UK ramps up no deal Brexit preparations - troops on standby

  • Published on Dec 18, 2018
  • Three and a half thousand troops are on standby, while letters to 140,000 businesses are warning them to prepare for the worst.
    The government says that although pursuing Theresa May's Brexit deal is still its top priority, it's now begun ramping up its preparations for no deal. Details of where £2bn in funding will be spent have been revealed, while advice for the public will be rolled out over the coming days on everything from potential traffic chaos to credit card fees.
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Comments • 7 643

  • Matthew Whittington
    Matthew Whittington 29 days ago

    All this so say planning what about using marchwood base utilising the navy’s rfa s to bring in urgent supplies we could even use the rafs globe masters and C130 and M400 transport aircraft

  • Daniel Cooke
    Daniel Cooke 29 days ago

    just weighing in but if this is preparations for a no deal, what is the preparation. what they doing for not delivering brexit?

  • atem 941
    atem 941 Month ago

    The Tories frightened to death of their own citizens.What a bunch of wimps.

    • BmC
      BmC 28 days ago

      learnt lessons of the riots ? lol

  • Lee Robinson
    Lee Robinson Month ago +1

    Responsible government don’t make me laugh 🤭

  • The Grumpy Englishman

    No deal No problem

  • K L
    K L Month ago

    Will 3 and a half thousand soldiers be enough, I wonder ?
    Is this how shamefully small the British Army is now ?
    (there could be millions of angry and distressed people to deal with)

  • WeirdPlanet108
    WeirdPlanet108 Month ago

    Army. Is that to intimidate us who voted to leave the EU?

  • Juan Batista
    Juan Batista Month ago

    UK is doomed. Stay in the EU and be taken over by foreigners . Get out of the EU and suffer economically . There is no long term future for white Christians in the UK anymore . I would rather be poor than live under EU dictatorship that is destroying the country anyway with uncontrolled movement of bad people . The real British people want out of the German run EU . The Parliament are just a bunch of traitors who get kickbacks from the EU . When will the Queen awake from her coma ?

  • Global Relief
    Global Relief Month ago +1

    GB.. the new East-Germany..

  • Khannea Sun Tzu Von Thorne–Żytkow

    Uk government has given armed fire instructions to troops and considers massive panic looting and a months long "crisis government", with suspended freedoms (and emergency repression of all freedoms, like a curfew) LIKELY.

  • JK Thompson
    JK Thompson Month ago

    Hahahahahahahaha were all gonna die thank God I am so tired of this country and world in general . Sweet release and eternal sleep is coming. Praise almighty zog

  • Brian Port
    Brian Port Month ago

    This is a media scare campaign, life will continue as normal.....

  • Lux Mea Christus1 AKA TracyJStratford

    No deal brexit watch eu companies make independent deals in a long queue and Portugal have set a UK gate already so walk straight through you forget we are the buyers... the king in this game.. and look soubry has not been united in her,pram, throw Anna

  • Lux Mea Christus1 AKA TracyJStratford

    Looks like the remoaners don't understand/ stand under democracy

  • Vjy Sri
    Vjy Sri 2 months ago

    These are all the people voted for Brexit.

  • Dawn Amera
    Dawn Amera 2 months ago

    A lot of our medicines come from Europe, I have already seen shortages of them already and border control have already put strict measure on British people travelling to Europe, this is a fact.

  • neil eastell
    neil eastell 2 months ago

    Darshna Soni. A nice English name , one of many of the channel 4 propaganda news channel

  • Rey Diamante
    Rey Diamante 2 months ago

    i think martial law in this country is very inhumane and not actually needed its so untoward and insensitive for a first world country such as britain i think the police system is still functional , sufficient and more humane
    can you imagine if the military wil confiscate people's houses and otherproperties, businesses the residents esp. children & vulnerable residents will suffer& die in the cold and the parents and owners might then resort to confront the military and things might lead to a civil war or rebellion to say the least and so much worse than what happened to france riot

  • EuFamily UK
    EuFamily UK 2 months ago

    The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer after the Brexshit

  • Roy Ogunsiji
    Roy Ogunsiji 2 months ago

    Have you watched one of those END OF THE WORLD prank videos warnIng viewers that North Korea has launched a nuclear missile and we have half an hour to live. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 PATHETIC.

  • pink Candy
    pink Candy 2 months ago

    Oooh so scared lolol the sky's falling hahaha

  • pink Candy
    pink Candy 2 months ago

    AND U all VOTED for her?

  • fiftyonenorth
    fiftyonenorth 2 months ago

    3,500? That’s a breach plug.

  • stu281
    stu281 2 months ago

    Fake news

  • Simon David
    Simon David 2 months ago

    Poor EU how will they manage without the UK propping them up

  • Amalur Alure
    Amalur Alure 2 months ago

    3:42 half of the mps are sitting in their phones. nice job UK.

  • ab ba
    ab ba 2 months ago

    The Government will do anything which they think will bring them some more votes in next general election. A brexit with A or B deal. A no deal is one of the option they think will give them some extra votes from. Ukp and from some hard brexiters in next general elections..The government hopping and thinking that the 52%who voted leave... Will all welcome a hard brexit or a no deal....
    That's why the Government is still keeping a no deal option regardless to any risks to the UK economy and people lives.
    They don't accept the fact that many leaves don't want a no deal nor a hard brexit.
    They prefer staying with the EU if there is no better and softer deal. They don't want to end up cut off from the EU in hard ways... Having to ask for permission to visit the EU.. Can't just live and work in the Big EU... Loosing all the free movement.. Thy didn't vote for that. Surely many leaves feels that way. Many actually changed their mind as they realised what Brexit is all about... Nothing like what they been told by boriss and all the others.
    The only way is a softer brexit... Or let people have a final say... As now we all k more about real brexit than before.
    It is strange that many hard brexiters still love to drink and eat European protects. Also still love to go the for holidays.... Not to forget many of them moved their business to countries in the EU.. Ireland for example...
    Find out your self's about who are they..

  • Thereal GodessIsis
    Thereal GodessIsis 2 months ago

    Former colonies need to follow the UKs example and leave the commonwealth. It is ridiculous to have a foreigner as head of your country. #freefrommentalslavery

  • bronco dave
    bronco dave 2 months ago

    Hang them all, traitors

  • spaceycakey1987
    spaceycakey1987 2 months ago

    labour said they would stand behind the referendum result it came back as leave now they say they want a second referendum that has remain as an option but leave is not as a deal in the customs union single market effectively locks us in the EU remaining in the EU should not be an option we had a vote to leave the government and mps have had 2 years they knew no deal was an option even if they thought was unlikely to prepare but all we get in parliament is squabbling because they dont really want to leave the EU even though the British people voted for it

  • brian
    brian 2 months ago

    Brexit is not what the country currently wants...It won't happen. It is linked to Putin and Trump according to the US Special Counsel. All three will fail very close to the same time this year.

  • wersiplayer1
    wersiplayer1 2 months ago

    What most non British people don't understand is the strengh and detemination after two world wars what we British can achive. You naysayer MPs and other greedy EU lovers have a self interest and not of the people of this country. The British adapt to anything thrown at them, we don't have begging bowls anymore we have co-operation, team work, faith and determination and with that in mind, will distroy any atempt from the EU to thwart our ejection from this debuckle finally. We, as a British nation can survive without the EU, we have the greatest law makers, entrepreneurs, military and intellegence service in the world, proven over and over again, and proberely the most charitable, that gives millions to lazy, begging countries with pea brained leaders that can only load a AK47 machine gun and think they are powerfull.Lets remove our counrty from the shackels of the EU and their demonic attitude and liv the life free of opression,

  • Ty willett
    Ty willett 2 months ago

    Project fear In full flight - quite pathetic. You will need those troops If you go against the will of 17million people, and I say that with a smile on my face :D Commie Corbyn. Commie Soubry. Westminster Is full of them.

    • Ty willett
      Ty willett 2 months ago

      +Peter Dixon Hopefully not, though we have not had a civil war In a long time, only needs a spark.

    • Peter Dixon
      Peter Dixon 2 months ago

      What exactly are you going to do? Shoot soldiers, and policemen in their homes, in front of their kids, bomb prestigious commercial targets? Assassinate Cabinet ministers? We had that in the UK somewhere within living memory: can't quite place it.

  • Awesome trucker 747
    Awesome trucker 747 2 months ago

    Gonna be kind of hard seeing as the majority of her majesty’s armed forces backed leave.

  • steven davis
    steven davis 2 months ago

    About time 👍🏻

  • Pseudo Nym
    Pseudo Nym 3 months ago

    Silly policies as a whole ruin people's lives.

  • kiss my arse
    kiss my arse 3 months ago

    You will need a few more i think

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 months ago

    Why should insist on going off the cliff? Scrap it

  • flyerh flyerh
    flyerh flyerh 3 months ago

    They are on standby for civil unrest when she scraps Brexit because there are not enough police to do it.

  • mick sc
    mick sc 3 months ago

    May using the threat of no deal to try and blackmail ministers into accepting her deal regardless just putting it back she has no intention of changing her position

  • William Killen
    William Killen 3 months ago

    If the army and police are used to force the compliance of UK citizens , public support for these organisations may be lost for generations . Better the remainers import German or French paramilitary . The ultimate treachery .

  • MastAlade
    MastAlade 3 months ago

    What is all this dover malarchy - invoices used to be manual - now they are all done online. Have all the paperwork online - prechecked before the trucks arrive - IT IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE IS IT... If you want I can build you a system that will help you have only one or two members of staff in that dover office.

  • MastAlade
    MastAlade 3 months ago

    Jeremy Corbyn is asleep. He is snoring actually...

  • MastAlade
    MastAlade 3 months ago

    What is wrong with this mindless woman broadcaster. She seems to have lost her mind....

  • San Htun
    San Htun 3 months ago

    More customer checkers. Isn't job creation?

  • K N
    K N 3 months ago

    Using the army that is here to protect us, against us. Charming, freedom of speech and to express our opinions is no longer valid. Hyped propaganda they are gonna cause the planned panic that is in place and come out the hero's for bringing peace. History repeats itself again.

  • George Swampy
    George Swampy 3 months ago +1

    There is only days to go, and where are we, NO WHERE, and to get to this position has taken over two and a half years. It’s a guaranteed fact, that with just 70 days to go before we leave, that they will knock up some betraying Brexit deal and force it upon the majority. Everyone must be aware that this is the way the Nazi Tory Government and the Nazi’s in Brussels work. We must have none of it. If / when they try it on, we MUST resist their betrayed deal with the Brussels Nazi’s. And fight for our democracy back, and the ONLY way that will happen is with a violent revolution, fact.

  • George Swampy
    George Swampy 3 months ago +1

    This is what the British people voted for, a no deal is what the people voted for and demands. Taking away the RIGHT for a NO DEAL. Leaves Brexit absolutely in limbo, we have only one option which is to accept a bad deal from these vile EUNazi’s. Which is what the remainers want, which is staying in this evil Nazi dictatorship. Big Business also had a vote within the referendum, they lost. But the way they talk, you would never think it. The vast majority still wants to leave this vile EU Nazi dictatorship, and the remainer Government should now get on and DELIVER.

  • cw porter
    cw porter 3 months ago +1

    On DEC 7 2016 the House of Commons voted 461-89 to trigger Article 50, which means: to leave the EU. That is a 5.17 to 1
    majority. On FEB 1 2017, the House of Commons once again voted 498-114 for the same thing. That is a 4.36 to 1 majority.
    So in addition to the referendum, Parliament voted for the exact same thing, twice. “Leave” won, twice, by huge
    majorities. If “Remain” were really a “People’s Vote”, the Remainers would have won the first time. How long are we going to tolerate this?

  • asdfkie
    asdfkie 3 months ago +1

    Surely the plan for brexit should have been drawn up BEFORE a referendum voting to leave the EU? These shitheads are screaming out now that the ship is heading for the iceberg

  • woww
    woww 3 months ago

    Why are the British so stupid? Wasn't it a gentleman's country?

  • r patterson
    r patterson 3 months ago +1

    No deal hard Brexit now !!! Look to North America for strong relationships.

  • Andrew Walsh
    Andrew Walsh 3 months ago

    May could manage a way out of a paper bag.

  • Cymoon RBACpro
    Cymoon RBACpro 3 months ago

    these journalist are propagandist.

  • David Hudson
    David Hudson 3 months ago

    Shut up lady you are totally out of order & Mr Snow you may as well wear ‘remainer’ tattooed across your forehead - do your job & simply report you are not a politician so you should ask your questions & allow your guests to reply without you rudely speaking over them.
    Scaremongering scaremongering scaremongering scaremongering!!! SHAMEFUL!!

  • Stoned_Ninja
    Stoned_Ninja 3 months ago

    no plan involves using the Army but yea they're on stand by contingency - this is nothing but #ProjectFear ramped up because March 2019 is almost here👌

  • Mike Carus
    Mike Carus 3 months ago

    I voted leave. I never ever voted for a deal.

  • Pete O'neill
    Pete O'neill 3 months ago

    Odious, self-righteous, bigoted woman.

  • No subscribers
    No subscribers 3 months ago +1

    Why are immigrants bad? Just wanting to know.

    • woww
      woww 3 months ago +1

      TRUMP:People in poor countries are stupid. heheh

  • james moylan
    james moylan 3 months ago

    Christine. Thañkyou For your concern however The issue is simple.
    Do we have a world economic peace treaty Bretton Woods United news video on you tube promised to the troops for world peace through economic prosperity or
    Do we continue with a system of megalithic speculation of which 99.999 per cent of the world population are completely unaware.
    As for the argument as to Bretton Woods United news video on you tube s legality today that is in itself a betrayal of the sacrifice made by the young troops fighting tyranny of ww2 and the soldiers of ww1 as well.
    If there is a law promised to a young man on his death bed that then works fantastically well for 20 years it is obviously completely wrong to try and circumvent that treaty by examination of it for loopholes and legal excuse for enabling the crime to continue.
    We have no need of legal precedent or skullduggery the message is clear let us not deny history.
    Bretton Woods United news STABLE CURRENCIES in whatever form and simple regulation and capping seems me.
    My little joke I thought of 3 years ago at least was let's move the zeros twelve places too the right to please the extremist right and twelve places to the left with the decimal point to please the left wing extremists however this nigh mean they have to buy their own beer uniforms and propaganda?
    Good for you to be involved HOWEVER as I have said in these days of such mass speculation any every body must be suspect who does not support Bretton Woods as the useless clouds of cash in the polluted skies of our financial world blotting the light of all the freedoms so hard fought for.?
    And unfortunately you must ask am I writing this to gain on a speculation or a genuine desire to end the vast speculations promised too the heroes of ww2?
    True like every one on the planet I will benefit from an end too the speculation but I hold no secret speculation on anything that will gain value temporarily in the STABLE CURRENCIES world.
    Except the chance that you can think of a business plan and go down your local bank and borrow money (provided you ask for enough)maybe by Wednesday and not have the local communities cash hovered up ?

  • d .p
    d .p 3 months ago

    Utter propaganda from the government, and the corrupt media, May is doing everything to keep Britain shackeld to the EU, since she entered office her focus has been to prioritise securing a deal, when it should have been a total focus Getting Britain out of the EU, single market, customs union, leaving Brussels no scope what so ever to influence British affairs..The electorate have to stop electing the same liars

  • james moylan
    james moylan 3 months ago

    When you say what are we wining about more than anybody else..Do you mean we should accept bankruptcy and giving all the pension pot away "and we take these measures against speculators of any country of any kind and of any hue."Churchill. . "Because nobody else is complaining so we should be good little slaves and not demand with peace our birth right promises made to our troops and the world because some speculator has a dangerous gambling addiction.?
    Enabling them to take $655 for every person on the planet a DAY out of our local communities worldwide.
    The reason no one else complains is they don't know about it.
    Some Media is giving them refugees to blame .But as for refugees many wouldn't be refugees if their countries and local communities world were not being robbed of the speculation.
    But Bretton Woods United news video on you tube is historical fact .
    And we must never deny history otherwise we can never learn.
    Churchill learnt from seeing face to face the horrors of war in the trenches of ww1.
    He wanted to fulfil the promise of ww1 "a home fit for heroes "
    And "the war to end all wars."
    Had they had a Bretton Woods in 1919 the 70 million dead mainly civilians in ww2 may very well not have occurred.nor the 45 million refugees in Europe alone.
    The exponential increase in the destructive power of nuclear weapons may mean one bomb no rocket can vaporize the planet.
    So the stakes are high which is why for national international and personal xoveridgnty the U.N. is needed more than ever and greatest respect for peace treaties that have been shown by history to work .such as Bretton Woods United news video on you tube. Worked for the whole population of the planet.
    The system was TEMPORARILY suspended because of abuses .
    Rather than sto0ping the abuses "any large movements of currency detrimental to the world economy should be outlawed. "Nixon temporarily suspended the Bretton Woods system.
    The more people that know of Bretton Woods the better.
    The sizes of the currency markets $5.09 trillion or million million, are to be found on the internet Wikipedia average daily trades.
    Also the size of the derivatives market $655trilion I have on my economics playlist and that is from the financial times. 2017.
    The size of George Soros win in a day "$850billion (thousand million ).
    And he is the dealer who has said it needs to be regulated .this is a word used for the gambling industry such as slot machines bingo penny arcades and las Vegas.
    And as Bretton Woods clearly promises STABLE CURRENCIES for young people about or actually facing an early grave .That is a promise to be kept and for the public to have knowledge of.
    Especially if as it clearly was other wise they wouldn't have been having the "44 allied nations sending 730 delegates. " Bretton Woods United news.
    video on you tube.
    There would have been a ww2 in the first place. And those young people would not have been there in the first place.
    This can be resolved with Bretton Woods regulation in 5 minutes with a capping of all currencies. By the nation's all of which have the right to do so.
    The effect of doing this will be to give the $700 trillion (million million ) a new home in ecoproductive (hopefully )and local communities worldwide immediately that day.
    So that those both who rail against. Those who rescue. And those who are migrants have a far brighter financial future with immediate effect.
    Not a wall but a peaceful return of the cash to local people in local communities worldwide essentially.
    So we can restart the road towards peace and international cooperation.
    And as the biggest danger is of speculative attacks to say brexit or say joining the EU.
    Is the person advising you perhaps driven by speculative ambition. Speculative to feed political etc
    And the electorate would not have to worry about that deception if the brazen abuse and breaking on Bretton Woods . (Bretton woods United news video on you tube. )(Bretton Woods in most parliamentary records of your country and country near you.)
    But more much more important is the brazen breaking of a sacrifice made by young men in unimaginable conditions so that there would be a rich world without the need to send young men perhaps their son's and daughters into similar ghastly unimaginable dangers.

  • sam mortell
    sam mortell 3 months ago

    We could just trade with the commonwealth, Russia, the US. And we could send money to anti EU protesters in Europe and cause a war.

  • sam mortell
    sam mortell 3 months ago

    I’d rather see Britain die than be ruled by a German dominated eurostate, the very thing our grandparents and great grandparents died to prevent.

  • Duso Gasper
    Duso Gasper 3 months ago +1

    Stop brexit

  • james moylan
    james moylan 3 months ago

    So in response to .
    Maarkerlaak 27 . I reall think this is a great comment as it extends the excuse for attacking a countries currency bankrupting it and causing poverty and mass unemployment mass migration valueless savings and pensions valueless too.
    And that is IT GIVES A COUNTRY The opportunity too start again but perhaps if they are lucky provided they follow the required austerity package with their own money with interest at an exorbitant rate."
    However now we have the chance to bankrupt the whole European union and thus the whole world economy as well.
    Lucky us.
    And we will get hopefully a pat on the head as they tell us exactly what we have to do.
    Soveriegnty is best protected in the U.N. and pensions and money best remain in the local communities worldwide for local people worldwide as in the fifties and sixties giving the highest standards of living education and economic prosperity of STABLE CURRENCIES as promised to the troops by the Bretton Woods United news video on you tube.
    A world economic peace treaty so when people are told they are being told like it is they are actually only being told less than half the story.
    Let's see front page $677 per person on the planet being speculated today as every day 300 days a year.
    By speculators against whom Churchill tried to ^ take these measures against speculators of any country of any kind and of any hue. "
    And where better to discuss "speculators of any country of any kind and of any hue. :"than the U.N.?
    Where all the countries are represented.

    • james moylan
      james moylan 3 months ago

      I have made other comment to him and thank him for his input.And apologise for any misspellings and recommend seeing the video Bretton Woods United news on u tube .
      It's a historical and history is best learnt from not denied.

  • james moylan
    james moylan 3 months ago

    fully accept the possibility of anything causing a global crash like wall street in 1929.
    Due to the vast speculative markets.
    Average day 300 days a year $677 for everyone on the planet man woman and child.speculation on currencies.
    Sad that you seem to suggest that the excuse that bankrupting a country causing poverty and mass unemployment mass migration valueless savings and pensions valueless too good for it so that the countries own money can be lent back to it for the wonderful rebuild.? (The only excuse for such vast financial attacks I have come across )
    But now the game changer. we destroy the whole world economy so that speculators "of any country of any kind and of any hue. "Churchill. lend our own money back to us but we might get a pat on the head at the beginning of this marvellous race for a new world that emerges from the ashes.
    The step up of course from that is if mankind does get to populate mars we can speculate between Martian and earth currencies as many currencies as possible on each planet of course.
    And have the opportunity too expand our gambling delusions into outer space with nano crypto nanniknanoo currencies?

    This Brexit needs to be discussed in the U.N.
    And the breaking of the Bretton Woods United news video on you tube promise to those of ww1 "home fit for heroes ""war to end all wars "
    And ww2
    "STABLE CURRENCIES for world peace through economic prosperity."
    "Any large movements of currency detrimental to the world economy should be outlawed. "
    Including credit rating hikes.
    At the U.N.
    The $850billion (thousand million )in a DAY financial times front page 2016 )
    That regulation rather like slot machines bingo and las Vegas perhaps is the best plan.
    (For every $20 of world trade $1,500 is speculated/gambled.)
    Personally I see the extremist currency markets as allies of all extremists .
    Extremism is best nurtured in poverty as is war .
    Eco production not ego maniac speculation?
    We need the lifeboatmen and those that help them to know fully the true reasons why the world is experiencing such dire economic problems and that there is a law paid for very dearly to get the world cooperating again.
    So we can have things in our countries to be proud about.
    Like rainforests great barrier reef Pacific islands ice caps and a lowering world population due to redirection of world standards of living up not down.
    So the young massively disadvantaged can have the chances we had in terms of wealth and life expectancy.

  • Steve Wiles
    Steve Wiles 3 months ago

    A no deal Brexit was what was voted for. Remoaners just don't like the fact that they lost.

  • james moylan
    james moylan 3 months ago

    In response to" take a look at the bigger picture the world financial market is about to collapse. ."
    Let's face it ....if that prediction is based on knowledge of some attack on a currency. ....then let us not deny history.
    For surely from history we must learn.
    All the more reason for Bretton Woods united news video on you tube promised to the troops for keeping money in local banks worldwide for local people worldwide to benefit from the joy of building communities.
    And let the soveriegnty of nations be protected from the ravages of unfettered speculation.
    So the citizen need not ride the rails of desperation as happened even in the USA in the great depression.
    That children can be safe in their beds in their own flourishing communities and let the boffins have the wherewithal to provide the obvious solutions that the cooperation of soverieghn nation's can provide.
    For their citizens to flourish in their local communities worldwide.
    And should disaster there be a disaster it is time to help not speculate?

  • Denis Suholitco
    Denis Suholitco 3 months ago


  • Terry Moore
    Terry Moore 3 months ago

    Its no deal or May's deal which ties UK to the EU dictators with no say on how the UK is run... a life sentence for the UK! Brexit means Brexit. No deal is what Brexit means.

  • trueblue
    trueblue 3 months ago

    Good old Channel4 owned by biased BBC who receive millions of pounds from the EU -no surprise there then -

  • Salvatore de Rosa
    Salvatore de Rosa 3 months ago

    People voted to leave, not to get richer. Sovereignty is far more important than comfy slavery which sooner or later becomes tyranny!

    CODEX 3 months ago

    Voted to be poorer? We heard the scare mongering and said cobblers? Poor master of my own fate - right? I'm sure Metro Elite will take a hit on the pay cheque - boohoo

  • Ken Parker
    Ken Parker 3 months ago

    The globalists media puppets are running all over the place crying doom and gloom. After March they will be all looking for another job. Maybe in Italy, Greece, Austria. Poland, Hungary and France. They a the next countries to leave the EU.

  • ShimmerUK
    ShimmerUK 3 months ago +1

    Really deploying the Army So Martial LAW is this governments answer.

  • Dean Beck
    Dean Beck 3 months ago

    Start buying some food to put away just in case people

  • Joachim K
    Joachim K 3 months ago

    Read many of these comments and also answered to some. So what I know is, ramping down of plants within the UK or plans for it already has started (e.g. see automotive). So if there is nothing about within english media, one more reason why not to trust them. Wish you best luck, especially with a hard brexit because you realy need it. In addition, I know from one of my colleagues )he is english) that he asked for an irish passport and if he could convince his wife too, he will leave UK asap. You can ask for the reason why.

    • alicie649
      alicie649 3 months ago

      +Joachim K Thanks for that site, the actual page on Brexit is
      They say the UK must remain in the single market and customs union ! Vital.

    • Joachim K
      Joachim K 3 months ago +1

      +malcolm chambers So true, but also India and US. So, currently only plants are left, just some 100 thounds of jobs will gone, because all these investors won't be interested any more in UK after a brexit, especially a hard one. The reason why is quite obvious, no easy access to the custom union and also the trade deals they already have. Want more details what brexit is going to destroy, see

    • malcolm chambers
      malcolm chambers 3 months ago

      Britain does not have an automotive industry. They were taken over by Japan and Germany years ago.

  • xmasdeer86
    xmasdeer86 3 months ago

    SCARE MONGERING!!!! England will carry on like every other country in the world. Imagine all the people who need jobs, they can get jobs working for CUSTOMS to fix this proble. SCARE MONGERING AND NOTHING ELSE.

  • Lee Donaldson
    Lee Donaldson 3 months ago

    Troops on the streets.....
    That is always a good sign..............

  • Jon.T
    Jon.T 3 months ago

    Is this what people voted for?

  • peter allison
    peter allison 3 months ago

    There never was a deal the British government just thinks there was. This is what happens when you no longer can send in the gun boats as Brittan ( England) used to with aggressive “negations”. The government has a long history of ineffective negations’ and appeasement when it comes to talking to fellow nations England has a appalling history of failure and inability to negotiate. The History books give what they want you to hear.

  • Stephen Nicholls
    Stephen Nicholls 3 months ago

    The ONLY way we will EVER get ANY deal from the EU would be if we are controlled by them in one way or another. In other words we would be tied to them FOREVER. That would be unacceptable.
    Which is why l have said from the very start that there WILL NOT be a deal. This woman is quite obviously a Remainer who has never accepted the democratic result of the MAJORTY. It never ceases to amaze me that democracy is always a beautiful concept...AS LONG AS it is THEIR democracy. What the MAJORITY want is irrelevant. If no deal is bad then WE will FIX IT in whatever way is necessary. This is how we ran our affairs for 900 years before we ever joined the farce which is the European Union. We WILL get through this however rough it gets. Things WILL get better sooner or later. We need to start believing in ourselves and in our country as as forebears did, but the mealy mouthed Soubry is putting her oar in as usual. She DOES NOT WANT BREXIT!!!!!!!!!

  • rich cooper
    rich cooper 3 months ago

    Uk is the best and always will be
    We will fine very fine
    We don’t need polish and others like them

    • alicie649
      alicie649 3 months ago

      +rich cooper more stupid, I don't live there, wouldn't want to

    • rich cooper
      rich cooper 3 months ago

      You and people like you Destroying our beautiful uk 🇬🇧
      We don’t need you go
      Get out uk

    • alicie649
      alicie649 3 months ago

      +rich cooper typical brexiter, ignorant, arrogant, racist, doesn't even know what the UK is composed of lol

    • rich cooper
      rich cooper 3 months ago

      Good don’t come to our beautiful uk 🇬🇧
      We don’t need your kind

    • sold as seen
      sold as seen 3 months ago

      +rich cooper Im already home, in Scotland, Your massacre of the English language leads me to believe perhaps you are not from Earth.

  • RedJefe
    RedJefe 3 months ago

    Irish unification in 3... 2... 1...

  • M. A. B. Razzaque
    M. A. B. Razzaque 3 months ago

    No deal Brexit is the best

  • George Swampy
    George Swampy 3 months ago +3

    Two and a half years to prepare, now get on with a NO DEAL, which is what the Nation voted for.

    • alicie649
      alicie649 23 days ago

      +Alfie Sherwood A major reason put forward was that you would '"take charge of your borders"". But you've never lost your borders, you aren't in Sheghen zone, everyone has to show ID, and are stopped in France or Belgium or when arriving in the UK.
      You were also lead to believe that 'unelected people in Brussels governed all your immigrants/migrants. Nobody seemed to distinguish between EU workers and non EU immigrants that each country decides on according to its own immigration policy.
      Many other myths have been spread for years, you have hundreds on this blog, this one is about EU worker entitlements (that includes Brits also living in the EU).

    • Alfie Sherwood
      Alfie Sherwood Month ago

      alicie649 yet every thing remoaners day has no proof behind it and little to no proof that the facts told were lies

    • andrewlucas7373
      andrewlucas7373 2 months ago

      Here here 👍

    • alicie649
      alicie649 3 months ago +1

      No it didn't, a proportion voted for an illusion that was sold to you by snake oil salesmen

  • Amoroso Gombe
    Amoroso Gombe 3 months ago

    What a mess.

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  • George Swampy
    George Swampy 3 months ago +2

    Yes, we want to leave, even if it kills us, because we have some killing of our own to do, in order to restore democracy

  • George Swampy
    George Swampy 3 months ago

    Yes, we want to leave, even if it kills us, because we have some killing of our own to do

  • Forza223 Bowe
    Forza223 Bowe 3 months ago

    I have always said, that a points style Immigration system is the future. Also, it doesn’t discriminate against people as anybody can come as long as they have the right skills, and more likely to integrate. We could have a Doctor from India, lawyer from China, and a teacher from Russia.

  • enoch powellsghost
    enoch powellsghost 3 months ago

    The troops will stand with the people why you ask?.

  • Arthur Heidt
    Arthur Heidt 3 months ago

    no deal brexit will become reality, i know how those communist officials work

  • yunlong CHEN
    yunlong CHEN 3 months ago

    China has been warning the world about this for decades: Democracy isn't perfect, it can and will fail. I wonder how one says "told you so" in Chinese?

  • Alex B
    Alex B 3 months ago

    Anyone who thinks that Germany is willing to lose £50B of UK exports on March 29th is just an imbecile. Reject this bad deal and prepare for no deal. I guarantee the EU will meet us half way within one week

  • David Harris
    David Harris 3 months ago +1

    Moggy et al, who supported this want to turn the UK into an unregulated state like Monaco or Panama where they can wheel and deal, avoid taxes, launder big money from China or Russia, outside the regulations of the EU. It's a throwback to the days of privateering and doing deals in former colonies where anything was legal.
    So, we go off a cliff.
    No matter.
    Yes, some banks will relocate some offices and staff, some manufacturers will relocate out of the EU, some prices will rise, we'll have to enter into some deals as a matter of urgency to keep airlines flying, for instance, we'll have to accept some EU laws despite not having any influence over their making, we'll have to accept some European Court decisions made by a court with no British judge on it. We'll also have to queue at ports and airports and go through customs like people from third world countries going into Europe.
    Some people will lose their jobs, some Brits in Europe will face problems with medical treatment, some young people wanting to work in the EU won't be able to, some farmers will go out of business without EU subsidies while others will be unable to function without foreign workers
    But think of the pluses!
    Blue passports. A free trade deal with Zambia which we can enter into without asking the EU. alignment politically and economically with Russia and China. These are things we yearn for. Who needs to retire to Spain or the south of France. Who needs nurses in the NHS. We can do it, just like we did in the Blitz.
    Oh happy days!

    • alicie649
      alicie649 3 months ago

      You forget about getting special advice from the real Donald Trump everyday on twitter :)