How To Stop Procrastinating & Be Productive! Back To School 2019

  • Published on Aug 10, 2019
  • 11 Productivity Hacks For Students 2019! First Day of School Class Tips and Tricks! We're only a couple days away from the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! How are you feeling? Do you think you're in need of some DIY Productivity Life Hacks? Featured in this video is a complete tips and tricks step by step guide on how to be more productive. These study hacks and motivational tools will help you succeed! Some of the tips include blocking your calendar, setting deadlines earlier and managing your time and studying tips!
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  • Ka퀸
    Ka퀸 50 minutes ago

    bruh, in our class, Teacher don’t allow us to use head phones or any gadgets... The strictness is intense

  • Fouad Obaid
    Fouad Obaid Day ago

    The grammarlu one is fake
    I hate grammarly sooo much

  • Thegpshow 2197
    Thegpshow 2197 3 days ago

    I LOVE these hacks! I improved soo much using these

  • Midnight Studios
    Midnight Studios 4 days ago +1

    Denis didn’t get paid enough for this😂😂👀

  • Tiffany Truong
    Tiffany Truong 5 days ago

    Why use speech notes when you can just use the microphone on your keyboard!

  • Atiny and Army
    Atiny and Army 8 days ago

    People that don't have Instagram: 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Ananya Pujar
    Ananya Pujar 8 days ago

    What is the app called used for self-notetaking.

  • Chloe Claw
    Chloe Claw 8 days ago

    #Natification squad 🦄🌆♣

    JUST_ MICH 8 days ago

    3:50 well I'm a hard worker type of student and well ....
    I do that because I wanna be first to pass but my *MOMMY* waits for the deadline so I always ended up last so ..
    I always tell her I need it tomorrow and we do it and I say wait it changed its now until 1 more week but I will pass it tomorrow 🤪

  • Malia Smith
    Malia Smith 9 days ago +1

    Natalie: "Wake up with the sun."
    Me: "My room has no windows to the outside. I have a window to my living room."

  • Verse GamingYT
    Verse GamingYT 9 days ago

    3:43 RiP Headphone users

  • jane redmond
    jane redmond 10 days ago

    We would defo not be allowed to wear headphones in teachers would have a flip attack 😅

  • Honey Flower
    Honey Flower 10 days ago

    When you wake up before the sun 😢

  • Aquapeeps ÙwÚ
    Aquapeeps ÙwÚ 12 days ago +1

    Grammarly is actually so helpful, thank you for the recommendation x

  • Uyen P. Tran
    Uyen P. Tran 14 days ago


  • Arya Chouksey
    Arya Chouksey 15 days ago

    Natalie - 8 AM HOLY COW I AM EARLY
    me- 7:30 AM OMG IM GONNA MISS THE BUS!!!

  • •Winter Playz•
    •Winter Playz• 15 days ago

    Sadly, our school only makes us wear uniforms..😞

  • Alejandra Valente
    Alejandra Valente 16 days ago

    Gutier playera and i'm in 7grade

  • Black cat 😺
    Black cat 😺 17 days ago +1

    I need to wake up before the sun

  • Amelia Sarwar
    Amelia Sarwar 19 days ago +1

    You do realise when we’re under 13 we can’t get instagram. So how are we meant to participate in your giveaway? 😥

  • Yaren Nur Koç
    Yaren Nur Koç 20 days ago

    Please speak slow just PLEASEE 🥺

  • Unicorn GG Heart
    Unicorn GG Heart 20 days ago +1

    Well I am at school by the time the sun is up.

  • Grace Smith
    Grace Smith 21 day ago

    I actually have to be ON the bus before the sun even rises. So.......

  • The powerful rainbow love flower :D

    2020 anyone?

  • TheAnimationGalaxy
    TheAnimationGalaxy 23 days ago

    Denis didn’t get paid enough for this 😂
    So true, though 😂😂

  • Nyana Games
    Nyana Games 23 days ago

    Is it weird that my teachers name is Miss Jenkins and She is also an English teacher?

  • carol finn
    carol finn 23 days ago

    Ok so where my pizza at??

  • Hunter
    Hunter 24 days ago

    I have the same headphones

  • Joanlyn Chupoco
    Joanlyn Chupoco 26 days ago

    Is it just me or does anyone else think that the pencil on the thumbnail is bent

    👇🏻like if u do

  • JennaTube
    JennaTube 26 days ago

    at 1:56 I saw the yellow sticky note but I already liked it from before so I commented. I loved the video!

  • Tynesha B
    Tynesha B 26 days ago

    Love this video

  • Hessa Fan
    Hessa Fan 26 days ago

    How do ppl sit in the back like i could neveeeer im not even smart its just that u cant hear properly u get distracted by what other ppl are doimg like i could never ever sit in the back

  • felicia marie
    felicia marie 27 days ago

    Oooof when ur name is Felicia

  • Anwita H
    Anwita H 28 days ago

    What do u recommend for people who have to read 6 books in 2 months

  • FlowerQueen
    FlowerQueen 29 days ago +3

    99% of the comments: My teacher doesn’t allow headphones!
    1% of the comments: Something else

  • Nicole Kalinowska
    Nicole Kalinowska 29 days ago

    We ain’t aloud headphones or phones

  • Hailey Francom
    Hailey Francom 29 days ago

    When you say to open the windows to wake up, it doesn't work for me! I wake up early for school and before the sun rises!😕😅

  • Lucy_Moosie_ Goosey 324

    Has anyone else noticed that the thumbnail says F-?

  • Emma Valentine
    Emma Valentine Month ago +1

    Im not kidding but Mrs. Jenkins is my English teacher.................

  • Princess Ellacornia
    Princess Ellacornia Month ago +1

    Natalie: i cant hear the teacher!
    Also natalie: *puts on headphones* oh thats better
    _logic these days_

  • Cael Animations
    Cael Animations Month ago

    2 grade

  • Beyonce Sandy
    Beyonce Sandy Month ago

    I was having a bad day but you mad it better(*^3^)

  • Louise McCaffrey
    Louise McCaffrey Month ago

    Um I get the first one but...
    (A) What if you need to hear the teacher?
    (B) I know for a fact that if I put headphones on in school I would get such an ear full that my eardrum would be absolutely shattered
    (C) Noise cancelling headphones are like super expensive...

  • Stina Lindström
    Stina Lindström Month ago

    helpful 💓💓

  • Wolfy_Tuber_ 101
    Wolfy_Tuber_ 101 Month ago +2

    Well there are some problems some kids like me are 11 years old so we can NOT have Instagram

  • Trish Blacketer
    Trish Blacketer Month ago

    Natalie even Google thinks you have a twin sister named rosalina

  • M. De Graaf
    M. De Graaf Month ago +1


  • Livy_Lovegood
    Livy_Lovegood Month ago

    4:28 I would do that but I have to wake up before sunrise soooooooo

  • Heather Nicoletti
    Heather Nicoletti Month ago

    The sun hack could work but I have to wake up before it comes up where I live and ‘‘tis the season

  • a w i e ‘
    a w i e ‘ Month ago

    I actually pick my week outfits every week so i don’t have to find something fast.

  • where the cookie crumbles

    The editor killed it on this viddd!!!!!

  • Sarwar 123
    Sarwar 123 Month ago +1

    Who is going to talk like this in class

    • Matea Mae
      Matea Mae Month ago

      Sarwar 123 shes doing this for at home!

  • Ava Rousseau
    Ava Rousseau Month ago +1

    OMG I love ur videos soooo soooo much u spread so much positivity, by the way I’m ten and I like subscribed and turned on the bell!

  • Barbara Selmys
    Barbara Selmys Month ago +1


  • Barbara Selmys
    Barbara Selmys Month ago +1

    Love!!!!!!!!❤ Your videos

  • Tanny277
    Tanny277 Month ago

    My mom doesn't believe that I am actually sleeping if I have my blinds open. Because I always sleep in a dark room

  • Diamond Spectacular

    Do you know any more hacks then the headphone hacks? My school doesn't allow us to take phones and headphones to school.

  • Gabi Jordon
    Gabi Jordon Month ago

    Who else is watching this while procrastinating

  • Nora Vargas
    Nora Vargas Month ago

    #dennisdidntgetpaidenoughforthis 😂

  • Taeja lee
    Taeja lee Month ago

    When i struggle in school i come to you😂😔