Installing Mini Splits In Our CONTAINER HOME!

  • Published on Jun 22, 2021
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  • EricJay98
    EricJay98  +362

    I have to say, When they put up the tv and were able to just sit, relax, and watch tv, it made me tear up. You guys have come so far. I think I speak for everyone in saying we are so proud of you guys!

  • Miss Nadia L

    Spencer, from all 1.2M of us YOU ARE DOING GREAT!! Mackenzie’s laugh behind the camera is PRICELESS. She is always laughing!!

  • Kathleen Griffith

    I don't want each episode to end. I'm living vicariously through you guys. It's a wonderful life.

  • Robin Dunn
    Robin Dunn  +169

    So, there are 86 "thumbs down". How can anyone not like this video? I wait in anticipation each week for the next episode. I guess some people can never be pleased.

  • Christine Watzlavik

    I’ve watched y’all in this process and am cheering you on! My husband and I are about your ages. Through our childbearing years we moved a tiny, pink hair salon onto an acre. We gutted it, renovated it, and moved in 3 weeks before our first was born. A few weeks after baby no. 2 was born, we took off the front of the house and doubled the square footage.

  • think planet earth

    Always makes me sad when Spencer gets down on himself because something didn't go right the first time. Dude, you've built, along with Mackenzie, an entire house, from scratch, without any prior experience, and without any help. You are the man. And you've done it with grace and a sense of humor. You are an amazing and inspirational couple.

  • Richard Shoemaker

    It may sound a little crazy but, it’s time for you to make the documentary and submit for awards and maybe make it for so many people who don’t know about your TheXvid channel!

  • Teya Lokteff

    I’ve been watching you guys since the very very beginning and I’m so proud of how far you’ve come already! I know you are not finished but this is still amazing!

  • Veronica Wetzel

    Good job Spenser. I’ve watched this three times. It’s so nice to hear you two laugh and see you smile. Keep up the good work. I look forward to every video. This is the good stuff.

  • Robert Moore

    Great day I love this family. I'm so full of joy for Kenzie as she gets excited for each step of progress. Spencer amazes me with his ability. Stay safe you guys.

  • Tudo pra você

    Sou brasileiro e acompanhe os seus vídeos desde a escolha do container muito bom chegarem até aqui, vocês são demais.👏👏👏

  • Mina Lanzetta

    Omg, I got emotional seeing things being hung, I can just imagine how you guys are feeling! It’s looking beautiful guys........great job!

  • robinmyman
    robinmyman  +115

    You can really see all your efforts coming to fruition…well done guys…that took guts and commitment.

  • Marianela Flores

    Awww I love it how it’s all coming together nicely 😍 well done guys xx

  • Mary MEMlendon

    Absolutely amazing!!! I’m so excited to see this coming together. So happy for you guys. Can’t wait to see the kitchen and all your furniture. Just a question!!! After the house is completely finished. What will you film next. All your fans will miss you if you don’t have another project What will we watch?


    That's awesome, and you two make a beautiful growing family! The house looks good, keep up the good work and God bless amen.

  • Tennille Vega

    This couple is the epitomy of what partnership really is, they are awesome.

  • Leotis Brown

    It is so good to see you guys finally at this stage of building your home !!!! You two & Beau are awesome !!! :-)

  • Lina To
    Lina To  +33

    I can’t believe how much stuff Spencer is capable of doing! Great job you two❣️

  • Della Craig

    Everything is looking so good, y’all are doing an awesome job!!