What could a no-deal Brexit actually mean for YOU?

  • Published on Jan 15, 2019
  • Theresa May's Brexit deal has been defeated by MPs and the UK is creeping closer to leaving the EU without a deal. But how does a no-deal Brexit actually affect you? (Subscribe: bit.ly/C4_News_Subscribe)
    UPDATE: Since publication, Theresa May has announced the application fee to gain Settled Status has been waived, and any previous payments will be reimbursed.
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Comments • 6 286

  • Just Michael123
    Just Michael123 10 hours ago +1

    19/08/19... Still not found a suitable deal. Nice one British Government.

  • Roskellan
    Roskellan Day ago

    Oh dear, scare mongering gone mad. Extremists trying to lock us into the EU against the will of the people is the real danger. WTO is inevitable, so we need to be prepared for it for sure. But delay past October, stop it - no chance.

  • ferkemall
    ferkemall 3 days ago

    Welcome to brexit the Governments rendition of the Eagles Hotel California going 4 YEARS IN THE CHARTS =fking disgrace !

  • ferkemall
    ferkemall 3 days ago

    2020 = the year of EU COMPLIANCE 2021 = the EU to unify the cost of energy that means the UK has to pay the same as the other EU countries and due to the fact that May signed up to all of this & more we are going to get hit big time But the BBC wont be doing any reporting on this any time soon , the UK has a energy grid link with France via the under sea cable s that have just been renewed ,its the 3rd time they renewed it and as we are linked we are open to the EU rates for the energy and in 2021 those rates are going up and life is going to get very expensive , back in the 70s was when the fist cables were laid when we became members of the EU .
    May raised the VAT rate for solar and all things green from 5% to 20% so if you have a basic £6000 soar set up at 5% =£6300 same set with 20% =£7200 ,

    EU is pushing everybody to have all electric appliances like heating ,they are going to ban open fire places ,log burners via new laws like smokeless zones ,great for the German wind farm business bad for us in UK
    if you think you are getting mugged its true !

  • Adonis Antonio
    Adonis Antonio 4 days ago

    Britain will do just fine...the remainders get with it.

  • Ur Mum
    Ur Mum 4 days ago

    Now I want no deal brexit!
    Channel 4 “Mission Failed”

  • The Grumpy Englishman

    How very unbiased

  • jan beerzs
    jan beerzs 6 days ago

    free scotland

  • BonzoDog67 Lizardking
    BonzoDog67 Lizardking 6 days ago +1

    One gets the distinct impression the EU needs Britain more than Britain needs the EU. Why else is the EU so determined to make leaving so disagreeable?

    • mogznwaz
      mogznwaz 5 days ago

      Yes their move to force the WA before even taking trade was cynical and manipulative and goes against the spirit of their own treaties. A phased approach for both would have been more sensible and removed the need for things like backstops or queues.

  • Clifford Hatton
    Clifford Hatton 7 days ago

    This is a C4 production, therefore pro-Euro propaganda.

  • Paulina Ruiz
    Paulina Ruiz 8 days ago +1

    Scotland should temporarily join Ireland (along with N. Ireland) until this Brexit mess resolves and then become its own country. Cultural siblings UNITE! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇮🇪😊

    • mogznwaz
      mogznwaz 5 days ago

      England are your cultural siblings too. In fact there are probably as many Irish and Scots in England as there are in Scotland and Ireland!!!! And people call the English nationalistic! Wow!

  • Good luck everyone
    Good luck everyone 8 days ago

    I have made £800 (€900) on my money transfering it all into Euros. The conversion was done before Boris's rise to power and now. Thanks Boris, but shame I haven't hundreds of thousands of pounds to play with.
    Once the pound is devalued beyond belief I will transfer it all back into pounds obviously.

  • Ali
    Ali 9 days ago +1

    Britain will be fucked after leaving the EU

  • Joaquim Monteiro
    Joaquim Monteiro 10 days ago

    is it time to start stockpiling food cans at home?

  • Digit 56
    Digit 56 11 days ago

    Not interested in your channels bullshit and lies!

  • Marty D
    Marty D 13 days ago

    Scaremongering at it's best

  • Kev
    Kev 14 days ago

    If the Irish go back to killing each other over Brexit and the border problems which might occur, they are no more then

  • Bill Pepper
    Bill Pepper 15 days ago


  • laksa girl
    laksa girl 15 days ago

    Let go of northern ireland... n start figure out trading proposals and etc... cant they??? Pity the people... sorry... not british but a bit confuse n frustrated...

  • Kandahari Afghan
    Kandahari Afghan 16 days ago

    if is no deal my point of you
    1 Fuel expensive
    2 Less students coming
    3 less work
    4 less business
    5 hard to pay tax
    6 ponds Value goes down
    7 And little bit different countries will be hate uk 🤔
    Country will takes Long time to go to forward
    Good things
    1 food will be cheap
    2 house rent will be cheap
    3 house price will be cheap
    4 more jobs but part times only

    • mogznwaz
      mogznwaz 5 days ago +1

      Nice post. Very tolerant. We really want you to come and live here, you're our kind of guy 🙄

  • Adam Polichoński
    Adam Polichoński 16 days ago

    Great Britain it will be not Great any more ans sunk like titanic :)

  • Damien CALLAGHAN
    Damien CALLAGHAN 18 days ago +1

    i have been listening to this SHITE for two and a half FUCKING YEARS and i still don't have a clue whats going on
    BACKSTOP YOUR SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Neil Caress
    Neil Caress 18 days ago

    Reassuring about the ferry situation. But ah hang on a minute wasn't that Seaborne Freight which doesn't actually have any ferries or anything else for that matter.

  • Stupidity Prevails
    Stupidity Prevails 19 days ago

    Just like Brexit means Brexit...
    No deal should mean no deal ...
    Europe shall never deal with Britain ever again ...in case of no deal ...
    Treat Britain same way as North Korea or Iran....
    If the Brits wanna retire Europe with no deal...they should as well get an overall no deal retirement...
    The same sick colonial mentality....
    We'll torture and abuse you for as long as we want then we simply kick you out into the unknown...

    • malcolm chambers
      malcolm chambers 17 days ago

      Well, you did at least get one thing right......your youtube name!

  • NWO 4LiFE
    NWO 4LiFE 19 days ago

    Scaremongering bollox

  • Good People
    Good People 20 days ago


    • mogznwaz
      mogznwaz 5 days ago

      Pfft rubbish. We just want our independence, why is this so hard to understand?

  • Bill Oliver
    Bill Oliver 20 days ago

    6.22: Q: “So will there be chaos if we leave without a deal?”
    A: “Not necessarily”
    then goes on to mention some of the Government’s war footing type preparations before ending with:
    “So what do you think: is it really that bad, or will things work out better than predicted?” (also meaning “is it really that bad?”)
    Yet despite all the promises at the time of the referendum, of great trade deals etc falling into our lap and of the UK’s rise in economic prosperity, you'll find almost nowhere a Leave voter willing to admit they made a mistake.
    Which begs the question: what would it take for these people to realise?
    Or: is it true, and they are all thick?

    • malcolm chambers
      malcolm chambers 17 days ago

      They are either uneducated 'biased BBC' fans, globalists (NWO), or Thick. The choice is yours.

  • /•Gacha• •Cookie•\

    We got a big house full of highly educated people who have been bickering and back biting each other instead of getting together and sorting it out. Why can’t they get on and just get it sorted for the sake of the people.?

  • Great Briton
    Great Briton 20 days ago +1

    All I see is a simple free trade agreement, meant for economic efficiency, parasitically binding its hosts with ever-increasing numbers of agreements, and then laws, and then government, flag and anthem, with its own military in the pipeline! Like a leech it sucks up billions in revenue without accounting. Like a tumour it wastes millions in bureaucracy. This 'agreement' was never about economic efficiency. It was always about power. Why take over by military conquest, when you can tickle the nations into the palm of your hand, and then own them? There is so much bias, so much propaganda, so much outright lying, so much manipulation and control from Brussels, it obviously cannot be about anything else than control - especially control over financial revenue. It's nothing short of a burgeoning tyranny, and we will see the steel hand emerge from the velvet glove soon.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 22 days ago

    We control our borders and our laws - ok a bit of disruption - worth it

  • Walter Taljaard
    Walter Taljaard 23 days ago +1

    The Berlin/Brussels eurocrats want the UK to become a sort of international paria, because of the ''betrayal'' of the British people voting in favour of Brexit. The leftist even would like to starve the UK with sanctions, and some of them hope that the US, once Trump is kicked out, will occupy the UK in order to force it ''back in line.'' Believe it or not, this was seriously proposed by a member of the Dutch Green Party in a national newspaper.
    These people are evil!

    • mogznwaz
      mogznwaz 5 days ago

      Yes this shows to me that the British are, once again, taking one for the team in defence of freedom and against fascism.

  • Stephanie Crook
    Stephanie Crook 25 days ago

    Channel 4 is funded by the EU commission. Fact!! Look it up. Biased! Fake news

  • Jaco
    Jaco 27 days ago

    He makes it sound so easy to leave the EU without a deal. If it was that easy, it would have happened already and the UK government wouldn't have been trying to get their deal through for months now. Clearly, things aren't nowhere as nice and neat as this video suggests. You also didn't mention a timeline at all. These problems sound like they're short-term problems but they're not. It'll take years, to negotiate new trade deals with other countries so all these problems will last just as long.

  • Kyriakos Sidiropoulos
    Kyriakos Sidiropoulos 27 days ago

    well at the end of the day you have no clue. thanks for nothing.

  • Creative_ TV
    Creative_ TV Month ago

    I am Ukrainian though, I consider Brexit as an odd decision of the UK citizens as well as its government. Having watched a few videos about Brexit explanation, I assume that there are plenty of points which have to be taken into account by the British government. I support the Chequers Deal of Theresa May because she wants to make a compromise between the UK and the EU supporting a good relationship with the European Union and having a freedom of trade agreements, avoiding tariffs and taxes with EU too. On the flip side conservative MPs are for a hard brexit that interfere May to implement her own project. Overall, there was a correct phrase for everybody to decide on their own whether either to leave or to stay in the EU or choose one or the other Brexit.

  • Ken Upton
    Ken Upton Month ago

    More terrorist attacks are coming

  • tucays1
    tucays1 Month ago +1

    it would do nothing for me, I HAVE BEEN WORKING CLASS SINCE I left school 60 years ago, governments have done everything in their power to rake all my taxes into their bank accounts leaving me and my family on the breadline, and when I retired they froze what little pension I had so I could not enjoy the little bit of life I have left, I would like to see them all die of the most painful disease ever for what they have done to this country'

  • Walter Rankin
    Walter Rankin Month ago

    Channel 4 scare mongering

  • 666huntu Fireman
    666huntu Fireman Month ago

    No wonder, illegals including arms, drugs a explosives easily get smuggled in when currently trucks get waived through. Fukoff, no deal, means the eu suffer because the UK import far less than the eu. That's why the eu fuktards want it their way. So just fkn doit. In 5 years it'll be forgotten, as people have short memories. Lmffo 😂

    • Project Meh
      Project Meh 22 days ago

      The UK exports 400B and imports 600B , that's a negative trade balance of 200B, UK exports to the EU around 40% and imports from EU around 50%, also the EU has a trade balance of around -22B, tho it has been positive for around 6 years prior

  • Aimee Thomson
    Aimee Thomson Month ago

    After letting them in....

  • Antonio Saldana
    Antonio Saldana Month ago

    Extension much lol.

  • Thomas Conrow
    Thomas Conrow Month ago

    I think there are ways around the "treat all countries equally in trade rule".

  • postwar46
    postwar46 Month ago

    Can the UK really have any sort of deal with the EU on leaving ? It would be like having an agreement with the Krays . "Don't tell us, we'll tell you."

  • David BARNETT
    David BARNETT Month ago +1

    The current EU is just the continuation of Hitlers plan to "unite" Europe. Germany was the Base, France, Italy and Spain were all on board, Poland, Austria and Bavaria were conquered. Only Britain stood against the madness of Fascism and totalitarian control. And now, again, SHE stands against the very same ideology dressed up in new clothes, but with the same rotten heart. Bless the UK, may she stand strong against this threat and return to her former self as the bastion of freedom in Europe!!! I am saying this to the new prime minister. who ever this may be.ON the referendum ballot paper. there where two boxes one box to put our X to leave the EU and one to remain in the EU..BUT there was NO BOX to put a X to renegotiate our membership to the EU.

  • greg eldridge
    greg eldridge Month ago


  • Amoroso Gombe
    Amoroso Gombe Month ago

    But for Africa a no deal Brexit could be good. We may be able to export our agriculture into the UK tariff free!

    • mogznwaz
      mogznwaz 5 days ago

      We've always said this, as it would help African farmers, but the EU is too protectionist of its own farmers.

  • Rob Linnell
    Rob Linnell Month ago +1

    It'll be the best thing that will happen for the UK in many years, despite you're scare campaign.
    You think UK is so weak and unimportant that they can't make their own deals.
    WOW the trucks may take longer to come through, probably means less drugs you idiots. What a bunch of snowflakes.

  • Bob Marshall
    Bob Marshall Month ago

    Interesting that much of what we hear about is scare tactics about "the economy".
    Of course the wealthy control the economy and it is in their interests to pay off politicians to get what they want and spread panic and lies.
    Many years ago the economy was only part of the bigger picture. This is where it should be put now.
    With the other aspects like quality of life and national security, the issues of uncontrolled immigration and terrorism that have now destroyed much of Europe and the UK need to be much more in focus!
    Regarding all the negative scare tactic carry-on about having to re-establish borders, well it all worked prior to 50 years ago and it can work again.

  • Joel Hall
    Joel Hall Month ago

    This is really misleading.

  • ragnar- rok
    ragnar- rok Month ago

    At the moment we are still in the EU. That puts us near the top of the first division along with Germany France Italy Spain. No deal Brexit would relegate us to the forth division. We would do this to ourselves. Customs union deal would negate trade deals for goods but for services might be possible. Trading on WTO rules alone would take 15 years to reach the 3rd division. Sorry but that is the long and short of it.

  • Dickhead Records
    Dickhead Records 2 months ago

    sounds like a fucking nightmare

  • Salad Sandwich Steak on the side

    So it will cost less for a European fart and a Brittish fart will be more expensive....💨😷

  • Boona Mohammed
    Boona Mohammed 2 months ago

    Do we los more job.?

  • fintan darcy
    fintan darcy 2 months ago

    Channel 4 news a Cabal of London Leftists leftbank establishment activists if you challenge them in this organisation you want stay on the gravy train for much longer. Paid by the British taxpayers.

  • Gary Ibbitson
    Gary Ibbitson 2 months ago

    This MAY happen, this COULD happen, this MIGHT happen, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH FFS, good old C4 bullshit.

  • cats are in my heart forever

    Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit

  • Liam Carr
    Liam Carr 2 months ago +1

    The European union and the anti democratic British politicians are the only people who propose a hard Irish border .South Korea have just agreed to trade with the UK on the same terms as the EU

  • Michał P
    Michał P 2 months ago

    Size of UK on the map should be much smaller. It's a mistake.

  • heinz53
    heinz53 2 months ago

    It does mean freedom, control borders, great trade deals, less taxes, more produkpction, more work, more prosperrity, more safety, resoring UK identity...and a LOT more because after no deal Brexit every molecule coming in, who, where, why, how and how much is from that on the decision of the ritish Parliament ONLY, the British poeples......and can influence everything with a few referenda a year. You are “liberated” again since 1945, AND CAN take the constitution on theright of selfdeterminatin and the right on selfemployment serious again.....GREAT times to be alive.....no deal IS the best deal.
    One can NEVER make ANY reasonable “deal” with tyrans, or Brussels economic te.rr o.r.is.ts, publicmoney parasites, stealing other peoles labour byong biblical scales.....

  • /dev/null
    /dev/null 2 months ago

    Brexit is like a divorce but then you know you still have to see them because of the kids.

  • frits Hoen
    frits Hoen 2 months ago

    Don't let people like Johnson and Farage fool you. My company, a multi-national, said to us that a no vote will be "very damaging". We voted no two years ago. In the meantime our new EU headquarters has been built and it is now being staffed. We have lost 250 personnel so far to EU workers. My company is not stupid and neither are the others. We don't own any of the companies anymore and industry will do exactly what it needs to do to make a profit. If that means closing and leaving then they will and our new Sovereign Government cannot do a damned thing about it. What is left on the table? Doing trade deals with other countries who know we are desperate? Is Trump going to play nice or will it be America First? Will India or Brazil want free movement of people? The troubles in NI could return. The 17 mile tailbacks are the least of the problems! Britons believed the bullshit now their bed must be layed in. Ironically the parts of the country which voted leave have the most to lose. Goodbye car industry. We will be in recession within a year if we leave with no deal. Mark my words. Johnson and Farage will be OK. They have enough money - it is just a game to them. It is the poor NO Voters who are out of a job who'lI be in trouble. I notice Farage's kids have kept their German nationality. Wonder why? The final death knell of a country which can't face the truth that it has lost not only its empire but its standing and respect. What a shame. The country will also be divided and social unrest could get out of control - not least because people who voted Brexit will be angry at the charletans who told them it will be OK. I am British btw!

  • flitsies
    flitsies 2 months ago

    With something like this there are always unforeseen circumstances not planned for.
    The thing is no one has ever been allowed to leave the EU before even though some countries have voted to leave their govt has refused them their democratic right that they freely voted for.
    The UK govt has said it will honour democracy by accepting and dealing with what the democratic outcome result delivered, now they need to do it.
    If the truth be known the so-called experts who are paid a lot of money to know this stuff know absolutely nothing, they even pretty much admitted it, so why are they paid so much money?
    Anyway that's another story, the fact is there are a lot of countries not in the EU and they do quite nicely thank you, if anything the EU strangles business, destroys innovation with legislation and ties people up in paper work.
    There is no reason why all that paper work couldn't be consolidated into a computerised system and much of it automated.
    As for the Irish boarder, if the EU wants to have a hard boarder that's up to them, the UK doesn't need to have one if they don't choose to they could in effect simply ignore the boarder coming into the UK from mainland Ireland that would be our choice, however on the EU side they would need to make that decision for themselves.
    Also if wanted there is no reason at all that Northern Ireland couldn't simply provide Irish citizens the right to move freely between mainland Ireland and northern Ireland with no right to go beyond mainland Ireland and all other British citizens would have to follow other protocols, or allow all British citizens the right to travel between mainland Ireland and Northern Ireland not going beyond mainland Ireland without extra protocol, pretty much the same as British people wanting to go beyond the boarders of the UK through none EU countries, they have to follow certain protocols.
    With regards to trade it could be exactly the same, all trade going to and staying in mainland Ireland or mainland UK could be exempt from EU and British protocols only that trade which goes beyond or is meant to go beyond the boarders would need to follow separate protocols.
    I'm sure the Irish know how to police this type of thing and why wouldn't you trust them to do it, it would be in their own interests as well as the EU and UK to police this.

  • Claw Hoof
    Claw Hoof 2 months ago

    thank god the merger with eu law was thrown out, absolute joke, almost as funny as customs officers still using paper...

  • COYF Tigers
    COYF Tigers 2 months ago +1

    A year of smacked hands and sent to bed with no tea then a year after sunshine and Lollypops :-)

  • Mohammed Jayck DingWall

    Imagine there's no countries
    It isn't hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion, too
    Imagine all the people
    Living life in peace
    You may say that I'm a dreamer
    But I'm not the only one
    I hope someday you'll join us
    And the world will be as one
    New world Order oh yeah baby

  • kim marsh
    kim marsh 2 months ago

    Britain should get over it and leave so we don't have to put up with Nigel Farage anymore.

  • Marian B.
    Marian B. 2 months ago

    Sovereignty means minding your own business and holding on to the property. Why in heaven's name is half London in the hands of foreign owners? The logic in this is missing.

    • ourorboros2
      ourorboros2 2 months ago

      And how Is that the EUs fault? How does leaving stop Chinese and Arab companies buying up land in London?

  • Marian B.
    Marian B. 2 months ago

    Talk with the Irish, they're fully confident about a coming Brexit without a deal. They're not inclined to create storms in teacups, as the English do with great ardor but to no avail. Brexit without a deal means that Britain has a large sum of money, freed up for filling the gaps that are rampant in its society. It must be invested to improve conditions of the British population, for justice and respect to all who suffer due to a government divided within itself in arrogance.

  • Marian B.
    Marian B. 2 months ago

    Here's a subject that is worthwhile to study, for when Britain encourages the development, or should I say, restoration? of manufacturing/engineering, it will be beneficial to the economy.
    Below is an excerpt from a book called "A Price to Pay? Professionalism and Work Organization in Britain and West Germany" written in 1983:
    "There tends to be more extensive occupational specialization outside the core production area in British manufacturing companies than in German ones. This appears to be associated with the emphasis in Britain on professionalism in the industry, a concept which is largely absent in Germany. The British approach is seen to have unfavorable consequences for the status of production and of the manufacturing industry in general, with quite likely depressing effects on its performance. The origins of the contrast between Britain and Germany are explored by reference to the development of post-school vocational education in the two countries, and this leads to the conclusion that strategic choices about contemporary work organization were in effect made at a societal level a century ago".

  • Jai Singh
    Jai Singh 2 months ago

    Britain has been the most conquering countries in the world
    I'm pretty sure they still have the knowledge to look after them selves perfectly well with or without a deal??!!

    • mogznwaz
      mogznwaz 5 days ago

      Britain doesn't want to be an Empire again, we just want to be independent. Like India did. We were still able to remain friends with India and the Commonwealth because we are civilised people. Not many Empires remain friends like that. The EU has cut us off from our friends like an abusive husband. We miss that feeling of freedom and friendship with our old colonial family.

  • Jeno Van bemmel
    Jeno Van bemmel 2 months ago

    It's already may

  • The Lazarus_project
    The Lazarus_project 2 months ago

    But of a bias standpoint. Stating that England hasn’t been preparing for a no deal senator but France would operate as normal with us at customs?

  • Paul Ziolo
    Paul Ziolo 2 months ago

    Why must we suffer this background, pseudo-Yiddish ’Fiddler on the Roof’ - style racket during important documentaries like this one? It lacks gravity and impedes concentration. I want to be informed, not entertained. No. You cannot combine the two. ’infotainment’ is nonsense.

  • Yeetmoid Dankerson
    Yeetmoid Dankerson 2 months ago +1

    I think the Brits should be allowed do what they want. But I’m Fricked 🇮🇪

    • mogznwaz
      mogznwaz 5 days ago

      Personally I feel pretty sure the Brits would never allow Ireland to suffer. We feel responsible. But we will also not allow the EU to use you as a chip in a game to get what they want from us - submission. I know many Irish understand this.

  • thisisbob1001
    thisisbob1001 2 months ago +3

    I've already begun digging a secret tunnel to smuggle in cheese and bacon.