Madagascar Street Food!!! Super RARE Malagasy Village Food!

  • Published on Feb 27, 2019
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    1. TSENA’NY TANTSAHA TALATAMATY: Rice Porridge + Chinese Noodle Soup
    ADDRESS: Talatamaty City
    OPEN: 3AM - 7AM (or whenever the police shut it down)
    Four miles outside of Madagascar’s capital city, Antananarivo, lies Talatamaty City. Talatamaty City is home to one of the country’s largest local morning markets, Tsena’ny Tantsaha. Sellers open up shop at 3am, selling everything from produce to fabrics. And lucky for us, the market has no shortage of food to try as well.
    🥣RICE PORRIDGE: Zebu (Malagasy cattle) and sausage are mixed with leaves, ginger, special Malagasy rice, porridge and spices.
    🥡CHINESE NOODLE DISH: Pasta, macaroni, potato, mayonnaise and zebu skin.
    2. TALATA VOLON’ONDRY: Sausage + Koba
    ADDRESS: Talata Volon’ondry
    OPEN: Varies
    Talata Volon’ondry is a village located just outside of Antananarivo. The village is known for producing sausage and Madagascar’s national snack, koba.
    🥔SAUSAGE: There are typically two types of sausage being sold - zebu sausage and a halal style potato sausage. This snack is frequently accompanied by local rum.
    🇲🇬KOBA: Lay out banana leaf spines with banana leaves on top. Add a layer of rice flour to prevent the koba mixture from sticking to the banana leaves. Then add the koba mixture, a combination of crushed raw peanuts and sugar. Wrap it all up in the banana leaves and allow it to cook in a bit of water for 3 days.
    Koba is beloved across Madagascar, primarily sold on the street or to people in their cars as they drive through a city. The fuel from the ingredients gives people energy and helps them stay full even when walking long distances without and source of food along the way.
    💸PRICE: Sausage .14 USD/500 MGA | Koba .50 USD/1,756 MGA
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