Muhadin Ali
    Muhadin Ali 4 days ago

    Intro song

  • what’s up 124
    what’s up 124 8 days ago +1

    Year 7
    *u want to go outside and socialise*
    Year 11
    *Just want to play PlayStation and sleep*

  • Haaris Munawar
    Haaris Munawar 9 days ago

    What song is in intro

  • Brian Bourke
    Brian Bourke 9 days ago


  • Brian Bourke
    Brian Bourke 9 days ago


  • Brian Bourke
    Brian Bourke 9 days ago


  • Brian Bourke
    Brian Bourke 9 days ago


  • Brian Bourke
    Brian Bourke 9 days ago


  • Brian Bourke
    Brian Bourke 9 days ago


  • Niamh Hamill-Harling
    Niamh Hamill-Harling 9 days ago +1

    Girls hairs do not look like T-shirts!!!

  • Burgzy
    Burgzy 10 days ago +2

    7 year old disliking because the misleading left thumbnail photo 😂

  • Elise Oultram
    Elise Oultram 11 days ago


  • g1. Lucas
    g1. Lucas 12 days ago +1

    Got to realise he would have had to make that thumb nail

  • Casual Creator
    Casual Creator 13 days ago

    Where’s the nonce

  • GavinFolden 19
    GavinFolden 19 14 days ago

    5:02 the PS4 controller isn’t even on 😂😂

  • lazerx glimpse
    lazerx glimpse 14 days ago

    2:43 voice crack 😅

  • Unknown Player
    Unknown Player 14 days ago

    If I talked to my mum like dat
    I would be in my grave

  • Dolph Clumsy
    Dolph Clumsy 14 days ago

    Mate I go to bed at 8:30 I’m in year 7 and most of my friends 7:30

  • T2
    T2 15 days ago +1

    6:50 if I said all that my mom would beat the shit outta me no lie and if I’m still alive after that she will make life so hard

  • Lily Williams
    Lily Williams 15 days ago

    I love your vids! ❤️❤️

  • anousha playz
    anousha playz 15 days ago

    I don't get year u and year 11 , like the age? Idk sorry if I'm stupid

  • Samuel Rorick
    Samuel Rorick 15 days ago

    The thumbnail is 11 year olds not 16 year olds

  • YouTube Gh0ul
    YouTube Gh0ul 16 days ago

    800th k sub
    Does that mean shout out plz

  • Destiny Garcia
    Destiny Garcia 16 days ago

    OMG who would drink at 11

  • Harvey Webber
    Harvey Webber 18 days ago

    Du kno whats funny . At my sleepovers in yr 7 we r vaping and drinking

  • Scott N
    Scott N 18 days ago +1

    NDL send our regards

  • Kamera Mawundula
    Kamera Mawundula 18 days ago

    So true uk gang

  • face_wallace
    face_wallace 18 days ago

    I am in year 5 but at my cousins house I am up until 5:00

  • Lauren Mclaughlin
    Lauren Mclaughlin 19 days ago

    I stayed up all night at my cousins house at a sleep over

  • Bjartur Dagur
    Bjartur Dagur 19 days ago +1


    Edit: This is more like 10 year olds vs 17 year olds

  • Skatzie
    Skatzie 19 days ago

    I just walked into my friends house and raided their fridge when I get hungry. ..... they didn’t care

  • Axtive_kell
    Axtive_kell 19 days ago

    NDL SENDS OUR REGARDS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sync Zation
    Sync Zation 20 days ago

    Does anyone else think Jonny looks like cillian Murphy (Tom Shelby from peaky blinders)

  • Libaan Mohamoud
    Libaan Mohamoud 20 days ago +1

    2019 Anyone 👍

  • Syncity MD
    Syncity MD 20 days ago

    Is year 7 just there age

  • Tracy Inman
    Tracy Inman 21 day ago +1

    Johnny is funny

  • Kerry Zhang
    Kerry Zhang 21 day ago


  • YT Joseph-_-
    YT Joseph-_- 21 day ago +2

    Last person to like this is soo peng and secu

  • Fortnite Rules
    Fortnite Rules 21 day ago

    This is terrible

  • smite libarator
    smite libarator 22 days ago

    Love the song naasty at the start

  • Harvey Strevens
    Harvey Strevens 22 days ago

    NDL send their regards

  • Deacon Noble
    Deacon Noble 22 days ago

    ur gay

    FURRY 23 days ago

    The NDL send me :)

  • OJ and TC Gaming
    OJ and TC Gaming 24 days ago

    5:04 ps4 controller of

  • Lord Flame breaker
    Lord Flame breaker 24 days ago

    No I won’t sub or anything for you

  • Super Nomansin
    Super Nomansin 25 days ago

    the ndl sends there regards

  • Tyler Bell
    Tyler Bell 25 days ago

    NDL send our regards!!!!!!

  • Billy Gates
    Billy Gates 26 days ago

    Johnny: can we smash 10,000 likes
    Also Johnny: *100,000 likes*

  • Dom Jamel
    Dom Jamel 26 days ago +1

    You act like year 7 is year 5 year 7 do things like drink as well and year 5 do what you do for year 7

  • Twistedkarma 21
    Twistedkarma 21 27 days ago

    Do people in year seven actually sleep at 8 I’m in primary six I sleep at 11

  • X702NCTheSweat
    X702NCTheSweat 27 days ago

    I love my mom so I don’t really care what she cooks me it’s still good

  • Aiden games
    Aiden games 27 days ago

    I'm from the u.s. what is year 7 and year 11

  • LilKebz
    LilKebz 27 days ago

    Weehhhehehehehehe...huuuhhh you cruel boooyyyy😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Tree
    Tree 27 days ago


  • Loving The Outdoors
    Loving The Outdoors 27 days ago

    So true

  • Aidan Green
    Aidan Green 28 days ago

    The camel toe at 11.15 though 😄

  • Paul Ogbebor
    Paul Ogbebor 29 days ago +1

    what’s the intro music