♪ "Can You Feel It?" ♪ - Songs from The Next Step Christmas

  • Published on Dec 11, 2019
  • Get in the spirit.
    An original holiday song from a key duet in the 2019 Christmas Special "It's a Wonderful Life, Piper", coming to CBBC in the UK December 13th from 5pm!
    #TheNextStep7 coming to CBBC & iPlayer starting January 2020.
    • Available on the soundtrack album 'The Next Step: Coming Home for Christmas'
    • Featuring: Marco Solo, Jay Sperrow
    Get The Next Step Music:
    • iTunes/Apple Music: apple.co/2gO39oQ
    • Spotify: spoti.fi/2vPFdI4
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Comments • 53

  • Blu Moon
    Blu Moon Month ago +1

    For anyone who hasn’t seen the xmas special and would like to stay spoiler free, don’t read this :)

    pinn were adorable in this 😍

  • Tyra Nguyen
    Tyra Nguyen Month ago

    How do u watch if ur in the US?

    • America Taylor
      America Taylor Month ago

      Tyra Nguyen it’s on the channel universal kids I believe. But I normally wait til someone posts the episodes in TheXvid. Which take a while. Copyright issues.

  • evelyn Williams
    evelyn Williams Month ago

    Can you upload the christmas special on youtube

  • Millie M
    Millie M Month ago

    I’m going to Toronto next week!!

  • Adyan - Roblox Adyan - Roblox

    The next step made me pass my exam you should never stop making the next step it will never get boring

  • Adyan - Roblox Adyan - Roblox


  • sarah blue
    sarah blue Month ago

    I can't wait for tomorrow's Christmas special!

  • team richelle
    team richelle Month ago

    @THENEXTSTEP I love you

  • bubbly arielaa
    bubbly arielaa Month ago

    Love tns and this song

  • S. L. L.
    S. L. L. Month ago

    Bet Marco Solo had a fun childhood with a name like that.. Marco? Solo

  • Simply Sandra
    Simply Sandra Month ago +1

    Who can't wait for the christmas special?

  • Cutie Pie Power
    Cutie Pie Power Month ago +4

    If anyone wants all the Christmas songs you can find them on Spotify

  • Ella B
    Ella B Month ago +2

    2 more daysss! I’m gonna make my cousin watch it with me 😂

  • Psyche Gaming
    Psyche Gaming Month ago +1

    Who else wants the next step to be on just dance 2020

  • Alexander Dash
    Alexander Dash Month ago +5

    I was listening to the tns Christmas playlist on Spotify when I got the notification

  • Ukendt Ukendt
    Ukendt Ukendt Month ago +3


  • Clark Makaba
    Clark Makaba Month ago

    The Christmas special is so close I can feel it waiting for season 7 isn't easy. This is like the only song that actually sounds like a Christmas song

  • Katerina Jaycee
    Katerina Jaycee Month ago +3

    Best thing to see after coming out of an exam!

  • bains Shelby
    bains Shelby Month ago +3

    I was originally the 34th like

  • New Blessing JOHNSON
    New Blessing JOHNSON Month ago +1

    73 like

  • Xiomara Massiel
    Xiomara Massiel Month ago +5

    I Love TNS 💓💕❤

  • Siobhan G
    Siobhan G Month ago +2

    Is there anyone in the uk that can post the christmas special on youtube for outside of uk viewers?

    • Eithar Alshbail
      Eithar Alshbail Month ago

      @DO12 that would be great thankyouuuuuuuu

    • Siobhan G
      Siobhan G Month ago

      @DO12 Thank you so much, i don't live in the uk so thank you

    • DO12
      DO12 Month ago

      Siobhan G I could try

    • DO12
      DO12 Month ago

      Siobhan G I don’t mind

  • Michaylin
    Michaylin Month ago +24

    Is the Christmas special only showing on cbbc bc I’m not in the uk so i can’t watch it😭😭

    • Charlotte Crazydeep
      Charlotte Crazydeep 27 days ago

      I'm from Poland and I had the same problem, but it's already on youtube (:

    • I. Oliver. N
      I. Oliver. N Month ago +1

      Use melon vpn, or use BBC IPLAYER

    • Michaylin
      Michaylin Month ago +1

      Grant May hehe twins I’m Australian

    • Grant May
      Grant May Month ago +1

      I'm in Australia so I can't either

    • Asian gamer
      Asian gamer Month ago +1

      Try a vpn

  • Jariatu Bangura
    Jariatu Bangura Month ago +5

    Yesssssssss I love this lots of love

  • Piano girl
    Piano girl Month ago +3

    Love it

  • lowkey_ nayana
    lowkey_ nayana Month ago +3

    omg Ily💕💕

  • Ziyuan Zhao
    Ziyuan Zhao Month ago +33

    click here if u r excited for TNS!

  • Love You
    Love You Month ago +2

    Early love tns

  • E
    E Month ago +6

    when it says 9 minutes ago.. 8th comment 🍪

  • Ziyuan Zhao
    Ziyuan Zhao Month ago +3


  • Kate Turner
    Kate Turner Month ago +4


  • Tilly Hope
    Tilly Hope Month ago

    I'm just a bit obsessed with this song! I went to camp last week and I couldn't stop singing it! I love this song!!!! ❤

  • Crafty Jess
    Crafty Jess Month ago +3

    Yay I'm finally early 😊

    Like if you love the next step

    • team richelle
      team richelle Month ago

      Well i love it i mean who doesn't love the next step❤

  • Michaylin
    Michaylin Month ago +15

    Yes i can feel it. I feel Christmas coming🎄

  • Pooja Sri Popuri
    Pooja Sri Popuri Month ago +7

    This is da bomb!

  • Mr Chookers
    Mr Chookers Month ago +16

    I’m so hyped for season 7

  • AnNa SpRiGgS
    AnNa SpRiGgS Month ago +7


    • E
      E Month ago +1