• Published on Jun 16, 2019
  • Talking about the different types of people we encounter during physical education/ gym class!
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  • Redbomberdroid
    Redbomberdroid Day ago

    Im set 3 but i should be middle but the middle group has to many people in it and some people just stink

  • Razor Sharp
    Razor Sharp Day ago

    Types of students in choir


  • Gravel
    Gravel Day ago

    He song sounds peng bro

  • SqueakyKid 69
    SqueakyKid 69 Day ago +1

    I clicked on this thinking it was loveliveserve

  • CMgamer Xx
    CMgamer Xx Day ago

    Let me look up you ass hole 😂😂 it’s empty

  • Ioan Edwards
    Ioan Edwards Day ago

    There’s girls that always say I’m more important than everyone then lie about everything

  • Joshua Davies
    Joshua Davies Day ago


  • XAV
    XAV Day ago

    There was this girl who thought it was a great idea to vape in class

  • K9_Scorpio
    K9_Scorpio Day ago

    "Gym class"😂🤣😂that's Johnny for u

  • skull boy
    skull boy Day ago

    The vid starts at 2: 10

  • Khaled Walid
    Khaled Walid Day ago

    4:50 me

  • Stuart Harvieu
    Stuart Harvieu Day ago


  • Stuart Harvieu
    Stuart Harvieu Day ago

    Stop saying bad words.

  • FreshPeanut
    FreshPeanut Day ago

    Oi yeah we got this bloody bitch in our school, she just slapped some kid up because he was lookin at her. Her fuckin last name is “Hore”

  • Rory Dribbell
    Rory Dribbell Day ago

    Bro you swore about 8 times and I am only 8 .

    • Patu
      Patu Day ago

      Rory Dribbell nobody cares

  • Spook
    Spook Day ago

    Asian LLS

  • sean Fleming
    sean Fleming 2 days ago +1

    The fucking teachers a nonce

  • sean Fleming
    sean Fleming 2 days ago +1

    Holy shit that song good man

  • Replay plaz
    Replay plaz 2 days ago

    girls be fruity

  • King Pipes
    King Pipes 2 days ago

    They are exactly like that lo girls lol no affence

  • xbox gamer2.0
    xbox gamer2.0 2 days ago

    Can you stop swering or i will not suport

  • Gaz Jones
    Gaz Jones 2 days ago

    He literally says the f word 8 only in his opening and more

  • x.Simply_Jess.x
    x.Simply_Jess.x 2 days ago +1

    Sorry we didn't get the like goal...

    We frickin' passed it!

  • HAVOC Toxic
    HAVOC Toxic 2 days ago

    Some girl got expelled for smoking weed at the bottom of the field in pe

  • Dr Drift
    Dr Drift 2 days ago

    This is the most obnoxious thing I’ve ever seen

  • MGL Joshy
    MGL Joshy 2 days ago

    I shet my pants

  • NoobGames
    NoobGames 2 days ago

    Why he keeps saying fucking

  • Tilly Jo
    Tilly Jo 3 days ago

    Bet ur neighbour's think ur gay hahaha

  • Kappichin0
    Kappichin0 3 days ago

    Set 3 cause I got a blood disorder named haemophilia

  • Noah Sellers
    Noah Sellers 3 days ago

    Most people in america call it PE

  • BetterThanYou
    BetterThanYou 3 days ago

    Why the fuck does he fucking say ducking so fucking much? And why the fuck does he fucking sound like a fucking 6 year old when he fucking swears? Jesus fucking Christ.

  • Steven Davies
    Steven Davies 3 days ago

    Mate it’s so funny cus it’s so true

  • Pewdiepie 2.00
    Pewdiepie 2.00 3 days ago +1

    I’m DEFINITELY the one in the thumbnail

  • Loxes
    Loxes 3 days ago +1

    Bruh What is that haircut

  • Unknown_tiks_ 9
    Unknown_tiks_ 9 3 days ago +1

    What y looking in the thumbnail Johnny there's nothing there

  • Savage pro
    Savage pro 3 days ago

    In America they call it PE or gym mostly PE

  • Caolan Gorman
    Caolan Gorman 3 days ago

    I don't know this channel but he said Fu**ING 7 times in the first minute and a half does he think he's hard

  • Luxury
    Luxury 3 days ago

    3:45 The accent just makes this 10x more funnier XD

  • Phatty J
    Phatty J 3 days ago

    Roses are red violets are blue, we all just got fucking clickbaited.

  • Use code Flea
    Use code Flea 3 days ago +1

    I’m in YEAR6 and when some girls dont want to do pe they go around the back of the school and smoke I’m in YEAR6.
    If there’s a boy faking the shit he goes with the girls and fucks them and the fucking love it and I’m in YEAR6 still primary school

  • DiscriminatedMilk
    DiscriminatedMilk 4 days ago

    i swear that black youtuber died on the same day as this was uploaded

  • streamerXR Pro
    streamerXR Pro 4 days ago

    I love PE for just the same reason as you do

  • Fraser Hay
    Fraser Hay 4 days ago

    Your an amazing creator keep up the great work ur so funny

  • Ham Lord197
    Ham Lord197 4 days ago


  • big man asian
    big man asian 4 days ago

    This was made on my bday

  • Itz Psycho
    Itz Psycho 4 days ago

    165k people liked 😁

  • Cheryl Houschildt
    Cheryl Houschildt 5 days ago

    Bro an asain calling it P.E fucking ment

  • blottz
    blottz 5 days ago +2

    I'm the one that looks like a tool when playing football

  • DJ N Broth Gaming
    DJ N Broth Gaming 5 days ago

    When I'm in pe i always get shit girls on my team

  • Yeetus
    Yeetus 6 days ago

    wow the p.e teacher assistant is a PERVERT

  • SzotiC Esports
    SzotiC Esports 6 days ago

    Lol the teacher one.

  • Zigmonds Matulevica123

    Roadman videos back plz

  • TMC_Asian
    TMC_Asian 7 days ago

    PE in America is PE

  • Nozzy
    Nozzy 8 days ago

    I can relate the set thing I’m in set 1 and on Friday we had basketball the motherfuckers couldn’t bounce a ball properly and every second the red said TRAVEL!!!! TRAVELLL BCS OF MY DUMBASS set 3 teammates

  • Felix Kretz
    Felix Kretz 9 days ago

    Nah we call it P.E. too

  • ethan Vargas
    ethan Vargas 9 days ago

    Nah we call it P.E

  • Kyle Productions
    Kyle Productions 9 days ago

    Jeez your so funny haha

  • Max Fox
    Max Fox 9 days ago

    Johnny: *makes slurping sound*
    Me: *shudders*

  • Max Fox
    Max Fox 9 days ago


  • Dulcie williams
    Dulcie williams 9 days ago

    you look like a pervert