What could a no-deal Brexit actually mean for YOU?


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  • um no.
    um no. 3 hours ago

    brexit is a mess

  • Allan Ayers
    Allan Ayers 7 hours ago

    Mr Desso .... 'people without economic knowledge'? ... Your statement reminds me uncomfortably of times past when women were not allowed a vote on the grounds that they were not as educated as men. or even further back when only property owners were important enough to have a vote. We had months of campaigning on both sides before the referendum .. people WERE informed! And when the BBC radio went yhe length and breadth of the Country after the Brexit majority almost everyone from North South East and West said the same thing ......'We have lost our sense of community'... You do not need an economics degree to understand that!
    I live in the South .. our Roads and lay buys are choked with lorries .., and our verges are literally choked with plastic bottles of and rubbish that the drivers leave .... by and large importing stuff we should be producing ourselves .. and I have lost count of the number of times i have personally seen illegal immigrants being rowed ashore to our beach , or climbing out of lorries and into ditches along the Thanet way!
    I sincerely hope for a no deal! the French will still want us to eat Brie and Roquefort rather than Stilton and Cheddar, the Germans will still want to sell us BMW's . I would rather deal with the world including our old allies in Canada USA New Zealand etc r than the deeply flawed bullies of Europe., NO DEAL FOR ME. ... BETTER OPPORTUNITIES!

  • Allan Ayers
    Allan Ayers 7 hours ago

    No deal is the best deal! A second referendum is a sticky finger to proper democracy ... we already voted! remember?
    Just watch the European parliament at work. Barnier .. Junkers .. Verhofstad are thugs! Just listen to what they actually say and do!
    Member countries are constantly bullied and coerced. Over five European countries have voted to leave on plebiscite ... and been bullied or ignored. WE WILL BE LONG TERM BETTER OFF AWAY FROM THESE THUGS! When Cameron stated the obvious .., that the EEC are hopelessly inefficient and badly needed reform .... he got the bum's rush. We need to be well out of this disgraceful club as soon as possible.
    What a shame our politicians are such a craven bunch of tossers.. Their best stab at negotiation is to lay all the cards on the table face up and invite the opposition to play the hand for us .... unbelievable. and if Germany get the European army they desire we will be in real trouble!

  • Kris2510
    Kris2510 12 hours ago

    And how does parliament not decide today for britains?

  • Wagl Pro
    Wagl Pro 13 hours ago

    For 1000 years Britain has survived on its own, for 400 of those years it was one of the most powerful countries in the world. When did it lose its power, when it tried to save the Europeans from each other in the 20th century. We don't need Europe, we need to build our own ports.
    Build more factories
    Build new houses
    Rebuild a navy
    Create more business outside of central London
    Find jobs for the unemployed
    Brexit will make us learn to look after ourselves like we used to, and become more relevant, independent and rich.

  • Wagl Pro
    Wagl Pro 14 hours ago +1

    Guys I have got a plan.
    Britain and America will leave NATO, and then we can let Putin do the rest.
    90% of troops in Latvia are British and American, so why don't we let Putin give Europe a taste of their own medicine. Germany's economy wont look so good when it's 61000 overweight beer drinking soldiers, are attacked by daddy Putin's 1 million active soldiers on the Western border and 2 million extra reserves( btw those are NATO estimates, Russia claims it has more men).

    • Apibeeman
      Apibeeman 5 hours ago

      One little problem. The UK is positioned strategically to command north sea, channel, Irish sea and Atlantic, both USSR and USA would like to have control of UK for that reason. Where will that lead your?

  • John Dal
    John Dal 21 hour ago

    We had a Democratic vote and we voted to leave and leave means leave...there is to much Scaremongering by Remoaners who lost but still want to change the Democratic vote by the majority of the people..The EU is a Globalist set up of rules against the peoples to control.

  • SearlsTech
    SearlsTech 22 hours ago

    freedom from EU tyranny will always be a benefit in the long run.

    ADGHBZSF Day ago


  • Naweed Khan
    Naweed Khan Day ago

    This guy looks like the broke and boring version of Drake. 6.

  • Strange Attractor
    Strange Attractor 2 days ago

    hope you like leeks, Brexiteers...

  • Valentin Roman
    Valentin Roman 2 days ago

    most of the brits voted for brexit because of the imigrants from east of europe. they voted like this because they wanted their country back....is no problem...east europeans will go back home and the brits will have to deal with milions of pakistani and indians who either live on benefits either own all the small business in the country (grocery shops, fast foods etc) and who have like 5-6 childrens per family. in 10 years the brits will become a minority in their own country. on top of that, the brits say that the imigrants stoled their jobs...i can t wait to see the brits going to have jobs for minimum wage in kfc, macdonalds etc. idiots...

  • Tamer Aydogdu
    Tamer Aydogdu 2 days ago

    UK has a signature on European Convention on Human Rights and that is unrelated to the EU membership. The UK will continue to recognize European Court of Human Rights regardless of how UK leaves EU.

  • Owen Starkey
    Owen Starkey 2 days ago

    May aswell turn into a imperialistic country with all this leaving the eu

  • Paul McDonagh
    Paul McDonagh 2 days ago

    "Ferry companies have been arranged" yeah with no fuckin boats or service history. TWATS

  • Na Mo
    Na Mo 2 days ago

    What you are looking for is a risk free future,there is a price to pay for that,never really growing up.

  • Terence Taylor
    Terence Taylor 2 days ago

    What he says about air travel is not true that has already been sorted no change there

  • Deer Robot
    Deer Robot 2 days ago

    Gotta get ready with the oil hoarding when it is about to happen..

  • Claire Marshall
    Claire Marshall 2 days ago

    We must stop brexit it's making this world a terrible place

  • Faiz Basha
    Faiz Basha 2 days ago

    Weaknesses of democracy becomes more prominent. Political decisions should be left to the government not to the uneducated uniformed public and their often misguided views.

  • Wamuyu Gatheru
    Wamuyu Gatheru 2 days ago

    So Brits eat medicine like food? How pharmaceuticals must love this

  • Open Sesame
    Open Sesame 2 days ago +1


  • derpeek
    derpeek 2 days ago

    Hoe does the brexit effect the EU members and does effect Britain also. A medicine example.
    Britain produces live saving medicine where a lot of people lives depend on. With no-deal. This medication cannot be used in the EU anymore, unless there is an agrement. that also means that the factory, that makes the medication, can't sell to EU country's. That will effect the people who work there.

  • -JuL-
    -JuL- 2 days ago

    A thought ? "We will stockpile medicine"... How optimistic is that ?
    No one really knows for a single reason: that Brexit thing is just someone jumping out of a car, hoping for the best

  • Felix Carpio
    Felix Carpio 2 days ago

    Ireland will be the winner. Only a few miles west from Dover and the world will find the new entrance to Europe. The financial sector should move to Dublin.

  • Robert Burdoff
    Robert Burdoff 3 days ago

    government has plans in place - like talk of putting troops on the streets & the imaginary ferry outfit operating from Ramsgate just to begin with....

  • xfire7
    xfire7 4 days ago

    The damage you so called elite have done to the working class have done is immeasurable . You have showed utter contempt for us . We are the only ones paying p.a.y.e. the ones who pay full tax. We the people will no longer pander or obey you. We want to leave and we will do it . if you don`t like it tough. You shouldn't have treated us the way you did , swivel.

  • Pouya Vakil
    Pouya Vakil 4 days ago

    U.K. is screwed. Honda and Nissan are leaving. Good luck.

  • ukluo1982
    ukluo1982 4 days ago

    This country is gradually going to the bottom. U.K. is not strong anymore. US and China will be leading the world from now on.

  • Emil Iliev
    Emil Iliev 4 days ago

    What a lot of b****ks!
    No deal = you gonna eat toast and canned beans for years !

  • Stats Tube
    Stats Tube 4 days ago


  • Felix Niederhauser
    Felix Niederhauser 4 days ago +4

    Simple, give Ireland what belongs to Ireland, ask the royals to go back to their home countries
    where they once came from and leave the EU as fast as you can.
    God bless the people of the Island, called England.

  • yosser hughes
    yosser hughes 4 days ago

    why is the brit a blackman LOL

  • Londoner Xhay
    Londoner Xhay 4 days ago

    Loads of Immigrants....... lol

  • Jack Benjamin
    Jack Benjamin 5 days ago

    Can't stand your voice another second. Indian with slangy Brit accent with glasses is supposed to look smart? Garbage

  • John Willetts
    John Willetts 5 days ago

    This country has not been able to feed itself for centuries It was tried two hundred years ago with the notorious corn laws. High trade tariffs on European food, to support British farmers resulted in actual starvation. The u-boats in WW11 tried to starve us. This island is too small to support its huge population. We literally cannot survive without trade. A no deal Brexit will result in delays at the boarder and extra cost. Food may finish up rotting in massive lorry queues.

  • Tsvetina Mitrova
    Tsvetina Mitrova 5 days ago

    You all Brexiters should watch John Oliver's Tonight show episode on Brexit. It's 20 minutes of harsh truth told as a joke.

  • metalguru triman
    metalguru triman 5 days ago

    I would be very happy , no deal out now now now now NO DEAL OUT OUT NOW NOW , YOU ARE FULL OF S...

  • gina george-taylor
    gina george-taylor 5 days ago +1

    No deal we manage

  • Jeremy Bamber
    Jeremy Bamber 6 days ago

    "The eu no longer have say in..." I.e there will no longrr be strict regulations on the quality of food, the treatment of workers, or the
    depths to which the greed of the few will be drag to drag the lives of the many. Please at least try to present a balanced argument next time. Phrasing matters.

  • Frederick Martin
    Frederick Martin 6 days ago

    This clip, although not being yet a month old, hasn’t aged well.

  • Sandwich Breath
    Sandwich Breath 6 days ago +1

    It's almost like Brexit was a stupid idea sold by a populist clown who never bothered to think it through...

  • MilesBellas
    MilesBellas 7 days ago

    Next the "no deal" will collapse......

  • Derran Lawston
    Derran Lawston 7 days ago +1

    1:12 I thought Brits use the metric system, why did he say miles?

  • DonFrulli
    DonFrulli 7 days ago

    What is mindblowing for me is that Farage said in an interview that he is part of the European Parliament for 20 years now or so and he worked hard to achieve a Brexit. He said he had problems with the whole with the parliament and the whole alliance from the beginning. So instead of trying to fix it he basically flushed down a generation's future. Well done!

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson 7 days ago +1

    I say take no notice of biased channel 4 !! How much money has the corrupt EU give you?

  • Richard Hadj
    Richard Hadj 7 days ago

    We dont want alot of them having settled status in the uk are schools & nhs are suffering alot of these easten European countries have a poor economy and we dont buy anything from them. We have so many romanians now living in are area its a joke. We voted out to stop the imagrants coming in the thousands. I agree with letting war refugees in from syria

  • Abir Ahmed
    Abir Ahmed 7 days ago

    Lol ferries

  • Abir Ahmed
    Abir Ahmed 7 days ago

    Why would IRA want to return when they know very well that the UK brexit has shot themselves in their own foot.

  • Hanaan Abbasi
    Hanaan Abbasi 7 days ago

    Anybody else think the UK will keep delaying brexit lol

  • Robyn Daniels
    Robyn Daniels 8 days ago +1

    I think the British public voted for No Deal when we voted to leave. We want no part of their meddling in the way we run our country and economy.Now there are MPs who think they know better than the public what we need - but they will be gone at the next election if they fail to realise they are there to represent the voters views and wants not their own. It is appalling that the Government has been trying to 'negotiate' with the EU when no negotiation between Parliament and an unelected EU bureaucracy is required - we just trade with the EU as we do with the rest of the world - no favours or deals required. It is the British way to be fair and treat all the same and we want out of the EU 'cartel'. Leave it to the businessmen and the public to sort it out - no government intervention required - they are patently useless and not up to the task of what ought to be simple enough. Just say 'No' and 'Go' to those EU and Remainer fools who don't seem to understand how democracy (rule by the people) works.

  • Ben Brosch
    Ben Brosch 8 days ago

    Ask for 2nd....3rd....4th you all still are screwed.

  • mentalplayground
    mentalplayground 8 days ago

    65£ for settlement application was cancelled. Correct ?

  • aytinchis
    aytinchis 8 days ago +1

    NO-DEAL just get it done. It's what I voted for, I would do it again especially as the predicted EU army is now being formed. EU is doomed and always was just like all other entities in history that got too big.

  • Winston Pariag
    Winston Pariag 9 days ago

    Ok I get f b I I gave proof

  • Evil One
    Evil One 9 days ago

    anything to lesson jewish control...

  • Lee Gee
    Lee Gee 9 days ago

    I've not watched Channel 4 for about 20 years, so forgive what may seem like an old-fashioned question, but why is this guy over-exaggerating his facial and vocal expressions? And why can I hear his lips smacking between sentences?

  • Grace Kind
    Grace Kind 9 days ago

    Just thought I'd say I'm writing an article about Brexit for a school thing, and this was really helpful x

  • Cameron Brooks
    Cameron Brooks 9 days ago

    This guy seems a bit over the top

  • František Zvěřina

    With hard Brexit Chinese Ebay sellers gonna move their stock to continental Europe. Things should get cheaper without those exorbitant shipping prices. Sorry Brittain - you were a good one but I won't cry for you.

  • drummanx1
    drummanx1 9 days ago

    David Moody, wake up and smell the coffee, look at my comments below and research some of them to find out what will happen in 2020 and 2022 if we remain under the thumb of these fools in Brussels. Oh, by the way it's easy to call anyone who voted against you and to leave RACIST BIGOTS. This is a typical no real answer comment from liberal lefties who have no debate on the subject. Those type of remarks to anyone who disagree with you have long fallen on deaf ears, so you'll have to come up with some other derogatory terms. Do you also realise that you are calling 17+ million English people racist bigots, good luck with that one.

    • The Flying Spaghetti Monster
      The Flying Spaghetti Monster 4 days ago

      Come on then, moron; how will the UK be better off by leaving? What gains will we make? What tangible benefits will we see?

  • drummanx1
    drummanx1 9 days ago

    Mr fair chap, read the 'lisbon treaty', and see how you feel after that.

  • drummanx1
    drummanx1 9 days ago

    benjamin so you are superior to 17 + million people. Hope your head can keep your brain inside of it.

  • drummanx1
    drummanx1 9 days ago

    Natan you are a typical idiot. Don't you understand that we have already had a referendum and it certainly didn't include the best of three or five or how ever long it would take to change the leave vote.

  • drummanx1
    drummanx1 9 days ago

    Why don't you tell the UK about the dire implications of the LISBON TREATY, and how we and the rest of Europe will have no future vito's or abstenations and will be ruled totally from brussels.

  • Sebastian Davies
    Sebastian Davies 10 days ago

    Brexit is going to undermine the integrity of the UK which is far worse than compromising EU membership. First it will be Scotland then Northern Ireland as they will prefer Eu membership in the future rather UK membership. Then, possibly Gibraltar might go independent like Monaco or Andorra as Gibraltar relies on Spanish trade and they might prefer Eu membership rather than UK membership.
    It must be reminded also that the prototype idea of the EU was to prevent war between European countries. Who knows what might happen in 50 years time after Brexit.
    Brexit will also mean the end for the Industry as most companies in this country were privatised by Thatcher a long time ago to European companies.
    No country can compete economically with the EU as its total GDP is even higher than the US or Commonwealth GDP which also means more money coming from trade.
    Food, Medicines and Technology will be now imported from countries with lower quality standards.
    Politicians will be the only ones benefited with Brexit as they will be able to control taxes, no wonder REES MOGG likes it so that he can become a billionaire instead of a millionaire.
    In essence Brexit is happening because some British people do not know where they currently are in the World. Most of them keep a grip on the image of the British Empire which does not exist anymore and they will get to see how the world pays 0 attention to Britain in the future compared to in those times. An example of this is the amount of time that common European citizens spend thinking about Brexit which is around 5 minutes once every 3 months, while We British people spend an average of 1/4 of a day thinking about it.

  • li d
    li d 10 days ago +1

    Anyone got a recipe for turnips and chlorinated chicken?

  • meemeeciicii
    meemeeciicii 10 days ago

    Stockpiling?? Is that supposed to calm people down?

  • Alan Ross
    Alan Ross 11 days ago +6

    Will no doubt be considered trite but people usually get what they deserve. However 48% of those who voted to remain will be getting what they don’t deserve. Democracy is poorly served by referendum. Think about a referendum that asked British voters whether the were in favor of condemning Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and Jacob Rees Mogg to life imprisonment for the roles they have played in the Brexit fiasco and 51% voted in favor.

  • Ruben
    Ruben 11 days ago

    Hard Brexit will be great for property rental(Landlords). as soon the pound start going down and the inflation going up the bank will start cut mortgages aplications. so good news for firs time buyers

  • cilcito 58
    cilcito 58 11 days ago

    So we stand alone and free them from Nazi rule?. Why do we need a deal from them?. They should be showing us some gratitude.

    • li d
      li d 10 days ago

      Sometime in the future you are going to have to decide if you think lowering food safety standards is a good thing or a bad thing. Answer please if you will.
      Li D Australia

  • Lm Ben
    Lm Ben 11 days ago +3

    Why British people are so narrow minded and stupid ?

  • gopeto lud
    gopeto lud 11 days ago

    I am a hardworking citizen of the EU with a perfect record and i wanted to live and work in London ... And now i don't know if I can do that and even if i do get the passport I'm afraid that everyone will start looking at EU citizens like we are some outsiders...

  • J San
    J San 12 days ago

    Here is an interesting thought. So my family manufacture cooking goods, a company started by my father, for us this is brilliant news.
    We don't rely on EU, or Europe, no money is leaving UK unless parts not sold here.
    The problem is no one is making anything, you're relying on others and not caring where the profit money goes. The worst thing is companies adopted a friendly mentally to sell you goods that benefit their country, you spend the chump change while not creating your own cars.
    You were tricked into thinking you were European, now they're closing down your factories and fcking off, because they don't own a monopoly anymore. .......

  • fmbmrtjdpcmrtb
    fmbmrtjdpcmrtb 12 days ago

    I normally like Channel 4. However......who makes these awful videos?! Talk about patronising - are they for children??

  • musictomyears8
    musictomyears8 13 days ago

    The saddest long term effect is that from March 2019 we are losing our EU citizenship. We are losing four fundamental freedoms, the right to be treated equally with citizens across a large space of 500 million people

  • Matthew Siler
    Matthew Siler 13 days ago

    Final Statement: All UK decisions will be made only here.
    What a naive show of your hand. That's such a politicizing statement that has no grounding in the reality that almost EVERY decision (cabbage) requires a relationship with other countries.
    Premise is reasonable, and your thoughts are good and encourage discussion, also good not to support panic, but neglectful and naive.
    How did you leave out the fact that they will likely work to push back the deadline so the "deal" has more time to be worked out?
    If you're going to end up being obviously on one side of the argument, just politely and honestly say so near the beginning.

  • lianeisme
    lianeisme 13 days ago

    You had a referendum, you can’t have another one. That’s like playing a game and cheating because you didn’t win. The people voted end of story. Leave with no deal let England be “Great Britain” once again. Yes it will be difficult at first but the English are resistant and strong. Mark my words once the UK leave other countries will follow, they have been waiting on the side line. The EU need the UK the UK don’t need the EU. You will be able to trade with the rest of the world. You will get your fishing industry back and many other industries. The UK will thrive and survive stay strong Great Britain. The whole world is behind you.

  • HolyPaalooza
    HolyPaalooza 13 days ago

    Lol propaganda at its finest and the idiot who ran the campaign is now working as part of the EU ! Oh the irony is so rich it’s coming out our asses. But non the less British people have the ability to survive difficult situations and decisions and eventually we will all work together to ensure that the interests of the people are made. For example we can allow immigration but looking at Australian rules and impose a educated status or provide work in sectors that are needed. Healthcare will take a hit but if our government is wise and the money which was pumped into the EU is given back to the NHS then it will have a better outcome and make it a more pleasant atmosphere for those working in the tough environment. The government has already set out a new guidelines for pensions as we have known for a long time survival rates are up and the state pension is already taking a massive hit. Hopefully farming will boom as many are facing job losses due to competitive imports and overall we will be ok. I am not against immigration as I know our country relies on hard working citizens as many of our own have a bad work ethic. But I do feel that if we all pitch together we can all make this work and make a new Britain which is stronger and has people who are focused on mending the broken systems we currently have in place. Final note I think ALL MP’s should not get a expense budget. YOU GUYS EARN MORE THEN NEEDED AND SHOULD LEARN TO PAY FOR BASICS LIKE THE LITTLE PEOPLE DO. Our taxes should go to better things then your ‘expenses’. Just sayin.

  • Jaikee Berlin
    Jaikee Berlin 13 days ago

    Haha, don't worry, Brits! Everything will be fine! Oh, and stop buying our BMWs!
    Just put on your Union Jack underpants instead and you'll all be riding on unicorns on streets made of rainbows!

  • K S
    K S 13 days ago

    Any benefits from this no deal crazyness?
    If as bad as it looks WHY nobody stops this nonsense???? Really are the brits THAT stupid???

  • sean mccafferty
    sean mccafferty 14 days ago

    Oh amazing, so from March 30th The Tories can make laws to govern us and we all know how they put the public before their own self interests.

  • Adam Salem
    Adam Salem 14 days ago

    Can we please get the second referendum. Let the people decide

  • civilrights paulus
    civilrights paulus 14 days ago

    The UK Sat in the north Atlantic like a clueless duck, with Trump pulling out of NATO, I see Putin licking his lips as well as the EU and Trump Himself. I cant Blaim them. The Poodle will be off the lap of the USA.

  • Lynda Dale
    Lynda Dale 14 days ago

    Best video explanation yet,
    even I understood it, thanks,
    now that I get it
    I can really start to worry. 😼

  • george debenham
    george debenham 14 days ago

    This is laughable

  • Joan Fordham
    Joan Fordham 14 days ago

    Brexit Wrexit This was the worst thing to happen since Perfidious Albion gave up on the Commonwealth . Garage just for a start should give up all his undeserved salary he received as an MEP Rats leave sunken ships and I read a report which said that in the event of Brexit being a failure he would go to America .Rats leave sinking ships It appears some of them gnaw a huge hole in the hull first !
    Oh the gullible Voters believing the the Brexiteers . Every newspaper who advocated Brexit shame on your greed .If you voted Brexit with an IQ of above 70 WHAT is YOUR excuse , ?

  • Bredah
    Bredah 14 days ago

    stop brexit.

  • Scott Gibson
    Scott Gibson 14 days ago +1

    I can't believe we're leaving how foolish😐😟😖

  • LJ Garrison
    LJ Garrison 14 days ago

    A no-deal brexit is a good thing

  • John Smith
    John Smith 14 days ago

    One man one vote is an out dated ideology.

  • A one legged man
    A one legged man 15 days ago +1

    Don't get your news from the government! (channel 4)

  • Paulo Marcos
    Paulo Marcos 15 days ago

    3rd world country disguised as a 1st! Based on its ignorance!

  • Karl Horsfield
    Karl Horsfield 15 days ago

    There will, be tears .of that I'm sure .I personally think it's all part of a bigger plan ( probably dreamed up in clarence house by some think tank.the plan is to get us out of the European union and all it's legal constraints by any means as soon as possible even on a no deal basis and while Europe destroys itself and after a propaganda campaign of sorts Britain will vote labour in as a new hope .however it doesn't matter who is in government for the greater good Britain will then attempt to rebuild itself although I also think a big war is imminent and Britain can strategically defend itself much better as an independent island .what's the bigger picture ? What's the agenda? We've all been sold a lie ....there is much more afoot than meets the eye .

  • Ciaran Fahy
    Ciaran Fahy 15 days ago

    I can understand disliking the EUs democratic structure (I'm not a fan of it myself it does need improving), but tf is leaving going to do, the UK would still be dependent on the EU(though the EU will likely end up still partially dependent on the UK like beforehand), but we loose any influence we had over the decisions ourselves(assuming we maintain single market).

  • Liam Burns
    Liam Burns 15 days ago

    I look forward to it and thank you for your video

  • Liam Burns
    Liam Burns 15 days ago

    Weren't reall preped for the vikings either but hey ho we're still here

  • Liam Burns
    Liam Burns 15 days ago

    Good. Employ more people to do the checks. Christ knows enough money gets pissed up the wall

  • Lenny locker
    Lenny locker 15 days ago +25

    As a person who couldn’t vote at the time, no one at our school wanted Brexit, not a single person. It’s all about the twats that are 60+ years old banging on about immigrants. They should not have been allowed to vote and the age should have been 14+ because we are actually being effected by this

    • Robyn Daniels
      Robyn Daniels 7 days ago

      There is a good reason you don't have the vote - you are immature and don't have life experience. Even at 40 people are to0 young to run countries - look at the mess Blair made for the UK and Macron is making for France. Mic drop!

    • Puddylicks1
      Puddylicks1 11 days ago +1

      It doesn't matter if a voter is 99 years of age and has a day left to live. They have a right to vote. Its called equality.
      Also, not all old voted leave likewise with younger lot. I keep hearing this along with 'them that cant read/educated' shouldn't be allowed to vote! Which again is ludicrous.
      Does that mean the only people who should vote are young with degree's in Social science, Politics and economics can vote?!
      Bigoted opinions generated against others by the media is sickening. We are all equal here. Get over it.

    • root
      root 12 days ago

      It's immature and absurd to say that 60+ year olds shouldn't be allowed to vote just because they were swindled through fear and propaganda. They are also effected and at a time in their lives when many are already on a fixed income that will never increase and likely only decrease as they age. At least if you are young and healthy then you can always work to provide for yourself.

    • OneNation Gaming
      OneNation Gaming 12 days ago +2

      Yes the result could of been very different as those ages 65+ had a turn out of 90% (mainly leave votes) registering. Where as the 18-24 year olds only had a turn out of 60% (mainly remain votes) that was registered. The younger generation who are crying out and wanting a second referendum unfortunately have missed their chance, they should of got out and voted! They had their voice and opinion ready to be heard but didn't take the opportunity, which is such a shame!

  • David Hughes
    David Hughes 15 days ago

    When will people realise, there is no 'G' in Brexit! Fuckin Breggzit, it's on the faaaaakin wireless all day! I say, 'FUXIT'. Jim'll Fuxit for you and you and you!!!!