I Dressed According To My Zodiac Sign For A Week

  • Published on Dec 10, 2017
  • I've been seeing these posts all over Instagram that show different clothes and outfits for different zodiac signs, and so I decided to test them out and dress like my star sign for a week! I also consulted an astrology expert to help me in my quest! I tried out a LOT of different outfits this week, which one was your favorite?
    A big thank you to Miss Mermaid for helping me out!
    Here is her Yelp listing: www.yelp.com/biz/miss-mermaid-venice
    And her TheXvid channel: thexvid.com/channel/uc0ndcdbgt9mvrvscdzdkfoq
    Voyage LA Article: voyagela.com/interview/meet-sirena-pendragon-miss-mermaid-venice/
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +11781

    HELLO FRIENDS!! whats up late night squad?? what is your zodiac sign?!

  • Hello Its Me
    Hello Its Me Hour ago

    you're born on july 16?😱Im born on july 15! 😆

  • ItzKitty Msp
    ItzKitty Msp Hour ago +1

    Cancer ♋
    Anyone else?

  • Nehir Yılmaz
    Nehir Yılmaz 2 hours ago

    (07.17.207 thats why my lucky number is 7 lol)

  • M Riz
    M Riz 2 hours ago

    You we're born on July 16?! Me too!

  • Gaming with Cousinz
    Gaming with Cousinz 3 hours ago

    Pisces ♓️

  • Ashley Thomas
    Ashley Thomas 5 hours ago

    I love her so much ❤️

  • xx
    xx 6 hours ago

    girllll yur first house is in CAPRICORN. your MOON is on Aquarius. what the fuck. why did she tell u that,,,

  • Mustlove Barrett
    Mustlove Barrett 8 hours ago

    Super cool that we share the exact same birthday 😍😍 #birthdaytwins

  • Kiara Darling
    Kiara Darling 10 hours ago

    Wait you’re a cancer ♋️ me too

  • Damian Rinaldi
    Damian Rinaldi 11 hours ago

    I was born july 17 2009

  • Virys X
    Virys X 12 hours ago

    Are there any Astrology classes in school for any other Countries? If so, then is there some kind of teleportation

  • Jackie Jones
    Jackie Jones 13 hours ago

    Also okay but that top and legging combo is so me

  • Jackie Jones
    Jackie Jones 13 hours ago

    Scuse you jellyfish is the faerie of the water XD

  • Depresion_Took_Over_My _Mind

    Im cancerr toooo im born 1 july!!!

  • XXXtentacion
    XXXtentacion 17 hours ago

    i am cancer love!

    S O G A M SOGAM 18 hours ago

    I'm an Aquarius, and I only dress in sweats. I have NO clue on what I 'should' be dressing in and I'm apparently "Satan" according to somethings and that's accurate for me

  • Lauren Neuman
    Lauren Neuman 19 hours ago

    What website did you use for your 7th outfit?

  • Beth Schluter
    Beth Schluter 22 hours ago

    People: cancers are so classic and well dressed
    Me (being a cancer): 50% in my Pajamas 50% leggings and a baggy top

  • Sonia Pokorny
    Sonia Pokorny 23 hours ago

    6:00 Carmen Sandiego? But that show was released in 2019 but this video in 2017? Can someone please explain XD

  • Desiree Harkness

    Cancer 💙 my birthday is also on the 16th July 😍😍

  • Jayzee Liv
    Jayzee Liv Day ago

    Tyler- “squids are like the fairy’s of the water”
    Me- “I thought that was a mermaid”
    Btw I’m also cancer

  • Azheal A
    Azheal A Day ago


  • Angie Benavides
    Angie Benavides Day ago

    Im cancer july 8 ♋♋♋♋♋♋♋♋♋♋♋♋♋♋♋

  • Olivia Shenton
    Olivia Shenton Day ago


  • Olivia Shenton
    Olivia Shenton Day ago

    I just to see what I would get because I am March to!

  • Olivia Shenton
    Olivia Shenton Day ago

    I AM CANCER ♋️ TO!

  • Margaretcs0103
    Margaretcs0103 Day ago

    I found myself wanting to send you a gift card for a pedicure......those shoes with those socks should never happen

  • Zodiac Phantom
    Zodiac Phantom Day ago

    Read mah name

  • Silveranaconda _

    I'm an Aquarius and I kinda love that last outfit.

  • Kitcat_gamer 101
    Kitcat_gamer 101 2 days ago

    Im a cancer too!

  • Marie Løvdal
    Marie Løvdal 2 days ago


  • Julia Lidia
    Julia Lidia 2 days ago

    your rising sign is capricorn but you identify with aquarius because of your aquarius moon in your 1st house of self expression though :)

  • Julia Lidia
    Julia Lidia 2 days ago

    but ur rising sign ( AC ) is capricorn jkafjadhfjs

  • Emerson Smith
    Emerson Smith 2 days ago

    Lol I’m an Aquarius and on the “zodiac styles” it always looks like they didn’t know what to put for Aquarius so they just put some random ugly piece

  • M&J views
    M&J views 2 days ago

    I love the third outfit on you!

  • Fatima Ruiz
    Fatima Ruiz 2 days ago +1

    ♌️ Leo

  • Dallas Guigue
    Dallas Guigue 2 days ago

    I'm a Leo!! 🦁♌️

    Where my Leo's at??

  • KkatgurlTV
    KkatgurlTV 2 days ago

    Im gemmi

  • Kathryn Martin
    Kathryn Martin 2 days ago

    Sof my birthday is July 16

  • cg3022 g
    cg3022 g 3 days ago

    It's scary that I know where she is filming at and I go to those places all the time and yet I never run into her... what am I doing wrong?🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Renee Decini
    Renee Decini 3 days ago

    Anybody else Aquarius if so thumbs up and comment if you are

  • Caryn Sousley
    Caryn Sousley 3 days ago

    Most of the Cancers I know wear a lot of neutral/dark colors, leggings and a comfy top. Comfy shoes, etc. When they wear bright colors it is still leggings and comfy tops.... but know how yo dress up when appropriate.

  • Sksksks I’m edgy I guess

    I’m a cancer too but thats definitely not my style.

  • Gabrielle Akre
    Gabrielle Akre 3 days ago +1


  • Super Star swirl
    Super Star swirl 3 days ago

    I’m picses♓️

  • Doge The Dog
    Doge The Dog 3 days ago

    *i dressed according to "the chair" for a week*

  • Doge The Dog
    Doge The Dog 3 days ago

    ♈Aries where yous at

  • Labro Tin
    Labro Tin 3 days ago

    I'm a Sagittarius

  • Lavenderkat
    Lavenderkat 3 days ago

    I am libraaaaaa si I'm a friggin scale

  • Volde Mort
    Volde Mort 3 days ago


  • Cherryチェリー
    Cherryチェリー 3 days ago

    Any Taurus's-??

  • Crazy cat Lady
    Crazy cat Lady 3 days ago +1

    goo.gl/images/aQGqhn what safiya wears to her wedding yes I’m aware she is already married

  • Chris Larwood
    Chris Larwood 3 days ago

    Where my Virgo's at!! Just me : (

  • Ariel Newton
    Ariel Newton 3 days ago

    Not to mention the same style. Leggings, lots of black, and don't really wear heels

  • Emily Gonzalez
    Emily Gonzalez 3 days ago

    I want that pink corset (in black) and the heels from the 6th day!!!! Where can I find them xD

  • Kendra Werner
    Kendra Werner 3 days ago

    July 13 CANCER!!!!!!

  • Maddy Moo
    Maddy Moo 3 days ago

  • krizly ramirez
    krizly ramirez 3 days ago

    Ur awesome safiya!!!!! I have an cat too i promise and it looks like crusty i promise!!!!! But my cat is younger i think? Haha! Love you!!!! Do more content like this its awesome!!!

  • Gracie Howard
    Gracie Howard 4 days ago

    Omg me and her have the same birthday ❤️❤️

  • Central Elegance
    Central Elegance 4 days ago

    Uhm when i did the same chart. The line for the first house is on scorpio but the range of my first house is Sagittarius.
    So i was a little confused. Her first house line is on capricorn but her range is aquarius.
    So im a gemini with scorpio attitude and sagittarius fashion sense??? Idk.

    • Central Elegance
      Central Elegance 4 days ago

      My venus is gemini. In case that matters.
      My dominant elements are air and water.

  • Nancy Schober
    Nancy Schober 4 days ago

    Would love to see a videoo of dressing according to your Kibbe style (Aly Art & Merriam Style YT channels explain it)

  • Natalie Tatchell  (STUDENT)

    Gemini I did this and my best friends cole and Lexi did it two cole is Leo and Lexi is cancer I had to buy a yellow top

  • Samara Lundy
    Samara Lundy 4 days ago

    Im a cancer and LOVE comfyb colthes

  • Mia Valdez
    Mia Valdez 4 days ago


  • toys and games
    toys and games 4 days ago

    I'm a Capricorn

  • lol it’s allison
    lol it’s allison 4 days ago +1

    *PH0 tO SYN thESiS*

  • Gatcha World yt
    Gatcha World yt 4 days ago

    Ima cancer gurl!

  • Emma K Dickinson
    Emma K Dickinson 4 days ago

    Im a libra and making a spinoff of this

  • You stupid Fuck
    You stupid Fuck 4 days ago

    Ooooo I’m a cancer too!

  • Mango Boba
    Mango Boba 4 days ago

    Everyone's like "I'm a leo!" or "Cancers of here!" and "Imma Libra!"
    I'm just a lonely Gemini sitting in the corner.

  • Gabi Delgadillo
    Gabi Delgadillo 4 days ago

    The hidden meaning is always butt....

  • Singing Love
    Singing Love 4 days ago

    I want a same "Taurus" video.

  • Qûmümbër
    Qûmümbër 4 days ago

    I’m a Scorpio♏️

  • Miss Chocoholic
    Miss Chocoholic 5 days ago

    When you scroll down & can't find any Aquarius :'D

  • kayla turner
    kayla turner 5 days ago

    We share the same birthday 🎂

  • OlliOlliOxenFree
    OlliOlliOxenFree 5 days ago

    I'm a cancer and I wear jeggings and shirt everyday, but sometimes I feel dressy~

  • Zoe Roberts
    Zoe Roberts 5 days ago

    I’m a cancer

  • Claudia Escoe
    Claudia Escoe 5 days ago

    ♑ Capricorn here!

  • iipxnda
    iipxnda 5 days ago


  • R c
    R c 5 days ago +1


  • xxShadyPotato
    xxShadyPotato 5 days ago

    When some asks me me zodiac sign,
    *hello I'm cancer. Not the disease. Tho.*

  • Jenny Tam
    Jenny Tam 5 days ago +4

    Why are there no Gemini’s? ♊️ pride!

  • Stephanie kittywitty

    Happy birthday for aquaruis!!

  • Stephanie kittywitty

    Happy birthday for aquaruis!!

  • Am I Popular Yet?
    Am I Popular Yet? 6 days ago


  • Begster brawler gaming

    July 16th is my birthday too

  • ladykatie
    ladykatie 6 days ago

    ive always wondered why she set off my aquarius senses lol 😂

  • Jessica Sims
    Jessica Sims 6 days ago +1

    I'm cancer

  • Øreoïsčūtïé xox
    Øreoïsčūtïé xox 6 days ago +1

    My birthday is not there so idk my zodiac sign

  • Cheyenne Davis
    Cheyenne Davis 6 days ago

    Any Gemini ♊️ no just me ok...

  • Jim Blum
    Jim Blum 6 days ago


    no...just me? ok....

  • makiya lynn
    makiya lynn 6 days ago

    HOLY S**T I MATCH MY STYLE ps i am a gemini.

  • XxLittlemoon _RisingxX

    Me, my crush, my mom, and my crushes Dad 1. Are on the 25-27 of August, and 2. Are all Virgo’s!!

  • Bubbly Girl
    Bubbly Girl 6 days ago


  • courtney
    courtney 6 days ago

    I'm a pieces but I would and do wear similar things to your outfits in this video haha

    KATELYNN ANLAGE 6 days ago

    ♈️ Aries
    And yes i act EXACTLY as my sign is described

  • Runako Musokiri
    Runako Musokiri 6 days ago

    I am cancer yeah

  • Hannah Rostas
    Hannah Rostas 6 days ago

    Saggitarus gang wya
    *november 23 2005*

  • Nicole Lujan Lujan
    Nicole Lujan Lujan 6 days ago

    IM A CANCER I SUBSCRIBED AND HIT THE NOTIFICATION BELL AND IM GOING TO LIKE EVERY VIDEO YOU MADE OR HAVE!!(I am no stalker or anything like that, but I'm just super excited that you are cancer like me)(also if you know your zodiac sign or if your zodiac sign is cancer plz plz plz like)THX YAYY