UK ramps up no deal Brexit preparations - troops on standby

  • Published on Dec 18, 2018
  • Three and a half thousand troops are on standby, while letters to 140,000 businesses are warning them to prepare for the worst.
    The government says that although pursuing Theresa May's Brexit deal is still its top priority, it's now begun ramping up its preparations for no deal. Details of where £2bn in funding will be spent have been revealed, while advice for the public will be rolled out over the coming days on everything from potential traffic chaos to credit card fees.
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Comments • 4 713

  • Rowell Jeffrey
    Rowell Jeffrey Day ago

    many of these high ranking men/women running the government dress in suits an fancy cars are spiritually blind in the right eye

  • Arthur Giles
    Arthur Giles 2 days ago +1

    I agree with others that Civil War is not the answer but neither is the way the government does every dirty trick in the book and we have no way of stopping it. Theresa May - the Remainer who pretends to be a convert to Brexit, but does everything to stop Brexit is going to be a person I will put in the FORGET FOREVER part of my mind.

  • Rowell Jeffrey
    Rowell Jeffrey 6 days ago

    why waste years on brexit when you can go make deals with other countries?

  • Rowell Jeffrey
    Rowell Jeffrey 25 days ago

    will martial law be triggered an what date and time will it begin?

  • Slim Morden
    Slim Morden 27 days ago

    When the 1900's became the 2000's the same people predicted massive failures. Nothing happened so they had to create a new crisis so "Experts" could sell journalists reports of whatever their imaginations could create

  • Michael Boyd
    Michael Boyd Month ago

    the kings off Iran is goin to SINED for this toexion AND oill pipeline skaindel the vinachola POOR PEOPLE 3000 lames and goats to VINACLEA and the TANKERS to cling UP this toxens and the Iran's nuclear weapons program and the oill skaindel and the rubey Iran is goin to SINED to VINACLEA POPLE STARVING IF the Iran DON'T send you theis lames and goats 3000 heads of The

  • Michael Boyd
    Michael Boyd Month ago

    Norway's European commission .uk. is TACK ing RUCHSSA IS DRANGEN Doug
    EUROPEAN UNION Norway U.K. and JUST got TACK BACK this LAND RUCHSSA has stolen from YOU and

  • Michael Boyd
    Michael Boyd Month ago

    administration of THE people who do you thank would happen if UK TOOK RUCHSSA like. Salt on THE shacker and
    The lide fall of the salt shacker so U.K. European commission is going to crust RUCHSSA IS GOIN TO be,DESTROYED

  • Michael Boyd
    Michael Boyd Month ago

    .uk is going to RUN OVER YOU RUCHAIN I LIKE salt loos it taste it tready ON SO tired RUCHSSA IS dragiog drug

  • Steve Doughty
    Steve Doughty 2 months ago

    This item has stayed on my laptop every time I switch it on...I put in UK latest news and this comes up as top news....very very dodgy.

  • dulls
    dulls 2 months ago

    Remainers talking to remainers about remaining in project fear mode.

  • David O'Connor
    David O'Connor 2 months ago

    What is wrong with no deal? Australia was handed a no deal when Britain joined the common market in the 1960s. We were left with massive wool stockpiles whilst the UK joined the most subsidised and inefficient agricultural system in the world. What a fuckup and it has taken this long for them to realise their mistake.

  • anvior45
    anvior45 3 months ago

    I am against Brexit but this interviewer... Since the Jordan Peterson interview, how does she still have this job? She is an utter complete political operative; Following no journalistic standards and just trying to twist and turn, put words in the guests mouth or deliberately misunderstanding what the guest tries to say.

  • sybil ali
    sybil ali 4 months ago +1


  • Sarojinidevi Thambapillai

    She like to stay from the she questions him were Britain poor before joining EU

  • Sarojinidevi Thambapillai

    Lots fear mongaring no substance

  • David Moss
    David Moss 4 months ago

    Gov is a FCUKIN JOKE citizens have had enough and are ready to - - - - - FOR THERE RIGHT,S

  • Matthew Whittington
    Matthew Whittington 6 months ago

    All this so say planning what about using marchwood base utilising the navy’s rfa s to bring in urgent supplies we could even use the rafs globe masters and C130 and M400 transport aircraft

  • Daniel Cooke
    Daniel Cooke 6 months ago

    just weighing in but if this is preparations for a no deal, what is the preparation. what they doing for not delivering brexit?

  • atem 941
    atem 941 6 months ago

    The Tories frightened to death of their own citizens.What a bunch of wimps.

    • BmC
      BmC 6 months ago

      learnt lessons of the riots ? lol

  • Lee Robinson
    Lee Robinson 6 months ago +2

    Responsible government don’t make me laugh 🤭

  • The Grumpy Englishman
    The Grumpy Englishman 6 months ago

    No deal No problem

  • K L
    K L 6 months ago

    Will 3 and a half thousand soldiers be enough, I wonder ?
    Is this how shamefully small the British Army is now ?
    (there could be millions of angry and distressed people to deal with)

  • WeirdPlanet108
    WeirdPlanet108 6 months ago

    Army. Is that to intimidate us who voted to leave the EU?

  • Juan Batista
    Juan Batista 6 months ago

    UK is doomed. Stay in the EU and be taken over by foreigners . Get out of the EU and suffer economically . There is no long term future for white Christians in the UK anymore . I would rather be poor than live under EU dictatorship that is destroying the country anyway with uncontrolled movement of bad people . The real British people want out of the German run EU . The Parliament are just a bunch of traitors who get kickbacks from the EU . When will the Queen awake from her coma ?

    • Juan Batista
      Juan Batista 3 months ago

      If you can't see that the open border policy which comes about with EU membership is destroying the UK then you are either one of them or blind.
      The EU has destroyed the UK fishing industry , paid industries to leave the UK and take the jobs to Germany and others . German farmers get subsidies from UK tax payers input while UK farmers go broke .
      Greece was incompetent at economics but my point was that EU membership never helped them one bit except to lend them more money and get them into more debt to the World Bank and IMF . Germany , Sweden and Belgium are planning to pay refugees to leave and go to the UK . Go to London look around the streets most of those white people you see are not even British they are Eastern European and others . The Mayor of London is a Muslim . It's a slow cancer that is devouring British culture and it got out of control under EU membership and if you stay it will get much worse .

    • sleep
      sleep 4 months ago

      Juan Batista i know that (well that french turmoil thing is stupid and untrue with some other things you said but i am not debunking them all) but i know the other things) i just don't see any reason to blaim the eu
      Greece for instence lied to the eu about it's mony and that coaght up with them and so on
      The eu has done bad things but none of what tou mentioned is the eu's fault and it seems you don't aknoledge the good it does
      It also seems you don't think the UK did something wrong aside from joining the eu witch i just find hilarious if i may be honest, it's just the most commen brainwash techniek there is tell your country or people did nothing wrong, tell them it's someone els fault tell them about the bad things it did or suposidly did without mentioning your own oh and also that the people that are needed to be convinced have done nothing wrong except believing what the thing that is seposed to be hated/trusting said/did and that everything suposidly good zbout it isn't true and EVERYTHING is false
      The only part that i didn't see was the "and if you follow me/my believes everything will be alright"
      Sorry it is very hard to see this if you are brainwashed but it is oh so obvious if you aren't
      And it's getting late thanks for the the laugh but i am going to sleep now
      Goodbye have a nice day✌

    • Juan Batista
      Juan Batista 4 months ago

      You may think that but look at events in the UK today . It's a mess . I would bet you are one of those foreigners that has no vested interest or loyalty to Britain and just wants the convenience of EU travel . Spain is going broke , so is Italy and Greece is already broke , France in turmoil . So where is this great economic advantage to being in the EU ? Maybe it's the people that just want the status quo that are brainwashed and can't see that change is needed . It's going to happen anyway as the EU is failing , Better to get out now before that happens and before they get the EU Army operational .

    • sleep
      sleep 4 months ago

      You brainwashed or what??😅

  • Global Relief
    Global Relief 6 months ago +3

    GB.. the new East-Germany..

  • Khannea Sun Tzu Von Thorne–Żytkow

    Uk government has given armed fire instructions to troops and considers massive panic looting and a months long "crisis government", with suspended freedoms (and emergency repression of all freedoms, like a curfew) LIKELY.

    JK THOMPSON 6 months ago

    Hahahahahahahaha were all gonna die thank God I am so tired of this country and world in general . Sweet release and eternal sleep is coming. Praise almighty zog

  • Brian Port
    Brian Port 7 months ago

    This is a media scare campaign, life will continue as normal.....

  • Lux Mea Lux Mea Christus1

    No deal brexit watch eu companies make independent deals in a long queue and Portugal have set a UK gate already so walk straight through you forget we are the buyers... the king in this game.. and look soubry has not been united in her,pram, throw Anna

  • Lux Mea Lux Mea Christus1

    Looks like the remoaners don't understand/ stand under democracy

  • Vjy Sri
    Vjy Sri 7 months ago

    These are all the people voted for Brexit.

  • Tanya Duvell
    Tanya Duvell 7 months ago

    A lot of our medicines come from Europe, I have already seen shortages of them already and border control have already put strict measure on British people travelling to Europe, this is a fact.

  • neil eastell
    neil eastell 7 months ago

    Darshna Soni. A nice English name , one of many of the channel 4 propaganda news channel

  • Rey Diamante
    Rey Diamante 7 months ago

    i think martial law in this country is very inhumane and not actually needed its so untoward and insensitive for a first world country such as britain i think the police system is still functional , sufficient and more humane
    can you imagine if the military wil confiscate people's houses and otherproperties, businesses the residents esp. children & vulnerable residents will suffer& die in the cold and the parents and owners might then resort to confront the military and things might lead to a civil war or rebellion to say the least and so much worse than what happened to france riot

  • EuFamily UK
    EuFamily UK 7 months ago

    The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer after the Brexshit

  • Roy Ogunsiji
    Roy Ogunsiji 7 months ago

    Have you watched one of those END OF THE WORLD prank videos warnIng viewers that North Korea has launched a nuclear missile and we have half an hour to live. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 PATHETIC.

  • pink Candy
    pink Candy 7 months ago

    Oooh so scared lolol the sky's falling hahaha

  • pink Candy
    pink Candy 7 months ago

    AND U all VOTED for her?

  • fiftyonenorth
    fiftyonenorth 7 months ago

    3,500? That’s a breach plug.

  • stu281
    stu281 7 months ago

    Fake news

  • Simon David
    Simon David 7 months ago

    Poor EU how will they manage without the UK propping them up

  • Amalur Alure
    Amalur Alure 7 months ago

    3:42 half of the mps are sitting in their phones. nice job UK.

  • ab ba
    ab ba 7 months ago

    The Government will do anything which they think will bring them some more votes in next general election. A brexit with A or B deal. A no deal is one of the option they think will give them some extra votes from. Ukp and from some hard brexiters in next general elections..The government hopping and thinking that the 52%who voted leave... Will all welcome a hard brexit or a no deal....
    That's why the Government is still keeping a no deal option regardless to any risks to the UK economy and people lives.
    They don't accept the fact that many leaves don't want a no deal nor a hard brexit.
    They prefer staying with the EU if there is no better and softer deal. They don't want to end up cut off from the EU in hard ways... Having to ask for permission to visit the EU.. Can't just live and work in the Big EU... Loosing all the free movement.. Thy didn't vote for that. Surely many leaves feels that way. Many actually changed their mind as they realised what Brexit is all about... Nothing like what they been told by boriss and all the others.
    The only way is a softer brexit... Or let people have a final say... As now we all k more about real brexit than before.
    It is strange that many hard brexiters still love to drink and eat European protects. Also still love to go the for holidays.... Not to forget many of them moved their business to countries in the EU.. Ireland for example...
    Find out your self's about who are they..

  • Thereal GodessIsis
    Thereal GodessIsis 8 months ago

    Former colonies need to follow the UKs example and leave the commonwealth. It is ridiculous to have a foreigner as head of your country. #freefrommentalslavery

  • bronco dave
    bronco dave 8 months ago

    Hang them all, traitors

  • spaceycakey1987
    spaceycakey1987 8 months ago

    labour said they would stand behind the referendum result it came back as leave now they say they want a second referendum that has remain as an option but leave is not as a deal in the customs union single market effectively locks us in the EU remaining in the EU should not be an option we had a vote to leave the government and mps have had 2 years they knew no deal was an option even if they thought was unlikely to prepare but all we get in parliament is squabbling because they dont really want to leave the EU even though the British people voted for it

  • brian
    brian 8 months ago

    Brexit is not what the country currently wants...It won't happen. It is linked to Putin and Trump according to the US Special Counsel. All three will fail very close to the same time this year.

  • wersiplayer1
    wersiplayer1 8 months ago

    What most non British people don't understand is the strengh and detemination after two world wars what we British can achive. You naysayer MPs and other greedy EU lovers have a self interest and not of the people of this country. The British adapt to anything thrown at them, we don't have begging bowls anymore we have co-operation, team work, faith and determination and with that in mind, will distroy any atempt from the EU to thwart our ejection from this debuckle finally. We, as a British nation can survive without the EU, we have the greatest law makers, entrepreneurs, military and intellegence service in the world, proven over and over again, and proberely the most charitable, that gives millions to lazy, begging countries with pea brained leaders that can only load a AK47 machine gun and think they are powerfull.Lets remove our counrty from the shackels of the EU and their demonic attitude and liv the life free of opression,

  • Ty willett
    Ty willett 8 months ago

    Project fear In full flight - quite pathetic. You will need those troops If you go against the will of 17million people, and I say that with a smile on my face :D Commie Corbyn. Commie Soubry. Westminster Is full of them.

    • Ty willett
      Ty willett 7 months ago

      @Peter Dixon Hopefully not, though we have not had a civil war In a long time, only needs a spark.

    • Peter Dixon
      Peter Dixon 7 months ago

      What exactly are you going to do? Shoot soldiers, and policemen in their homes, in front of their kids, bomb prestigious commercial targets? Assassinate Cabinet ministers? We had that in the UK somewhere within living memory: can't quite place it.

  • Awesome trucker 747
    Awesome trucker 747 8 months ago

    Gonna be kind of hard seeing as the majority of her majesty’s armed forces backed leave.

  • steven davis
    steven davis 8 months ago

    About time 👍🏻

  • o k
    o k 8 months ago

    Silly policies as a whole ruin people's lives.

  • Stuart
    Stuart 8 months ago

    You will need a few more i think

  • John Smith
    John Smith 8 months ago

    Why should insist on going off the cliff? Scrap it

  • flyerh flyerh
    flyerh flyerh 8 months ago

    They are on standby for civil unrest when she scraps Brexit because there are not enough police to do it.

  • mick sc
    mick sc 8 months ago

    May using the threat of no deal to try and blackmail ministers into accepting her deal regardless just putting it back she has no intention of changing her position

  • Banky
    Banky 8 months ago

    If the army and police are used to force the compliance of UK citizens , public support for these organisations may be lost for generations . Better the remainers import German or French paramilitary . The ultimate treachery .

  • MastAlade
    MastAlade 8 months ago

    What is all this dover malarchy - invoices used to be manual - now they are all done online. Have all the paperwork online - prechecked before the trucks arrive - IT IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE IS IT... If you want I can build you a system that will help you have only one or two members of staff in that dover office.

  • MastAlade
    MastAlade 8 months ago

    Jeremy Corbyn is asleep. He is snoring actually...