Matthew Berry loves Kyler Murray as the Cardinals play the Giants | The Fantasy Show

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
  • Matthew Berry loves the Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen and the Arizona Cardinals QB Kyler Murray for Week 7 fantasy football. Berry expects Allen to put up points through the air and with his legs vs. the Miami Dolphins. Berry loves Murray as well vs. the Giants as the rookie has gotten better and better each week. Berry finishes by saying he hates Los Angeles Chargers QB Philip Rivers and San Francisco QB Jimmy Garoppolo in Week 7.
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Comments • 57

  • creates100
    creates100 Month ago

    Love the pottery barn reference

  • Ghost Kid111
    Ghost Kid111 Month ago

    So should I start Kyler over Josh Allen? I'm liking Josh Allen's matchup a little bit more against the dolphins:/

    • Minnesota SportsFan
      Minnesota SportsFan Month ago +1

      @josh espedahl I agree he has the explosion type chance but Josh Allen is playing the horrible Dolphins so it's safer

    • josh espedahl
      josh espedahl Month ago

      Kyler murray is a consistent 22 points start him. He will have another career game man. 38/44 400yards 4 touchdowns calling it.

    • Minnesota SportsFan
      Minnesota SportsFan Month ago

      Allen seems like the more logical choice.

    • Grant West
      Grant West Month ago

      Ghost Kid111 id start Allen but either choice is good in my opinion.

  • Randon Dude
    Randon Dude Month ago +1

    Great expert advice. Taking a high scoring Qb vs a bad defence . I really couldn’t figure that out . Might as well tell us you hate Ryan Fitzpatrick this week too

    • Kent island Golf
      Kent island Golf 13 days ago

      Randon Dude bro literally jimmy g got 3 points lol

  • Robbie White
    Robbie White Month ago

    I'm sorry this kid is not that good he played a horrendous falcons defense watch Sunday.

    • Robbie White
      Robbie White 29 days ago

      @WeedNugs Weekly you got it lol

    • WeedNugs Weekly
      WeedNugs Weekly 29 days ago

      @Robbie White So he didn't ball out but we got the dub and he still made plays so where you at?

    • erik3423
      erik3423 Month ago

      You would have a point, if that was the only good game he had but it wasn't unfortunately for you. He put up big numbers against the Lions, Baltimore, Bengals and although he didn't have a great game against the Seahawks he still matched Russel Wilson's yardage.
      You saying that he is not that good, implies that you didn't even watch the Falcons game because if you did you wouldn't be saying that lol. The only pass that was wide open was a throw to David Johnson, the Cardinals are a bad team they are playing with backup receivers and Larry who is 37, the backups can't create seperation to save their lives. Go watch the highlights of Kyler throwing into tight coverage and dropping dimes for them and then come back so you wont look as stupid.

    • DICE
      DICE Month ago

      @Big Red please do

    • Big Red
      Big Red Month ago

      Robbie White I will quote you next week

  • Green Pickle
    Green Pickle Month ago

    Would you play Murray over Rodgers this week?

    • Larry Legend is a GOAT
      Larry Legend is a GOAT Month ago

      Murray easily. Murray's been playing better than Rodgers statistically. And Murray is also going against a bottom 5 defense against QBs

    • SickFrank
      SickFrank Month ago

      Green Pickle yes i would because GB has multiple hurt wide receivers which would be bad for Rodgers passing game, so GB should be run-heavy with Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams being a great backfield duo. As for Kyler, like this video said, Kyler is a dual threat qb that has quite an arm for the passing game, and has been increasing his run game these past few games. IMO stick with Kyler.

  • honojoke
    honojoke Month ago

    Ertz or Andrews?

    • Minnesota SportsFan
      Minnesota SportsFan Month ago +1

      @honojokeHunter Henry? I'm not a big fan of his as he's been hurt this year and the Chargers are bad. Lamar likes to throw to Andrews so I expect him to score more.

    • honojoke
      honojoke Month ago

      @Minnesota SportsFan what about andrews or Henry?

    • Minnesota SportsFan
      Minnesota SportsFan Month ago +1

      I'd take Andrews due to Ertz lack of production this year.

    • Grant West
      Grant West Month ago +1

      honojoke either both good choices

  • K.O. Sounds
    K.O. Sounds Month ago

    Kinda wanna hear the rest of that River list, tbh...

  • LeeTravius Mckay
    LeeTravius Mckay Month ago +25

    Kyler Murray is a must see every week

  • Cormel
    Cormel Month ago +2

    Jones is paying an easier defense so he’ll probably have a career game as well. Overall 2 of the best QBs so far, Minshew is doing better as of wk6 but I think they’ll have better careers 💯

    • pat22nasty
      pat22nasty Month ago

      Broken Dream Gamers you getting schooled

    • pat22nasty
      pat22nasty Month ago

      Lebron James exactly talk to him

    • pat22nasty
      pat22nasty Month ago

      Cruzan26 that’s a fact but ppl don’t know advanced stats lol

    • Cruzan26
      Cruzan26 Month ago +3

      @Broken Dream Gamers Jones was with out his best 3 weapons last week against a top 3 defense only in his 4th game. The CB for Washington made two great plays on the ball. I would just like to see how Jones play with a top 3 RB and one of the best TEs in the game in his 5th game. Lol

    • Broken Dream Gamers
      Broken Dream Gamers Month ago

      Cormel no he’s #27 his qbr is 60

  • IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers

    If you don't have a Young Black QB you team is in TROUBLE... They days of the dip and dunk,Tall Stiff White QBs are OVER(once the goat TB retires)... Look at the Jets,Browns,Titans,Jags ECT ECT

    • king jay
      king jay Month ago

      @IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers black qbs don't have the IQ

    • IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers
      IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers Month ago

      @king jay When TB is gone then we own the league.. Our QBs are the best ones who came out of the draft n the last 4-5 years... If you can't run and pass you can't make it in today's nfl

    • king jay
      king jay Month ago

      @IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers black qbs will always bow down to the great WHITE TOM BRADY.

    • IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers
      IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers Month ago

      @C N and that Black Defense is the reason they won.. I'm just saying

    • IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers
      IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers Month ago

      @C N what has Flacco done since??? I had to turn the game off he was so bad.. White people had to black ball blacks from playing QB.. white people wouldn't let Warren Moon play for 8 YEARS and he is a hall of famer... Whites get NO RESPECT for rigging the system😂😂 but extremely nice try though

  • shyste
    shyste Month ago +8

    Chase Edmonds!?

  • Furio
    Furio Month ago


  • Bballer23
    Bballer23 Month ago +6

    If u see this like of ur fortnite account will get banned