Starbucks Employees Play Never Have I Ever

  • Published on Jul 13, 2019
  • "She was at the window trying to punch me...over coffee."
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    Smiling barista serving a client
    Wavebreakmedia/Getty Images

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  • unicorn world
    unicorn world Hour ago

    Did you see that there painter hair
    One bloned
    One brown

    • unicorn world
      unicorn world 49 minutes ago

      If I get one replay
      I be sooooo

  • Liam Faubert
    Liam Faubert 3 hours ago

    my step dad mobile orders when i work n his app name is “best step dad ever” i have to call it out lmaoo

  • September Maeve
    September Maeve 3 hours ago

    I forget y’all don’t have dunkin donuts

  • Ashley Faminial
    Ashley Faminial 4 hours ago

    True story.
    It was Frappuccino Happy Hour, and a line of young teenage girls ordered Frappuccinos. The movie "Hunger Games' just came out. Everyone's name was "Primrose Everdeen' and all of them would respond "I volunteer as Tribute'. Now, i had no idea what Hunger Games was and I was so speechless everytime I called it out.
    As for writing the names on purpose, I'm famous for writing
    "Uh, Sheila" or "Just Dan". On my earlier years (been a barista for 8) I would hear "No Name" all the time lol and legit would write it.

  • Sakina Heart
    Sakina Heart 5 hours ago

    I’m sitting at Starbucks and I’m watching this

  • mason arlein vlogs
    mason arlein vlogs 17 hours ago

    i was at footlocker today and i saw my mans endorsing footlocker on the signs

  • FuddyduddyBella
    FuddyduddyBella 18 hours ago

    1. I have.
    2. I have.
    3. I have.
    4. I have not.
    5. I have. She told me I was charging her wrong even though I was charging her right. 😑😑
    6. I have.
    7. I have not.
    8. I have not.
    9. I have not.

  • Cheeto Cheetah
    Cheeto Cheetah 23 hours ago


  • Amina Islam
    Amina Islam Day ago

    I have only been to starbucks three times with three different employees and I think they are all so nice! The first time I went there the barista guessed it was my first time in Starbucks and drew a heart on my cup uwu

  • dayanara !
    dayanara ! Day ago

    Maycie is so pure

  • Brody Slavicek
    Brody Slavicek Day ago

    Any starbucks employees pls tell me how i should ask for a secret menu item?😂

    • Mary Martin
      Mary Martin Day ago

      Brody Slavicek employee here! 😁 Contrary to popular belief, there is no actual “secret menu”, but we can make virtually any drink for you using the ingredients we have! If there’s a ‘secret menu’ item that you find online that interests you, just tell us the directions on how to make it, and we will do it for you! For example - if you order a “cake batter Frappuccino” (not on the menu, popular ‘secret menu’ item), we won’t know how to put it in. Instead, tell us the directions listed with it online. You’d order it, for example, as - a “vanilla bean Frappuccino with hazelnut syrup”.

  • Tash Noel
    Tash Noel 2 days ago

    My mums name is Lesley and the cup they put luke idc they so did that on purpose

  • JoeyTheRedKangaroo
    JoeyTheRedKangaroo 3 days ago

    Those first two ladies are so lovely .

  • Alonso Medina
    Alonso Medina 3 days ago

    I always misspelled name on purpose lol

  • Kate 1998
    Kate 1998 3 days ago

    One time my manager asked a customer which dark roast he wanted (as there was two available ones) and he proceeded to say, "Oh daddy wants a dark roast." I was standing right behind her and oof. No. Just don't.

  • Josh Duda
    Josh Duda 3 days ago

    One time this lady came in with what I thought was a dirty cup. It had what looked like old milk in it chocolate syrup all over it, so I cleaned it out. Little did I know, she hated Starbucks’ almond milk and mocha syrup. She yelled at me and said there was no point in getting coffee anymore. That was the day I decided to quit Starbucks. So many psychos lol

  • The Prehistoric Chicken

    Never have I ever spit in a customers drink?

  • Elsie The Equestrian

    *Okay I know there are multiple spellings of names but like, once my mum asked for the name ‘pip’ and she even spelt it out then they wrote ‘pim’*

  • JustTheNguyens
    JustTheNguyens 4 days ago

    they all seem so chill, next time i need a cool friend I'm hitting up a starbucks

  • Noelle H
    Noelle H 5 days ago

    people who are rude to food service employees have clearly never worked in food service. same goes for retail.

  • Lynn Barns
    Lynn Barns 5 days ago +1

    Questions for SB employees, current or not. I always order the Strawberry Lemonade blended, is this a hard drink to make? Every time I order it I always get the look, like it's a hassle to make. What is it about this drinnk that

  • Hana Te Iorangi Pirrie Ashworth

    there's this barista that keeps flirting with everyone.... all ages, no matter what.

  • Niko Chan
    Niko Chan 5 days ago

    I’m a current Starbucks employee and let me just say that people really do need to chill. We have to remake drinks like 3 to 5 times that are made exactly the same and right and they’re still complaining under their breathe for our effort to please the customer (and this actually happens a lot). Like, chill man. It’s coffee.

  • Kemp Isabel
    Kemp Isabel 5 days ago

    the seymour butts joke is such a classic, the good old simpson episodes

  • Kayla Newman
    Kayla Newman 6 days ago

    I work at Maccas. Should do one for McDonalds employees

  • piecookies
    piecookies 6 days ago

    Everyday I say “which ever one is the medium” ... i go to Starbucks almost everyday

  • Johnny Gil
    Johnny Gil 7 days ago

    I just finished my shift here in the philippines, this video is so accurate 😂

  • Constantina Karambatsos

    i think i was offered the job but i'm anxious to work on my first day which means i'm getting a call tomorrow now i'm binge watching starbucks videos :/ help meee!!!

  • Erin Johnson
    Erin Johnson 8 days ago +3

    The other day while I was working at Starbucks, a customer wanted me to remake her latte because it tasted like milk.

    • Erin Johnson
      Erin Johnson 7 days ago

      @Attack on Shadows I know! I'm know it's just espresso and milk like???

    • Attack on Shadows
      Attack on Shadows 7 days ago

      Erin Johnson that happened to me all the time!!! There was this one time where a lady made me put like 4 espresso shots in her tall latte and she still thought it tasted like milk

  • Samira Vincent
    Samira Vincent 8 days ago

    I understand how ppl think the cup sizes are annoying lol. But it’s never been a problem for me. I can never remember them so I just order a small, medium, or large and they always know what I mean

  • rojina a
    rojina a 9 days ago

    tsion eyes are so beautiful

  • kenzie b
    kenzie b 9 days ago

    *this isnt my experience at starbucks but its a nice story.* I work in the mall that has a starbucks and i had a customer in my store and she was a frail old lady and she had a coffee drink. and she was so nice but she kept mentioning how money was always tight and i would sometimes give her enough samples from my work. and her starbucks smelled really good and i said " wow your drink is making my store smell like a delicious ginger bread house!" and she looked up really sad and goes " do you want it? I got a coupon for a free drink and ive never been to starbucks because money is tight but i thought it would be a christmas treat for myself and it was free but the lady put whole milk in it and i was lactose intolerant and i asked her to remake it if possible but she said it was very busy and i had to wait and she seemed very mad so i just took it and left but i cant drink it so oh well :(" and she had the saddest face on. and im actually friends ish with one of the workers and i messaged her on instagram and i said word for word "im sending a lady downstiars to you rn pls make her whatever she wants " and next time i saw the old lady at my store she was like "oh bless you it was the most delicious drink ever! and she gave me a cookie it really was something special!" MORAL OF THE STORY some people cant afford starbucks all the time and see it as a special treat so sometimes its sad to say " its just coffee calm down".

  • Talia E.
    Talia E. 9 days ago


  • LindseyStudios
    LindseyStudios 10 days ago

    I’m a barista (not at Starbucks) and what annoys me the most is when someone orders a regular latte and then yells at me because they wanted an iced latte.

  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith 10 days ago

    I love that chick's tattoos.

  • Katiepurplepie Walsh
    Katiepurplepie Walsh 11 days ago +1

    I once went to Starbucks in a different county so when the girl asked my name she couldn’t understand what I was saying so spelt it katie and she was like oh katie and still spelt it with a y like 🤷‍♀️

  • Hannah Weaver
    Hannah Weaver 11 days ago

    My best friend invited me over for her 16th birthday. We went to Starbucks and we both got coffee. Right as I gave my name my friend shouted “Likilegani” as my name. I was so embarrassed. I started crying of laughter. I still feel bad about it to this day.

  • chai
    chai 11 days ago +5

    My anxiety builds up behind the bar whenever I see 10 kids coming in the store because I damn well know I’ll be making 10 frappalapafuckingccinos

  • Andrew Cabrera
    Andrew Cabrera 11 days ago

    Please do a Whole Foods employees version I could write a book lol

  • SkyClear
    SkyClear 11 days ago +1

    I was working the window at the time but I heard the barista say, "Spartacus, your grande mocha is ready." I look over and see this tall teenage boy walk up to the bar with his arms swinging wide, puff his chest out, and in a deep dramatic voice says, "I'M SPARTACUS!" Years later it still makes me chuckle.

  • LilMissEliza
    LilMissEliza 12 days ago +2

    I once got a mobile order at my store and the name for the drink was “Big Momma Who loves “ 😂

  • DK Skyheart
    DK Skyheart 12 days ago +1

    Me and my friends didn’t know what name to put so we just said “random name” and so he wrote random name on the cup and like when we got it we just looked and him and like we just smiled and laughed to ourselves

  • xoKarenG
    xoKarenG 13 days ago

    Get some Latino/a bux baristas and we’ll give you the real tea on what it’s like working there 👀😂

  • Derrick Nichols
    Derrick Nichols 13 days ago

    It’s called an addiction
    1st step to admitting you have a problem

  • Nya Papaya
    Nya Papaya 13 days ago

    Hi. I’m a starbucks barista and I currently have a video out exposing starbucks top 10 secret menu items from MY perspective 👀 check it out if you’re interested!!

  • ally hoban
    ally hoban 14 days ago

    every time i go to starbucks the sizes confuse me bc i’m and actual idiot and i go “can i just get what a medium would be please. i’m sorry” and she would always go “of course don’t worry😂”

  • Frishta Safi
    Frishta Safi 14 days ago

    Everytime i go to starbucks they spell my name wrong, even when i tell them how to spell it they still spell it wrong 😂😂

  • Josue Jimenez
    Josue Jimenez 14 days ago +1

    Caffeine is a hell of a drug

  • just aly
    just aly 14 days ago

    current partner:
    i have but like...not dramatic
    i have 🙄🙄i had an old guy order a salted caramel frapp and i made it exactly how my shift manager told me to and he made my shift make it again because he wanted her to remake it because she wanted her to make it and not the "new girl".
    no not really just like..."tall or small or whatever"
    we gotta say the sizes as they are guys sorry lol
    fake names but no insulting
    no but they were hella annoyed for no reason
    so many times
    no oh my goodness
    i try to ask them how they spell it
    i got flirted today at work but never on a date

  • Itssaibaby _
    Itssaibaby _ 14 days ago

    Im gay for the black woman

  • Christian Thompson
    Christian Thompson 15 days ago

    I work at Starbucks and we will sometimes purposefully write weird spellings of people’s names. we have also even given people celebrities names that have the same first name as them.

  • torikelly4131
    torikelly4131 15 days ago +5

    for the 'big daddy' i woulda yelled 'large father and not smile😐😑😐

  • Juanye Marshall
    Juanye Marshall 15 days ago

    The black girl cute🥰

  • Andzia Zach
    Andzia Zach 15 days ago

    Tsion is stunning.

  • Nercottics
    Nercottics 16 days ago +4

    Suddenly everybody in the comment section is or used to be a Starbucks employee 😂

  • Call Me Conservative
    Call Me Conservative 16 days ago

    I work at Starbucks and with the name thing my trainer said if it’s like something not easy (like Bob or James) or you just didn’t hear them very good then ask “How do YOU spell that.” It makes is better for the customer because you’re taking the time to get it right and it’ll be easier than guessing because I’ve had cases where I yelled out the wrong name because it wasn’t spelled right like for example the name was Grant but the person on register didn’t hear it clearly and she wrote Brand so I was just yelling Brand for 10 minutes and Grant came up and was mad about his drink not being ready. Another thing I do is if I know there are different ways to spell it I’ll ask. Like yesterday there was a lady who came in and her name was Kathy so I asked “Is that with a C or a K?” And another girl came in and her name way Lindsey and I asked “It that with an A or an E?” People appreciate you taking the time to get their name right lol. I also had a guy say Rumplestiltskin and I got really excited cause I love fun character names. Like I got excited when someone said Harry Potter like I guess I’m weird like that I love fun names.

  • Black Rock Shooter
    Black Rock Shooter 16 days ago

    A gay barista asked me if my boyfriend was with me. When I said yeah, he put extra ice in my cup :(

  • ғlσяα sυвlιмιηαls

    dear god Rachel is so friggin pretty istg

  • Seymour Barrion
    Seymour Barrion 16 days ago +2

    My “butts” are famous now. So proud! 😂

  • Capri Kalke
    Capri Kalke 16 days ago

    can y'all do do never have I ever with customer service reps because MAN DO I HAVE SOME STORIES

  • YProductions
    YProductions 16 days ago +1

    Okay but Rachel’s side profile is literally PERFECT

  • Perda De Peso Dietitian

    Please comment on my video! I will do better

  • Doris Lai
    Doris Lai 16 days ago +2

    the cashier kept on calling me dude and man the last time I went lol

  • Hanbinchxco Ikon
    Hanbinchxco Ikon 17 days ago +2

    The Starbucks person didn’t put any caramel in my caramel frappe

  • Kat Gene.
    Kat Gene. 17 days ago

    I'm pretty sure I have a barista that doesn't like me cause she always gives me this blank stare. Like really poker stare. Sometimes i'll go into Starbucks for a quick drink and hang out or other times i'm sitting in there studying. She smiles and laughs with everyone else, but with me it's like wtf did I do? Lol

  • InsertJams Here
    InsertJams Here 17 days ago

    they get yelled at and stuff I feel bad ppl r rude

  • Winona Daphne
    Winona Daphne 17 days ago

    these people are so nice! they seem like they'd be awesome to work with

  • Ava Fagan
    Ava Fagan 17 days ago

    If anything is wrong with my drink, like if it's too hot or sweet. I never complained cause I felt really bad cause I thought I was being mean 😂

  • Iulia Piciu
    Iulia Piciu 17 days ago

    Do you really have to be 18 to have a drink with caffeine??

  • Casey B
    Casey B 17 days ago +1

    one time the barista forgot i said no ice and proceeded to take the ice out with his fingers...the drink still tasted ok tho 😂

  • s g
    s g 17 days ago

    Okay but my name is Sarah (one of the most common, well known names in the US) and the barista spelled it Seruh ...

  • Keeping It Real Awesome

    That’s funny 😄 my best friend asked a Starbucks worker on a date but that was years ago tho! I almost did the same thing but I only saw her twice and never again after that 🤣💀

  • Keeping It Real Awesome

    Omg the see more butts 🤣🤣💀

  • Katherine Forster
    Katherine Forster 17 days ago

    Honestly, one time a barista made my mobile order wrong and I didn't care enough to ask them to remake it, and now it's my favourite drink :D

  • Avery Hocker
    Avery Hocker 17 days ago

    once they spelled my name "afray"... my name is avery lmaoo