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  • Published on Jan 26, 2022
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    - KPOP Chart Show M COUNTDOWN | EP.737
    - GOT the beat - Step Back
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    'SPECIAL STAGE' '신'인 아이돌 'GOT the beat'의 'Step Back' 무대
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    Dancers: Hyoyeon, boa, seulgi, Karina
    Rappers: Karina, winter, Hyoyeon, boa
    Vocals: Wendy, winter, seulgi, taeyeon, Boa
    Visuals: all

    • D Comp
      D Comp Day ago +1

      Wtf does your name mean?

    • Ishi me
      Ishi me 2 days ago

      No offese but in the intro, why did Winter even light the candle id she had to blow it off right after?!💀

    • Blue Oak
      Blue Oak 3 days ago

      BoA is a legend she pretty much does everything

    • Misteon
      Misteon 2 months ago +1

      this is what I think the list should be:
      Dancers: Hyo, Sulegi, Boa, Karina
      Rappers; Hyo, Karina
      Vocalists: Wnedy, Taeyon, Winter, Boa, Suelgy

  • creamy eunny
    creamy eunny 3 months ago +4463

    Wendy's and Taeyeon's vocals are on the next level
    Seulgi is truly an Ace

    • LO L
      LO L Month ago +1

      @vlatko arsovski pre recorded but they dont sound exactly like studio version

    • yeriaiko
      yeriaiko Month ago +1

      @Prachi Pande but they still had to record their vocals for the stage.. like

    • Bruh.
      Bruh. 2 months ago +1

      Exactly I'm so shocked. I love them sm really have so good vocalists

    • Ardyson Tan
      Ardyson Tan 2 months ago +3

      @Prachi Pande but the voice is still theirs, right?

    • K-pop stan
      K-pop stan 2 months ago

      @Prachi Pande they have sang live a lot of times

  • Geography Simplified
    Geography Simplified 3 months ago +1917

    The fact Wendy can dance this good after the accident and still stand out in a group full of best dancer in SM just show she always 100% in every perfm

    • Bee
      Bee 2 months ago +23

      @SLSnoX Oh How tf can I forget this-

    • SLSnoX
      SLSnoX 2 months ago +60

      @Bee She fell off a platform while practising in 2019 and fractured her pelvis, wrist, and cheekbones.

    • Bee
      Bee 2 months ago +5

      What accident?

  • Follow My Compass
    Follow My Compass 3 months ago +2174

    I love how it's all 4 gens united together. 1st gen with BoA, 2nd gen with Taeyeonand Hyoyeon, 3rd gen with Wendy and Seulgi and finally 4th gen with Winter and Karina. This group could not have been more perfect

    • Karina González
      Karina González 27 days ago

      Por eso el nombre del grupo y eso muchos no lo entienden
      Son las mejores de cada generacion

    • 남이현
      남이현 Month ago +2

      Perfect see

    • itzme
      itzme Month ago +4

      @김태연 maybe SM wanted them to be in the group but they didn't want to? Idk

    • 김태연
      김태연 2 months ago +31

      @blas puga if only Krystal and Luna was there… imagine all three best vocalists in k-pop in one group, Taeyeon, Luna, and Wendy… world would end

  • proudpotterfan
    proudpotterfan 2 months ago +363

    Taeyeon is literally everywhere - her solo career is crushing it with those PAKs and an incredible album, hosting queendom, and being a part of a super girls group

  • Moni Fandika
    Moni Fandika 3 months ago +2538

    I can clearly heard Taeyeon's high note. She's insane.

    • 주노Juno
      주노Juno 3 days ago

      @Seungmin In The Building please, they really don't understand 💀

    • Seungmin In The Building
      Seungmin In The Building 3 days ago

      @주노Juno them all eating you up and you are the right one

    • MystTea
      MystTea Month ago +1

      @ttaehyoung앋 ofc ofc #StanTaeDy'sVocals ( Taeyeon and Wendy )

    • MystTea
      MystTea Month ago

      TL;DR : Yes you can *Butt* in the right Context.
      Yes you can, just don't say stupid stuff like "*Omg imagine thinking ( Group Name ) is Lip Syncing because They're so stable*" when the Idols are obviously Lip Syncing. Also just because you can Sing & Dance well doesn't automatically mean you'll be stable because you need a ton of Stamina to have Energy to Sing & Dance at the same time.

  • Adisa Jakupovic
    Adisa Jakupovic 3 months ago +1467

    but not gonna lie, they are ALL queens in their own right, absolutely talented and the female aces of k-pop!

    • jenini
      jenini Month ago

      @Eugenia Gómez Guerra she's also the Queen of K - POP

    • sanaglow
      sanaglow 3 months ago +3

      @Briana Penn UESSS

    • Briana Penn
      Briana Penn 3 months ago +17

      Sitting on the throne like the QUEEN OF KPOP that she is!!!!!

    • Eugenia Gómez Guerra
      Eugenia Gómez Guerra 3 months ago +40

      I love that they're treating her like the original queen she is! And she's basically the CEO of SM xD

    • sanaglow
      sanaglow 3 months ago +4


    DECEMBER FOURTH 3 months ago +791

    다들 너무너무 잘하는데 보아언니 음색이랑 탄탄한 보컬 최고된다ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 노래도 잘하는데 댄브까지 하는 갓보아ㅠㅠㅠ

  • Jules
    Jules 3 months ago +562

    Queen BoA is sitting on the throne AS SHE SHOULD SLAY

  • Cut Poétri Anna
    Cut Poétri Anna 3 months ago +628

    Just by looking at it, people will know how great Seulgi is with her dance and vocal. Never disappointed. Her dance and vocal are masterpieces. Her aura and style are in different class. The real dancing machine and ace🔥❤✨

  • Xin Qi Lo
    Xin Qi Lo 3 months ago +4191

    Everyone is talking about their faves but I’m just gonna say ALL OF THEM KILLED IT!!!!

  • Irene Thomson
    Irene Thomson 3 months ago +615

    Imagine how much extra power they would have held if the song wasn't about girls fighting over some man. They killed it though

    • MystTea
      MystTea 23 days ago +1

      The Song is literally about the Narrator telling the Girl to 'Step Back' since the Man is already in a Relationship and is 'sick and tired everyday' of the Girl and the Narrator telling her to 'Step Back' isn't being a Pick Me or Belittling women they're just telling to back off it's just that... Y'all are exaggerating this so much...

    • riffgroove
      riffgroove 29 days ago +1

      @Sophia Baldock As far as I'm concerned, this song DOES empower women.
      Anyone who says differently is insecure and projecting.

    • Sophia Baldock
      Sophia Baldock 29 days ago +3

      @riffgroove ffs get it in ur head that no one is saying the song is bad and doesn't deserve the attention it's getting. it's an amazing song we all know and agree however the lyrics are belittling to other women when a girl group this powerful should be focusing on empowering women. say all u want - ur points are invalid. go back to school

  • 사랑해❤️
    사랑해❤️ 3 months ago +276

    보아가 진짜 프로긴 하구나...
    춤 디테일도 그렇구 표정연기도 모든 게 다 완벽하네

  • sheridan leon
    sheridan leon 3 months ago +411

    if you would've told me that my bias and wrecker of girls generation, red velvet, aespa, and the queen of k-pop herself boa would've all been in a group i would not of believed you. holy SHIT did all of them SLAY together.

  • Lamyae L
    Lamyae L Month ago +42

    TAEYEON and WENDY Queens of vocals they're unmatched

  • cuc thu
    cuc thu 3 months ago +1730

    People talk a lot about young stars but I have to say, the one who impressed me the most is BoA. She is truly a legend. Her voice, the way she dances, her stage expression,... Everything is perfect. Despite many years, BoA never let us down. SHE IS ANOTHER LEVEL. BOA IS THE IDOL OF IDOLS

    • Timor Cohen
      Timor Cohen 3 months ago

      besides Karina and Winter none of them are new.
      She is the queen of kpop because the impact she had in Japan and she was a 1st gen soloist, but no one called her idol of all idols, not even the idols call her that

    • Timor Cohen
      Timor Cohen 3 months ago +2

      @Staccato Zurbieb no Hyo is by far the best dancer. Her movement is more fluid, not stiff, moving all her body all the time, don't over dance, her sharp moves are better

    • Hide The Rum
      Hide The Rum 3 months ago +5

      The face of all Idols

    • Nonamzwan
      Nonamzwan 3 months ago +7

      She's an absolute queen and has always been

    • Niket Sinha
      Niket Sinha 3 months ago +17

      @kevin’s cheeseball hair yes she holds official position in sm entertainment.
      Sm's creative director along with kangta.

  • Aracelis Hernández
    Aracelis Hernández 3 months ago +280

    Let's upload HyoYeon's views on her FanCam, like, share and search TheXvid by her name. She also deserves our support, her performance was impeccable: her dancing, her rad, her stage presence, the group work, everything. Come on SoNe, she also represents Girls Generation. And whoever is not SoNe but recognizes his effort, please give us your support. 💪🏻❤️🥺🥰

  • miau
    miau Day ago

    Aunque la letra no es la mejor, ame todo de esta presentación, los trajes son muy lindos y Winter en especial de ve muy tierna con su pelito y ropa

  • dana marl
    dana marl 2 months ago +113

    not going to lie, boa really caught my eye. her dancing is incredible and honestly, i've never seen anyone like her. and her voice?? absolutely angelic. she really proved that age is just a number in the performance.

    • dana marl
      dana marl 2 months ago +1

      @Shafna's Craft boa is the eldest member in this group. she is the 3rd girl on the thumbnail :)

    • Shafna's Craft
      Shafna's Craft 2 months ago +1

      Who is boa?

  • Gefn Uppland
    Gefn Uppland 3 months ago +123

    raw, pre-mixed vocals, still a decent vocal showdown. love the strenuous quality of all of them. Wendy really has strength. Boa and Taeyeon is just, powerhouse, the peak volume break for both of them, what a treat. Winter in her prime vocal range, if she continues to develop that, oh my. Overall, vocals.

    • Stan Talents
      Stan Talents 3 months ago +15

      It's fully pre recorded, my dear

    • mrinde7
      mrinde7 3 months ago +34

      This was fully pre recordered, I love my girls but it’s obvious. SM Hasn’t allowed his idols play live in years and it’s so incredibly frustrating, especially with the amount of talent in 1 stage

  • Lai 00
    Lai 00 3 months ago +825

    Taeyeon is shocking everyone with her vocal visual stage presence!!!!!!!

    MOONCHILD Month ago +54

    Winter ,Wendy ,seulgi and taeyeons vocals are no joke 😳

  • Lily Boualapha
    Lily Boualapha 3 months ago +183

    Finally! A group project where everyone understood the assignment and did their part! 💯

  • 성스러운일상
    성스러운일상 2 months ago +38

    보아 ㅜㅜㅜㅜ 넘 멋짐 ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ 이뿐데 모래 잘해 춤잘춰 ㅜㅜ 나이는 나만 먹지 ㅜㅜ 보아 춤은 무형문화제감 ㅜㅜ어쩜 일케 하나같이 다 이뿌고 실력도 젛을까 ㅜㅜ 이래서 케이팝케이팝 하나봄 ㅜㅜ 이 조합 계속 앨범 내주라

  • Rubens Lima Moraes
    Rubens Lima Moraes 3 months ago +146

    You can tell that BoA is a pro when she fixes her mic at the speed of light during her dance break with Hyoyeon and Seulgi.

    KPOPSEGYE 3 months ago +4922

    We deserved a MV!!

    • Haewon
      Haewon 3 months ago +4

      It's probably because the lyrics got a ton of hate. I see nothing wrong with it, but, the fact that its girls on TOP, they are putting girls down to praise their man like...
      Anyway yes we need an MV 🙏

    • Nivek
      Nivek 3 months ago +2

      why would we deserve anything

    • wulandari tri nurhi'mah
      wulandari tri nurhi'mah 3 months ago +3

      even though there's no mv, dance practice clip is okay CAUSE WE REALLY NEED THAT like they more stunning in casual outfit:"

  • Rai
    Rai 3 months ago +59

    rvs member never fails me when it comes to voices like they are always stable, clear perfection

  • subliminal_café
    subliminal_café 3 months ago +21

    They nailed it! Seulgi and hyo sounds the same, so graceful!

  • Ruby Mars
    Ruby Mars 3 months ago +62

    Seulgi’s charisma, visual, hair, outfit, moves… just perfection.

  • Sunny Sunflower
    Sunny Sunflower 3 months ago +126

    Boa is dope...
    Wendy and Sulgi plus winter killing notes

  • Autumn Fever
    Autumn Fever 3 months ago +2385


    • Kail kabuncal
      Kail kabuncal 3 months ago

      @b a e dashi TAEYEONado andwaeseooooo

    • Kail kabuncal
      Kail kabuncal 3 months ago

      Must slays... Cause the song the melody the beat the lyrics the choreo the outfit are about cleopatraing other women..

    • **ღSammieღ**
      **ღSammieღ** 3 months ago

      @Aa i am really dumb. trust me

    • eunoia
      eunoia 3 months ago +1

      Off course!!! she is more than some people call their favorite queen. that's why she is king 🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻

  • Jessica P
    Jessica P Month ago +19

    Say what you want, but BoA on the throne is iconic.

  • Dipte baghel
    Dipte baghel Month ago +31

    보아 보컬 진짜좋고 태연 너무 이쁘고 슬기 에너지 대박 웬디 보컬 진짜 파워풀 효연 랩 진짜 카리나 목소리 대박 겨울 목소리 앵글

  • Zahwa Eza S
    Zahwa Eza S 2 months ago +32

    Seulgi's charisma is in the air

  • viinars
    viinars 3 months ago +311

    BOA is a vampire. SHE'S SO PRETTY

  • ann e
    ann e 3 months ago +1857

    HYOYEON looks like the main character she is OOZING with CHARISMA

  • 닷
     2 months ago +17

    하 진짜 보아 목소리 독보적이다... 엉엉 울게 만들어... 태연도 진짜ㅠㅠㅠ

    ARAB EXOL ALGERIA 2 months ago +8


  • Nisha Maheria
    Nisha Maheria Month ago +14

    Taeyeon beauty is on another level she's like a godess and ofc vocals QUEEN 👸 💖

  • 2’lstone
    2’lstone 2 months ago +6

    Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, Seulgi, Wendy.

  • Andrew Vixayvong
    Andrew Vixayvong 3 months ago +775

    this line up is just iconic. only sm can bring together queens from 4 generations of kpop. only sm can create a lineup with truly unmatched vocals and dance😩👌🏽

    • Summer Bell
      Summer Bell 3 months ago +8

      And rap. That rap is SMOOTH

  • odette lancelot
    odette lancelot 3 months ago +10


  • Blackpink Lover
    Blackpink Lover Month ago +53

    All looking like Badass queens.
    Meanwhile Winter being so cute.
    Let's all take a minute to appreciate their Effort, Vocal, Dance, Rap, Performance, Visual cause they're perfect

  • Diana Zambreda
    Diana Zambreda 27 days ago

    Gran talento ❤️

  • Nimer
    Nimer 3 months ago +88

    1:44 Wendy and Winter really ate this part and left no crumbs🔥

  • Alix Everlyn
    Alix Everlyn 3 months ago +1756

    I can't believe this is four generations of idols!! BoA debuted in 2000 and Winter was born in 2001!!! They all come together so well; literally the power group of all generations ❤‍🔥

    • Generation Next
      Generation Next 3 months ago +2

      @Ups. That's not a flop. Most idols can't even achieve that. Furthermore, sales do not equal substance. Many idol groups can be popular for NO REASON other than their looks, but screech when they sing or fumble when they perform. Honey, RV deserves much more praise. I don't know why you came all the way to this comment to downplay their achievements or their talents. What's wrong with you? Instead of being toxic and divisive, why don't you make use of your time and go watch their work and ADD to their album sales. Much more productive.

    • Hope Love
      Hope Love 3 months ago

      @Ups. it's useless album sales are high but can't sing properly😏🤭

    • Hope Love
      Hope Love 3 months ago

      @Ups. Just teach your idol first to sing properly🤭🤭🤭

    • Bite Me
      Bite Me 3 months ago

      @Ups. hm sad that newbie kpopers now measured talents from how many albums sold. No matter how messed up one is on singing as long as they sold out thats fine. Kpop nowadays...

    • Jennielone
      Jennielone 3 months ago

      @Ups. bruh,don't start fanwar please

  • 야나텉
    야나텉 3 months ago +89

    확실히 1,2,3세대 아이돌들이 곡 컨셉에 맞게 표정 연기 잘한다

  • ୧♡cosmicmoly
    ୧♡cosmicmoly 16 days ago

    Sus vocales! 💪🏻💪🏻

  • Juli Kaioh
    Juli Kaioh 2 months ago +5

    BoA my queen, your queen, our queen, kpop queen!!! 👑
    I'm crazy in love of her! 💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • Vanilla Cinnamon
    Vanilla Cinnamon Month ago +5

    Taeyeon's high note here is different from recording version. Here is more husky

  • aliya
    aliya 3 months ago +814

    SEULGI's charisma and stage presence is unequalled she is just THAT good

    • vitha sitaraga
      vitha sitaraga 3 months ago +1

      She Ace OFC

    • Rakshita Singh
      Rakshita Singh 3 months ago +5


    • tinta pena
      tinta pena 3 months ago +22

      She's the hottest female kpop idol with overload charisma on the stage✨

    • hei blossom
      hei blossom 3 months ago +18

      So true. Her dance move is the best too

  • Maanashvi Iyer
    Maanashvi Iyer 3 months ago +103

    Hyoyeon's rap along with Karina gonna be forever iconic 🔥🔥

  • Kismi Bebeh
    Kismi Bebeh 3 months ago +91

    Boa, Taeyeon, Hyoyeon never older!

  • Cut Poétri Anna
    Cut Poétri Anna 3 months ago +146

    Karina's aura is undeniable. She's gorgeous, stunning, charismatic and elegant🔥
    She's perfect, she's everything. Can't take my eyes off her🌹❤✨
    Karina is The Goddess(✿ ♥‿♥)

  • 다은
    다은 2 months ago +26

    진짜 이 그룹은 라인업이 미쳤어,,, 다들 경력이 장난 아니야,,, 무대천재들만 모아놨어,,,

  • Cherrycupcake
    Cherrycupcake 3 months ago +741

    If it is not due to the pandemic, imagine how crazy the fanchant would be

  • Nerd Bouy
    Nerd Bouy 23 days ago +2

    Seulgi is full package. Perfect

  • Black Bird
    Black Bird 14 days ago

    Nothing but the fact: the slayed it 🔥 can't even imagine better than this master piece 👁️❣️

  • 🦋 Uzuhany
    🦋 Uzuhany Month ago +5

    I know BoA and Taeyeon's voice right away

  • aenergy
    aenergy 16 hours ago

    4:18 3 words: TAEYEON. IS. EXTRAORDINARY.

  • Suhani Gulati
    Suhani Gulati 3 months ago +1885

    Everyone practically slayed this performance! Wendy and Taeyeon's vocals were marvelous! No female idol can pull off orange hair as well as Hyo!

    • F Frai
      F Frai 2 months ago

      @tikafluzzable kpop in general is more dance focused these days than vocal focused. and sm are all about perfection. they want the perfs to look and sound perfect, to the point they don't even let their female idols lipsync properly bec it can mean making "ugly" faces

    • F Frai
      F Frai 2 months ago

      @pinkinmyblood lmao. I've followed sm groups since 2007 and no this is not live singing, or singing over a backtrack. sm groups always lipsync on music shows these days

    • ︻デ══一
      ︻デ══一 3 months ago

      Onda entered the chat

    • ʚϊɞ__isme
      ʚϊɞ__isme 3 months ago +1

      Lipsync or not, it’s their real voices. Either recorded or live, they still killed it. So stop war, and let’s appreciate their hard work.

    • Susanna Siepracki
      Susanna Siepracki 3 months ago

      @Joyeeta Orthi not saying it's live singing (which is still totally fine actually) but to hit a high note you don't have to move your mouth

  • liz '^'
    liz '^' Month ago +10

    winter's voice was really amazing

  • LOVE
    LOVE Month ago +4

    BoA’s Girl’s Bring it on 😱😱😱💜

  • mel
    mel 2 months ago +14

    BoA is literally a QUEEN ✨

  • Wern
    Wern 3 months ago +35

    2:20 I’m addicted to hyoyeon’s lines

  • kiky
    kiky 3 months ago +784

    Karina and Seulgi as expected livin their title as center and face of the group. Their moves and expression is different. Wendy is great too!

    • 刘一
      刘一 3 months ago

      I love ace line

    • Star Areeba go
      Star Areeba go 3 months ago +10

      So true

    • tinta pena
      tinta pena 3 months ago +23

      Seulgi and karina is such the hottest female kpop idol with overload charisma on the stage✨ on fire🔥

  • tnwlsai
    tnwlsai 3 months ago +5

    Queen BoA👑

  • DPR Blake
    DPR Blake 3 months ago +40

    Taeyeon high note cracked voice is just the most beautiful thing that I see in my life ❤️‍🔥

  • mariana santos
    mariana santos 3 months ago +8

    BoA ❤️

  • anywayssss00
    anywayssss00 Month ago +1


  • Twinkle Twinkle
    Twinkle Twinkle 3 months ago +629

    TAEYEON was the one that stood out the most, she has such a magical aura that you just can't take your eyes off of her Tae visual is at the next level simply mesmerizing

  • bangtan.hijabi
    bangtan.hijabi Month ago +11

    We’ll have to beg SM to give us more GOT content

    • Alex Bssecret
      Alex Bssecret Month ago +2

      which is crazy because this song is STILL pretty high on the charts, months and months after it's release, if SM has at least a little bit brain, they should make GOT/supergirlgroup into something more definite instead of a one-time project

  • hanoum eva hayati
    hanoum eva hayati 3 months ago +67

    GOT the beat's performances always got me goosebumps

  • MilkTea
    MilkTea 3 months ago +25

    Taeyeon's vocal is just another level!

  • 재밌으면 우는 소
    재밌으면 우는 소 3 months ago +85

    무슨 노랜진 모르겠지만 고음이 미쳤다는건 알 수 있다

  • Huy Trần Thái
    Huy Trần Thái 3 months ago +123

    Seulgi did the F5 better than the recorded one. They all proved that no one can totally cover it better.

    • 병곤#
      병곤# 3 months ago +3

      yasss, her F5 in studio vocal j sounds like a head voice but it's j her mix being rlly light/heady

  • Vanilla Cinnamon
    Vanilla Cinnamon Month ago +1

    This group is so powerful

  • Andy JJ
    Andy JJ 2 months ago +14

    뮤비로 보아 보컬 첫마디 보고 듣는데..
    “어? 저거 보아야?” 하고 깜놀했다
    역시는 역시!

  • Sha 259
    Sha 259 3 months ago +20

    Can I just say. Seeing this performance, you can tell 1) they all enjoy performing this song and 2) they enjoy performing this song together. The little moments between them and the quick smiles say it all. They all want to giggle in the middle of a fierce performance. I loved it!

  • Titik Suprihatin
    Titik Suprihatin 2 months ago +4

    Taeyon high note is another levell!!✨

  • Nohren Lee
    Nohren Lee 3 months ago +870

    The outfits, The performance, The stage, and every single one of them is just the best.

  • 세이
    세이 3 months ago +33

    보아진짜 안무 눈에띈다 .......

  • Melody
    Melody 13 days ago

    this line up is awesome!

  • Expert Logic
    Expert Logic 3 months ago +49


  • Suha Suha
    Suha Suha 3 months ago +14

    BoA you are really super star 🌟😍

  • Kathy Kane
    Kathy Kane 3 months ago +449

    wow boa kills it even after so many years, she is truly a queen. her energy is unmatched.

  • erik 😁
    erik 😁 Month ago +1

    lendárias dms

  • Jean Oliveira Brito
    Jean Oliveira Brito 24 days ago

    Their visuals are amazing

  • Kimag
    Kimag 3 months ago +2

    Wendy, Taeyeon and Boa has a really strong stage presence. I mean all of them do, but they really stood out more.

  • spaceships.s
    spaceships.s 2 months ago +12

    I really love how we have all these elegant beauty then we have Hyoyeon and Karina with the badass expression 😍

  • sekertaris impostor
    sekertaris impostor 3 months ago +1297

    taeyeon's last part singing is the killer part in all vocals she's really the queen of vocals

    • chuuyas
      chuuyas 18 days ago


    • alenka.emmanuele 3349
      alenka.emmanuele 3349 Month ago

      Yep but for me its wendy

    • Mav eL
      Mav eL Month ago +5

      @yuuro why are you so upset that it's not live. Talk to your therapist.

    • Mav eL
      Mav eL Month ago +1

      @black swan no.

    • Kpop_speeds0ng
      Kpop_speeds0ng Month ago +1

      @DuckyDae X ik but u can do it probably not

  • Phuong Le
    Phuong Le 2 months ago +1

    WENDY OMG!!!

  • kroyalty
    kroyalty 3 months ago +17

    These girls have stolen my heart. They are so talented and they have so much chemistry as a ateam!!

  • Chania Gias Salsabila
    Chania Gias Salsabila 3 months ago +20

    i said "taeyeon's voice is outta this world" but then wendy came, then boa came THEN EVERYONE IS THERE! I CAN'T CHOOSE KSHDJDHWK Y'ALL BURNIN' THAT STAGE

  • Dg Dg
    Dg Dg 3 months ago +6


  • C G
    C G 3 months ago +458


  • 김샛별
    김샛별 Month ago +2

    보아는 진짜 안늙어..

  • koo 1974
    koo 1974 3 months ago +13


  • K-Dragon
    K-Dragon 9 days ago +2

    Wendy's vocals alone had me stepping all the way back

  • JoHnS bAnAnA
    JoHnS bAnAnA Month ago +12

    Idc what anyone says,, this song is STAYING on REPEAT‼️‼️