What could a no-deal Brexit actually mean for YOU?

  • Published on Jan 15, 2019
  • Theresa May's Brexit deal has been defeated by MPs and the UK is creeping closer to leaving the EU without a deal. But how does a no-deal Brexit actually affect you? (Subscribe: bit.ly/C4_News_Subscribe)
    UPDATE: Since publication, Theresa May has announced the application fee to gain Settled Status has been waived, and any previous payments will be reimbursed.
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  • Paul Williams
    Paul Williams 3 days ago

    Although I find some of the comments below amusing and agree with, this vid is nothing but overblown scaremongering!

  • Jacob Friskus
    Jacob Friskus 3 days ago

    It is not too late for a Fixit with the EU - Half a year for the deal that solves many problems: just forget Brexit. Join the EU in a better future together!

  • FOXE
    FOXE 5 days ago

    من الدحيحححححح

  • unicorn 1
    unicorn 1 8 days ago


  • Bitoni Lane
    Bitoni Lane 8 days ago

    they could have new trade deals already set up if they didnt play these games and just did what the ppl voted for.

  • MrRobtwothirds
    MrRobtwothirds 8 days ago

    A no deal Brexit would mean that the people have at least some say in politics.
    As we know, they do not have that say, so the question has as much sense to it as asking "what would a house trained unicorn mean for you?"

  • Steve Robertshaw
    Steve Robertshaw 9 days ago

    only remoner post here oh yea of little faith

  • How Do
    How Do 10 days ago

    We still waiting 😂

  • Nigel S
    Nigel S 12 days ago

    It would mean democracy had been recognised and we could be responsible for our own success or mess. Sadly it appears we lack anyone of steel or intellect to carry out the task 🤔

  • I cant think of a good name

    As long as article 13 does not go through, I’m happy.

  • chunkymonkey55555
    chunkymonkey55555 15 days ago

    thing is, UK doesnt want a border with Ireland, and Ireland doesnt want a border with the UK, so who is it that is going to insist on a border in the event of a hard Brexit? hmmm?
    Big Boots EU thats who.

  • Matt Tucker
    Matt Tucker 17 days ago

    Why does he look exactly like a British Carlos from vox?

  • John Morton-Hicks
    John Morton-Hicks 17 days ago

    Brexit is seriously upsetting the British people. The sooner it is sorted we can lick any wounds and start to show the world a new era of innovation and use our well-respected ethics to the world.
    We have a lot of good friends in the west and we have helped a lot in the east. So, we don’t have many enemies - we can move forward.
    Brussels is being callous and greedy - that is why we decided to leave. We are not the only country that think they are not getting what they signed up for. I believe the member states would listen to a new idea where they have complete control of their countries but have easy trading, close relations and safety.
    Brussels has shown that it wants domination and over the years have raised their control. Europe can still operate as a united friend to Europe and the world without Brussels.
    To hear Macron spout anti Britain is laughable when he can’t help his own people. It seems he doesn’t care that without us France would be a German state and we lost a lot of our young men and women doing it.
    My wife and I went to Paris recently. As soon as we arrived, we waited in the long queue that was signed as trustworthy taxis. But when eventually, we were put in a car and taken to the hotel he demanded 3 three times more than the proper price. He looked mafia so I paid. Macron needs to sort his own country before insulting ours.
    They threaten us with car plants moving to the EU. Well, If we can remember Britain always made the world best luxury cars, planes and ships etc. and will again and they will be fierce competition.
    Britain is an innovative nation and with proper investment can create a great future even if the EU countries are mean. Germany needn’t have fired a shot because they control more of Europe now than they attacked earlier. But I have found with all my travels that, Germany is a friendly country now, but still demand all the sun beds in summer holiday countries.

  • garage187able
    garage187able 19 days ago

    Queue at the boarder? What new there, spent four hours getting through customs because the glare from the sun messed up the retina scanners. Bring back the people and paperwork!!

  • Noob Scalp
    Noob Scalp 19 days ago +3

    The language is so clever it would fool the average idiot.

  • Grażyna baron
    Grażyna baron 20 days ago +1

    The EU is under growing pressure from disinformation by countries, non-state actors and terrorist groups which promote violence and use pseudo-news agencies and internet trolls to challenge democratic values and divide Europe.

  • Shannon Nicole
    Shannon Nicole 21 day ago

    This is so unbelievably biased 😂 So not surprised coming from Channel 4. It’s criminal how biased you are.

  • youx3i
    youx3i 21 day ago

    You say "Every future decision will come from our parliament" That sounds very scary after what has been going on in London! Who in their right mind still has faith in the politicians that have been dealing with Britain?

  • Mohamed Ahmed
    Mohamed Ahmed 21 day ago

    Brexit is basically like moving out of your parents house.. at first it’s chaotic and it’ll take time for you to get on your feet but once you do you can go on and make a good living on your own terms.

  • declan ahern
    declan ahern 21 day ago

    the easy way and simple thing would be to reunite Ireland. seems simple to me.

  • Peter Rea
    Peter Rea 21 day ago +5

    What’s the point in ever voting again? Brexit Betrayed by the political establishment.

  • Al Dig
    Al Dig 21 day ago +9

    UK will change to UN...UNprepared,UNplanned, UNseen

  • M eh
    M eh 21 day ago

    Well... Nothing happened. Stop the fud.

    RDN SUBSCRIBE TO ME! 22 days ago

    search for "tommy robinson EDL pondscum"

  • Shanice kyei bonsu
    Shanice kyei bonsu 22 days ago +2

    I've been leaving in the UK since 2006 as I came from Germany with my mom, with the way things are going I'm scared as I'm not even sure whether to leave and go back to Germany or stay and carry on working this is sad really

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson 22 days ago

    The EU fills Britain with immigrants either way you loose. Goodbye to what your ancestors killed for, you give away.

  • Why Google?
    Why Google? 22 days ago

    Why would the EU have ANY SAY in what happens in the UK? Leave the Northern Irish border as is - without barriers!

    • Lisa & Carismo x3
      Lisa & Carismo x3 22 days ago

      Because they have a say in Republic of Ireland. If they treated Great Britain differently , other neighbors of the EU would complain.

  • asmr sounds
    asmr sounds 22 days ago

    April 3rd...
    Just saying.

  • Lube
    Lube 22 days ago +1

    NO DEAL is the best solution! LEAVE on WTO terms. Anything else will be a shambles!

    • M eh
      M eh 21 day ago

      No deal is not possible anymore due to yesterday's vote by 1 margin. Only option left is to revoke brexit, which will happen in 8 days.

  • Dylan Johnston
    Dylan Johnston 22 days ago

    That’s some brainwashing propaganda bull$hit

  • Chris G
    Chris G 22 days ago +2

    No deal is just as bad for Europe as it is for UK. It should be used as a negotiating chip, not avoided like the plague.

    • asmr sounds
      asmr sounds 22 days ago

      May could have easily threatened them with no deal and see if they crumbled, but that would be too easy, she likes her job too much.

  • predator videos
    predator videos 22 days ago +3

    a no deal will mean freedom end of

  • Estherchu
    Estherchu 22 days ago +3

    Stupidest thing our country has ever done.

  • Richard Kirk
    Richard Kirk 23 days ago +2

    For God’s sake. Your the freaking British!! You’ve run half the world.
    You don’t need to be run by some twats in Brussles. Figure it out.

  • AilcatLady
    AilcatLady 23 days ago

    Finally someone who pronounces "Ireland" right.

  • Robbie Stevenson
    Robbie Stevenson 23 days ago +1

    this aged well

  • General Systems Theory
    General Systems Theory 24 days ago +3

    This video needs updating as an extension was given.

  • Ursus Mega
    Ursus Mega 24 days ago

    Why would you want the UK parliament to have complete control? That seems like the WORST part of Brexit! The EU leaders are much smarter than the British ones.

    • manhunt48
      manhunt48 23 days ago

      Because like the UK leader the EU leaders have only 1 concern... Increasing their own power. . . The only difference is that we can vote out the UK ones.

  • Zero Sum
    Zero Sum 24 days ago

    Quite frankly I detest England so I really wish to see her having lots of problems this time. If she plunged into chaos, that’s fine with me. It is time for her to suffer.

  • Chris Allen
    Chris Allen 24 days ago +1

    Still trying to scare the public. No doubt hes a remouner

  • peter davies
    peter davies 24 days ago

    Put Northern Ireland up for sale.

  • Madiha Fayyaz
    Madiha Fayyaz 24 days ago

    I just don't want fricking Article 13 to happen

  • Raymond Francis
    Raymond Francis 24 days ago

    If it’s not sorted and agreed then it’s ugly vs ugly vs ugly in a triple threat girl slap

  • Cloudy Lemonade
    Cloudy Lemonade 24 days ago +2

    So wheres all the perks the leavers were waffling on about? anyone...

    • account 1
      account 1 23 days ago +1

      the 'leavers' realize what propaganda is - you do not

  • SgtLion
    SgtLion 24 days ago

    I didn't hear a single good thing. The absolute only thing somebody might argue is 8:00, that all laws will be made solely by parliament. BUT PARLIAMENT ALREADY MAKES ALL THE LAWS; And the UK has a right to veto most EU laws passed down on them. So this sounds just like an 8 minute overview of the bad things and minor reductions of some of those bad things.

  • Ice
    Ice 24 days ago +1

    Well brexit has been delayed

  • steve Justice
    steve Justice 24 days ago

    And the sky will fall too...chicken little told me so....just like when he told me that in 2000 all computers would crash. Just pull off the band-aid you sissys- USA.

  • hogfest 50
    hogfest 50 25 days ago +1

    THE CONS only gave us the vote to get re elected now theyre cocking up big time !

  • Shispirina
    Shispirina 25 days ago +1

    This is what you get from xenophobia... bye UK!

  • stephen isom
    stephen isom 25 days ago


  • Mauricio GARCIA PONTE
    Mauricio GARCIA PONTE 25 days ago

    I have work over 25 years I have paid all contribution to the nhs and Inland revenue. I wonder what's going to happen with those rights if there is a No Deal brexit. I have left the UK 4 years ago because I was seeing very clear at what it was coming. And I am not planning to ask for any status as I no longer live in the UK.
    I hope that's British people will make clear their wish to forget these absurd Brexit business that should have never started and in any case never base only 50% consultation and not in a proper qualified majority as it should have been.

    • manhunt48
      manhunt48 23 days ago

      This things existed longer before the EU and will exist longer after.... Pure fear mongering.

  • eva mutavchieva
    eva mutavchieva 26 days ago +8

    It's the 31 of March and still nothing has happened

  • Lilie Olive The orange monkey

    Thank you great vlog and clear explanation. Let’s hope we get booted out in April. God willing. 🦔🍂🍁

  • Lilie Olive The orange monkey

    Britain needs to buy British once more! Helping our economy and our Planet 🌏 yea Great Britain again 😎

  • funkmasterjee
    funkmasterjee 26 days ago +2

    Maybe if UK crashes out with no deal they can use the Royal Core of Engineers (Sappers) to build the 310 mile Irish border wall. That's if they can dodge IRA sniper's bullets. Yes a wall should start the Irish "troubles" up again quite nicely.
    I wonder how popular Theresa May and the Tories in general are in N.I. I think if she visited she might even need to travel around in an armoured personnel carrier.

    • Ma Pa
      Ma Pa 26 days ago

      You'll never beat the Irish anyway, but now it gets even harder.

  • Arthur Heidt
    Arthur Heidt 26 days ago +1

    british pounds will be worthless all over europe dont expect that uk can buy much at all anymore.

    • Ma Pa
      Ma Pa 26 days ago

      But hey, at least the UK can export some more pounds of Porridge or something!

  • A J
    A J 26 days ago

    Well, if NO-DEAL is that bad, then why is the UK parliament not accepting DEAL BREXIT?

    READ MORE 26 days ago +3

    no-deal-brexit= FREEDOM

  • The clubof.info Blog
    The clubof.info Blog 27 days ago

    A bunch of things that don't affect most people. Northern Ireland, holidaymakers and visitors seem to be the only people affected severely and that is even dubious too.

  • Aleksejs Sovans
    Aleksejs Sovans 27 days ago


  • insert generic name here
    insert generic name here 27 days ago +1

    +++ THE DAY AFTER +++

  • Dats my shyt
    Dats my shyt 27 days ago +3

    It's official we've all become a laughing stock
    Despicable 😒😠

  • funkmasterjee
    funkmasterjee 27 days ago +3

    No deal has been (yet again) rejected
    Common Market 2.0 has been rejected
    EFTA / EEA membership has been rejected
    Revoking article 50 has been rejected
    Malthouse plan B has been rejected
    Although they did not command majorities the three proposals with the largest commons support are -
    A confirmatory public vote (this got the largest number of votes)
    UK in a permanent customs union (soft Brexit)
    Labour's alternative plan (soft Brexit)
    Then there is Theresa May's draft agreement that has been rejected three times.
    As the draft agreement took over two years to negotiate it would make sense to keep it as an option on a public vote ballot paper.
    Therefore in my opinion if there is a public vote to get UK out of this impasse the ballot paper should look like this --
    1. UK in a permanent customs union (soft Brexit)
    2. Labour's alternative plan (soft Brexit)
    3. Theresa May's draft agreement
    4. Remain
    As 'leave with no deal' was soundly rejected and got very little commons support it would not make sense to include it as an option.
    To be fair the number of votes for 1, 2 and 3 should be combined against 4. If the combined number of votes beat No.4 then the option (1, 2 or 3) with the most votes would become policy. The impasse would end, the endless debates and arguing would end, business could plan and invest.

    • funkmasterjee
      funkmasterjee 26 days ago +1

      +the one and only It's now getting to the point where a real decision HAS to be made. It's either let UK crash out with no deal, choose the PM's draft agreement or ask for a long extension for whatever reason.
      Parliament seems incapable of making a decision, therefore although a people's vote is far from ideal to many (and to some extent I can see their point), a people's vote seems the only fair way to break the impasse.
      Theresa May's last trick of leaving the declaration off the last (3rd) vote is quite plainly chicanery. It is part and parcel of the draft agreement and everyone knows it. No doubt she and her cabinet (those left that can still stand her) will try another crafty trick ....if John Berkow let's it slide.

    • the one and only
      the one and only 26 days ago

      not a bad idea even though I am against another referendum

  • Mike
    Mike 27 days ago +1

    Just drop all Tariffs and stop trying to milk every nickel and dime (or pence) from the people. I say F*ck the government/parliament and anyone wearing a badge of authority.
    Just refuse to recognize their authority and get on with life.

  • Jon Eagle
    Jon Eagle 27 days ago

    Should’ve voted for a red, white and blue Brexit

    • Ma Pa
      Ma Pa 26 days ago

      What does that even mean? Red like blood, blue like depression and white like capitulation, I guess?

  • Marck.Cat
    Marck.Cat 27 days ago

    I just want to see how the Premier League will survive a non deal Brexit xD lol hahahahahahahahah

  • mark one
    mark one 27 days ago

    The government has contingency plans for a no deal brexit.phew,that's comforting...................NOT!

    • the one and only
      the one and only 26 days ago

      we wonder if we have any deal that means anything to anyone but there is hope haha

  • MintArcade
    MintArcade 27 days ago

    How about a soft boarder at Ireland (just like EU) then a hard boarder should they cross ocean?

  • con aran
    con aran 27 days ago

    Do they seriously want the parliament in charge.. at least the eu make a decision and stick to it. British mps are a bunch of fools suffering from small man syndrome

  • Peter Zalewski
    Peter Zalewski 27 days ago

    What about British farmers without EU financial support and WTO up 30 percent tariff on UK food production then.?

  • Boaty McBoatface
    Boaty McBoatface 27 days ago

    If the English people wouldn't be that "proud", you wouldn't have those problems

    • MMLF 7619
      MMLF 7619 27 days ago

      What's wrong with being proud of your country?

  • Peter Zalewski
    Peter Zalewski 27 days ago +1

    Who write that script. No chaos after hard Brexit...really?

    • MMLF 7619
      MMLF 7619 27 days ago

      The EU say they have been preparing for a No Deal Scenario, and so does our government. That would mitigate the "chaos", wouldn't it?

  • Thinus Milner
    Thinus Milner 27 days ago +2

    The biggest economy cannot handle borders? Bull. Must I make a plan for you?

  • UDontKnoAThing
    UDontKnoAThing 27 days ago +1

    U want this parliament to pass your laws ? They can’t even agree on how to leave the EU

  • buba426
    buba426 27 days ago +1

    I think brexit is a BAD idea.

  • Karen Loh
    Karen Loh 28 days ago

    remember YK2000 ....it wasnt that many hitches right? Good luck Britain. go for No Deal.

  • Bela 666
    Bela 666 28 days ago

    Get out!

  • Lee Westlake
    Lee Westlake 28 days ago +2

    Really tired of all the scaremongering surrounding this issue; unless you're a bank and/or agenda 21 advocate, a no deal Brexit really isn't that scary at all!

    • MMLF 7619
      MMLF 7619 27 days ago

      Why are we forbidden from seriously considering No Deal, whilst the EU have declared as recently as yesterday, that they were preparing for No Deal since December 2017? Why would they do so, if they did not think it a serious outcome of the negotiations? Our MP's are thick.

  • Lisa Treanor
    Lisa Treanor 28 days ago +1

    Can't wait til 11pm tonight to NOT leave the European Union! :D

  • Me cabel
    Me cabel 28 days ago

    Please someone give all the politicians their p45 as they are a complete embarrassment!

  • Alen Iršič
    Alen Iršič 28 days ago

    March 29th what are they waiting?

  • MoniQue Donna
    MoniQue Donna 28 days ago

    Prison Island... And creating an invisible wall !

  • Alain James
    Alain James 28 days ago +1

    A million people took to the streets last week to ask for a second referendum.
    It had absolutely no impact on these bloated pompous self-serving MPs.

    • Alain James
      Alain James 22 days ago

      +manhunt48 Carry on with your head in the sand.

    • manhunt48
      manhunt48 22 days ago

      +Alain James Carry on being a frightened little sheep dude

    • Alain James
      Alain James 22 days ago

      +manhunt48 You should see the lines already messed up for the Chunnel. Forget about it.

    • manhunt48
      manhunt48 23 days ago

      +Alain James Found the guy who's fallen for the fear mongering.

    • Alain James
      Alain James 27 days ago

      +Clark Adams Actually, no. I was for Brexit three years ago. I was lied to.about the consequences. They are dire.

  • Nicky Stacks
    Nicky Stacks 28 days ago

    Issue we have is at least 20% of leave votes were made by uneducated moronic racists who voted in such a manner that they belived that "muhammed" from next door had a job they should of had. regardless of the fact that said person studied for years and was entitled to such a role and is one of many making this country a joy to live in. but now such voters are discovering that their lives are going to be worse because of their uneducated racist opinions they would have voted in a very different manner had they been privy to said information when it was needed. and for those that did vote because of "johnny jihad" down the road. i hope you enjoy having your budget holiday to magaluf cancelled because of your own moronic opinions.

    • MMLF 7619
      MMLF 7619 27 days ago

      1)- Concern about immigration is not automatically racist. Britain had net migration of over 500 000 in 2017. Can a country sustain such rates of migration in the future? 2)- Why not condemn the failure of the British education system to produce competitive workers for our economy? 3)- Even this video shows that life will not be "worse" in the event of a No Deal? 4)- Why have you ignored the views of at least 80% (according to your unreferenced figures) who want to leave the EU for credible reasons?

  • ian ball
    ian ball 28 days ago +2

    What lies they spin. Leaving with out a deal is the right thing. Air teavel will not be effected. How can it. It can't. We leave with no deal. We will go up. The bank of england is wroing. We will be better off. We can grow more cabbages we did before we still do grow things.

    • the one and only
      the one and only 26 days ago

      well at least we have the weather that cabbages prefer

  • ian ball
    ian ball 28 days ago +5

    Check everything then illegal things can't come in. France will leave next. Borders are better then no boarders.

  • ian ball
    ian ball 28 days ago

    No deal .great france will leave next.

  • Imperator Vespasian
    Imperator Vespasian 28 days ago

    at least this video isn't against article 13, as 'apparently' channel 4 is a proper news agency

  • Gloria Gomes
    Gloria Gomes 28 days ago

    The Twats 60+ said UK must return to their Gods, ... I feel sorry for this country, putting such important decisions on the hand of ignorant and racist human being. Now!!!! you'll have to lump it...........

    • MMLF 7619
      MMLF 7619 27 days ago

      The irony of calling people ignorant and racist when you have slandered the elderly population on account of their age has obviously escaped your notice.

  • Renaldi Roekanto
    Renaldi Roekanto 29 days ago

    if there's no brexit, it means a day without meme in the future!

  • Plane Drifter
    Plane Drifter 29 days ago +1

    today Theresa May effectively dissolved all UK LAW. So today Theresa May has effectively made it legal to riot in the UK.

  • freedom&conscience
    freedom&conscience 29 days ago

    The reason for Brexit, we are a superior race and nation. With Brexit, we will be once again the United kingdom Empire.

  • M C
    M C 29 days ago

    Why is the Queen taking the back seat on this?

    • manhunt48
      manhunt48 23 days ago

      +ItsAgentD We pay them 35 million or so a year of our taxes... we receive billions in tourism, hundreds of millions from the royal estates, diplomats and extra holidays.

    • ItsAgentD
      ItsAgentD 28 days ago

      +M C exactly my thoughts. To me the royals are just a bunch of rich people who won't help the public. We all pay taxes etc but what so we get in return?

    • M C
      M C 28 days ago +1

      +ItsAgentD there is no point in being the head of anything then.

    • ItsAgentD
      ItsAgentD 28 days ago +1

      Royals don't get into politics as far as I'm aware

  • Cacen
    Cacen 29 days ago +3

    So, we wanna leave the EU but still wanna keep the same privileges we have being in the EU. So what's the point of leaving? 😂

    • MMLF 7619
      MMLF 7619 27 days ago

      Not true. By leaving, we will not be in the Single Market or the Customs Union. There will be no freedom of movement, and all final laws will be decided by Westminster.

    • Chloe Boylan
      Chloe Boylan 28 days ago +1

      They want to have their cake and eat it

  • Rxactionzz RG
    Rxactionzz RG 29 days ago

    Hope we leave the EU bun the EU people

    • HOBO SAM
      HOBO SAM 29 days ago

      Please be quiet. You're dampening the IQ of the entire comment section.

  • Sean Wong
    Sean Wong 29 days ago

    As I said to one friend, Now UK is riding on a tiger. Forward or get off the tiger? Bother optiones seem death roads. How can the BREXIT happend three years before? It made UK entered an impasse.

  • Yas
    Yas 29 days ago

    the united kingdom is going to be isolated even with a deal. this is why I think something is going on in the background
    that’s unlikely that UK is not prepared to something and jeopardises its futur .it must be something coming up anytime soon. so just let’s wait and see

  • Fire Rain
    Fire Rain 29 days ago +2

    Rip uk

  • Jason Kruger
    Jason Kruger Month ago

    One or both sides are dragging there feet and stomping them like toddlers