Jon Bellion - Stupid Deep

  • Published on Mar 21, 2019
  • Listen to 'Stupid Deep' from Jon Bellion's album, Glory Sound Prep:
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    Directed by: Daniel Brown
    Produced by: SixTwentySix Productions
    Produced: Brandon Robinson

    Music video by Jon Bellion performing Stupid Deep. © 2019 Capitol Records, LLC
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  • Josh G
    Josh G Day ago

    A few years ago I had a dream that me and Jon Bellion were fighting demons with swords, and I have no idea where it came from but it's cool to see this video haha, hope it represents something important. Slaughter em'

  • theMikee Vlog
    theMikee Vlog 2 days ago

    This guy deserves to be noticed more he’s an amazing artists amazing videos will always be my favorite artists

  • GTCcraft
    GTCcraft 3 days ago

    What if 😳 who I want to be was always me 🤭 haha just kidding.... unless? 👀

  • Moises Perez
    Moises Perez 3 days ago +1


  • Moises Perez
    Moises Perez 3 days ago


  • Audrey S
    Audrey S 3 days ago

    How does this have just 3.3M views????

  • Luke Willis
    Luke Willis 3 days ago +1

    I'm doing an English paragraph competition, and this is one of the songs I listen to to make me feel and think deep on what I'm writing.

  • Jessicatzen
    Jessicatzen 4 days ago

    This song speaks to me on another level

  • odogg gaming
    odogg gaming 8 days ago

    Just remembered about jon after 2 years is he still active?

  • Mitchell Stoop
    Mitchell Stoop 9 days ago

    Was even more amazing to see live Australia. Thanks so much mate 😊🇦🇺

  • kingmu8
    kingmu8 10 days ago

    Watched this video about a Bellion times still trying to piece together the true meaning behind it

  • Bobbiegurl69
    Bobbiegurl69 10 days ago

    This song just has me in the feelers so hard. Your music keeps me going man. Mad love for you💞

  • Niranjan
    Niranjan 10 days ago +1

    The music, the lyrics everything about this song is just perfect.

  • Liam
    Liam 12 days ago

    3 million views means he's famous you dorks. He's not uUdErRaTeD, we've all heard his God given music. Now stop; for real stop. For the love of God stop! ;)

  • Vince Kinney
    Vince Kinney 13 days ago

    What if the artist I was looking for was always Jon Bellion?

  • Nina Marie S
    Nina Marie S 14 days ago

    Wow... I cannot get enough of him and his music. His words alone give me chills and then his voice is like an angel! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • _eveN_Sketches_
    _eveN_Sketches_ 20 days ago

    This is so cinematic!😍✨

  • Mr Infinitive Guy
    Mr Infinitive Guy 24 days ago +1

    So Ladies and gentlemen
    We're got Jon bellion on the trac
    *song ends*
    but i guess sometimes good things fall apart :()

  • FAI5
    FAI5 24 days ago +1

    Sounds like flume

  • Ahlbergarens
    Ahlbergarens 25 days ago +1

    A artist with such passion and a very rare talent.

  • AnnaGrey Lassiter
    AnnaGrey Lassiter 26 days ago +11

    my pastor always says “Every longing at its core is a longing for life,” and life can only be found in Jesus.
    this is major stupid deep vibes
    our hearts have a God shaped hole, and we try to fill it with things that will not fill it. the only thing that will complete us is the love of Jesus.
    because God is holy and we are sinful, we cannot be in His presence, it defies holiness. but God loved us so much that He couldn’t bear to be without us. He didn’t need us but He wanted us, so He sent Himself in the form of His Son, Jesus, to earth. to live the perfect life without sin. For Him to pay the ransom that we could not, He took all of our sins onto Himself, suffering death on a cross to be a sacrifice for the sake of our souls, so that we might be united with Him in Heaven.
    this is for you, this is for me, this is for ALL PEOPLE!
    John 4:7-26

  • jezdolly
    jezdolly 26 days ago


  • Common Ground
    Common Ground 26 days ago

    What if all the things I've done were just attempts at earning love?

  • Dylan Dunn
    Dylan Dunn 27 days ago

    is this the sequel to "Good Things Fall Apart"? I hope I'm right.

  • Dart Runner
    Dart Runner 27 days ago

    THis is one of my favorite songs, how did I miss this video?

  • Sins Greed
    Sins Greed 28 days ago

    I want more people to listen to him but deep down I am happy that he is underrated because I want his music for myself :)

  • Tawny Inman
    Tawny Inman 28 days ago +1

    I just had a huge breakthrough, and I'm gonna send it to you some how..

  • J For Jacqy
    J For Jacqy 29 days ago

    How does a song like this have only 3 million views?? Why?? How?? What shit do people listen to if not this????

  • RemU
    RemU 29 days ago

    It's such a treat to see how far Jon has come since his early days of Scattered Thoughts Vol. 1 and Translations Through Speakers.

  • Kahlila Gadiaga
    Kahlila Gadiaga Month ago

    How does he not have more views

  • Mizu Sky
    Mizu Sky Month ago

    First time hearing this song:
    Millionth time listening to this song:

  • Slim Weasel
    Slim Weasel Month ago

    This song and a long with a few others of jons songs make me cry in this album because to see his progression from when i started listening (ungrateful eyes, the definition) to now. It is insane how far he has come and the fact that his munny is right and he’s still not talkin shit and he is being humble is truly inspiring. Jon Bellion is a great man.

  • Margot Maxwell
    Margot Maxwell Month ago

    So when can ajr and Jon Bellion work together????

  • Robert Hodson
    Robert Hodson Month ago

    if your mentally stuck and have nothing to wright about than what gets you through your problems

    LIBINES KUMAR Month ago +1

    fantastic song

  • Ella Imoukhuede
    Ella Imoukhuede Month ago

    You just can't help but love Jon Bellion

  • Murali Aniruddhan
    Murali Aniruddhan Month ago

    I really wish the best for you in life,Jon bellion.I am your deepest fan. You healed the hole in my heart.

  • Slim Weasel
    Slim Weasel Month ago

    Can the og’s that listened to welcome to forever, translation through speakers and the definition please comment/like we gotta show the big man B is fans!

  • Aftab Alam
    Aftab Alam Month ago

    Jon this song is very close to my heart 💖

  • Carlos Alfaro
    Carlos Alfaro Month ago

    So much talent!!! I can't believe people don't know about him smh

  • Simi 615
    Simi 615 Month ago

    John you are a brilliant song writer! Please keep making great music!

  • Garima D
    Garima D Month ago

    Gorgeous face with such a deep heart are hard to find ❤

  • Anuoluwapo Mokuolu
    Anuoluwapo Mokuolu Month ago

    Amazing video, amazing song😀. He's really the best

  • Kjetil Film
    Kjetil Film Month ago

    Is this a Christian song?

  • Aditya Ranjan
    Aditya Ranjan Month ago

    You are a very unique and extraordinary guy bellion

  • Curt J
    Curt J Month ago +1

    I showed this to the titanic
    And now it’s above water

  • Leppy The Ghost
    Leppy The Ghost Month ago +2

    I don't know how I didn't notice it at first, which leads me to question if I'm blind or not, but I just noticed that Jon's GSP jacket glew under water a neon blue just as he regained consciousness. Of course it also glew a neon blue in his original animated loop of Stupid Deep when he was trying to evade the falling struts, but I didn't put much attention into it until now.
    Interesting detail though. Which leads to the question: why? Does it emit a glow when he's emotional or rushed with adrenaline or something? I'm not sure. I'm probably just stretching this thing out, but hey; a ghost can wonder.

  • Brock Gibleon
    Brock Gibleon Month ago +1

    Never cried before from a song also high af off edibles 😂

  • iixtiaxii
    iixtiaxii Month ago +1

    Just saw Jon perform this live in LDN. I had to come back and loop this for the rest of my night 💙

  • Tom Cody
    Tom Cody Month ago

    This song is so good

  • Nalany Walfield
    Nalany Walfield Month ago

    I get chills every time I listen to this song. WHAT A LEGEND.

  • 돼지13살 프로먹방러

    The thing that I can say right now is "WOW"

  • dwi kurnianto
    dwi kurnianto Month ago

    how deep is your wallet, stupid deep

  • Quinn Sayles
    Quinn Sayles Month ago +1

    like all of the stuff he said is true

  • Brainsoul SE
    Brainsoul SE Month ago

    Oh my dear lord 🥺

  • avi jain
    avi jain Month ago +1

    This song makes me feel alive when I am really low.

  • Savit Tumuluri
    Savit Tumuluri Month ago

    is this song in a 4:5 polyrythm?

  • samaka Lasan
    samaka Lasan Month ago

    Lyrics fucked me up💯😭so bad

  • rareş-jr
    rareş-jr Month ago


  • Alrich Hills
    Alrich Hills Month ago

    This should get a Bellion views