Rebuilding a Destroyed ZR1 Corvette Part 1

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  • Garrett Nunemaker

    What happened to Roman

  • Tyrone Driver
    Tyrone Driver 2 days ago

    Song at 7:30 bass hits hard 😤🔥

  • этот советский

    Stick your logo on the back bumper not to flashy just a little something to show that you restored it

  • Julien Keaton
    Julien Keaton 3 days ago

    No one: Me at 4 am: 10:14 - 10:17

  • Jarrod G
    Jarrod G 3 days ago

    Check the PCM
    That controls all anti theft
    Such as
    •dash lights

  • Reese Fisher
    Reese Fisher 3 days ago

    Clean race interior and custom gauges

  • Joshua Dell
    Joshua Dell 4 days ago

    Sell it and import a sportscar from Japan

  • Levente Renkó
    Levente Renkó 6 days ago

    Alright, keep the engine, but... Can you please supercharge it?

  • Sam Payne
    Sam Payne 14 days ago +1

    Have exhausts sticking out the sides of the hood, that would look sick especially if it spits flames!

  • ArsonalTech
    ArsonalTech 18 days ago

    GREY WITH ORANGE LIVERY, ORANGE RIMS, AND AN MASSIVE ORANGE WING ON THE BACK!!! that's what I'm going to do to my BR-Z when i get the cash. Orange and flat grey or grey and hi-viz yellow-green bits all over are the options. can't decide yet.

  • ArsonalTech
    ArsonalTech 18 days ago

    As soon as Matt started talking about the condenser I lost my shit. I'm an HVAC service tech and my first impulse was to do an in-depth explanation of the refrigeration cycle. Then, I remembered, that doesn't matter. This is a great video! who cares!

    Also, please SUPERCHARGE THAT B****!!!

  • XxJx3xX
    XxJx3xX 20 days ago

    if i had one i would put a muncie 4 speed on the back of that lt5 and put forged internals in that lovely engine with a new catless exhaust with glass pack mufflers

    YEEYEE 20 days ago

    After you get it running well twin charge it so put a turbo and a super charger on it

  • Jack McNeil
    Jack McNeil 21 day ago

    The early zr1's look goofy as hell with the bumpers from diff body styles

  • Jack McNeil
    Jack McNeil 21 day ago

    C4's are extremely underrated cars

  • corey parish
    corey parish 21 day ago

    Nice I see you now know who this is

  • Степан Ключевский

    Manual transmission=)

  • Natsu Dragneel977
    Natsu Dragneel977 21 day ago

    Matt called us his loves, better watch out Mere. You got some competition now

  • Pollo Cruz
    Pollo Cruz 21 day ago

    That beat fire tho aint gonna lie

  • Jamaican_Me_Crazy
    Jamaican_Me_Crazy 21 day ago

    Aluminum door cards some buckets some more horses and some big ol tires sounds like a good idea

  • G0r32
    G0r32 22 days ago

    Fix it make a little faster and take mattress Mack for a ride

  • ttvblubeast 1
    ttvblubeast 1 23 days ago +1

    Invest in a good swivel for your ratchet it will save you a lot of four letter words

  • Justin LaFleur
    Justin LaFleur 23 days ago

    If I had a 90s ZR1 Corvette I'd sell it and get a newer Corvette because the old C4s don't fit my tall butt (6'4" person here) my dad had an 85 C4 Corvette and my knees ate dash and head hit the roof.

  • Jason Fine
    Jason Fine 23 days ago

    Love to watch someone working on a Z. I own a 92 ZR1 which makes this very interesting. Keep up the good work!

    B.A.D PAPPY 24 days ago

    Sick beat

  • michael caraway
    michael caraway 25 days ago

    Get some ideas from "Garrett" of Cleatus McFarland fame on what should or should not be done to the car. For modding and building corvettes he is the master.

  • Lester Graham
    Lester Graham 26 days ago

    Why can't I find that knife anywhere on your website

  • Brian Hood
    Brian Hood 29 days ago

    Minimum cosmetics heavy on the bolt on’s‼️‼️‼️🤔💭

  • Third-Dagree
    Third-Dagree Month ago

    Ya aughta do what mattress Mack did with it. Do it up all Bunker Branding style and raffle it off.

  • Jessie Kimmons
    Jessie Kimmons Month ago


  • Shadow Raptors
    Shadow Raptors Month ago

    Try to run it on E83 fuel

  • Chris Rau
    Chris Rau Month ago

    I would do coil overs with some nice wheels and upgraded brakes, turn it into a nice little track car

  • Jamie Konelsen
    Jamie Konelsen Month ago

    Damn that beat goes hard

  • John McDonald
    John McDonald Month ago +1

    I was around when he ordered this car. Special order, he ordered this car before production. He had the first ZR1 in town. I bought a 90 chevy Silverado from the same dealership. Just cant think of the dealerships name off hand. Lone star or buckalew chevy.

  • RageMan 47
    RageMan 47 Month ago

    13:45 a give away lol

  • Gene Zalek
    Gene Zalek Month ago

    Those were lizard eggs not spider eggs

  • trevor jaster
    trevor jaster Month ago

    Get compression fittings incase a fule or brake like breaks

  • trevor jaster
    trevor jaster Month ago

    I would sell it to get a c5 z06

  • THEerisLTU
    THEerisLTU Month ago

    drift build

  • Olga Rigoni
    Olga Rigoni Month ago +5

    I watched the whole vid and there's just one thing that I can think about:
    "Pop-up up and down headlights, uh"

  • Rodney Harris
    Rodney Harris Month ago

    Camo everything inside and out.

  • Grim Stone
    Grim Stone Month ago

    Does mar know

  • Alex Durkee
    Alex Durkee Month ago

    Leroy Junior

  • D4-Yeet
    D4-Yeet Month ago

    Titanium exhaust for the ZR1, would love it

  • Real Landscapes
    Real Landscapes Month ago

    RAT ROD!

  • mageac
    mageac Month ago

    keep the engine, keep it natural aspirated, just update things, different cams, make it like a period mid 90s badarse vette... if you want to make a crazy race car use a base vette not a classic zr1

  • Deanotorious
    Deanotorious Month ago

    Matt, I have a 1993 Corvette that I've been working on and autocrossing. You should definitely take a look at the Ridetech Coilover package for the C4 Corvettes! It only just came out in ~November, but looks like a much more promising package than other coilover systems. I just bought and installed the Ridetech HQ single adjustable shocks on my C4 and so far I'm loving them.

  • Oliver Halo
    Oliver Halo Month ago

    Ls3 engine from a newer Corvette

  • Killin it 24/7
    Killin it 24/7 Month ago

    Go the cleeter mcskeeter rout and go twin turbo

  • Silent Wolf Ballistics

    Get the holographic speedometer that appears on your windshield.

    • Olli Lehtonen
      Olli Lehtonen Month ago

      a HUD? I might be wrong but that has been an option ever since the 2000s. Might be even earlier.

  • Zachary Pritchett
    Zachary Pritchett Month ago

    Just wash it

  • Mossy Oak
    Mossy Oak Month ago

    James bond car with guns in the fenders.

  • Dylan Williams
    Dylan Williams Month ago

    Restoration ranch

  • Alexsis Engle
    Alexsis Engle Month ago

    As someone from Houston I think its really awesome you got Mack's old car! I grew up seeing it on some of his commercials.

  • Andrew Jackson
    Andrew Jackson Month ago

    Restore it to showroom condition. Anything else is heresy.

  • sasuke2483692
    sasuke2483692 Month ago

    I'd say restore it! It's already a great car. Upgrade suspension components and put some new tires on it and it'll be golden! No sense in going over the top. Resale value will be trash if you make it FUBAR.

  • Yous34
    Yous34 Month ago

    You should talk with cleetus mcfarland, he has a couple of drag racing corvette and a daily driver one

  • Corey Davenport
    Corey Davenport Month ago

    Motor designed by lotus 😬

  • Roger G. Mosquera Jr.

    make this a rally covette

  • Kyle Cheke
    Kyle Cheke Month ago

    Pull the motor keep it for memories....take the rest to the ranch and pew pew it to death!!! Then go get a viper gts-r. 😂😂😂

  • Павел Безобразов


  • tristan giroux
    tristan giroux Month ago

    for the gauges and ecu, look for HOLLEY EFI or just the gauges at

  • Clyde Gibbs
    Clyde Gibbs Month ago

    Trauma kit not first aid

  • Clyde Gibbs
    Clyde Gibbs Month ago

    Burned wood door panels

  • Sarah Pfliiger
    Sarah Pfliiger Month ago

    Keep the ZR1 wheels! Keep its classic looks as much as possible do it it’s 90’s corvette service 🙏🏼

  • Conner Bedingfield
    Conner Bedingfield Month ago

    you should throw a procharger on it

  • 302 Gingar
    302 Gingar Month ago

    It’s my dream car and I’d build it fully but also keep most of the interior stock but I’d supercharge it

  • Kevin White
    Kevin White Month ago

    Flood cars are always bad news.

  • MaddBuddah
    MaddBuddah Month ago

    Man I miss those old Texas licences plates

  • michel quant
    michel quant Month ago

    Matt my girlfriend says spray paint it red and I suggest huge blower or turbo =)

  • Incinous
    Incinous Month ago

    Blower obviously

  • Mike Eckardt
    Mike Eckardt Month ago

    Restore it for a show car

  • Jarrod Tewa
    Jarrod Tewa Month ago

    Your missing a shovel in your truck to box .. .........

  • DocIncredible
    DocIncredible Month ago

    "This car is unmolested," Matt says, while gesturing to a car that's basically had something ripped out of everything at that point.

  • Nathan Reese
    Nathan Reese Month ago +5

    Matt: no speedometer turn signals brakes it will be fine

    Cops when they pull him over for not using a turn signal : do u know how fast u were going
    Matt: no
    Cops: why didn’t u stop right away
    Matt: umm I tried but the brakes didn’t work

  • Luke Moore
    Luke Moore Month ago

    TWIN TURBOS OUT THE HOOD!!! Make it faster than Leroy!

  • Hagan Kleiser
    Hagan Kleiser Month ago

    "I spent 45 minutes to get that one nut off" jeeezz Matt

  • James Bushong
    James Bushong Month ago

    Set alarm tube headers set a nice lopy cams. Some nice bc Coilovers Maybe some wider wheels in the rear. If the block can take it. Maybe her supercharger on it. Sleeve the cylinders possibly bore it out. Nice sticky tires on a set of rims for tue track. And maybe a twin disc clutch

  • J S
    J S Month ago